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Random thoughts. Some of them will be erotic and kink-related, but some of them won't be, and as such people might find them boring. Some will be related to personal fantasies, but some to personal experiences as well.
4 months ago. September 8, 2022 at 3:42 AM

This is pure fantasy; but it’s been a couple weeks since I’ve posted anything, so I figured it would be time for a little “Fun.” 

(While I was not personally involved with this scene, I can only dream of those lucky enough to find themselves there….)

_________________ _____________________________________________  _______________________________

She stood there in her dimly lit bedroom. Wearing her red leather boots, black leather push-up bra and that tiny, pleated little red miniskirt.  Her beautiful tan, sexy body practically dripped with sex. And she may or may not have been wearing anything underneath that tiny skirt…

Most guys would stare in unbridled lust at the sight of a hot girl- ANY girl- dressed like that, standing in front of them, alone in her bedroom.

But for me, it was a mixture of lust, but tempered with overwhelming fear and anticipation.  I’ve learned to be the most afraid of her whenever I saw her dressed that way.  Fearful, and yet excited by the dark places she was about to take me.

And I was not standing.  I was kneeling, naked at her feet, groveling at her boots.  Because that was what she had commanded me to do.  And that was how it was meant to be.

Though I suppose I was not entirely naked. I still had that leash tethered around my balls.  She held one end of the leash right now in her hand.  The other hand held a flexible 18 inch aluminum ruler.

After an interminable silence, she finally spoke.  “Stand up!”

I practically jumped to attention.

“Did I tell you to get hard?  Who gave you permission to get hard?”

“I’m sorry, mistress. I can’t help it, I…”

She swatted my erect cock with the ruler.  “Then your tiny, pathetic cock needs to be punished.”

“Eyes on the floor. Don’t look at me unless I tell you to.” She said then. I felt the ruler give my cock three more swats, the last one hard enough to make me double over.

“That’s better, slave.  Back down on your knees.”

“One question,” she added, “Did you clean the toilet well, like I asked you to?”

“Yes, mistress.”  I replied.  I had, in fact, spent the last hour making sure the bathroom was utterly spotless.

“You better have!  Or else…no reward for you.”

God it had been so loooonng, since she had allowed me to orgasm.  My cock, caged for so long, throbbed purple and ready to burst like a sausage.  How long had it been?  Two weeks this time?  Almost three, by my count.  She was ever the merciless little tease, though.

One of her rules was, that she had to enjoy at least twenty orgasms to every one of mine.  How- and with whom- she achieved them was entirely her choice of course. I knew she had had her fun though,these past two or three weeks.  She had even made me watch on at least one occasion, tied up, naked, cock painfully swollen in its cage, while I witnessed one of her lovers pleasure her. Both of them together liked humiliating me.  I knew my modest sexual equipment could never satisfy her. She had also made that painfully clear- pun intended.

But yet, I pleasured her in other ways, deeper ways; ways that even her most well-endowed lovers could not.

And as she dragged me into the bathroom by my cock leash, my knees painfully scraping the floor, I wondered what that would entail this time. 

On the tile counter was a large dildo.  Grabbing it, holding it to her waist, she commanded me to put it in my mouth. I eagerly did so.

“Did I see any hesitation, slave?” She asked.

“No, mistress.”  I said eagerly.

She slapped me. “Suck it harder, then.  Take it all the way down.”

I began to slurp it, sucking it eagerly, wanting it, needing that cock, and hoping I was doing it well enough to satisfy her.

“Craig’s is bigger than this!” she laughed.  “And I bet you would like to satisfy Craig wouldn’t you.  In fact, why don’t you pretend you are me, and this is Craig, and you just want to make that cock explode in your mouth.  Wouldn’t you like that?” 

I couldn’t speak, mouth being full of plastic penis, but I hoped my eyes conveyed the eagerness my mind still balked at.

“After all, that is why I’m training you to do this.  Since your tiny and pathetic little cock can never satisfy me, that’s why I have Craig, and Tim, and DeMurray.  Maybe next time they are over, you can be a little more thankful for them satisfying your Mistress for you!” She sneered.  Meanwhile I kept sucking, sucking, blocking everything out of my head but the need to do a good job- to please her.

After several minutes, she pulled it out of my mouth.

“Good little slut.” She said.  "Now, lick my boots.  Clean them for me.”

