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22 hours ago. February 1, 2023 at 1:38 PM

Good morning, my dear loyal reader! I hope you are having an amazing hump day! Do you have anyone to hump? If not, my inbox is always open! I kid, of course. I know all my wonderful readers are getting lucky on this chilly Wednesday!


In a recent post, I mentioned that conversations have been getting deeper for me as of late. I’m still enjoying that, but I had a strange realization about perception during a talk with a friend recently and I wanted to share it with you all and see what you think. 

While my usual writing style is fairly goofy and full of jokes, I expect this to be a bit more serious and subdued, so if you’re looking for jokes and humor, there’s a chance you’ll be disappointed. But better that your disappointed by a blog than in bed, right?


Last joke. I promise.




I follow a simple philosophy that perception creates our reality. If you truly think something, truly believe it, then whatever it is that you put that faith into is real. Even if it’s only real to you, it’s real.


If you truly believe that there were once giant pink dragons that ruled the sky and we never found their bones because they floated away, then that is exactly what happened. Me (or anyone else) saying differently does not change that it is real to you.


DISCLAIMER: This entire concept may also be used to look at religion as well, but that’s not where I am going to be taking this post. I dislike discussing religion in an open forum because it can be too easy to offend someone by mistake and I never want someone to be hurt or upset by my words or actions. So any parallels that can be drawn are purely coincidental.


Unless you truly believe I’m making those connections on purpose, in which your perception breeds your reality. Hmm…


In my mind, humanity has infinite power to create. But we do not have the power to destroy something someone else has made. All we can do is change it. Yes, shattering a glass changes it to a very large degree. But to someone with the right mindset, all you did was create something new and opened new possibilities of something that was once just a drinking device.


But even destruction is not where I am going with this philosophical meandering. I got lost on a tangent. You know how I am. 

We have endless capacity to create in this world. What we truly think and perceive is what we live. The concept of the world being a prison of our own making is quite fitting actually. If you see the world as a cold heartless place with no comfort or solace, then you are living in that hell. If you see it as a warm happy place full of love and joy, I want some of whatever you’re smoking. But also, it is those things. To you.


It goes deeper than just a simple glass half full or glass half empty concept of optimism and pessimism. I’m an optimistic person. I try to see the good in people, in myself, in the world. But I truly believe that there is very little good to be found. So it isn’t a direct comparison.


Where am I going with all of this rambling, you may ask. And it would be fair to ask because there’s a chance none of this has made any sense and you’re sitting there wondering why I’m drunk at 7:30 on a Wednesday morning. I’m not, but you could be excused for thinking so. 

Where I’m going with this is somewhere personal for a lot of people. I’m going to call out a behavior that many people are guilty of, including myself. It’s not inherently a bad behavior, however. But it can be if someone does it for personal gain, much like most things.


One of my friends is struggling with a lot of self esteem issues right now. She doesn’t think she is attractive, she doesn’t think she is worthy of friendship, or anything good, of life itself at times.


And she’s not.


Because that is the reality that she has built for herself.


I personally think she is a very pretty young woman, and she can be kind and caring and a great friend. I think she deserves the best things in life. 

And she does.


Because that is the reality that I have created. 

Where we run into issues is when those concepts clash. I’ve tried to be a good friend and reassure her that she’s a good person. I’ve told her that she’s pretty and any man would be lucky to have her. I’ve told her that the world is hard and she’s doing her best in it.


But nothing I can say will ever shatter the reality she’s in. Because I can’t destroy anything. I can’t break her perception. Her reality is her prison.


And that sounds very ominous. But it doesn’t have to be, right? The problem is that there are no words that I can put together in any order that will ever change her mind. I can talk until I’m blue in the face and she will still say she’s not worth my effort.


Yet I still try, because that’s what friends do, right? We try to change our disheartened companions mind, try to persuade them to just abandon the negative thoughts and feelings because we don’t want them to be sad or suffering. In a way, it’s noble. 

In reality, it’s futile.


I have seen many posts on this very site where a person (usually a female) is being hard on themselves. “My butts too big.” “My boobs are too small.” “I hate that I have glasses.” So many times women have said these types of things. And it never fails, majority of the comments to these posts are “You are beautiful, you shouldn’t have those thoughts.” “Your tits look great! Don’t be stupid!” “Glasses are hot, what are you talking about?”


Yes, men have these posts too, seemingly less often. Something about men not wanting to expose their self doubts and stuff I suppose, and rarely do women flock to those posts in droves to compliment the poor guy like men seem to do for a girl.


Call it a White Knight Complex. We want to step up and help make you feel better! That’s noble on the face of it. Some men want to do it so they can turn it into something manipulative. Much less noble. But it never fails. 

And it never works. 

