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Name' sake

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8 months ago. January 9, 2023 at 12:09 PM

"Did you call the police?" 

"Joyce!  come on, call the police on who? The boogie man?"

"Sweetheart,  your lip is split and you have clear finger marks on your neck - dreams dont do that!"

Renee began to sob. 

"You are sure no one was there?"

"Yes Joyce, im positive, I swear to you, no one was in my room!" 

Joyce scribbled a few notes, her mind reached for possibilities  - 'protecting her abuser? . . . But then why come to me for help? Why make up this "only in my dreams" story?' She had known Renee for awhile now, she had been coming to see her regularly since she lost her mother. Always well grounded in reality.

"I want to try something,  ok?" 


"I want you to set up a camera in your room"


He was gentle with her that night, more gentle than he had ever been. Caressing her soft skin, teasing . . . tracing every curve  -  bringing her closer and closer. Her body was on fire. Her arms pinned above, her legs spred wide . . . . She still couldnt move, but she did not want to be free from him. His fingers knew exactly what to do, he was inside her. Not physically,  no - like part of her. He danced her like a puppeteer,  pulled on her, brought her right to the edge . . . .repeatedly. "please" she begged without a voice, "please" . . . . her hips heaving, longing for release.

"Dont touch"  came the disembodied whisper to her ear, a gentle kiss . . . And he was gone.

She woke breathing heavily,  confused. She didnt startle awake - it was more like, slipped out of sleep quickly. A smooth transition. She became aware of the ache . . . "Dont touch" . . . .


"Joyce, this is too embarrassing"

"Come on, lets see"

The video showed Renee as she descibed, seemingly pinned to the bed, but also, yes - alone in the room.

"This does not explain how you got a split lip and marks on your neck, all I see is someone having a wet dream" Joyce stated with a touch of sarcasm in her voice.

"Theres something I didnt tell you"

She gave her a 'go on' look over her glasses

"He was angry that day . . . I mean, I made him angry"

"Well, I guess we'll just have to piss him off again, wont we?" She tossed her glasses on the desk, clearly getting frustrated. 

"You dont believe me!" Tears welled in her eyes.

"Look Renee, Ive known you and your family for a long time,  you are like a daughter to me - but come on, whats really going on?"

The tears came.

"You can tell me sweetheart,  its ok".

"I AM telling you Joyce!" She snapped, "I swear on my life, im telling you the truth!"

Joyce leaned back and took a deep breath.

"How did you anger him?"

"I masturbated"

She jotted a few more notes


"He told me I wasnt to do that"

A few awkward moments passed

"I want to send you over to . . ."

"Im not going to see anyone Joyce!" She interrupted "I came to you with this out of desparation, you think I dont know how goddamn crazy this sounds!"

Her tears flowing now

"Ok, ok, calm down" she walked around the desk and handed her the tissue box, and gave her a quick hug.

They both took a moment to think, reasses the situation. 

"What if you pissed him off again?"


"Well, I mean . . . "


Joyce worked to hide the grin when she saw Renees eyebrow go up in consideration of the idea.


End of part 4

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