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Some of my erotic poetry
1 year ago. September 27, 2022 at 12:00 AM

On my knee

I tie your hands behind your back, I sit you.on my knee, with a handful of your hair, I force you to place your lips on me

I slide my hand between your thighs I rip off your panties of red lace, you seemed shocked by the aggression, I see it on your face

The forceful way I rip off your panties made you get quite wet, I feel your dampness on my knee, though I haven't touched your pussy yet

I force your thighs apart, my fingers glide slowly deep inside, you can't help yourself, you spread your legs real wide

Your juices flow over my hand, I push deep, you need to grind, I tell you to fuck my hand, the request just blows your mind

You move your pussy back and forth, my hand covered in your juice, you are pushing my fingers in deeper, your hungers getting loose

I try to pull my fingers out but you've pinned me deep inside, I know your cumming hard by the way you moaned and sighed

My tongue rammed into your mouth, I control you with my hair, I love to feel you fucking my fingers, has you use my knees just like a chair


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