Nothing you say, LITERALLY NOTHING, will change her mind. In her opinion, she has a flat ass, small tits, and dorky glasses. That is her reality, her truth, her world. No words, or even actions for that matter will change how she feels about that.


What will change is that she will start to push away those who go against her reality. And who can blame her? Why would your opinions about HER be more valid than her own? There is no world where they are. So she withdraws and the thoughts continue.


Maybe we need a new approach. Instead of trying to replace her reality with your own (especially when you don’t even know this person and are just being a “nice” guy online), we can just not do that?


I don’t know the answer. Maybe there isn’t one. Or maybe there is and I’m just not smart enough to see it. That’s very possible. 

Is validating their issues a good approach? It doesn’t feel like it, in most cases.

“I have a flat ass and saggy tits!” 

“You sure do. Wanna get tacos?”


That seems like a bad way to do it. You may get beat, and rightfully so. Now, if this is a spouse or partner and they have these issues, you can work with it a bit more I think.

”I have a flat ass and saggy tits!”

”I know you don’t like things about your body, but I still love you for who you are.”


Thats better, but still not perfect. And not something you can say to random strangers without fear of getting the pepper spray. 

It feels weird to write all of this without offering some type of actual solution. Hell, if you know the answer, reader, please enlighten me. Because I’m at a loss. 

But I wanted to bring it up because it’s on my mind and I’m trying to figure out how to help people. And also because it’s something I see all the time. And something I’ve done in the past. So I’m trying to figure out how to make the world better without overwriting your reality and replacing it with my own.


And of course men will always try to use flattery and compliments, sometimes even outright disregard a persons thoughts in an attempt to make them feel better, get a response, get their dick wet, or whatever their motive is. 

And that is the unfortunate part of this philosophy.


They won’t change. Because their perception shows them being noble and in the right, so they don’t need to. And no one will ever convince them otherwise.


Interesting concepts for an early morning. Hit me with your thoughts, reader! Am I onto something here? Am I full of shit and way off base? How do you handle friends with those types of self esteem issues? And does it work?

4 days ago. January 28, 2023 at 8:02 PM

Good afternoon and happy Saturday to you, my beautiful and amazing reader! I hope today brings you all the happiness, fun, and orgasms you could ever possibly want! 

And if not, well, it sure does suck to suck, doesn’t it?


I’m just kidding! You know I love you! Or maybe it’s lust. Either way, happy Saturday!!


Why do I always have such strange intros? No clue. Will I stop? Abso-fucking-lutely not! 

Mua. Ha. Ha.


Yes, slow, intentional evil laughter.


Anyway, why have I gathered you all here today? Good question! Last night, I was engaging in a fun movie date with my slutty angel. When we can, we enjoy watching a movie or tv show together. It gives us a bit of closeness despite the miles between us. It’s very enjoyable and something I look forward to a lot, even though we can’t do it as much as either of us would like.


Last night, we were watching Black Adam. She has seen it and had previously requested that we watch it on a movie night in the future. Me, being the enterprising Dom (still feels weird calling myself that, not gonna lie) took note of it and made it happen.


As a side note, guys (and gals), take note of those simple suggestions. It doesn’t matter what side of the slash you call home, pay attention to that type of thing. If your partner mentions something they like or want to do, remember it and find a way to make it happen. They will be happy that you remembered a simple offhanded comment and it’ll just make their day. It seems very simple, but in my experience in the romantic arena, not enough people do it. It helps. Fucking do it!! Relationship 101!!!


During the movie, I wanted to play with my sweet and eager little toy. So I spent the first half of the movie driving her wild. I won’t go into the details there, as I don’t want to give away all of our secrets. But suffice it to say she was ready to explode.


Mission accomplished.


At about the halfway point of the movie, I tell her to pause it, which she quickly does. I decide this is a perfect time to enjoy my slut a little bit. Because driving her crazy drives me crazy too. It makes for a great balance.


We indulge in our fun and have a great time. Again, no specific details, but… yum.


Afterward, we spend the next couple hours talking, the movie still paused and largely forgotten. During the course of that conversation, we laughed, we smiled, we really just had a nice time. But it came up that we had been talking for a few months, and I was wondering the actual date we started talking. I checked and realized that it was 4 months. To the day.


I knew it was close, but that made me feel really happy. And she seemed to enjoy that fact as well. 4 months with this girl, who is so amazing in every single way, so thoughtful, so kind, so generous, so caring. So… mine.


And I feel like I’m the luckiest man in the world, because I can make that claim, and no one else can, although it seems people try. Buncha bitches! Go find your own perfect little pet and leave mine alone! I don’t share!!


Joking of course. I’m not trying to call people out or anything. I’m just happy with what the world has given me.


