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Underneath superficial

Inside my fucked up world
5 years ago. October 18, 2017 at 1:10 AM

As a guy we are told there are many things wrong about that title . I call bullshit.

there is this guy at my job who lives outside of the building in his van.he comes in he gets his food and tea and talks to people and then goes on the street maybe outside of an other building and hangs there. At first I was unsure and thought he was going to be like other homeless dudes asking people for money outside the store.

tine went by and I got to know him and we can just talk with weird silences and awkward pauses. 

Tonight my last night on longisland I’m sitting in the car  outside my job and I parked next to his van. I didn’t see him but he came outside the store and got into his van and didn’t see me .

when he started the van and started backing up I tuned my head and waited until he looked my way and I waved at him acknowledging him. Then the biggest smile appeard on his face and he waved back at me almost coming  to  a full stop and his hand just ligeredcwavibg at me for a long 3 seconds. Then he slowly backed up and honked his horn as he was leaving. 

His genuine happy face imprinted in my brain. As I smiled and uncontrollably mumbled “I love him”. 

It meant the world to me that seeing  him smile for a whooping 3 second. 

Time stoped and everything was joy. I wasn’t thinking about anything at that moment I was just being and I was just in a pure state. 

Who says you can’t love a man with out being gay?

T slave​(sub female){Owned} - Kindness does more for your soul than for the soul of others. Love is love pure and simple. Peace!
5 years ago
TakenLower - When I read the title I was like hm based on our conversations I don’t think he’s gay but maybe he is, so it was a fun twist for me to read, thank you ?
5 years ago
TheEdge​(other male) - ?
5 years ago
TakenLower - Kinkylocs, I totally agree. I have said that to people before (I can’t help but say what I feel) and they look at me like I’m a creature from another planet. I just look back and say “well it’s fucking true” and that’s usually enough to make them laugh ?
5 years ago
TheEdge​(other male) - Love can take many different forms on so many different levels.its such a vast feeling that can not be completely convey through one word. But we say it to different people with different intention and meaning. To me it’s that feeling that makes you think that you are a part of a puzzle and the person whom you click with is the exact piece that goes next to you to form a bigger picture. It’s the feeling of comfort the feeling of being yourself with out filters and screens when you are with that person. And seeing that you are loveable to see that you don’t have to try at all and they accept you regardless. It’s a part of unconditional love. They love you no matter what and they don’t expect anything from you. I’m probably not making any sense but that’s love isn’t it :)
5 years ago

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