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I am Poly seeking to add one more for V or Triad long term/life time relationship. I am not willing to force feminize so MtF meaning you have dedicated to the lifestyle and are (at minimum) on hormones', dressing the part in public. T-Girl have usually have been proactive and have been on the hormones, some with implants. Whether you have intention or not of fully converting, is not something I'm concerned with as I understand the process and it won't stop me from seeing you as the woman you are. From the moment we first write, till the end, you will only be addressed as she/her. I prefer fem attire but lets face it, some have an ass built for jeans! This is a 24/7, 365 live in (after time) Slave dynamic and I'll be the one getting to know you long before you meet my current Slave. If you have some Pet in you, that will also be entertained. Please read my profile even though it is a novel. Get to know me before you take that leap, please.
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In a polyamorous relationship
About me
Greeting and welcome to my Profile. If you enjoy long profiles that tell a tale about the person you are looking at, then I advise for you to grab a drink... perhaps a snack and get comfortable. I'll try to keep it somewhat entertaining ^,..,^

Upfront and To the point brief summary's:
* I am Max, but you can call me Max. I promise I won't be offended. lol
* I am Polyamourous and currently in a life long, committed, Master/Slave relationship with AngelBunny. (her link is below) We are currently looking for our third to complete our Triad Polycule (lol, bunny's word binding.) Never more than Three: Bunny, Myself & You.
* I am a Master. Please do not confuse me with a Dom because I will not call you my Slave until after we three physically meet and I see how well you get along with my Bunny. I do not get offended quickly but I do appreciate you not calling me "Sir". It's a Dom title and grates on me in time. Refer above and just call me Max. Lets start out on equal ground before you chose to kneel.
* I am extremely self aware, attentive to my joy, and open in communication.
* I require a safety word for my Slaves to use. One that can be used in the general public and worked easily into a sentence, no matter how odd the sentence may sound.
* I am Ambivert (sometimes introvert, primarily extrovert) & my Enneagram is Type 8. Myers Briggs: ENTJ
* I am a switch though Primarily Master.
* I am a Bi-sexual, Nempho, with more fetishes than I care to list. [M2F, Preop welcome and encouraged]
* I'm moderately easy to please, Realistic optimist. My joy means a great deal to me, thus I seek ways to be and maintain happiness for me and those around me.
* I am a Primal and Sanguine Vampire whom you may call Beast when he comes forth.
* I am analytical, Sado-maschist (More to the Satist on a regular), I lack empathy but trust my Slaves to help guide me away when I'm being cruel or cold unnecessarily.
* I Procrastinate on goals & again, rely on my slaves for proper motivation so that we all feel the achievement and reap the benefits together.
* I am like a rudderless ship in the midst of a self generating hurricane, without my Slaves.
* I am a PC & Phone Gamer. PC: Guild Wars 2 (MMORPG), Phone: Raid Shadow Legends. I suck worse than a 10 cent hooker with braces when it comes to console gaming. >.< lol
Enough for now, yeah :p

Don't Judge a Book by it's Cover:
Poly, in a general overall has earned it's rep of multiple casual sex partners without any real long term relationship. For Bunny and I, We are not looking for casual partners, sexually or otherwise. We desire a long term, end game relationship wherein the Three work as a single unit. Both slave play similar but different roles and are equal in my eyes. I have a wide variation of desires, likes and needs to be met and its just not easy to be every thing I need. On the flip side of that, I have my short comings and I acknowledge that. Bunny is so much more empathetic than I can ever be and I appreciate it, even though I don't "Feel" and sometimes struggle to even understand why there is any emotional reaction at all. This does not stop me from shutting my mouth and holding her while she cries it out, or logically ask probing questions to strive to bring peace to her soul... However... I know she just needs somebody to cry with her sometimes and I don't cry. I don't understand the logic or need in the emotional outburst but I can fake it pretty damn good, and gladly will, to see to the needs of my Slaves mental, physical and spiritual well-being. Bunny is Introvert and requires time alone. In an argument she requires time to digest and will come back to talk when her head is right again. She prefers short burst of intellectual conversation and quiet time, though she doesn't require a quiet home to have it (Thankfully! lol ) She is learning to tolerate my views and temper my playful teasing, though this by no means says she enjoys anywhere nearly as much as I do. For our Triad, we require an Ambivert or Extrovert because the third is more for me than for her. She is more of a V, whereas I am Triad minded. I Permit my Slaves to have one other outside of our triad, forming their own Poly and that person would also be welcome in our home so long as we don't clash, thus making the possibility for a Polycule. It is not required. I do not push my slaves towards another, just as Bunny has no wish for another Master in her life, but see's and accepts the need for a second slave to meet my needs for longer talks, playful teasing, and um.. the sex can be rather much on her at times... that whole nympho thing has slowed some and is more controllable now but it's a very real thing and some days between Beast and I, we can be too much for her alone. >:) (She says: She doesn't need two Masters, she already has it with Beast and myself. ;))

