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MY Submissive Journey

Shares, rants, stories, experiences from me (or others)
16 hours ago. Tue 18 Dec 2018 08:44:41 AM IST

What does it mean to you???

Think about it!

Think about when posting on someone's blog .. is it to be kind?

We all get protective, have different views and our say etc..

All we can truly be is true!

That's easy..right?


Stop, look, and breathe!! 


We are who we are...... a sub, Dom/me, switch, gender fluid, etc.. labels? We are NOT!!

So, if we are so adamant to say "your kink may not be my kink, but no judgement here"? 

Let's then practice what we preach!!!! 


No judgement!!! Period!! Be KIND


Kindness goes a long way 



20 hours ago. Tue 18 Dec 2018 04:06:11 AM IST

And I will be at my FIRST munch an X-mas themed one.....

Still deciding what to wear....

PLEASE know the below (other than the "me" pictures) are just putting a "funny" spin on the situation. Munches are in public places/restaurants and therefore, normal clothing is not just EXPECTED but required! 


Being my Graduation and all πŸ˜‰


Tis the season and all 🀣😺😺🀣


Or just me...

Faded out..or just a bad shot lol πŸ˜‰

Oh hell, I am coming out and going out..... 



Will let you all know how it goes πŸŽ‰πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ΊπŸ”₯❀️

3 days ago. Sat 15 Dec 2018 08:06:51 PM IST

So my blogs about my Journey are of the past, usually quite a while back... Including this one, which took a turn I wasn't expecting.....


Sir R: Good Morning Kitty, sleep well?

Me: Yes, Sir, and you?

Sir R: Yes, I did thank you. Kitty it's time

Me *claps hands thinking Yay* replies: Play Time, Sir?

Sir R: No, Kitty, time for you to really get out there. Time for you to start getting in your local scene.

Me: Really, Sir? You think I am ready?

Sir R: No Kitty, I don't think you are, I KNOW you are. It's time you get to a Munch, go meet like minded people. You now need this in real life. I have guided you as far as I can...  Now you need to get out there, no more online, make it real. Do you understand, Kitty?

Me *stomach starts turning* : I think so, kinda like I have graduated, Sir?

Sir R *chuckles*: Yes Kitty, a Graduation so to speak.

Me *smiles wide, proud of herself*: Thank you, Sir. So what do I do?

Sir R: Find a trusted friend and a local munch. Go to that and then you will know how to go from there. Again, do you understand, Kitty?

Me: Yes, Sir


So, I contact a good friend who finds a local Munch happening and is going to go with me.....  Woooo hooooo!!!!!

Being so excited.... I contact Sir R


Me: Sir, I have signed up for a local Munch and am very excited

Sir R: Very happy for you Kitty. Is there a theme or just casual dress? 

Me: Just casual dress, BUT, I thought maybe I would wear this.....




Sir R: *chuckles* Kitty you are going to be a real handful for some lucky Dom. Don't ever change!

Me: Never, Sir!


Sir R: Good Girl..... Now from now on you call me Rick, no more Sir R. Understand Kitty? 

Me: Yes, Sir..... Ummm Rick

Rick *chuckles*: OK Morley, you will do great! Remember, I will always be here as a friend and support for you, until you no longer need me.

Me: Rick, I will always want you as a friend and support, but more importantly, I will always NEED you as one xoxoxo

Rick: Morley, you have been a great joy for me to guide and watch you grow!

Me: Rick, watch out, because as you know, I get real Bratty when I get emotional.

Rick: Yes you do, and you will find a good Dom who will tame that Brat.

Me: NEVER!!!! 😈😈🀭🀭😈😈

Rick *chuckles*


Sooooooooooo, this girl is standing on her own two feet now... Munch is next week (how time flies). Sooooo excited to see where Morley's Journey goes from here on out.


To Sir R - Rick... Thank you for being the most gracious, patient, understanding, loving Guide a sub could ask for. You know how dear you are to me! ❀️



4 days ago. Fri 14 Dec 2018 06:31:59 PM IST

For all those who liked "Story Time" and Forward into the darkness series..... that amazing Author has opened an account and will now share on their own blog.... YAY.... AA So proud of you!

Follow: AnonymousAuthor for some great stories and of course, the continuation of Forward into the darkness series.



4 days ago. Fri 14 Dec 2018 07:04:37 AM IST


As the warmth grows between her thighs he continues on


“Well, have you thought more about your limits and that you would like to try or not try since we last met?”


