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1 year ago. December 30, 2022 at 8:50 PM

Might I dare to broach the unmentionable, 

Should things go awry.

(I shall attempt to remain gender neutral with this subject.)

We all fantasize,  or partake in devious sexual fantasies, yes? Whipping, spanking, varoius forms of "torture", etc.

But ☝️

Suppose one turns on the other.

(It happens)

In a court of law "he/she wanted me to" does not stand up. Even a notarized statement giving permission will not stand up.

Someone recently mentioned the fantasy of being punched in the face - no judgment,  but ☝️

Should things go arwy, thats aggravated assault. 

3 to 5 state prison.

How does one (anyone) approach this subject objectively?

Is there any way?


Jack in the box -

Right . . . .
1 year ago
Blondie​(sub female){Collared} - I think that it falls to knowing your partner VERY well and being comfortable with what you are doing as a couple. Going slowly and building on what you have already done.

Also, maybe finding a form of impact play that doesn’t leave marks! 😉
1 year ago
Jack in the box -
Lol, right? No witnesses
Trust is . . . . . Well
Thank you Ms Blondie 😘 ⚘️
1 year ago
Blondie​(sub female){Collared} - They say that phone books don’t leave any marks. lol
1 year ago
Jack in the box -
New fetish. 🥴
1 year ago
Blondie​(sub female){Collared} - Or just one never really talked about. Lol
1 year ago
Jack in the box -
I knew when i posted this blog there isnt really much to say. The taboo side of the taboo. But yeah, something to rather not think about, eh?
1 year ago

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