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6 days ago. May 23, 2020, 6:50 AM

After a long day to come home to you is such a relief. The moment I walk in you know something isnt right before the door even closes I can even feel your worry as your arms ingulf me. You pull me close kissing the top of my head and just cradle me close as I cling to you wordlessly. You softly kiss my head and rub my back as my worries melt away in your embrace. Slowly you pull away and look down on me, "What's wrong?" Your voice so gentle all I can do is hide my face in your chest.

"Its just been such a horrible day, can you please hold me?" 

Smiling you lead me to the couch were we curl up. Carefully you place an arm under my head securing me in place as the other gently secures itself around my throat. Allowing all my worries and stresses to melt as you hold me tightly to you. I peacefully drift off knowing that nothing will get me for I am safe with you. 

I'm awaken to your hand as it tighten around my throat arousle seeps into my underwear and a moan escapes my lips. My eyes slowly flutter as your grip tightens and your lips meet mine. Smiling down you hold me in place as my hands begin to wonder down your stomach, eager to release you. You smile through our kiss as you slide your hand down my body, into my leggings, under my panties, and deep inside me. 

Gasping my hand grasps you greedily I stroke you, as my body responds to your every touch. Releasing me you stand. "Take them off." Moving quickly I raise and reach for your pants to which you step back smiling, "Yours."  Embarrassed I remove my pants and panties. As you watch me smiling, you point to my chest, happily I remove my shirt and bra laying exposed. You motion me to you, and I follow needing your hands on me, craving you inside me, starving for your touch. 

You embrace me your lips finding mine as you take me to the room and slam me into the wall behind me. Giggling I bite your lip as my nails dig into your back, moaning you pull back and toss me onto the bed. I smile as I eagerly wait for your direction.

Your smile darkens as you climb onto of me. Slowly you trace your finger up one arm, taking my hand you straighten it and  slowly attach the restraint. Carefully you do the same thing to the other arm. 

"Please Daddy," I manage just above a whisper. You know exactly everything I beg for in that simple phrase and I feel you grow hard against me. "Please!" I whine before I can stop myself and your smile darkens. 

"Tisk tisk, you know better then to whine little one." My eyes widen as you move and begin to taste me. I whimper and moan under your mouth as my need for you to be in mine explodes with every orgasm. "Please Daddy!!! I'm so sorry! Please!!!" I try to pull myself to at least have my thumb in my mouth. You grip my waist and pull me back to you. 

"Now, now, little one, what's the rule?" as you ask your fingers sink deep inside me and I cum again for you, moaning uncontrollably. "Mmmm I'm sorry little one I couldn't hear you." 

Gasping I focus hard to answer, "No whining or.... or else!" Another wave of an orgasm runs through me.

"Or else what Babygirl? Tell Daddy."

"Or else Daddy gives me an oral time out!" I sink into your touch focused on not whining as I answer. 

"That's correct Babygirl. Nothing. In. Your. Mouth. Til. I. Say. So." with every word your fingers slam deep inside me causing me to squirt and moan while yanking against the restraints. 

Gasping, "Daddy I'm sorry!!! Please inside Daddy?" Closing my eyes I relax my jaw as my tongue falls out of my mouth. His hands stop as I finally can catch my breath trembling under him. Opening my eyes I stare up at him, keeping my mouth wide open. A soft smile spreads across him face as he wipes his mouth and removes his clothes. He slowly moves up my body and positions himself to drive perfectly down my throat. Eagerly I wait as his hand that was just inside me fills my mouth. 

Drooling I greedily suck and lick cleaning myself off of his fingers. With his opposite hand he begins to rub himself against my breasts... then up my neck.... then against my face. In an instant he removes his hand and shoves himself so deep in my throat that I forget how to breath properly and gasp around him. He then slides out of my mouth.

"For someone who was so eager you have already forgotten how to breath. Maybe you dont deserve to have me in your mouth?"

Biting my lip I focus hard on how my tone is to insure he doesnt punish me again. "I'm sorry Daddy, I got excited and I wont forget again. May I please have you back in my throat again?"

Sliding his hand down my cheek he smiles, "That's better. Since you asked properly asked." He slowly slide into my mouth, propping my head to get a better angle he began to fuck my mouth. Slowly at first then fast and deeper. As moans escape us both his hands gripped my hair, driving him deeper and deeper, until he filled the back of my throat slowly he slide himself out of me. 

"Thank you Daddy!" With my throat sore I barely could whisper the words. He smiles down on my as he positions himself to drive inside me. Wide eyed I eagerly start at him holding my legs open for him. Grinning he grabs my hips and flips me to all fours. 

Arching my back I tremble with anticipation as he grabs my hip with one hand as his other grabs a handful of my hair. "Are you ready Babygirl?" Noding against his grip I hold still waiting for him. Without warning he drives deep and fast inside me!!  Moaning and pushing into him needing him as deep inside me as possible. As he slammed into me his hand come crashing down on my ass. Gripping the bed as tight as possible moans explode from us as I cover us in cum. He continues using me and marking my ass with his massive hand prints til he fills me full for the second time. 

Slowly he removes himself from inside me, then kisses his prints on my. He carefully rolls me onto my back, and kisses me softly. "Do you feel better?" the soft concern of his voice brings me back to reality as he carefully releases my hands. 

Smiling up at him, I rub my wrists. "Yes, thank you."

He takes my hands and inspects my wrists, they are red, but fine and he kisses them both. "Let's take a shower, then we can discuss it over dinner?"

I smile up at him excited and nod as he takes my hand and leads me to the shower. 

1 week ago. May 22, 2020, 12:38 AM

So I havent been on here in a while due to life. But I just figured I might as well write this because I'm confused.


I have never been in a vanilla or even none violent relationship and I have found myself in one. I'm happy it's not violent and we have great communication. The sex is good and he always takes care of my needs before his own. But I miss being used, punished, choked, handled, and restrained. 


I dont know how to express this to him as he has not ever been in this type of relationship. Nor have I ever had to explain to someone these needs. Usually I just end up with someone who already has experience and we just go over limits and such. 


He claims he is open to trying new things as I am open about my past relationships. But I dont know how to even bring it up or "use my words" for lack of a better explanation. I feel guilty and selfish for wanting him to do things to me, as he is the sweetest most gentle person I've ever met. But in saying that the aftercare thoughts makes me want it that much more. 


I'm sure if we talked about it he would try it, but what if he doesnt like it? I'm scared of how it could effect our relationship and I try so hard not to mess things up with us because I am happy. He doesnt make me feel insecure, he understands my crazy life, and works with me on my bad mental days. Ugh!!!! 


At least I feel better for finally getting it off my chest. 

11 months ago. Jun 24, 2019, 2:07 AM

I found who I thought was the one, but I ran. He promised me everything I needed, craved, and desired. But when we met, it wasn't what I needed, and then grew distant, and because I prefer everyone to be vocal I panicked and ran. 


Now I have yet to find someone I'm attracted to and that gives me the excitement I need. With my life and schedule it's hard to even find time. 


I just dont even understand myself, these needs, my cravings, and desires.