Her and I have had a lot of bad things happen over the last year or so, and somehow we found each other in the dark and painful chaos that was our lives. Now, we’re finding light in each other, we’re finding smiles, laughter, and even happiness. Those concepts were hard to even consider just a few short months ago.


I have had my delicious little sub for 4 months. It doesn’t feel like it’s been that long, but at the same time it feels like I’ve known her for longer. The world is funny like that. 

To you, my favorite and loyal reader, I just want to say keep looking. The world is great at breaking us and really piling on the pain. But eventually, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Sure, sometimes that light is a train. Not always. Sometimes it’s a beacon, a blessing, a way out of the darkness. 

For me, that light is still approaching. It’s possible that it may still be a train. But it’s awfully close now, and I don’t hear the rumbling of an engine. So I’m optimistic. And hell, if it is a train? I’ve enjoyed my time on the tracks.


Also, if you haven’t yet, hug a loved one today. Tell them you care. Remind them that they are important to you. Yes, life is short. And you may never get another opportunity. But also, hug them and tell them you care because sometimes people just need to feel wanted and loved. It could make a shitty day much brighter for them in the end.


Also also, if you haven’t already seen it, Black Adam was pretty solid. I enjoyed it. So go watch it! Especially if you’re able to watch it like I did last night 😉

1 week ago. January 25, 2023 at 6:30 PM

Hello, my loyal and favorite reader! How are you on this cold and rainy Wednesday? I’m doing good!


Yes, I know the correct wording is “I’m doing well,” but you don’t know my life! I might be Batman! So I may, in fact, be doing good! Ask yourself, have you ever seen me and Batman in the same room at the same time? Just saying!


If you happen to be the Joker, I am not Batman. But… if you happen to be a hot chick who has a fetish for men in rubber bat suits… I am very much Batman. Hit me up, baby ;)


Thats weird.


Not the kink, just the way I started the blog.

Anyway. I’m sitting at work, on the clock, being weird and making a blog on a BDSM site because my job is great. I work like 3 hours a day (currently, next month I may work like 90 minutes a day) and get to watch Netflix and YouTube or listen to music all day. Currently doing music. Specifically the debut album of the band Red Sun Rising called Polyester Zeal. If you like some good rock, check it out. If you’re already a fan, why aren’t we friends??


Or are we friends? Hi, friend!


This blog is fucking strange today. Not sorry, but mildly concerned that I need one of those jackets that let me hug myself and has all of those delicious little straps and buckles.


Life has been strange lately. Things have started to get a little deeper in places that things haven’t really been deep before. But it’s coming from everywhere. Is there something in the water?


That’s why I hate water! But like, things with my beautiful slutty angel have been getting deeper lately. Longer and more intelligent conversations, philosophical discussions, emotional talks, and other things are on the menu frequently. I like it, and things with us are great. It’s just a new shift in direction.


I have a friend that I’ve had for a few years, and it’s never been a particularly deep friendship, but over the last couple weeks, it’s developing into more of a real friendship instead of the casual acquaintances that spoke for a week at a time twice a year that we have been over the last couple years. It’s a welcome change as well, just strange. 

A friend I have had for close to 15 years has been more chatty recently as well, and those conversations have also been deeper and more meaningful. We were best friends for YEARS before we drifted apart, but here we are. It’s crazy. Normally we chatted a few times a year, but now it’s regular conversations and a rekindling of a pretty awesome friendship.


I’m dealing with some heavy things in my life, and it’s not something I’ve really talked about in a blog yet, and today is not the day. But soon. I wonder though, if these people that I care about know I’m dealing with things, even though I don’t outwardly show it and are just being there for me without knowing why.


On a normal day, it’s like pulling teeth to get people to talk. People are more… surface level conversationalists. But I have been blessed with a lot more recently. I’m loving it, regardless of what kinds of reasons cause it.


So… Yeah. That was the serious part of the conversation for the day. For the usual goofy shit that most of my readers follow me for…


I have trouble deciding on a favorite pickup line. I need your help.


”How do you like your eggs in the morning? Scrambled or fertilized?”

This one speaks to a very specific kink that a lot of women share, so it could be gold in the right setting.


”My ears are cold. Can I warm them on your thighs?”

Most women (that I know at least) enjoy a little licky lick on the naughty bits. So it gets their attention in a way that’s unexpected because it sounds like I’m being generous and giving them something instead of just taking, like many guys do. 

“Wanna commit a sin worthy of your next confession?”

This one is tricky. If the girl doesn’t follow a faith where confessing of sins is a thing, you’re likely to strike out. BUT if you get it right (or you happen to catch the cutie on her way out of the confessional) you could have one hell of a night. Pun intended.


“Do you want to make a reverse childbirth film with me? I call the role of the baby!”