I am not a harsh master, though I will gladly set task/goals and expect them to be met. I enjoy giving rewards and doing some of the little things like bathing my Slaves, buying that little gift for no other reason than to make my slave smile. A Slave's smile, from a job well done or a little reward for no more reason than they do a consistent effort at being a good slave, is intoxicating to me. For Bunny, my punishments are open disappointment, an open discussion on why she done what she did to earn the punishment. Withholding of or consumption of rewards offered (yes, cookies, home made cheesecake, etc are offered as rewards as we moderately watch our diet.) If I'm upset, I'll walk away to cool down because I know I'm prone to violent tendencies and can have a hellaious rage wherein walls, doors and furniture pay for pushing me out of my happy and into rage. Thankfully, this has not happened for over 6mo now & I think my knuckle bones are finally getting to fully mend. :D
I strive to maintain a safe and uplifting environment, thus I have safety measures set in place and a contract with Beast to keep you safe. (Ask Bunny, they work.) I abore abuse. Yes it sounds contradictory to be prone to rage and being a Sadist. This does not define my choice to live peaceably with as much joy in every day as I can squeeze out of it. My joy derives from my own outlook though many things can impact my outlook. It's MY choice to let it tear me down, build me up, or treat it with a neutral outlook. I do not strive to generate conflict, however I do not shy away from it and it helps salve my sadistic nature. A happy home with giggling, happy slaves starts with a happy Master. Will we fuck it up more than a few time... Yup! We all fuck up, and it takes time to balance living as we once did, to living with new people, their wants, desires, ways, habits, and baggage. I do not give up on my slave easy. Neither will I fight day and night to keep one. You enter by choice. If all we tend to do is fight, butt heads, act spitefully... there's the door, hun. Don't let it smack you in the ass on the way out. Hence: I do not mesh well with Brats who are more than playfully bratty. So if you are looking at me for a possibility, lets work together to have a wonderful, joyful life of good conversation, wonderful food and drinks, sultry sexual bliss and far more days of laughter than tears or anger.
OH! PC gamer is a major plus!

I've covered the majority of the brief summary so lets touch on something that is easily misunderstood or poorly interpreted:
I am a Master, Primal, Sanguine Vampire.
I do not see myself as the title of Dominate Male. I am a Master. I will seek to take a firm hold of your mind, your heart, and your spirituality. I may forcibly take you to your knees, grab the hair of your head and lead you crawling to the bedroom where I chain your ass to my self made custom four post bed and tie you there while I sate my sexual appetite and feast on the pleasures of the flesh... but this is a scene. Daily life is where I am your Master also. There is never a time that you are not my slave, except if you chose to leave the relationship. Every moment of every day: amongst friends, family, in privet or public... You will be given freedom to call me by name in such settings, but you. are. my. slave. Therefore the rules are unchanged: You will bring me honor, make me proud to call you my slave. You will hold your head high and be proud to be ours. If you become fearful or uncomfortable, simply place your safety word in a sentence or whisper it in my ear and you will see a change come over me. We will shield you and remove you from the situation without explanation. We do not require one. You felt threatened to the point of saying your safety word, therefore we will make you safe. Family will get over the abrupt departure, Friends will be understanding, or they are not needed in my life. My slaves are priority. I protect mine with the single mindedness of a primal, He will protect his and he is better at it than I am. Beast is the Vampire within my flesh. He feeds from fresh blood, preferably from his donors (Bunny and you)... this is not optional, nor will it happen until a blood report is completed and trust between you and I is formed. Feeding causes a bonding processes wherein you are part of his tribe, thus he will protect you but consider your words before you say them. To him, words have power and what you view as flippant, he will hold you to. I know its weird... I've been living with him for my entire life and it never seems to get old. If you feel concerned, understand that I will teach you everything you need to know to stay safe, have a sense of control, and will train you on how to deal with him in all things. Always keep one thing in mind: Unless he calmly tells you to... DO NOT RUN. Trust your training, it'll be ok.
Now... whether you chose to believe all that vampy crap or deem it as an act, is up to you. I will not seek to persuade you one way or the other. Remember that I am Sapiosexual... stimulate the mind, luv. ^,..,^
If by chance you do not know what a Primal is: I'm instinctually driven. My senses guide me, meaning how you look, smell, feel, taste, and sound... all of it plays into how I view you. I prefer a cutesy, anime kind of Slave due to this very reason. Such Slaves are expressive in most aspects of their life and I am a sucker for the Cutesy shit (even the dark cutesy shit :p NOM!) As a primal, I tend to growl a lot for various reasons. I do bite, rake the nails, and much like an animal, I am intense most the time, while trying to find some way to balance it with the after care. Bite marks, Bruising, Rope or chain marks, nail marks, are all done below the shirt line and I'll provide wide cuffs that will hide anything at the wrist, while looking socially acceptable.

