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Random thoughts. Some of them will be erotic and kink-related, but some of them won't be, and as such people might find them boring. Some will be related to personal fantasies, but some to personal experiences as well.
3 months ago. August 15, 2022 at 4:42 AM

Yesterday, I was hanging out with a vanilla friend whom I am NOT dating, but who I've known for many years. I won't go into the long back-story of how I know her, (she was dating a friend and blah blah, etc.) But the point is, we had hung out and taken her dog for a walk, and  at one point, had stopped off at the pet store.


They had a huge variety of leashes, harnesses and collars there.  Some with spikes, some leather, and most of them highly adjustable. These were meant for canines, but I could see plenty of ways these could be easily adoptable for...submissive males. Keep your man in line, keep him on a short leash, and if need be, give it a firm tug if he ever is too hesitant or unruly.


And that thought, well, it kind of got me aroused.  I was biting my tongue; I was going to make darn sure I wasn't going to say anything the least bit "Inappropriate," or, God forbid, that would possibly clue her in to some of the "naughty" thoughts I was having.  This girl is beautiful, by the way; most men, submissive or not, would still turn their heads to look at her, and most submissives would orgasm in their cock cages at the thought of her holding the other end of one of those leash/harnesses tied around their neck (or, better yet, other parts of their body.)


But, like a "good puppy," I didn't say anything. We have been good friends for years.  She doesn't know I have these kinds of feelings.  Which is fine; I actually don't want her to know.  Sometimes our most intimate desires should be saved for our most intimate partners.  Today was two good friends, having a nice walk in the woods, a good lunch, and spending a nice day together, catching up on life.  It was a good day.  


So, to get to the point of all this, if you people are looking for a source of Adult "Toys" then I might recommend looking into actual re-purposed pet gear as an alternative.  Some of those studded leashes and harnesses even look like they could cinch up tight enough to lead a partner by the "other" head (so to speak) if so desired.

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