This has never let me down. Never. It is a perfect 0 for 0. But I feel like it’s just stupid enough to work. 

“Can I poke your bellybutton? From the inside?”

I hate bellybuttons, but this makes me laugh! It doesn’t hurt my soul because I can’t get anywhere near the bellybutton or anything… I swear to God and the baby Jesus, if one more girl calls it an innie imma be pissed. 

Wait, what?

2 weeks ago. January 12, 2023 at 4:40 PM

Hello, loyal reader! Tis I, Cozubia! Back again to be weird! Time to get excited!

Not like that!

Ok, maybe like that…


Anyway, how are you doing today? I’m doing great! You didn’t ask. Why would you? This isn’t a conversation! You’re reading! Why would you ask me questions knowing this has already been written?? And why did I answer?? 

I have no idea what that was all about. Anyway, my dear and loyal reader, todays post is little awkward, as you can tell by the title. Specifically, awkward words for body parts, because let’s face it, they exist!


The idea behind this blog came from a conversation with my slutty little angel. I write a lot of stories for her. Some have been turned into blogs, some have not. But I like to write them! And the reception of them is always positive. But the more I write, the more I realize I fall into habits.


For example, “cock” gets used almost exclusively when referring to… well, you know *casually points at crotch*. But it’s because I struggle with other words. I know all kinds of them, so it’s not a vocabulary issue. But you have cock and dick. You can also have penis, member, throbbing girth, love stick, meat stick, and Eduardo. But only a couple of those are really useful. The others sound like a forced euphemism for a word that’s too vulgar to say.


“I’m not sliding my penis inside you.” That’s laughable to me to even read.

“Lick my love stick”? The fuck is that? A song from a hair band in the 80s?

And this is one of the easier parts to name.


Let’s look at women’s bodies! No. I’m not showing pictures! Those are just for me.

We’re going to start up top with a woman’s chest. We have tits (or the more formal and scientific term: titties), and breasts. There are other minor options I suppose. Melons, jugs, dirty pillows, milkers, and so many other random names. But in the context of written narration of a sexual nature, the options are really limited. 

“I reach up and squeeze your fun bags as I softly moan your name,” umm… what? That sound you hear is every woman’s crotch drying up faster than a glass of spilled milk and Shamwow. Remember that guy? Of course you do. That crazy dude was on all the drugs!

Let’s keep exploring the female form, shall we? This is like the weirdest biology class ever. No pictures, and all the words. 

Pussy. Cunt. Twat. Vagina. Core. Muff. Bearded clam. Kitty. Angus. There are many names for the female sex organ. But again, only a couple are really viable options. 

And of course you have to match word intensity as well! That’s a fun twist! But saying “I’m going to stick my weenie in your twat,” is a good way to get throat punched. And rightfully so.


And when we get to the finer details, because guys, when righting a good sexy story, the devil is in the details, you’re even more limited!! Nipples are simple. It works. Clit. Simple. It works too. A woman’s… err… lower lips? Not so much! Pussy lips sounds dumb! Labia sounds like a country! Sure, you can say, “Now softly rub your lips for me,” and she may get it. But, she may also be sitting there stroking her face, and can you blame her? It’s too ambiguous.


I write stories. I’m good with words. Although some could argue that after this blog. That’s fair. But given that there are countless ways to enjoy this lifestyle, why are we so limited in our word choices? It seems unfair. Because the good words get used. But if you don’t want to be repetitious and fall into those habits of using the same words over and over, you have to change it up. Which means you’re going to have to deal with the awkward words on occasion. 



Well, my dear and loyal reader, I suppose I’m don’t with my drunk my sober tirade over the English language.


Time to go put my Eduardo in my slut’s Angus!

3 weeks ago. January 6, 2023 at 2:20 AM

Happy New Year, my favorite and loyal ready! I hope your year is off to an amazing start! If not, fix it!! If you can’t, do it anyway? Sure!


This post is about a couple random changes I’ve made recently. The first you may have noticed already. I finally made the change to Dom instead of a switch. 

What brought that on, you may be asking. Well, over the holidays, I was being pulled and torn in every possible direction except the one I wanted to go in. I had no control over it, and I just had to go with what I was told. I hated it! I had no freedom of choice, no say in the matter, and no happiness. 

I know there are so many more aspects of being a sub, but I realized I don’t like having my freedom stripped away. That’s not for me. It was a weird feeling that hit me in the middle of a Walmart, but it was freeing.


So now I’m full on Dom. It feels right. Like this is where I belonged all along. Hell to the yeah!!


The second update I made was to my profile. I finally updated parts of it! It’s been almost a year since I made any changes, so it was time.


