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About me

Immediate things to know:  ENTJ

I'm Triad-Poly open to V-Poly.  If you're unaware of what this is, a Triad is three who work as one. Each severing in their own respect to enhance the relationship on a whole, in all ways possible.  A V-Poly is very similar, though the main difference is my two slaves serve me only, instead of each other also, while working together in a bonding friendship with each other.

I'm a Master looking for a Slave to join me & AngelBunny.  Depending on your desire of the above will determine in what venue you will serve.
I am a M/S switch though rarely slave but negotiable for one who has moments wherein they feel a yearning to control the situation.  I am bi, enjoy being pegged and though I'm a Sadist, I'm also a masochist with needs for blunt pain, nails, biting and erotic asphyxiation.

I'm interested in female or MtF that are already out about it and at minimum on HRT.
Males need to have feminine features.

I have many facets to myself, all based on the moods that I'm in.  They can change without reason, however I will train you on how to turn my moods back to a positive.  Thankfully this has lessened to a rarity since AngelBunny has come into my life however it's still part of me so you should be made aware of it.  If you haven't already noticed, I'm very self aware and do not feel the need to hide who and what I am.  My Slaves mean everything to me and I make it a priority to keep them safe, well cared for and healthy in mind, body and soul.

I pc game: Guild Wars 2, Destiny 2, and Ark: Survival evolved  (soon to be Ark: Survival Ascended)so if you PC game (or console for Destiny 2), that is a major plus.
Other Pluses:
Things that go bump in the night...

Vampiric practices including energy manipulation and consumption as well as light sanguine vampirism. Due to this, medications whether prescribed or casual can also effect me, thus I need to be fully aware of what you take into yourself.

I have a Beast & he is mine. He will chose you for a means to an end.  Beyond that, he's not overly emotional.  He's demanding, ridged and can be confrontational.  What he choses to reveal of himself is up to him but he's in contract with me thus I hold his chains.
You will be trained
You will be treated in a means that you desire & we agree to.  (What he does, i have to be able to live with)
Our dynamic will not be instant nor drag on for months on end till we start.

I am structured, logical, methodical, and lack empathy & sympathy.  It's not that I can't feel, its simply something that I don't understand & love is enough of a complex emotion to spend my time striving for. I do understand the forms of Empathy and sympathy but sometimes need my Slave to help me understand if they need it by being submissively direct with me.

I'm aesthetic... beauty is in the eye of the beholder so top model or scared with "flaws"... I find pleasure in the flesh with all its tones, Mark's, and artistic design.  I do not like grey or white hair and adore dyed or naturally striking hair/wigs.  Painted nails, make-up, skirts, dresses, costumes, and such are all very pleasing.

I am Bisexual though the only thing that appeals to me on a male is below the belly button and above the knees. I don't find 6 pack abs to be my cup of tea, even if I appreciate them. I like a smooth flow and even a pooch.  Body shape, wider hips and chest than the core.  Doesn't mean perfect hour glass, but generally idea of one.  A - DD Breast, well rounded ass and a cock 5"-7" are my preferences. (Some of this is changing so fem-bois, and Shemales... Let's talk)

My lifestyle is for them with masochist tendencies, few to no health or psychological related issues, within 50 lbs of H/W/Age.  I like to be able to move my partners & admit to my own limitations.  Show me respect & I'll do the same for you. 

I do NOT mix well with button pushing Brats.  Beast will hurt you, without warning and without remorse. Brats who are playful and lean to the little side, we can discuss it.
I hate to argue and won't live with a person I can't get along with.
Tell me your issues, tell me what you know and how you cope with them, I can most likely work with that.  Being deceptive is just as intentional as being forthright. Bait & switch will be met with merciless treatment, so be the same you every minute of every day, no matter how that you, that you are, is.  I can work with that.
Switches welcome
Age don't matter 
Race... if you're not human, ? please understand... your tentacles are welcome ?

(Updated 07-12-23)

BDSM and me
Cosplay mixed with ropes/chains anybody? I've been into bondage of several forms for some 20ish yrs. Master/slave was re-introduced in the past 9yrs and I found I really enjoyed it from both sides, though I'm a far better master than a slave/sub. A couple years past I stumbled upon a woman so unlikely to match with, that it took me by surprise when she not only calmed my beast, but nurtured him in the most peculiar way.  I have posted a blog on it so you can find it there and learn. I don't completely agree with the test but here it is:
== Results from == 98% Sadist 92% Primal (Hunter) 90% Owner 84% Rigger 83% Voyeur 80% Non-monogamist 78% Daddy/Mommy 75% Experimentalist 74% Switch 73% Exhibitionist 71% Masochist 65% Master/Mistress   <--apparently I'm not possessive enough (Poly) and allow too much freedom of thought -,!,, ^,..,^ Test results. 65% Degradee 63% Dominant 59% Degrader 57% Submissive 56% Rope bunny 56% Brat tamer 46% Ageplayer 44% Pet 31% Slave 26% Primal (Prey) 14% Brat 7% Vanilla 3% Boy/Girl
Scat, dismemberment, extreme brutality, rape, drama, most brats, excessive arguments.. (seriously.. if we butt heads that much, what's the point?), Long term micro management of anything.
What's new
Bunny is no longer my Slave.  She chose to remove her collar for the Third and final time.
What that makes us... Time will tell.

Trying new directions to see wtf is gonna get me where I crave to be, Dynamic & Relationship wise.

Currently looking for a LTR, live in, 24/7 Slave, open to the V/Triad poly lifestyle.  Feel free to use Bond/mail if you wish to indulge your curiosity.
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May 28, 2024
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