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A moment and then another

I only exist in the space of the other. My strength, my joy, my love - We are the moments we share.

I have no title, no absolutes, no fixed adornment. I am not submissive in the sense that it is in me and absent in another. I am what I am at the time that I am. I am submissive to all and to no one. I submit to the world in complete faith of its wisdom, acceptance, love and deliverance.

I cannot be defined in absolutes but can be labelled with qualifiers just for common understanding and no more - ever disrupting, ever changing, ever subsiding, ever becoming.

I grow into another and another. Or is it that I strip down to become less and less.


1 year ago. March 1, 2023 at 10:19 PM

Is this KO yet? I thought I had died but there's always more dying to do, right!?

Oh God!

The headache eases

The grip on my chest not so tight

Breathe easy now.

A little frivolity (Fuck it!) is the lightness I need now.

Max Heathen​(other male) - that is a fantastic pic!! lol the rabbit hunts the hunter, reminds me of a Looney toons episode.
1 year ago
A Cloud​(sub female){Owned} - Hehe, nice analogy. Masochistic-sadistic obsessive insanity is what I call it.
1 year ago
Max Heathen​(other male) - 😂😂
1 year ago

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