Eagerly, I began licking her boots, tasting the black leather, enjoying the power and radiance of her standing over me.  I could smell her, smell how sexy she was, that hot girl smell mixed with leather- it was almost overpowering.  My cock began to drip with pre-cum. I prayed she wouldn’t notice, but alas- she did.

“Stand up.  Face the wall!” she commanded. “Don’t you DARE cum without permission!”

“You just cleaned this floor.  Now look at it! There’s a drop of cum on my clean floor!” she cried.

“I’ll clean it again, mistress.”

“Oh, I know you will…but first you need to be punished.  Face the wall, Slave!”

I obeyed her, trembling.  This was the part I had so dreaded. She clipped my arms into cuffs hung from the ceiling, and legs into the leg irons she had made me rig up in a similar fashion, completely immobilizing me.

She began to spank me. The ruler stung, sharp, each slap feeling harder.

“You don’t DARE drip cum from your PATHETIC cock onto my floor!” she screamed.  The whaps were coming harder and faster now.  I could almost take no more but I had to be strong, endure it, for her.  She reached for her flogger. The thick leather one, that could leave bruises if She so chose. I felt two, then three huge thuds and I cried out for each one. The safe word was almost at my lips.  I didn’t want to disappoint her, I wanted to endure it and be strong for her, but I didn’t know how much more I could endure.  But it was then that she granted me a reprieve. I was trembling, exhausted, in pain but yet sweet bliss. I had endured her worst, and yet now I felt I would do still more…all for her.

"I guess that will do slave.   Are you sorry?

"Yes mistress!  I am so sorry!"

She uncuffed me.

“On your knees slave.” She said. “Did you really clean the toilet like I asked?  And did you do a good job?”

"Yes, Mistress."

“Let’s see how good of a job you did.  Kneel in front of the bowl.”  I crawled two feet over and did so.

“Lift the seat!” she ordered.  As a rule, the seat was never left up in her house. I had rather quickly learned not to commit that cardinal sin.

“Now…Lick the rim.  And the dry part of the bowl. If it’s as clean as you say, you won’t have a problem doing that, will you, slave?”

“No mistress.”  Almost out of my mind now, I felt compelled to obey. My tongue tasted the cold porcelain, as I ran it around the rim and into the bowl. As gross as this was, I didn't dare disobey, and truth be told, I HAD scrubbed and disinfected it pretty thoroughly.  Luckily, I thought.

“Good job slave.  Now for your reward…”

“Yes mistress?”

She slapped my bare ass again.

“NEVER talk out of turn!  Let me finish!   So…Your reward. I know you want to cum so bad, don’t you.” She said.

“Of course, mistress!”

“Then, since as you know, your pathetic tiny cock can never satisfy me, and the seed of inferior men isn’t fit for anything else, you will relieve yourself into the bowl, so I can flush it down.  You may unclip your leash and start stroking it.”

I did so.  Kneeling before her commode, I eagerly began stroking my cock, which was now back at half-staff.  In no time flat I was hard as a rock, though still oddly nervous and trembling from the rush of enduring her punishment. 

I heard her command me, “Stroke it harder! Faster, slave!” and that got me going.

In that moment, I was no longer me. I was Craig, DeMurray, Tim, and all of her lovers at once, imagining myself in their place, taking her like a man, enjoying the feel of thrusting into her delicious tight, tan body in that tiny little skirt.  I could actually hear her moan and giggle as she watched me.  I was her lover, I was imagining her moaning, screaming with pleasure and twitching under me, just like I had seen her in real life as a caged up slave with her lover, but now… then, it was all too much, and I felt my body begin to shake.  Weeks’ worth of pent up sexual frustration all exploding at once. Gushing like a geyser, spurt after glorious spurt, into her….

….into her cold porcelain toilet bowl.  Reality came crashing back to earth.  This was my place, on my knees, before a genetically and intellectually superior woman.  Wow, I loved her.  The feeling that came over me was indescribable.

 She laughed and moaned with delight.  “Lick it up, slave!” she ordered. I leaned into the bowl, felt her boot at the back of my head push me in.  She would not be completely satisfied until she saw me lick up every last bit of jizz.

Later that night, cuddling in each other’s arms, I thanked her for taking me to places I had never imagined.  Her, satisfied and glowing, and me, basking in the warm afterglow of sub space, with the woman of my dreams who had taken me there.

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