Overall, pretty minor post tonight, but I wanted to share the updates! There’s a chance I have a weird and wacky post in the works though. I gotta give you something to laugh at, right? And bonus points if the laughter is only at my blog and not when I take off my pants!

1 month ago. December 17, 2022 at 7:24 PM

Happy Saturday, my loyal and wonderful reader! How are you doing this afternoon? I’m doing good. Actually no, I’m doing great today! And I truly hope you are the same!


We’re getting close to the holidays, so I hope you’re ready and excited for them! Just don’t put yourself in positions that are too stressful! As someone who suffers from seasonal depression, I get how stress and anxiety can really wreck you this time of year. So I’m this season of love, remember to take a little time to love yourself. Bonus points if you use your favorite toy 😉


Obviously that’s not the point of the post, but damnit, it works! What is the point here today? Well, let’s dive in!


Last night, I went out with a few friends for dinner that turned into dinner and drinks. It was a good time. A lot of laughs and goofiness. You know the feeling. You’re out with great people and you can’t stop laughing, even before the booze. Everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves. No one is stressed and it’s a carefree good time. In the world we live in, those types of nights are rare. So I really enjoyed it.


But it came with a price. I was so there and in the moment, I couldn’t talk to my girl as much as I would have liked. She’s amazing and was happy I was having a good time. I finally got home at about 10:30, maybe 11. It wasn’t shockingly late by any stretch. I had a small buzz going and I was ready for my night to end on a positive note. 


Yes. I had a buzz. No I did not drive. I refuse to drink and drive. Even if I do t feel a buzz, I won’t get behind the wheel. Be responsible, reader!


When I got home and settled in, I had my dogs next to me and my phone in my hand. Now was my chance to spend as much time as I could with her. We talked s little bit before she needed to get some sleep. I felt a little guilt that I was out so late and not talking to her. She made sure to set my mind at ease. It had already been a very busy week, and we haven’t had as much time together as we would normally have, but that happens this time of year. 


We went through our nightly and required goodnight ritual and she went to sleep. I wasn’t ready for sleep, so I turned on the tv and started to watch That 70’s Show. It’s my current binge. But I didn’t really watch it too much. I had something else in mind.


Ad you may have noticed by previous posts I’ve made, I can tell a pretty good kinky story. And my girl loves my stories. So, pulling from real life, as I like to do, I decided to make a story for her to wake up to. I love when I can wake her up with a story that gets her so excited and wet that she has to play. 


I won’t share the story here, because a few of the ones I write are just for us. But some I have shared. This one started off with us cuddling, but her falling asleep. I wake her up and we have some fun. I put a lot of work into the story. It took about 90 or so minutes to write. It included a few different things we’ve talked about recently, and it was really a fun story. It may have been my longest story to date. And of course I included something near the beginning telling her that I want her to play while she reads it. No, not want. I NEED her to play. 


By the time I finish writing, my eyes are getting tired, but my cock is demanding some attention. What can I say? It was a good story. And if I can’t enjoy them as well, something is wrong. 


I hit send at 2:15am. As soon as I see that it sent, I see that I have a text from her. She woke up and was asking if I was still awake. We sent those texts right at about the same time, and there was a cute little comical moment where we laughed at it and realized that we get to spend some time together.


We were both feeling a bit happy and just content to get some extra time together. It was cute and sweet, until we got a little more physical. I told her to not read the story until this morning, and of course she listened. She’s such a good girl! But we managed to have our fun, and it was amazing in so many ways. We hadn’t had a chance to play much recently because of holiday chaos, so this was very much a needed play session. 


We did a couple things that were a bit new for us, and it worked out great. And when we came, we came hard. Mmm… perfect.


Afterwards, in the soft sweet darkness, things settled back down and we went back to our soft, sweet, and cute natural state. We were both tired. And we both needed sleep. We reluctantly redid our goodnight ritual and parted again for the night. 


It was an amazing night that may have gone differently had we spent more time together earlier in the evening. Had we spent that couple extra hours, then we may not have wanted and needed each other like we did at 2:30. The desire and longing made for what may be the best text based sexual encounter I’ve ever had. And it was only possible because she needed sleep at about 11:30. 


These types of things are rare. If you miss out on something, rarely does it come back even better than you could have imagined. But that’s what we had. It was a magical night. I can’t stop thinking about it. And that’s usually a good sign.


Today, we’ve talked a lot. And the plan is to continue to do so as much as we can. I think we’re both still feeling that neediness for closeness and intimacy. It’s a great feeling.


My beautiful little slutty angel has me all kinds of happy. I’m a lucky guy.

1 month ago. December 6, 2022 at 9:32 PM

Hello, my dear and loyal reader! I’ve missed you! Did you miss me? Probably not. You’re out having kinky fun and I’m stuck at home dressing my hand up in a little black leather glove. My own personal gimp. You know, normal Tuesday shit.


