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1 year ago. January 9, 2023 at 7:12 AM

Sleep paralysis, lucid dreaming, and sleep walking are curious things indeed.

Sleep paralysis often happens while falling asleep, or immediately after waking up. The mind is conscious and aware it is happening,  but the body remains unable to move. Truly frightening. 

Sleep walking is quite the opposite.  The conscious mind has checked out but the body is fully engaged. 

Lucid dreaming is the practice of manipulating ones own dreams and actively participating in the outcome of them.



"Please, no . . ."   

His hand cupped her mouth "You dare!" 

He kissed her aggressively,  pulled back and slapped her hard across the face with stunning force "sshhhhh"  . . . he kissed her again.

She couldnt move of her own doing . . . her body would not respond, only tense and display to his.

The engorged took the place of any will she might have reserved . . . He was inside her, violating - what he wanted . . . His. He mocked her struggle with ease, relentless . . . He already knew the outcome. She couldnt speak, she wanted to scream - to fight back . . . .to . . . .the fires lit . . .building quickly . . . "No! . . . NO!!" . . . He held her firmly and drove deeper. "Please . . .no!! . . ." He pushed her legs farther apart, readying for his prize. Her fists white knuckled, clenched tightly over her head, her breasts heaved . . . . Her hips began to thrust in time . . . "No! . . .please . . . Oh god! . . ."

She woke suddenly, like always - just in time to witness - her naked body glistening with sweat, her legs spred wide . . . . quaking . . . She pushed hard "Oh . . My . . Fucking! . . . ." She trembled violently as her orgasm exploded. 


Her jaw hurt all morning,  it didn't make sense! How could her jaw hurt from a dream!? It didnt make sense!

"What did you do to your lip?"  Linda, her friend and yoga instructor asked with concern.

"Its nothing, I bumped into the door"


*Thursday,  4:30pm

"Well, good news - your test results show fairly normal sleep cycles."

"I was wondering if id be able to sleep at all but they make you completely comfortable,  dont they?"

She smiled.

"So he didnt come that night, did he?"



End of part 2

VioletDreams​(sub female) - I’ve had many blights of sleep paralysis.. very scary yes. I couldn’t move but I would almost will myself snap out of it … and I could.. sometimes. I’ve never sleep walked… I suppose I wouldn’t know bc I was sleeping. Recently though I’ve had some extremely lucid dreams… some scary.. but the most recent one was super sexual. I was able to control it and I can’t say I didn’t love it..

I know this has nothing to do with your story however the memory of the recent lucid dream came back and made me smile 😊
1 year ago
Jack in the box -
au contraire, Ms Violet - perhaps it has everything to do with my story 😌
We shall see.
Thank you for sharing 🙏🌹
1 year ago
Juicy Licious - Where can we sign up for those kind of dreams? Hehe he 🙊😆
1 year ago
Jack in the box -
Just wait . . . The plot thickens. 😏
How is your day Ms Juicy? 🌹
1 year ago
Juicy Licious - Lol. A little sleep deprived but reading all the interesting posts and trying to stay awake.
1 year ago

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