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the alpha pocket sub

2 years ago. May 10, 2018, 2:47 AM

Ultimate tensile strength is the maximum stress a material is able to withstand. Ultimate tensile strength refers to any amount of stress such as pulling or pushing. Interestingly enough this theory of construction applies to the lifestyle of BDSM. My immediate thoughts regarding ultimate tensile strength went to limits within BDSM, upon reflection, they extended. Ultimate tensile strength is all the aspects of life pulling at oneself. How do you increase ultimate tensile strength? Strength building metals, for example, requires temperature treatments and even the creation of alloys. Of course, this is crude explanation.

I can only write to you about my ultimate tensile strength. It has been explained to me that I am a type: an alpha submissive. I take on the world. I am aggressive and often referred to as intimidating. For all intents and purposes, I am a dominant woman. I like feeling empowered! Being an alpha sub does not mean I am not submissive or that I am difficult. My alpha is a barrier to protect myself from my environmental factors; I often feel as if I am extremely vulnerable being an alpha. I hide my submissive needs and characteristics for most of the day; it breaks me down little by little. I know I will break. I know I will fall apart. 

I fall hard into my submissive role. I want and need the things that make me feel safe (more than I want to admit). I like to be called by my title, the one that stops my madness and centers my day. I want to call you your title, that one that makes me feel secure. Test my limits, push me to be more, do more, try harder. Add to me, give me knowledge, challenge my mind. Tell me when I'm doing well, tell me that I'm patient. If I'm wrong, correct me. Let me serve you, use me, let me please you, let me be yours. Hear me when I say my strength is only built from you.

Alloy metals are a combination of metals that on their own can only yield a certain strength. Combine metals with contrasting attributes and something strong, desired, wanted, utilized. Each day, add to me, help me to continue build my strength. I am not weak, but I am stronger with you. I am better with you. 

Bunnie - I love this. Thank you ?
2 years ago
SnappyJ​(sub female){Collared} - Thank you for writing this; you've summed up nicely how I feel as an Alpha Sub!
1 year ago

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