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3 months ago. March 5, 2023 at 6:52 PM

It's been a hot minute since I wrote last. My Sir and I have been busy with each other and focusing on O/our dynamic and moving more into full Power Exchange. 

For those of you who have an LDR (dynamic), you know how difficult it can be when you often can't spend in-person time together. It's especially difficult when aiming for full power exchange. However, my Sir is always finding ways to implement structure, routine, rules and accountability (both for Him and I). W/we have discovered an amazing app that W/we are really enjoying and it is helping to bridge the gap of long distance and my Sir really likes how He controls the rules, tasks, rewards and punishments. I am able to put in tasks, but that's it. He seems quite pleased with the app and me, especially with how I am responding to my rules, tasks etc. (every submissive knows the BEST feeling in the world is pleasing our Dominants). 

Anyway, one of my "special tasks" was to do a self tie Chest Harness and wear it while I was out and about during the weekend, sending verification pictures/videos to my Sir. Well, there was a big storm coming on Friday night and they said it was going to be the worst of the season, which meant it was going to be a whopper. So, my Sir always making sure His girl is safe in all ways, He removed the task, because He didn't want His girl out and about in that storm. Luckily, it was just through Friday night, although we got 35+ cm of snow. ❄️ ⛄️. Saturday was a beautiful sunny day, so I messaged my Sir to ask if He would put back the task. He immediately called me to discuss in length that my safety is the most important, and I had to show Him the streets were safe to travel on. Once my Sir was convinced it was safe to travel, He issued back my task (YAY). ☺️

I did the tie and showed my Sir (I used Jute rope because I love the "scratchy" feel). He was very pleased (again YAY), especially how I safely tied and it was not too tight. I got dressed and then sent Him more pictures. He noticed (of course because He is always soooooo perceptive) that the V neck of the rope was visible. We then had the conversation of how I was to respond if asked by anyone about it, and then to inform Sir.  

So, I left the house and went about doing my errands, feeling the entire time my Harness. It was an amazing feeling and I felt extremely connected to my Sir. While checking in with Him, He noted the same, the connection He felt. It was like we were together in-person. I had stopped for lunch and while waiting for my food, my server asked me about the visible part of the rope. I explained to her as my Sir instructed me to do so... 

"My BF and I have a LDR and He is ALWAYS coming up with ways and things to bring us closer together when we're apart. This is one of them. I wear this feeling Him close to me, reminding me He is always with me, regardless if in-person or not".

She seemed to be quite curious to know more, but my Sir instructed me to not divulge any more information, so of course I didn't. I did see her look over at me a few more times, like her wheels were spinning. Then a guy at the bar called her over and i heard him ask her what my rope was. She said "it's something very special and deep between her and her guy". She definitely got it and now I wonder if when she went home she looked up "rope ties"? lol.

The rest of the day I felt my Sir with me, wrapped around me, and the feeling of that closeness was absolutely amazing. ❤️

My Sir tasked me to share this experience with you all and I hope some of you found it informational. And if you too are in a LDR and find struggles of how to stay connected on a deep level? I highly recommend giving or talking about tasks such as this one with each other and implement them into your dynamic. 

As always, PLAY SAFE and stay Kinky 😈❤️😈



4 months ago. January 31, 2023 at 1:17 AM

I would NOT punch it... well, maybe i would throat punch it, or drop kick it, or give it a good gut punch.... 


Because... Mondays do, on a statistical measure, SUCK! (and not in the good amazing way 😉)


Anyway... my Sir knows how much I HATE Mondays...


So, I'm looking forward to Taco Tuesday 🤣😉...



(But... and it should be a "butt")




So, here's hoping your Monday was marvelous, your Taco Tuesday was/is Tasty, and that your Wednesday is/will be wonderful and wet in the good way!!!

5 months ago. January 2, 2023 at 11:28 PM

I believe many join me in kissing (or kicking) 2022 goodbye, joyfully. For me, there were great times (some not so much), but in the end, 2022 turned out to be an AMAZING year for me! 


Where it turned for the BEST (and continued to be) was a couple of weeks before my Birthday (mid October). Usually I don't really like or enjoy my Birthday, however this one was particularly great, for many reasons, but one in particular. It was the beginning of a renewed love ❤️.