Sorry, what are we talking about? Oh! I guess we have t started yet, have we? Well, I guess it’s time to dive in, right?


Recently, I had a post about feelings of inadequacy and rejection and all sorts or bad emotional things that make a good person feel like the scum on the bottom of a boot. 

It’s been a hard year. I haven’t really posted about it because it’s a very sensitive topic that I really don’t talk about with many people. Suffice it to say I suffered a major loss and it had a major impact, as one would expect. So every now and then that sadness comes up and makes me feel bad, then I get stuck in my head and the spiral of self hatred and depression begins.


So I was feeling down and struggling with all of those delightful feelings. You know, like a fool. Luckily for me, I have a great girl in my life that really helped me face these demons. You know, like a fucking hero.


But I had to open up. And that is hard for me to do. Like so many others, I have been conditioned to think that my thoughts and feelings aren’t important and to just keep it to myself. And on the rare occasion that someone gets me to open up, they’ve found some way to manipulate it and use it against me. Emotional torture at its finest. 

But I took a leap of faith into the awaiting arms of an almost angelic little slut that made it seem so easy. I was open and vulnerable in a way that I hadn’t been in a long time. I’m not ashamed to say I cried a little. Or a lot. May be ashamed to admit I cried a lot. 

She talked and talked, saying things that made all of the pain, fears, and doubts disappear. How did this amazing woman accomplish such a feat? I have no fucking clue. If she told me I was twenty feet tall and made of nipples, I would have believed her. 

I think the genuine concern and care she displayed is what did it. There was no selfish intent, she wasn’t looking for ways to use me against me. She legitimately wanted to help, to make the fears subside, to make sure I knew that I wasn’t alone and didn’t have to face it all by myself. 

I opened up to this girl in ways that left me feeling so exposed and vulnerable. I felt like she could see my very soul. And I really liked it. After it was over at least. During, it was incredibly daunting and I was so scared. But it worked it. I feel so much closer to her after this. Score one for the good guys!


I know there wasn’t anything really kink related to this post. I’m saving that for my next post. After I was helped through my issues, I had to repay my slutty little angel with a bit of fun in a way she had never experienced it before. I think there will be a blog with some of that involved. Because, damnit, it was great!


Now I feel like I’m rambling. So have a great night, my dear loyal reader. And also, don’t forget to wash the hand gimp suits. They get sticky really easily. 

2 months ago. November 17, 2022 at 10:05 PM

Good afternoon, my dear and loyal reader! I hope you’re having an amazing day! Mine has been ok. A lot of good parts, but I’m getting sick. So… that bites. But not in the fun way. Damn :(


But the meat of the blog today stems from an interaction I had with an awesome young lady. And the premise behind it got my mind going, because why not?


By itself, the interaction was very simple and sweet. The thoughts in my mind… less so. Here’s what went down!


Me: You’re the best!!

Her: No.. you are!!

Me: Nope! It’s totally you!

Her: Our first fight?

Me: I look forward to the makeup sex lol


It was very simple exchange, but it was a very fun thought process to lead to the following little story. Enjoy!!


The confusion and frustration have passed. It was weird and a little awkward, as most first fights tend to be. Luckily it was a simple misunderstanding because I messed up. After a little talking, things are obviously going to be fine. Now we’re naked and you have your legs wrapped around my waist as you sink your nails into my back.

I haven’t even entered you yet, but so far, you are already on the verge of orgasm as I continue to rub the head of my cock against your clit, teasing the hell out of you. And myself.

”Fuck me, please?” you ask in a raspy voice between pants and moans. You lift your hips off the floor trying to slide onto my hard cock.

I pull back a little, knowing what you’re trying to do. “No. Not yet. Not until you use the head of my cock to make yourself cum.” You look up at me with an almost confused look that’s replaced by a big smile. 

You lift your hips again, almost catching the object of your desire. “No,” I say firmly. “No penetration,” and the smile widens across your lips.

“Yes, Sir,” you say as you settle your ass against the floor and start grinding your clit into the head of my cock, like a good little slut.

It doesn’t take long though. After maybe a minute, you squeeze your legs around my waist and moan loudly. You’re eyes roll back and I can feel you shake as the orgasm runs through you.

After you finish, you lay there panting and I cock my eyebrow and look down at you. “Did I say you could cum?” And the look the crosses your face boarders on panic as you realize your mistake. I smile and wink at you, and you smile back knowing that while you aren’t off the hook, you aren’t in trouble.

I grab my cock and lightly tease your wet opening with the tip. Your mouth opens a little as a soft moan escapes your lips. I lean down, kissing you deeply and slide myself in with a soft moan of my own.