She had somewhat, but her thoughts had been more consumed by him than anything else

“Yes, I want to try the toys like the flogger, the crop and paddle I want to try……”

She hesitates for a moment, feeling awkward about telling him

She looks down and grasps her glass taking a large sip of the dark nectar


“It's OK, don't feel embarrassed about your needs! You have to remember I am not a normal vanilla guy, I am here to understand you and what you need as a submissive. I don't judge, I just listen and understand. So please, continue”


She takes a small sharp breath and closes her eyes

Willing herself to push forward

“I want to try restraints and maybe ropes. And I think I would like to try a gag too, but that one I am still unsure about“

She waits and feels a heavy silence all around her, like darkness slowly enveloping her


“Ok good, those are all good things to try at the beginning. Now what about things like oral and anal play and maybe clamps?”


Again, she feels slightly nervous and hearing him speak about such things so effortlessly, like they are everyday common talking points at a dinner table

She pushes forward again

“Yes, I haven't experienced them much, but yes, I would like to try them “


His response this time is quicker

“Ok good“


She hears his seat move back, suddenly she looks up to see him standing


“I will just be a moment, time for the appetizers“

He smiles and walks into the kitchen with purpose


He comes back a few minutes later with a tray and walks to the table


On the small tray there are some small golden brown parcels that look almost like little sacks with strings around the top

She gets a scent of them and they smell sweet


He slowly places 5 of them on her plate and then 5 on his and takes his seat

“These are my own recipe I hope you like them. They should have cooled enough to eat by now, so please, go ahead try them“


As if to show her, he takes one of the small parcels and pops it into his mouth and slowly chews it


Spurred by this, she too takes one

Feeling its warm shell in her fingers and puts into her mouth and bites down on it

Wow the taste is like an explosion,

Sweet, yet slightly spiced, she chews it enthusiastically devouring it in seconds

“Wow these are amazing what's in them?“

She says while picking up yet another and placing it in her mouth


He smiles and says

“It's a secret! It took me a long time to find a balance for the recipe but with patience and time I did “


The way he talked about it, spoke to her about his passion and his character

She had no doubt this man had spent a lot of time on these simple parcels to achieve something so delightful and she has tasted his labors, and she enjoyed them


She eats the last one and is saddened that there was not more of these little devilish parcels

“They are amazing! I have to say I am quite surprised

You seem to have a lot of talents“

She brushes her lips with the napkin

Careful not to smudge her lipstick and stain the white of the cotton with it


“My talents are truly varied and I am sure in time, you will see firsthand just how many I have!“

He gives a devilish grin and slowly takes a sip of his wine


She knows what he is trying to reference

And yet again, thoughts of his lips traveling down her body, the fire he has started between her thighs flows like a river

Again, she curses him for making her want him so

She can't take a whole night of this

The idea of it makes her nervous


How can she possibly hold her darkness at bay with this man drawing on it at every turn?


She slightly grits her teeth and tries hard to push the thought away

“Yes Jordan, I don't doubt that but as you will see, I also am a woman with very diverse talents”

She gives him a returning grin

And sees his eyes narrow slightly at her


Yes! Haha! Take that you Devil!


“Oh I don't doubt that either! In fact, I am hoping to find out just how many talents are wrapped up in that beautiful body of yours“; he says


DAMN, he did it again!

Turned it around so effortlessly

Made her flutter and blush so easily

She looks away not sure what to say


Damn bastard! Why does he have such an effect on her?


Now she can feel the dampness grow in her panties


God, I am so totally screwed!!!!





Hello to you all!
I have stayed in background because I am really shy and am not comfortable writing my own blogs!

So, I wanted to say a few words here 

First, I want to thank Ms Morley for so amazingly posting my stories on her blog here.

I also want to thank you all for your encouragement and kind words
I also want to apologize to all those poor panties that certain people keep going through - 
I am sure you all know who you are ;)

This story has been more about the experience of what it's like to step into this world, the fears, the excitement.... the pleasure

It's not a reflection of a true real life experience, but just an insight into these feelings and moments 

I wanted to write it in a way that every one can relate to or understand. Give people of this lifestyle, old and new, something to inspire and understand just how lucky we are! How wonderful it is to be your true self on your path to finding it and beyond.....

I hope you all continue to read this story and enjoy it
Even if it ruins a few pairs of panties
Thank you all so much 😘😘



4 days ago. Fri 14 Dec 2018 05:08:46 AM IST

Why? Because I say so

Definition? There is no true one

Reasons? I have many

Doubts? I have many

Affirmations? I have many

Doubt me? You have no place

Conclusion? I AM Submissive


Yes, I AM Submissive and damn proud to be one who DOES have a voice!!!!!