3 has always been my favourite number, followed by my lucky number 9 (3x3 thing LOL). When I first joined the Cage my handle was Morley39, but I took away the 39 as many thought that was my age LOL. Anyway, back to the number 3. There's also the saying: Third time's the charm. And WOW, does that ring true for U/us. 

W/we have always kept in touch, very close friends, however there seemed to be a shift, something more in October. W/we talked in depth daily, for weeks, opened our hearts and souls to each other. It was the beginning of something more beautiful than I ever imagined. W/we discussed our failures from the past and realized how W/we grew and learned from them. He, my amazing Sir, then asked me to be His, again. ❤️ It's been over 2 months since that day, and every single day since? I am happier and more complete than I have ever been in my life. W/we did not, nor do, fixate on the past - that's what it is.... the past. W/we focus on the here and now, today, every day!

I could literally go on and on and on, because like I said, I am happier than I have ever been. However, it's important to note that not every day is perfect, nor am I (or He) is happy every minute of each day, but I am for the majority. I wake up every morning blessed, being His and give my gratitude to Him as such. I go to bed each night the same. I mean how can I not be so thankful? As I wrote in my last blog, my Sir loves to spoil me and He does in soooo many ways (thank You, Sir). Most importantly He gives me a safe space where I can be completely open and transparent with ANY problems, issues, dreams and hopes etc. He listens, intently, and THAT fills my heart and soul like nothing (or anyone) ever has.♥️

For Christmas I received four gifts (separately) from Him. 1st a BEAUTIFUL charm necklace engraved that I can put on whenever, reminding me I'm His (this is NOT a day collar, He is waiting for when we're in person next ♥️). 2nd was an engraved mug which is so perfect because my Sir knows I love my morning green tea, and when we talk during that time, it's even more special now. ♥️ 3rd was a variety of Bath Bombs with specific scents as my Sir knows how I love to take baths (He now usually decides what scent I use 😉) and the 4th and most special and significant was a play collar - my new avatar! ♥️

My Reflection of 2022 has a glimmer of Hope in my eyes. My Revelation of 2022 is that sometimes it really is Third time's the charm. And my Reverence is to my Sir, my amazing Dom, always and forever!

I am soooo looking forward to 2023 (my number 3 is in it 😉). 

Thank You, Sir, for ALL that You are, which is EVERYTHING to me! ♥️💋♥️


Wishing You ALL a

VERY Happy New Year!

May LOVE surround you

(that includes self love)

May PEACE lay upon you

(that includes giving time for yourself)


May JOY fill your soul

(that includes doing little things you enjoy just for YOU)




5 months ago. December 20, 2022 at 10:10 PM

My Sir always guides and encourages me to be the best version of myself and that's simple most times, because I am a reflection of Him ❤. Now, when it comes to patience I usually am a very patient person, however, when I am "wanting" something? That patience becomes almost non existent! 😕

Not only does my Sir help and guide me, He also likes to SPOIL me - yes, I am a very lucky girl and Chritsmas time is NO exception. It seems Sir has bought me MANY presents, which He told me would be coming THIS week (and the struggle with "patience" sets in lol). But, last weekend I received TWO different packages, with NO indication they were from Sir (I have some amazing friends that send me gifts too, one of which I received from my amazing BBS (Alawey) on US Thanksgiving - how appropriate - 💘). Anyway, I opened these two packages and immediately thought "OH OH! 😯", so I instantly messaged Sir to tell Him. The moment He had some free time at work, He called me. Now, my Sir may be "sterne", but He is very fair and understanding as well, so He was not upset or disappointed (whew)! And apparently those two gifts were of FOUR that Sir bought me and said TWO more would be coming (out of my seat in excitement now).


Of course Sir sees His opportunity to help me with my patience (or just be the Devil He likes to be 😉) and says "When You receive any more packages, I want you to take a picture and call me with the size of them." 

So, on Sunday ONE arrived - I did as I was told and Sir said "You will wrap it and put it under your tree until Christmas". I replied: " A WHOLE WEEK???? I have to WAIT A WHOLE WEEK, Sir????" He of course laughed and said: You have to work on your patience My girl". I pouted, but of course said "Yes, Sir" and wrapped the present. Then last night when I got home the other arrived! GEEZ, couldn't they have come LATER IN THE WEEK???? So, I messaged Sir and said I would wrap that one too and put it under the tree until Christmas! SIX DAYS of looking at these "double wrapped" presents IS KILLING ME! This picture perfectly depicts how I feel...

