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1 year ago. January 8, 2023 at 9:59 AM

Sometimes in the winter months I would go crystal hunting in the deserts of south west Arizona, near Mexico. Set up my camp and settle in.
I would sip my coffee and quietly wait for the sun to best the shadow mountains on the horizon.

That is the golden hour.

A soft, unseen choir would herald in my mind, almost audible as the first rays cracked the summit. 

It's time.

I would head out and begin my new days search.

I noticed that after especially harsh weather, driving winds most often, sometimes rain - bitter cold - the following morning the crystals would glisten brighter. Stands to reason I suppose.

Anyway, I would set my eyes and begin my careful scanning. It was always so quiet, so still - my footsteps seemed almost rude in a way, Intrusive on a stage not designed for me, or was it?

Suddenly,  just like the quick flare of a lighthouse -As if she were saying "over here! Here I am, over here!!"  ~ Off in the distance, sometimes a very far distance . . .

Oh, it was so exciting finding them. 

I miss it.

One day towards the end of my stay that season, I decided to skip my crystal hunting routine. I made a fresh coffee and knelt on the bank of a small wash near my camp and just contemplated life. I was staring at the ground in front of me, deep in thought. "What will my tomorrow look like? Where should I go next?" Silly thoughts that drift in and out of my head. I needed more coffee, lol. - as my eyes regained actual focus - I realized I was looking directly at what ended up the biggest crystal ive ever found to date. Right there in front of me not five feet away.

Two sayings come to mind;

"Seek and you shall find"

"Learn to be still"

Which path, and when? That is the conundrum,  isnt it? For many.

So many things in life can be understood as lessons, once we recognize the teacher.


Felt like writing a little story ✍️ 

Happy Sunday people  🙏 


Litlegrl​(sub female){Dragon11} - Beautiful story and great lesson. Thank you for sharing
1 year ago
Jack in the box -
But of course, and thank you Ms Litlegrl
1 year ago
Blondie​(sub female){Collared} - I would love a trip like that! I can only imagine how tranquil and peaceful that must have been. Thank you for sharing your story. I’m happy that your crystal found you. 😉
1 year ago
Jack in the box -
It is indeed an enriching experience Ms Blondie, one I shall revisit. Perhaps I will see you there?
I am glad you enjoyed my memory lane with me
1 year ago
Sky dancer 51 - A trip like that would be so good to lose al the stress 2022 have given me.
thanks for sharing and what a great perfect end of the day you had finding that crystal 😊
1 year ago
Jack in the box -
You are certainly welcome Ms Sky, I am sorry you have been dealing with stress.
Hopefully '23 will be much better for you.
(Its never too late to take up camping)
1 year ago
Sky dancer 51 - Thank you Jack. 2022 has been a year I lost people I cared about a lot.
The worst loss was the dead of the man I considered my dad.
So I hope 2023 will be a better year with out the pain of losing people.
1 year ago
Jack in the box -
1 year ago

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