5 days ago. Thu 13 Dec 2018 01:10:22 AM IST

Ok so this is a share for those who are like I once was..... anal... The NO go zone....BUT (all pun intended) not anymore....

Ok so, I am an Ass virgin (am I still???) Hmmm?? All I know was I was terrified to try it, but was very curious to as well. So, upon the many conversations that Sir R and I have this was one of them.

Sir R: Kitty, I want you to take a picture of all the toys you have and send to me.
*She blushes*
Me: OK, Sir
*I gather my toys, take a picture and send*
Sir R: *eyebrows raised* Kitty, I see you have an anal plug, but it is still in the package. Why is that, Kitty?
Me: Because I have never done anything like that, Sir.
Sir R: Well Kitty we will have to change that.

*I turn red*

Me: OK Sir.

A couple of weeks pass, and Sir R sends his morning message (I love these)
Sir R: Good Morning Kitty, sleep well?
Me: Yes, Sir. Did you?
Sir R: I did Kitty. Are you on your drive to work?
Me: Yes, Sir, traffic as usual
Sir R: Alone in the car Kitty?

*I get that rush of excitement*

Me: No, Sir, colleague with me.
Sir R: oh I could be devilish Kitty, but I have something else in mind for you today Kitty.
Me: Ooooohhhhhh Sir, very intrigued now.
Sir R: I want you to edge twice at work today Kitty. Understand?

*My head lowers, FUCK, the dreaded edge* but replied

Yes, understood, Sir

Sir R: Good Girl
Me: *Smiles* Thank you, Sir

Heading home... Then a message from the devil himself

Sir R: Good day Kitty? Complete yours tasks?
Me: Yes, Sir (grunts under breath, "Devil")
Sir R: Good Girl. When you get home, message me.

*thinks to self "yeah what for? to edge again? you devil* but replies

Yes, Sir


Me: Home and settled, Sir.
Sir R: Good Girl. Now I want you to get your Anal plug, the anal lube and a cup of hot water. Put the bottle of lube in the water for 10 min to warm it. Check to make sure it is not too hot, then message me
*I think holy FUCK, it's happening* replies

Yes, Sir.

Heart is racing, pounding, I am sure my dog can hear it. I do as instructed, and being a bundle of nerves I pick up my phone, hands shaking

Me: All set Sir
Sir R: Good Girl. Ok Kitty now this is all about the LUBE no such thing as too much... I want you to lube the Plug, then your hole, try one finger in your hole. Breath and relax, you can do this Kitty. I am here.
Me: Yes, Sir.
Sir R. Good Girl. Now, insert the lubed plug slowly Kitty, your ass will naturally grab onto it and pull Kitty, but don't be afraid, it is built to not slip up. Let me know when done Kitty.
Me *tries and oh my, like hungry bum, it goes in* Done, Sir
Sir R: Good Girl. Now tell me how it feels Kitty are you ok?
Me: Yes Sir, I am ok and it feels weird, but still ok, Sir
Sir R: Good Girl. Now wear it for 1/2 an hour Kitty, but if there is any pain, take it out and tell me. Do you understand Kitty?
Me: Yes, Sir (blushing because it feels odd, but good in a way)

30 min later....

Me: made it through, Sir
Sir R: Good Girl. Now, go get your blue vibrator Kitty. Keep the plug in and get your nipple clamps too. Understand Kitty?
Me: *now very excited* YES, Sir, completely understand
SIR R. Good Girl. Now I want you to put on your clamps
Me: Yes, Sir
Sir R: Good Girl. Now pull hard on the chain a few times, feel that sting Kitty?
Me: OH YES, Sir
Sir R: Feel the heat rise Kitty?
Me: Oh yes, YES, Sir.
Sir R: Good Girl. Now get your Vibrator and fuck yourself hard Kitty. Don't hold back, you are allowed to cum Kitty. Cum Hard, Cum for me Kitty
Me *oh my dear God, yes him, the GOD, the one who, holy shit, oh my god, OMFG*:

Sir, holy shit, Sir. OMG yes, you are a GOD, Sir. OOHHHHH MYYYY GODDDDD.
Sir R: *chuckles* Good Girl. See, doesn't it feel great to be filled in both places at once, Kitty?
Me: Yes, Sir, I can't move lol
Sir R. *Chuckles* Good Girl. Ride the wave Kitty.

