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the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.
3 months ago. Nov 16, 2020, 4:08 PM

This happened before the challenge was made but it was too good not to share!

There will be more to cum, giggle!

First Master had me strip, once naked I was laid over the bed face down, bottom fully exposed. I was touch everywhere, my neck, my back and once at my bottom he spread my legs and rubbed against my pussy lips to check to see if I was aroused.  He moaned and collected my jucies representing his wet fingers to my lips to taste. I was dripping!

Master loves to lick my cunt until I cum so I was turned on my back, he started with just my clit, flicking and teasing it. It is very sensitive because of masterbating so much in the last few days that it sent shivers through my boby. I was begging to cum in minutes but he said no, that I must wait. I wiggled and squirmed in torment. I thought about you at that moment knowing you would too enjoy that. But what I wasn't expecting was he then took both of my nipples, one in each hand and pinched them while sucking unmercifully on my clit. Again I begged and was told to cum which I did in seconds.

He was not finished with me though because he produced the pink Avenger. I had barely calmed down when he pushed the dildo deep into my dripping pussy. I was told to play with my clit while he fucked my cunt. He was slow and methodical in his fucking. I did as I was told and touched my clit. I warmed to the motion closing my eyes and just getting lost in the movement, tingling, pulsating again my excitement rose. Soon the movement became fast and deeper, I rubbed a bit harder, my excitement raising again. Then you know what the stinker did? He started touching my asshole. Not penetrating but just touching with his other fingers. That did it I was begging again and granted permission to cum.

Master laughed and told me how beautiful I am when I cum and that now it was time to suck his cock and that he was going to drive it deep into my throat! 

This is my favorite because I lay  on my stomach across the bed with my head under his ass as he stands above me. My arms and torso are somewhat extented over the side. My left hand is able to touch his asshole. First he tells me to suck and lick his balls which I do. Then he puts his hard cock in my mouth and before I am ready he rams it very deep. I gag but this is his plan becasue now I have the moisture to libe up his tight hole. I waste no time and have my finger right up his ass as far as it will go. I suck and fuck him knowing I am pleasing him because of his heavy breathing and moans of pleasure. You know what moans do to me. All the time this is going on he is spanking my bottom. He loves to spank me while I suck his cock and he spanks hard so he can see my fair skin turn pink and then red.

But it doesnt end there. Master controls his orgasm and after he is at the brink he growls turn over my slave and now I know he is going to fuck me.

Aw yes, skin on skin, not a dildo but a real cock enters my dripping cunt. I am a bit more calm and just relax and feel as it goes in and then out. Master loves my nipples and again pinches and pulls them as he fucks me. I am told he will fuck me until I cum then he will fill my mouth with his cum but then decides he is enjoying my tight cunt to much and we both came together.

Master 1, slave 3

Morley​(sub female){Karyn} - This was awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing! ❤️
3 months ago
SSG{Consid} - Ohhhh I love cumming together!!!
3 months ago

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