The eyes roll back in your head and you arch your back, ready for me to begin. And begin I do. I start thrusting my hips, pumping my cock in and out of you hard and fast. Your legs tighten again, and your nails scratch down my back again. You know how that drives me crazy.

I lean down and bite your shoulder, growling softly as I do. The intense sensation of me fucking you plus the pain of the bite is almost more than you can stand. You moan and let out a loud, “Fuuuuuck…” as you sink you claws in deeper.

That sends me into a frenzy as I bite harder, shoving my hardness into your wet and hungry little hole. I pull back and grab your arm, pulling it down so you can play with you clit as I fuck you.

It takes less than 10 seconds before you can’t hold back any more. “Please, Sir… can I… cuuuu oh fuck!” And I can feel you tighten around me as you explode a second time.

I keep going to let you enjoy the orgasm, but as soon as it ends I pull out and sit up. You look up at me and say “Shit,” as you know what you did. You lean up and shift yourself so that you’re sitting on your knees with a dejected look on your face.

I smile down at you and reach out, touching your cheek softly. You lean into the gentle touch and smile faintly. “Well, now we have a fun little problem. You came. Twice. How should we proceed from here?”

You smile your biggest brightest smile and say, “I think we should just forget it. Never happened. Case closed!” I chuckle softly. It was a nice try.

I know how much you love to play and enjoy some solo time with your toys. It’s a daily thing. Well, it WAS. “I think I like my idea better. I didn’t cum. So now you owe me one. Well, two technically. Until you can make me cum, you aren’t allowed to. Even when you’re alone.”

You look at me with a softer gaze and nod your head. “Yes, Sir.”

I’m going to enjoy this. You can’t cum, but damnit, you’re still going to play… As I think about all of the delightful ways to torture you and drive you crazy, I pull you into a big hug and kiss you softly.  The first fight all but forgotten.

Typing that out was a bit rushed, so I didn’t really get to flesh it out as much as I would have liked, but I wanted to type it out anyway! I hope you enjoy the story and the slightly dirty side of good old Cozubia!

2 months ago. November 8, 2022 at 7:59 PM

It started off casually enough. You and I were at dinner with a small group of friends. There were six of us in total. We were at a large round table and we opted to sit across from each other, at your request. Apparently you had something in mind to make things a little more fun.

As the waiter left with our drink and appetizer order, the first text hits my phone. I open it, somewhat confused. At least, until I see the picture of you standing in the bedroom, wearing nothing but a dark grey hoodie and a smile. Ahh yes, that lovely and wicked smile!

As the waiter comes back with our drinks, my phone buzzes again. It’s from you. I look up at you and you are casually talking and laughing with our friends, seemingly innocent. But we both know better. You catch me looking at you out of the corner of your eye and I can see a small little grin playing at the corner of your lips.

Opening the next message, I can see you kneeling on the bed, lifting the hoodie up a little. Just barely visible in the shadows and angle of the picture, I can see the black lace underwear you wear when you want to drive me crazy. I’d know it anywhere, and it’s never looked better than when I see it on your soft skin.

The appetizer arrives, and so does my next delicious treat. You’re bunching the hoodie just under your beautiful breasts, clearly showing the black lace this time. I take a drink of my tea and you glance at me again. You can tell by the look on my face that your plan is working.

Every time the waiter returns, another picture comes. With each new picture, it shows you getting more and more undressed, taunting me, teasing me, guaranteeing that you’ll be fucked hard tonight. Each time I see the waiter at a different table, I get excited, hoping he comes to ours next. I’m loving this private little striptease, and you know it.

By the time we order dessert you have progressed to being completely naked and started to send pictures of you playing with yourself. And when our dessert arrives, so does a short video of you cumming while staring into the camera, into my eyes.

It was a risky play and you’re aware, as had I had my volume up, our friends may have heard your delicious moans. But you took the risk, trusting I wouldn’t let the others know. And I don’t.

After we finish and pay, we decide to go to a movie. It was your idea. You want me make me suffer it seems. It’s fine. You’ll suffer in kind soon enough.

During the movie, you tease me even more by reaching over and stroking me lightly through my pants and whispering sweet little things in my ear.

“Did you enjoy my little surprise, Sir?”

”Are you going to fuck me like the dirty little girl I am?”

”I want you to use me, fuck me, and cum all over me.”

Any time you thought I was enjoying your hand on my cock too much, you would stop and kiss me on the cheek. You know how to drive me crazy. And you love to do it.

By the end of the movie, my need to have you is almost more than I can stand. Now we get to go home! Your ass is almost mine! But you have one final game to play, it seems.

