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Some of my erotic poetry
4 months ago. September 28, 2022 at 12:01 AM

So close

With every button that gets undone you reveal a glimpse of skin, my anxiety is building, I'm waiting to see the treasures hid within

You seem to go more slowly when I want you to pick up the pace, I don't know how you know I'm desperate, can you see it on my face

There goes another button, a glimpse of cleavage is now on show, god I want to tear your blouse open, you're going far to slow

Now with another gone, I can see your lingerie oh yes it is Red lace, you smile at me sweetly but still you keep at your own seductive pace

Baby I'm getting frantic I swear you're such a naughty tease, just get that bloody blouse off, I'm begging nicely please

I want to see your luscious curves, you kinky little flirt, you've got me so worked up, we haven't even got down too your skirt

It looks so very hot on you, with those high heels and the stockings you're in tonight, this is such a killer striptease, you always do it right

Your skin is so close yet you're miles away, I swear I'm gonna scream,  for no sooner we just get to the good parts, I wake up from this dream


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