(Patience is a virtue)


For those of you who celebrate... I wish you a Very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 


For those of you who do not celebrate.... I wish you love, peace and kindness

5 months ago. December 14, 2022 at 5:28 PM

It is my belief that every good relationship/dynamic should have priorities set in place: Self first, Loved ones, Work and then Dynamic. My Sir is very good at making sure I keep to these priorities, in that order. When it comes to my work, He also makes sure I keep to a healthy work/play balance (sometimes He needs to tell me to stop working or that I am pushing myself too hard).


Anyway, apparently my CEO feels the same. We have a monthly Team Building Workshop which is usually so boring and I feel it's a waste of time. However, yesterday that was not the case. The theme for yesterday's workshop was Play HARD. Yep, that was EXACTLY the title and I could not stop giggling.

When the instructor would say, "play a video game" or something specific, I could keep my composure. But he didn't use specifics much. It was more like:


"You need to play more often"
"You should play HARDER"
"Block time in your calendar for Play"

I mean geez! And as mentioned, I could not stop giggling, tears were running down my face, and as I looked around the room, there was not ONE person who had the "gleam" in their eyes to give away that maybe they're in the lifestyle too (they don't know what they're missing). One of my colleagues and I are very close friends, she is aware of my lifestyle, and as i giggled, she kept saying "stop it". I couldn't, nor could I wait for Sir to call so I could tell Him my new Play Time rules from work. Sir laughed, but He does take job performance very seriously 😉, so when He sees I've scheduled Play Time in O/our calendar, I can just say: It's work rules, Sir. 😂



Remember, it's healthy to Play Hard and to Play Often, but always play safe (and be sure to get your D's permission, or get your employer to implement Play Time rules 😉😈😂)


6 months ago. December 4, 2022 at 2:42 AM

To lay with You

under starry skies


lay in a candle lit room, illuminating the same

The beauty of that doesn't even compare for the LOVE I have for You!


I also love a nice wine, mmmm, like a good aged Chianti!

Yet not even that, could ever warm my soul...

like You do!


You shine brighter than any star upon me (which means I shine brighter too)


 You're more perfect than any wine could ever be.


You're my GREATEST Love,

A LOVE like no other


You're my Star, my Wine, my Love...

Always and Forever



7 months ago. October 10, 2022 at 7:35 PM

It's Canadian Thanksgiving Day. 


I'm a fall/autumn baby and so this is my favourite time of the year!


I have much to be thankful for. 


I will share with you all the view I had today...





All pictures taken today, Monday, October 10/22 on my phone 


Happy Thanksgiving my Canadian friends...


❤️   🇨🇦  🦃  🇨🇦  ❤️

9 months ago. August 13, 2022 at 2:12 AM

I have shared this with many on this site when they were going through a tough time. 


I share this now, with you ALL in hopes it may help you, too!






11 months ago. July 2, 2022 at 6:18 PM

One thing I absolutely LOVE is people watching. It's something I missed terribly during the pandemic... going to a patio, pub, coffee shop and just sitting, watching (listening) to other patrons. I tend to be that person that everyone talks to and I love gauging people to see if they're "kinky" too! 


Today, I stopped at one of my favourite pubs to grab lunch. I ordered wings and a side of assorted steamed veggies. When my order came, a gentleman (40 ish and quite handsome) sitting at the bar turned and said to me "Oh look at you getting your veggies, what a "Good Girl". Well, of course I smiled (like a Cheshire Cat - although I'm NOT a kitten 😉) and replied "Oh you have NO idea how much of a good girl I am" (this is the sort of thing I love to do to "gauge" people). 


His reply? "Oh? But being too good of a girl is boring"


MY REPLY? "Only my Daddy decides that" (with a wicked grin 😈).


Shock factor!


I LOVE the look on their faces and leaving them wondering if they heard correctly or what exactly did I mean. And 99% of the time they never ask or converse more - what a shame! 😂


(I DID eat ALL my veggies like a good girl though 😉😜)

11 months ago. July 2, 2022 at 12:47 AM


"I will fuck your mind.

I will fuck your body.

I will fuck the past right out of you.

I will fuck you a new future.

I will fuck you back to your virginity.

I will make you feel both violated and adored.

Then, I will do it



 And fuck you into a new kind of love."


-C.R. Andrews