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I am a girl, I red head who likes to self sabotage. What's new? Lol I've been on here awhile and haven't really invested. I've met some great people, some good people and some who should consider rethinking their choices in life. I am not perfect, but who is? I have up's and downs and a lot of inbetweens. I've never really had a blog, but let's see how this goes lol!
9 months ago. Jan 14, 2020, 10:55 AM

So if you've been following my posts you know I've been on this keto kick...  hoestly the last couple days I've wanted to say fuck it and eat some tasty pasta or bread or potatoes (one of my favorite foods) but I didn't cave.

I have been cooped up in my place for a couple days because it's -40 outside and ain't nothing worth going out for in this... there is a warning out that frostbite will likely start in 5 minutes of being out there.

Anyways tonight I was dancing around like a crazy lady in my dragon onsie having a blast when I thought... you know what, what the hell let's see if I lost any weight... I know it's only been a week but who knowas it's not like I could've gained right? I didnt lol but I was actually shocked I've lost over 10 pounds. No way was that right... so I checked it again... nope it was even better... 16 could that be... maybe how I was standing? So I tried again making sure to stand in the same spot.. again it was reading that I was 16 pounds lighter... I was actually so happy I kept dancing for another hour lol

So I guess I'm going to keep on with this diet and try to add more exercise in as the pounds shred off. Tonight was a huge boost in my determination to stick with it!

Devil's damsel​(sub female){HandsomeDe} - Keto works great for some, and the weight literally melts off. I lost almost 60 lbs in about 8 months. But I’ll warn that it’s really a lifestyle change. If you lose the weight with keto and then go back to normal eating, you’ll put it back on easily (trust me 😕) lol

But good for you! It’s so exciting to see your hard work pay off like that!! Keep going! You got this. Potatoes are the devil.
9 months ago
little dragon{Mountainma} - Lol I miss potatoes the most😂 but thanks for the heads up I'll keep that in mind!
9 months ago

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