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4 hours ago. Mon 17 Jun 2019 11:27:17 PM IDT

Celebration...Not only for our Raptors... (Canada's first National win in 26 years) but for a VERY good friend, a Bestest friend that I am so Thankful for....



Mr. Phanes



I truly hope your day was as wonderful as you and that your day today, will turn into many, MANY, Happy tomorrow's.. you deserve nothing less!! Happy Birthday my friend!


Although the view I had from my office today (Raptor Celebration and Parade below) we can just think it was a celebration for YOU!!! ❤️❤️❤️


So to the Raptors and Canada, we the True North a Congrats... To my Mr. Phanes... Happy Birthday my friend!!!


Morley, in celebration


20 hours ago. Mon 17 Jun 2019 07:18:19 AM IDT



1 day ago. Sun 16 Jun 2019 04:07:58 AM IDT

A way back.. I asked my Daddy about "Rope" because I know he's a Rigger and it was calling to me (thought was a limit). And these are the reasons why HE is my Daddy, some ask? Well it's because of this... He walked me through loops, easy, then a little harder.. Me being the "I have to perfect this" went on to look at videos and wanted to perfect the "Mermaid" because I had to, it's just me....


This was my progression..



I did that and he was beyond happy!! Not sure if I even perfected it, but he said I was close..


Then... All on my own...

The Mermaid!

Yup..not even close to perfection, but Daddy was AMAZED... That's all that evér matters to me, because He is my One!!


Morley, in the Rope ❤️💋❤️

2 days ago. Sat 15 Jun 2019 07:15:13 PM IDT

Sometimes life takes us by surprise, sometimes it's for the better and sometimes it's for the worse. Either way, there is always something to be learned.


I have learned that I love no other like I love him, my Daddy who protects me, my Master who owns me, my Love who adores and cherishes me (even though I frustrate the hell out of him sometimes)


He is the One, because....


He has shown me in countless ways what it is I need, which is Him....


And with Him coming into my life, I have realized......


So, today, and every day forward, I give myself to him, I chose Him as He chose me. I will love him always, especially through the hard times, because that's when you know you have something profound. Good and Great times are easy... It's through the tough times when you know if it's forever.


To you my Daddy, my Master, my Love, my ONE.... It's You I want, but above that? It's You I Need....Always and forever!


Your Morley


3 days ago. Fri 14 Jun 2019 10:52:07 PM IDT


oh and these.... I NEED these too!

Yep, those are NEEDS..... 


Morley, in the need


4 days ago. Thu 13 Jun 2019 09:43:35 PM IDT

Although I have not read the Gor Series, I have been studying the Slave Positions as of late and find I am very drawn to them.


Today, I speak of the:

Sula (position); a slave (kajira) lays her back, her hands at her sides, palms either in or upward, her legs widely spread, to await her Master's pleasure.


Also, the slave (kajira) can lift and bend one knee (instead of parting her legs) as below

Open fingers indicate spread limbs (“open” position), closed fingers indicate crossed limbs (“binding” position). 


Sula Ki (position); This position is almost identical to the Sula position, except that once the slave (kajira) has assumed the Sula position she slowly lifts her hips up off the floor, as if beckoning the master with her body, encouraging her sexual use by him. 

Although the name "Sula ki" is not in the books, the described position is, and is referred to an "alternative Sula" (in this position, the slaves knees are bent, with feet pressed to the ground and her bottom lifted off the floor).


Both the Sula and Sula Ki positions speak to me in a very sexual manner. To me, it is like presenting openly to the Master, gesturing to be both taken fully for his pleasure, and also possibly to be bound.


The Sula Ki, is my favourite.


Morley, in the Sula Ki


4 days ago. Thu 13 Jun 2019 04:26:10 AM IDT

I started to write a huge long, in depth blog about a past Ex, who contacted me today, to see if he could come by for coffee.... Well apparently, I wasn't "meant" to post it.  Because after my heartfelt, detailed, moving words... POOF it all disappeared...


WHAT, WTF,. back button, hit, hit, everything,  hit it all, to retrieve what I had spilled my heart out with... But it was gone! GONE! And it made me think... Maybe it wasn't meant to be spilled here??


So maybe, what I was meant to do, was to write only that end of my "disappearing blog"  which was:


My "chains" of the past are broken... I am only now and forever "shackled" by Him, my One, my Love, my Daddy, my Only True Owner, my Master!

I love you my Max!



Your Morley, always 


5 days ago. Wed 12 Jun 2019 05:57:01 PM IDT




1 week ago. Tue 11 Jun 2019 02:17:56 AM IDT

There are many different submissive/ slave "poses", but today I wanted to touch on the Nadu position. This comes from the Gorean Lifestyle, the Slave (also known as the Kajira) assumes this position when ordered from her Master.


