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Rose's Thorns.

A general pondering.
3 months ago. Apr 26, 2020, 1:08 AM

At the end of the road there is a house with no number. 

You darent enter for there is a monster within 

You devise plans with friends who can get in

But no one does.


What does this monster do, you want to go monster hunting 

No one can answer for no one knows 

Why is a monster 

Everyone is to scared to find out.

No one knows 


You take turns running up and running away.

You must never go near this house. 

Its not safe

Its dangerous 


You grow and little and ask what does the monster do? Does it have special powers? Is it alone? 

Its dangerous you must never go to the house with no number.... 

Years go by, you grow and others ask why you can't go there. You can't answer them. 

You try to get a bit closer to the house to find out running away each time. 

Why go somewhere its dangerous and not safe ... what are you doing?


Eventually you get to the house. 

Its the home of a teddy bear who no one visits. 

You go home... 

You haven't been there have you? 


Good its dangerous 


The house at the end of the road is a mirror of your own home. You realise the monster is next you. Its mask still in place unaware. 


When you keep questioning the mask moves... when its caught out its gone a monster with no mask is not a pretty site. Its full of spite. 

When you leave for the house at the end of the road to meet the teddy bear. The thing no one tells you is you become the monster at the end of the road and all you can do is watch and wait as the house at the end of the road has something you love but it can't approch the house at the end of the street for it has a monster in it. You pop your head out.... see its dangerous you can't be near it, 

And so you wait and wait wondering if the curiosity will ever bring them closer again never knowing for beware there is a house with no name with a monster inside.


.... its just not the house you believed it was 

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