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A little blog, about some of my experiences and questions I guess. It's a nice ice breaker, and way for people to get to know me before we talk. :3
3 months ago. Tue 13 Aug 2019 04:22:30 PM IDT

So the last time I was here my life was kinda spiraling downward, College sucked, my dormates didn't like me, and my job was becoming unbearable.

Well im back to give you an update on what happend, again I hope I don't ramble too much...


So first thing, Im taking a break from college. It was way too stressful, and I should of listened to my dad honestly. Trying to go to college right after Highschool was the worse mistake I could of made, I wasn't prepared and in the end I almost drove myself insane!

Ill maybe try to resume my studies, in 2020. And that is a strong maybe, im not sure if i want to put myself through that hell again...


Next, my job. I quit it, it certainly was not worth the 10.00$ I was making an hour. I was sexually harassed while i was there, my manager didn't want to pay me. And I knew deep down, I could've done better.

So I did, i went and got a job at a hospital as a receptionist! And I love it, everyone here is so nice and gentle. My manager is awesome and super understanding, and my hours and pay are better than before.


Now im back home with my aunt, and my life is going so much better. Im building some of the relationships I lost while everything was going on, and im learning to forgive some people who hurt me...

But im glad to be back, I kinda missed this community. Thanks for reading!


10 months ago. Tue 22 Jan 2019 09:28:45 PM IST

I've talked to my professor, and he agreed to let me work on my own!


Only because there is no one else who can work with me, but that perfectly fine! (I don't mind working alone)


I still have to go to work today, but I can bare it just a little longer. 


And my roommate being so supportive, which is awesome cause she said she'll make some cookies for me! (She bakes really well, so I'm excited)


An the professor that has an issue with me, I'm going to try and work it out with him. But if not I'll just take the issue to someone higher, and we'll solve it that way.


Thank you, for all your support it means a whole lot to me. Just hearing your suggestions and advice, made this whole process a lot better. 💕

10 months ago. Tue 22 Jan 2019 04:07:21 PM IST

So for anyone who is in college right now, or maybe graduated I wanna give you a round of applause! 👏


How did you do it!?


Im only in my second semester, and I'm ready to drop out. 😭


My professor is a jerk, and it doesn't help that I rejected his son... (I mean he just wasn't my type)


My partner has no work ethic, so she doesn't even wanna do the project we were assigned. (It's worth 25% of our grade)


And some girls at my dorm, don't even like me. And broke one of my game controllers, and refuses to replace it! 


Then I have to find a new job, because my manager keeps trying to underpay me!


I'm ready to go home, the only good thing that happened was my neice came to see me. (She's such a sweetheart ❤️)

11 months ago. Tue 25 Dec 2018 02:53:22 AM IST

I'm Soo bored, I'm home for the holidays!


But my family is boring, so if anyone has some time I'll be online for about two hours.


Anyone wanna talk about anything?


(Oh and if you need a few topics, Ill help you out :D )


• Anime



•Any Past Experience

•Favorite Things




Look forward to talking with someone soon! :)



1 year ago. Thu 29 Nov 2018 10:02:36 PM IST

So far I grown to like some of the community around here, everyone is so calm and friendly.


No one has started to creep on me yet, so that's a plus!


Everyone I've talked to so far has respected me and my boundaries, and has even offered helpful tips on how to keep me safe on here.


So I think I'm gonna stick around longer, than I thought I was going to.


I can't wait to meet more of you, I hope we get along! :D



1 year ago. Thu 29 Nov 2018 09:05:39 PM IST

So uh, hi I'm Night but you can call me Eve as well. Since this is my first post, I'll give you a little bit about myself.


Favorite color?: This is going to sound basic, but black.


Favorite food?: Mac and cheese


Favorite thing to do?: Draw


What are my hobbies?: Drawing, baking, reading and writing.


Have any pets?: Yup, one black cat his name is Ciel. :D

Favorite games?: Kingdom hearts, sandbox games, and Nintendo games.


Favorite YouTuber?: Markiplier, and cryotic.


Any social media?: Yup, Instagram, faceFace, Twitter and Tumblr. (Message me and I'll give you the account name.)


Alright that's everything so far, if you wanna know more come talk to me. I'm waiting ;3