The Gorean Lifestyle is based on the fiction books called Gor (written by John Norman). It is generally more of a Master/slave dynamic and the slave(s) are taught specific commands, how they dress, who they can an cannot be with (sharing is very common in Gorean Lifestyle); as well as the "slave positions" in which they must assume when said by their Master. Gor relationships are on the extreme end of service and obedience, and their lifestyles preach the need for the slave to be limitless and the Master to be entirely Dominant.


Although the lifestyle itself does not speak to or resonate with me (I am a brat after all),  but the positions or poses speak to me very much.


Today, it's: Nadu; at this command, a slavegirl will kneel back on her heels, with her knees spread wide, back straight, hands on thighs, head up, eyes lowered; (ie: to assume the position of a Pleasure Slave). NOTE: The common Nadu position in the Gorean lifestyle is PALMS DOWN although referenced also in the book with PALMS UP (two different meanings)

Palms Down


This picture (so beautiful) shows in the mirror how she is resting on her heels. shoulders back, head up and eyes focused downward. And her palms down, now aside from the aesthetic aspects of the matter, some believe by the hands being palms down signifies the sweet loveliness of the woman’s hands, her small wrists, seeming to almost be asking to be bound, and such, it facilitates a common begging gesture, one which is beautiful and subtle. 

Palms up

Now this picture, equally as beautiful as the other, shows the palms up. Some believe that when the slave does this, it is her way of signaling need, helplessness, a desire to please.


So palms up or down (I prefer up), why does this pose speak to me so much? I sat in it for quite some time today, with my Master in my thoughts. I felt centered and calm. I feel the position (pose) is perfectly in balance of how I feel submission is and how I would present my submission to my Master. Like a "Here I am, Yours, all Yours, to inspect, probe and toy with as you please, Master"


It is a beautiful pose, one in which I am honoured to do for him, my Master


Morley, in the Nadu


1 week ago. Mon 10 Jun 2019 04:07:24 AM IDT

So I sit here tonight after what seems like a whirl wind of a week, a rollercoaster week would be an HUGE understatement... It was a full blown Tsunami, Category 5 Hurricane, F5 Tornado and an Earthquake 10 on the Richter scale.... An exaggeration? Yes, definitely, but very much felt like it.


My "life" seemed to crash and crash hard at many times this week: worry for my pup (Mistress Halle), worry for others, my job, worries of me. Insecurities and demons within took me hard and triggers going off like that of a mine field. 


So what a week (is that all it's been?) Because it certainly feels like a lifetime, and I feel in a way it has been... Hence the Blog Title "a Rebirth"


I have been through a journey, as most do, trying to find my way, stumbling, falling flat on my face and fucking up LARGE, getting hurt and also hurting others. It's been a journey of learning, accepting, making mistakes and trying new things. It's scary as fuck... And amazing too, it's heartbreaking, but also exhilarating (see full blown storms).


So tonight, as I recollect my Journey, I am so very thankful for the friends I have met along the way, the experiences I have gone through (some great, some horrible and some, well just mediocre - such is life though).


So from me, (the unveiled) Morley; raw, open, no longer running, always honest, truthful, and loving... I thank you ALL that have been part of my journey. I also apologize if I hurt any of you while going through my Journey. I always say, I am the most caring, loving, honest and genuine (even as a chameleon) person you'll ever meet. But, I fuck up, I am human and do not have half the answers let alone all of them. But what I can say is, if I did hurt you, it was never intentional, however, I can understand why some hurt, and believe me, my heart hurts for you too!


So, back to this week, I had some great breakthroughs, which were hard, actually devastating in the moment...and the aftermath of any "storm" is the telling... So much to clean up and so much to fix and "rebuild". The beauty in the ugliness of the aftermath, is coming together, and ending up stronger. There are two very important people in my life and I love them with all I am.


Yesterday, I was asked "Why him (my Max) ? Without needing to think I immediately replied "I had no choice in the matter. He was the piece of my puzzle that was always missing. He completes me and my soul is whole... completely whole". That's the truth.


So, I look forward to my tomorrow's now, even as scary as hell they may be... I know I have the support and love with guidance and patience of some absolutely wonderful people, one in particular, my Daddy, my Max, my Friend, my Owner, my Love.


So, will end with this: with ALL my heart I wish you ALL the best and remember, we all go through tough times, we get hurt, we hurt others, but it's what we take away from it and how we go and move forward with that knowledge.


Much love, peace and strength to you all!


Morley, the rebirth