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Just for laughs and giggles

Because it’s always better to laugh then to cry
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Ummmmmmm yes please…..



5 days ago. March 21, 2023 at 1:31 AM

In the vanilla world I’ve run across men who are ok with the idea of prostrate play and some who are solely against it. Some it’s been an association of it not being manly or in fact a homosexual act. As if even considering it takes something away from their “manhood”.

To me I view it as something I would do to someone, if they wanted/liked it and consented to it, to pleasure them. I love to please the person I’m with. So I don’t view that person as being in a “submissive” position if he was the recipient. In my eyes I would be serving him in this way. Pleasuring and pleasing him, which pleases me, under his consent (or order). He is still in control. 

I’m curious to see how Dom’s feel about it? And do some doms view it as being put in a more submissive position?

*Edit-if you are not comfortable answering on this blog and want to share your opinion in a message, I would love to hear it. 

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Thank you Iowa Dom for the challenge! 











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Love this!