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Nomada Picante

Weird stories from a freaky nomad
1 year ago. March 29, 2021 at 7:35 PM

I've always been a bit of a freak with a high sex drive, but the stress of transitioning into a new nomadic lifestyle has made me feel much more subdued. I love denial as a fetish, and purposefully denying myself an orgasm is one of my favorite games. This time, instead of conscious torment and denial, I hadn't cum for weeks without even realizing it. Until things started calming down a bit in life, and stirring up my usual desires. The problem is timing, the main one being I'm helping my brother move. Before you mind goes that way, this isn't one of those stories - it just means I have to wait until he goes to work to have any free time. Living with your sibling is tough, living in a school bus with someone who drives you up the walls is a bit maddening to say the least.

The nomadic lifestyle is a wet dream for anyone who enjoys the fear and humiliation of public play. It's never my intention to be caught or seen, the thought of it terrifies me, thought I'm not always as careful as I should be in my desperate daze of hormones. One morning I woke up in such a mood and decided the bathroom of the rest stop would be a safer bet than in the bus where my brother still slept. In a long row of stalls, all empty, I chose one of the furthest from the door in the hopes it would make me feel a bit safer and better hidden. Until, of course, someone came in and chose the stall directly next to me. 

Have you ever seen your cat sitting in the window and think "oh god, what side of the window is the cat on?" It's a horrifying feeling under normal circumstances, but when you're on the edge of an orgasm in the middle of a parking lot it turns into a mini heart attack. I haven't jumped up that fast since I was in high school still hiding from my parents. 

I have a few days to get myself into trouble coming up, hopefully I'll have some updates.

I'm always up for any suggestions, ideas, or just a chat

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