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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
1 month ago. April 28, 2024 at 6:05 AM

To me it is annoying when I see how horrible I used to write,  Bad grammar is a bit more tolerable than using the wrong word and yes there is a difference between Were, Wear, Where, Yours, Your, and You're.  My worst issue has to do with, when to use "is" or "are" or how to string small sentences into longer ones that flow without reusing the same word too many times while in close proximity to said word, being used in prior sentences.  Commas... when to use them, and when not to, or when it just doesn't matter because it would be correct either way.   WRITING HARD! So I found these things to help me out.

Tips:  The app: "Grammarly", is your friend.  The app may not be perfect for your writing style but it will help to teach you how to write better.

Once you have finished writing something, force yourself to read exactly what is on the document before you instead of assuming that the words are there or that you wrote the correct one.

For those who are visual learners, this actually helped me: 



😂  Where was Wierd Al when I was in middle school?!  I probably would have paid closer attention.


Have a great day and Happy writing, ya kinky bloggers!



1 month ago. April 27, 2024 at 10:01 PM

** = Alternate Ending

Mini-Stories by Max 


Confused Confliction:

Narrowing his eyes, temper building as he storms across the room, backing you against the wall for all the intensity of his rage... "What. did. you. do?!" He growls
Your eyes dart left, then right, you don't have have a fuck'n clue what pissed him off. Your heart raced nearly as fast as your mind while you try to put pieces together of what it could be...
He snatches your shoulder and spins you around, pressing your face against the wall with his hand against the back of your skull before pulling your hips back. There is little mercy as his cock fills you up, forcing it's way into your tight little hole.  The intensity builds as time moves way to fucking fast and your mind sizzles to the treatment.  You feel his cum rush inside, it's warmth confirming exactly how you was meant to feel... Barely able to stand, nearly grateful for that hand still holding you fixed to the wall, you hear him whisper in your ear. "If you EVER do that again, I swear to the Gods! You'll get the same damn treatment!" **He then releases you and goes about his day, leaving you to wonder... Wtf did you do?!


Alternate Ending:

Daddy Affirmation:

He then kisses your neck as he withdrawals and turns you around. "Now go clean up and pick out a snack.  You've completed your task and been a good girl today. I just wanted you to know... I noticed.".  He gives you a kiss before continuing on about his day.


He presses your body against the wall with his, pulling your head back to claim your lips in his. "You are the calm in my chaos, a lighthouse in the storm." He wraps his arms, protectively around you in that hug that leaves your body humming in his security, before he continues on about his day.

Sadistic Master:

He then whips you around and intensely kisses your lips, nipping the bottom one just enough to make it bleed. "Good whore." He growls with pleasure, before forcing you to your knees. "Now clean your Master." He commands, thrusting his cock down your throat for a few drawn-out rhythms, holding your head as you gag on the last one. His thumb traces the tear on your cheek as he smiles down at you. "Now fuck off, you know I have shit to do." With a wink and a push, he continues about his day.


The End


Thank you to ^ Squeedoodle ^ for the inspiration of this short story, link to the blog:



1 month ago. April 17, 2024 at 8:51 PM

You're you, looks damn good on you.   Keep doing you until you unlock the you that advances the you that you are.


That's all.












why are you still here?

oh fuck me, you are greedy... Fine: 😘 ... *Swat* (to where ever makes you feel good)


Now go away kid,  ya bother me.




1 month ago. April 16, 2024 at 9:06 AM

Life is a lot about learning and I hope I'm not the only one out there that looks at something... 🤔 Ponders and then start thinking of something a bit kinky.  Thank you to Apkrodite for the fun challenge of self-degradation and sharing "learning experiences.". Grab some popcorn and a drink.  Sit back and enjoy!  (Link to the challenge: )