Lastly: I am Bi-sexual though I do not find the male body to be very attractive. M2F TG, preop are welcome to step into my shadow if you have shown your commitment to the lifestyle by starting the transition with breast implants or hormone treatments whereby breast have started to form and the body has begun to smooth. I do not wish to be rude concerning this but I love the presentation of a female and will not be tolerate of gay posers or sugar daddy traps. I prefer a functional cock, as its the only real part of the male body I do enjoy and I find the look to be appealing, though I do understand what the treatments do to the libido and possible regression of growth so if its not as functional, I do understand... Hint: Appeal to my vanity and doll yourself up. ;) Just to clarify, I am not interested in a dude. M2F or born F, I expect a woman who is happy to be feminine, wishes to be treated like a female slave; loved and spoken to like a woman. I will not swap between he/she, his/her, etc. She, Her, etc is what I will say in reference from the moment we first communicate till the day this body gives up the spirit. If it hasn't been clear by now, you'll find that I am a very open communicator. I don't go out of my way to offend but nor do I concern myself with politically correct speech in every term. I don't embarrass easy and will gladly talk about anything, though you may not like what I think lol. I'm tolerant of other's views, even if I don't agree with them. I won't try to force you to change your mind and I expect the same treatment. To me, it's not love if the only way you can accept a person is if they always see it your way. I expect we will disagree on many things and have wonderful talks about view points. At the end of the day, I'll still kiss you good night, pull you and bunny tight unto myself and sleep peaceably with my slaves.

If you wish to know more, send me a mail. I am once again a premier member so mail me, or find one of my Blogs and comment. It'll show up in my notifications and we can start the possibility of our journey. Here is the link to one:

My Bunny: Enne: type 4, INFP
and take the time to do the test she has posted.  If you do not know yourself, how can we ever hope to be more than lab rats in an experimental relationship?
BDSM and me
Cosplay mixed with ropes/chains anybody? I've been into bondage of several forms for some 20ish yrs. Master/slave was re-introduced in the past 9yrs and I found I really enjoyed it from both sides, though I'm a far better master than a slave/sub. A couple years past I stumbled upon a woman so unlikely to match with, that it took me by surprise when she not only calmed my beast, but nurtured him in the most peculiar way.  I have posted a blog on it so you can find it there and learn.

I don't completely agree with the test but here it is:
== Results from ==
98% Sadist
92% Primal (Hunter)
90% Owner
84% Rigger
83% Voyeur
80% Non-monogamist
78% Daddy/Mommy
75% Experimentalist
74% Switch
73% Exhibitionist
71% Masochist
65% Master/Mistress   <--apparently I'm not possessive enough (Poly) and allow too much freedom of thought -,!,, ^,..,^ Test results.
65% Degradee
63% Dominant
59% Degrader
57% Submissive
56% Rope bunny
56% Brat tamer
46% Ageplayer
44% Pet
31% Slave
26% Primal (Prey)
14% Brat
7% Vanilla
3% Boy/Girl
Scat, dismemberment, extreme brutality, rape, drama, most brats, excessive arguments.. (seriously.. if we butt heads that much, what's the point?), micro management of anything.
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Starting the process to move AngelBunny into our home.
Started actively seeking another to fill out our Triad-Poly.
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