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Random thoughts. Some of them will be erotic and kink-related, but some of them won't be, and as such people might find them boring. Some will be related to personal fantasies, but some to personal experiences as well.
1 year ago. September 13, 2022 at 12:06 AM

My soft limits:  Electro-stimulation, hard/heavy corporal, public humiliation.


My hard limits:  Sounding, permanent scaring/modification, castration...and Meth!

Both the drug, and the people involved with it.


There is a saying:  There are two possible options for a submissive who claims they have no limits.  One is that the won't be taken seriously.  The other is...that they will.  

And neither outcome is necessarily positive.


And on another note, this past weekend was Pride Festival here in town.  I was working at another event that was taking place at the same time, and unfortunately couldn't be at the actual festival, but there was definitely some overlap between the two crowds.  At one point, I saw an interesting couple walk by:  A beautiful voluptuous woman, with dyed magenta hair accompanied by a guy; petite, submissive, and wearing fishnets under his tiny shorts.  I didn't know what their relationship was and didn't want to ask.  I felt it would have been too personal.  I'd like to THINK that She was the mistress and he was her sub, and if so, I couldn't help but feel a little jealous, but I have no idea whether they were just friends who were attending the festival together, or whether there was any kind of kink/intimacy between them.  Overall, Pride Festival by all accounts was a huge success. It makes me smile to see all the rainbow flags around town and sported by people who (like me) may not actually be GLBT but who certainly support people expressing themselves for who they are.

niaEm - I think that the "no limits" case should in general be treated as a romantic ideal. With all the implications entailed. It does represent an unlimited (?!) power and energy of submission. The interpretation of a romantic ideal is in the hands of the participants. I think, in general, BDSM is not against a positive existence, hence the interpretation should remain plausible.
1 year ago

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