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Thoughts of an orphan

A sub male reflects on his sexual desires and needs
3 months ago. February 18, 2023 at 3:15 PM

At the Temple if the Goddess, the Priestesses satisfied themselves sexually in myriad ways. But Priestesshood could only be passed on matrilineally, at birth. So the Priestesses needed male lovers to impregnate them to ensure the Priestesshood was continued, with little girls initiated into the mysteries of magic and the Goddess cult. Who could help them with this delightful task of ensuring the bloodline would continue? Clearly the priestesses would need to be extremely selective. Young men who excelled in athletics, swordplay and endurance would be chosen by the great high priestess, aided by the female elders, on a special feast day. It goes without saying these young men were strappingly built, with phalluses of impressive length and girth. On the Day of Breeding a dozen of the finest male specimens would be led blindfold into the temple, washed carefully, massaged, their glistening muscled bodies anointed with precious oils and spices, and simply dressed in linen loincloths and given a delicious warm spiced wine to drink. The wine stimulated them sexually, until their loincloths were tented with powerful erections as they were led, still blindfolded, their blood pumping with a delicious mix of anticipation, desire and uncertainty, into the scarlet domed great chamber of the Temple. 

There, under the statue of the Goddess astride a lion, twelve divans were set out across the marble floor. The divans were made up with crisp white linen sheets, but had steel handcuffs attached at each corner. The blindfolded male slaves were then led to their allocated divans, laid flat on their backs and locked into position. Then the loincloths were removed. After careful inspection of his physical attributes and state of desire, each slave was chosen by a Priestess, and then the real fun began... 

Each Priestess could please herself with her chosen slave as she wished. Some released their slave's hand and guiding it to the most intimate parts of their bodies. Others found sadistic delight in twisting their slave's nipple, or running their fingernails over the man's body till they drew blood.Others rubbed their nipples against their slave's chest, or filled his mouth with the sweet fruit of her breast, bidding the slave to nibble or lick. Others mounted the face of their slave, instructing their slave to press his tongue into their vagina, or else, perhaps more delightfully, rode them facing the cock of the slave, pushing the slave's nose into her lovely spicy ass while she slapped and scratched the poor slave's twitching, hardened phallus. Moans and grunts of lust and pain rose delightfully in the sacred incense-laden air of the Temple, while the Goddess looked on, delighted.

Finally it was time for coitus itself. Some slaves did not last long before they shot their slave seed deep into the juicy waiting womb of their holy priestess. Yet the priestesses showed no mercy, continuing to ride the still stiff young cock of the premature slave until they met their ecstatic climax. Other boys, intimidated by this extraordinary sacred orgy, were unable to ejaculate at all, and we're unstrapped and used for the pleasure of the crones.

All hail the Goddess! All hail Female Power!

MissRaven​(dom female) - Intoxicating vision!! 💋
3 months ago
gillesderais​(sub male) - Thank you!
3 months ago

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