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1 year ago. January 9, 2023 at 5:48 AM

. . . She woke abruptly - panting, in a cold sweat - Her wrists together in a contorted, strained state above her head - her legs parted and trembling - the sheet gone - in the throws of an orgasm. . . . Again.

. . . . . . 

Renée was a well adjusted 36 year old woman. She kept herself fit, exercised regularly and only ate healthy food. She attended yoga sessions twice a week and managed to make it to church every Sunday.  No kids, never married. She had had a couple of memerable relationships,  but nothing lasting.  Overall a well rounded, well balanced woman. 

This "problem" started three weeks ago, and occurred every night since. She would retire to bed at her usual time, fall asleep fairly quickly - and dream fairly normal dreams, as far as dreams go anyway. And then "he" would appear . . . .

"I feel like im losing my mind" she said, exhausted. "Trust me, you are not" her therapist replied reassuringly. 

Joyce was a veteran in the psychology and theraputic world, with four and half decades experience. She was seen as a motherly figure by most of her clients.

"Three weeks now? Why did you wait so long to discuss this?" She asked with a sympathetic tone "Well, I thought it was a passing thing" she admitted, "and well, I mean . . .kindof embarrassing,  ya know?" Both women chuckled. "Do you know who it is in your dream?" "No, I mean . . ."  She hesitated  "its like . . . I dont know him, but I do not fear him, does that make sense?"  Joyce set her glasses on the desk and contimplated for a moment. "Do you wake orgasming every time?" Renee flushed with obvious embarrassment. "Yes, . . . every time"  She replaced her glasses and jotted a couple of notes. "And is he aggressive every time?" "Yes, but like I said . . . Its weird, I mean . . . " a moment passed quietly "go on, its ok"  " well, I dont fear him. He ravages me, holds me down . . . He just . . . ." She stopped and looked away . . . " he what?" Joyce prodded, "he what?"  "He takes me . . . Like . . . .its hard to explain  . . . .like I belong to him"  "but you do not know who he is?"  "No, I mean . . . Its a dream right? . . . I cant say I know him, no, but . . . .theres this sense of . . . .I dont know how to explain it, I mean I wake up so . . .its just . . . .I have this sense of . . . .it seems so real and . . . ." She stopped and looked away again. "Ok, ok"  Joyce set her glasses back down, seeing that Renee was getting upset. "Heres what we're gonna do, I have a friend that specializes in sleep study, id like you to meet her". 

"Ok" Renee replied, brushing away almost ruined eye make-up, "If you think it will help".


End of part 1


moll​(other female){owned slav} - Very intriguing.
1 year ago
Sky dancer 51 - Looking forward to read the follow up
1 year ago

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