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Inside my fucked up world
2 months ago. November 28, 2022 at 1:58 AM

If you have problems finding yourself or have questions about your behaviors and past, seeking therapy via BDSM is not the way to go! It's not fair to the person whom you are subjecting and it's not fair to you because they are not going to ask the right questions that you need so you can THINK ON IT!

Don't get me wrong BDSM can be very phycological but it's not the remedy. In fact it can be very dangerous entering a BDSM relationship when you feel lost, depressed and anxious. You need to find yourself first instead of trying to passively finding answers. There are many lifestyle friendly therapists that would fill that gap that you feel when visiting a normal counselor even thought they are qualified to deal with your situation. Trust me they have seen it all. 


The world is full of broken people that think they are submissive because they have no self confidence. 


Be different. Take initiative and work on yourself. The worst thing to a dominant person is a submissive who thinks they are worthless! What does that say about the dominant If their submissive thinks they are lower than dirt. Ugh it's sickening. 




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