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Some of my erotic poetry
2 months ago. September 26, 2022 at 12:02 AM

Inspired by Harry Potter


Kinky witch

Oh you've put such a spell on me are you some kind of kinky witch, you've made me feel real horny and my wand's begun to twitch

It seems I don't have control, my desires are running free, I'm desperate to get to you, what have you done to me

I close my eyes and there you are, in school robes on a train, hair in braids, cute in uniform, the image nestled in my brain

My hunger for you is building, my desires burning bright, please come and visit me and be my dream witch tonight

With a flick and swish of your wrist your wand would do its trick, I'd would get much harder has you levitate my dick

Straddle me in your witches robes, I want to look upon your face, I hope to find you wearing soft Red lace, over your magical sacred place

The evening would be wonderful a night full of sexual magic but sadly when the sun arrives, you leaving me is so very tragic



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