On the drive home, you are much less subtle as you slide your hand up under your dress and start playing with yourself in the passenger seat. I try to focus on the drive, but it’s not easy, hearing the sexy sounds of your moans from a few short feet away. Any time I try to look over at you, you laugh and tell me to focus on the road. It is very much a white knuckle drive.

As we pull into the driveway, you cum with a loud moan. As soon as the car stops you reach up and put your fingers in my mouth, letting me taste your sweet juices. I look over at you as you sit there smiling sweetly and innocently, but we both know just how true that really is.

I turn the car off and get out. Walking around the front of the car, I don’t take my eyes off of you and your smile slowly changes from innocent to devious as I open your door. Grabbing your hand, I help you from the car. As soon as I close your door, I spin you around to face me. I kiss you deeply and push you back against the car. You reach down and start to undo my pants, taking my cock between your still wet fingers, stroking it.

The kiss intensifies as I almost growl against your lips. I pull back, but only to spin you around. Once I’m behind you, I push your shoulders down, bending you over the hood of the car. You laugh happily as I lift your dress up over your ass. The laughs turn to moans as I slide deep inside you, filling you with my throbbing cock. Now it’s my turn to play.


Hello dear reader! I was inspired to write this fun little post by a recent dream I had. I figured you would enjoy it, because I know I did! It made for a very pleasant bit of playtime before work.

Sometimes you just have to start the day off with a bang, right?

3 months ago. October 27, 2022 at 6:18 PM

Good afternoon, my dear loyal reader! How are you this fine Thursday? I hope you’re well! And if not? Stop it! Because it’s just that easy, right?


But I’m doing good today. It’s a happy day. It’s my birthday! I’m now another year older, a little wiser, and not quite grey enough for it to matter. Which I’m weirdly annoyed with. I know the grey is coming, so hurry the up!! Stop teasing, you jerk! I’m ready to go grey gracefully and fully embrace life as a silver fox. Or whatever term is used nowadays, since it’s not the early 90s anymore.


To celebrate my birthday, I have spent most of the day listening to music, even though I’ve been working all day. The joys of having the easiest job in the world! Later I’m going to dinner with family, followed by a relaxing night at home with maybe a little fun on the side. Who knows? Could happen!


But the overall topic of this post is going to be a little darker, a little less happy. Yay for that on a birthday, right? 

But I pose a question to you, wonderful reader of mine. Have you ever been dealing with a heavy emotion and randomly found a song that just completely fits your mood and explains what you’re going through in a way your own words just couldn’t? 

Obviously everyone has been in some sort of mood and a song comes along and amplifies it or helps you cope or even makes it worse. That’s one of the beautiful things about music. It can really have an impact on one’s emotions. 

But that’s not quite what I’m asking. Have you ever been neck deep in the shit and a song comes from nowhere and just explains the tangled mess in your head and makes sense of the chaos in your heart?


It happened to me recently and it was such a strange feeling. To peel back the layers of the onion that is me, I deal with a lot of negative thoughts and feelings of inadequacy. Chalk it up to a family that didn’t care. But I’m not here to bash them or vent my frustrations.


Recently I was having a fairly strong bout of self doubt and feeling like I wasn’t good enough or able to be… anything really. Am I really a man? Why do my friends even talk to me? Am I even worth looking at as a romantic interest? Am I going to be a good father if/when the time comes? Am I even a good person? 

Luckily, these thoughts spring out of nowhere and choke me like a Popeyes biscuit without a drink. So it’s a fun game of “Let’s ruin this kids whole fucking career!” 

Sorry. I got weirdly sidetracked. The point is, as I was running the shit gauntlet, I had a song come on that just hit me in a strange way. One line struck a chord. I listened to the song again. I really paid attention to the lyrics. The whole song really start to resonate with me. 

I must have listened to this song a dozen times. Each time a different line came along and hit me. It made me analyze it all in a new light and it made me forget about all of the “You’re a fraud! You don’t belong here! You’re not good enough!” nonsense I was feeling.


So what was this song? And what lines in it caused such a strange revelation? It was Perfect Machine by a band called Starset. If you know them, then you know they can put out some great stuff. If you don’t… go check them out if you like good rock. But the part that really got me, and still does, honestly is this:


I'm just a liar
Without deceiving
I'm just a broken clown
Make believing
I should've let you know
You should've ran for cover
I'm just a parlor trick
A two-bit counterfeit


And when I start to feel those negative things creeping into my brain, I just go listen to this song. And it helps. I don’t understand how or why. That requires a level of smart that I’m just… not. 

Has anyone else had a similar experience? Or what songs really “fix” you when your brain wants to be problematic? Music is a great tool for coping with mental and emotional trauma and issues, at least for me. So I’m curious if you are the same, my dear sweet reader. So tell me, are you?