15 min passes, PURE bliss, flying OH MY.

Sir R: Kitty? You ok?
Me: Oh yes, Sir. NEVER BETTER
Sir R: Good Girl. Now you can take out the plug and take off your clamps and message me when you are all settled. Understand, Kitty?
Me: Yes Sir

Sir R: Now Kitty tell me about your experience, how did you feel, how do you feel now?
Me: I felt damn amazing, Sir. Explosion of an orgasm, like Niagara Falls, feelings I have never felt, senses all over, head to toe, inside and out, OMFG Sir, you ARE God
Sir R: *chuckles* Good Girl. And no, not God Kitty, this is all for you, about you, you did very well Kitty. Now tell me about your day.

Me: *smiles - the after glow* Yes, Sir.

SOoooooooooooo ladies and gents, IF you were anything like me and AFRAID, AGAINST or just down right it's the NO GO ZONE? I ask that you don't dismiss it untill you have tried it.

An AMAZING EXPERIENCE, thanks to my AMAZING Guide *she bows her head to Sir R*

Officially opened the no go zone 😁


1 week ago. Sun 09 Dec 2018 07:44:53 PM IST

He says "Take my hand and I will guide you"

She does

He says "Follow me into the darkness and I will show you the light"

She does

He says "Spread your wings and soar little one"

She tries


She thinks "How can I let my guard down and let them in?"

Her wall goes up

She thinks "Maybe this isn't even who I am?"

Her mind spirals

She thinks "Why would anyone want such an injured pet?"

Her insecurities set in

She thinks "Oh great, I did it again"

She runs, because that's what she does best



She stops, she looks around, there are no monsters chasing her... there is no one hurting her. It's right then that she realizes it is her, her own reflection, she is her own monster, her worst enemy.


So, she takes in a BIG breath, she turns back around, walks slowly, holding her head up high, and says, Yes, yes, this IS who I am, yes this IS what I want and, YES, I WILL soar!



1 week ago. Sun 09 Dec 2018 01:18:55 AM IST

Ok, so this may be a long post, so I apologize in advance.


So, my Ex called me on Thursday, his father is in the hospital and has to get a major operation on Friday morning, which he may not survive. Being the kind person I am, I ask where he is staying and offer that he can stay with me. 


We talk, he says the typical "you look so good, you seem different, happy, there's something glowing about you etc." I chuckle to myself, with a devious smile and think of Sir R. πŸ˜‰


Anyway, a little history about my Ex and I. He was the love of my life. I met him when I was 16 he was 20 and he was ohhhh so strong, dominant, secure and confident. However, the age gap back then was just to trying on our relationship, so he ended it (left me a heart broken 17 year old πŸ˜”)


Move ahead many, many, many moons later, he contacted me. We caught up about life, and there was still this very obvious "connection" between us. So we start dating. But, I remember our first in person date, I was as giddy as that 16 year old, so nervous and beside myself. Anyway, we meet for dinner and drinks. He is still very good looking, but when he stood to greet me, I thought, oh my, he seemed sooooo much taller back then (naivety of a teenage girl). Anyway, we hit it off fantastically!


So, why is he my Ex? Well, that is as ironic as my story/journey gets. That man, the one who was soooooooooooo strong, so dominant, was NOT that man that I had built up in my teenage brain. That man is the very reason why I have entered into this lifestyle. Because he always wanted me to Domme him, I mean REALLY Domme him, not just kinky sex. I HATED it, but did it because I loved him, but then began to hate him, resent him. Because I knew this was NOT my calling, it was the other way around.


So, I ended it on good terms, we are still friends, as mentioned above. But we keep our personal lives to ourselves, well until the other night that is. I opened up about my side, the true submissive in me, I shared my journey with him and gloated about Sir R. (Not in an in your face gloat though)


Anyway, his Father's operation was a success. He was elated, as was I. He started to say, "so I think I should come back tomorrow night and me give you a real "in person" play session, I will be the Dom you want yadda yadda yadda".


I jumped the gun and said YES!!!! Thinking Whoo Hooot an in person play session with someone I trust and love? I am in!!


But wait, what is this gut of mine telling me?


So, if I know anything, I know this, once you start to question something, you already know it is a wrong decision.


So, I reached out for some advice (thank you!) And then had to text him that it wasn't a good idea.


What really gets me is, HOW do they get in our head? Why do we allow them to? He even had me thinking that I should walk away from Sir R, which I kind of did.... πŸ˜”


Oh when will the lessons ever end????


Over is over is over....As is this post!