Food Play Kink

When I'd first gotten married, I'd taken the wife back to our newly purchased home and we did those things that newlyweds do.  There she was, in the kitchen fixing up supper and me being me, I found it quite sexy watching her prep food.  Slipping up behind her, one thing leads to the next and there we are on the kitchen floor having a good ole romp with the pudding bowl next to us, smearing it here and there, using it for lube, licking it off one another right up to the explosive moments... It was rather fantastic and the first time I'd used pudding... and like, why waste a whole big mixing bowl of perfectly good pudding, right?  Removing the glops off her body, with every intention of consuming it later, we put it back in the bowl and tossed it into the fridge without another thought.  The Ex could cook... like, top tier, invite the family and friends over just so ya can brag on how great of a woman ya have type of cooking! 
The next day, we're interrupted in good morning escapades by a knock on the door... Nothing like family to fuck up a good day!  My mom and dad have come over to visit us.  The Ex was a perfect lil hoist back then and immediately went to fixing up some breakfast for everybody while I'm talking to mom in the living room.  I'm in the middle of making mom laugh when I hear my dad complimenting the ex on her cooking, I turn to look and here he is with the fucking PUDDING BOWL!  He goes on telling her how she even makes pudding taste better than normal... I'm sitting there trying not to laugh my ass off as I watch my dad, eat my wife's sweat, and my cum mixed into the very dish from last night.  Let's just say it was the most awkward breakfast hour I've ever had... 


FFW several years after the separation.


I was out grocery shopping with a wild thing that had massive Masochist tendencies, perhaps a slight bit unstable... or a lot, with jealousy issues that teetered on a knife blade.  Here we are picking up a few things and entertaining the notion of what size of gourd would be too much for her to handle when she picks up a pack of fresh Jalapeno.  I perk a brow like "Um.. do wha?" and she nods with that look in her eyes that I'm all too aware of, so we toss them into the cart.  Finish up shopping and head back to the house.  Now mind you, this is all very experimental for me and I can't help but be turned on and thrilled at the concept of trying something new and adventurous. So there we are, I have her bent over the table and we insert the largest of the pack, up her kitty, and start using it like a dildo.  After a few minutes of nothing happening, we were both a bit perplexed... I mean, this should have been rather spicy so wtf?!  Disappointed and my imagination running at a thousand miles a minute I started thinking things through and it dawned on me that the spice was inside, not in the husk.  Pulling out a kitchen knife, I made a few slits through the husk and popped it back up into her kitty but this time she started moaning, groaning and bucking and I thought why the hell not!  Up inside I went with it.  O  M  F  G!!  The sensation was freak'n fantastic!  Spice stung through us both and I must say it was the quickest achievement we'd ever had, leaving a puddle on the floor that made me want to shout for clean up on aisle five!... um... interesting side effect.  She swelled up so tight I couldn't have put my pinky back inside her with a vat of lube especially once the jalapeno collapsed and broke open... and gentlemen just some FYI, it's massively difficult to take a piss when the hole of your cock is sealed so tight that ya piss out glass at fire hose pressure... Oh.. and the burning doesn't stop just because ya finished. 😯  I'll leave it with Milk is your friend... wish I had thought of that sooner.😂😂


Have a wonderful day.





2 months ago. April 14, 2024 at 2:20 PM

G'morning y'all... 

Sometimes you sit down and get into a video game with a bottle of Jack too close at hand... You don't realize that ya may have had one too many until the next day when ya wake up...


Hope y'all have a fantastic morning!





2 months ago. April 10, 2024 at 12:32 PM

Come... Sit with me for a while and let us commune with one another.

*Strikes a match as he sits back into his giant mushroom chair, and lights his cigar... softly blowing the smoke into the air.*

Though this beginning reads as a story, it is critical for the reader to be able to see as I do.  My life is an illusion, partly delusion, and full of imaginary reality.  For I live in my mind and my body is only the response of the thoughts therein.  I do not see things in a single spectrum, I see the tree as well as the forest, the passing of time wherein it will grow, seed, and rot.  I see it before it was a tree and imagine all the hardships it has endured as well as the joys it has been part of.   I ponder how many lives it has partaken in... whether by holding up the nest wherein life sprung from another or by feasting on their corpse.  I hear the echoes of the Fey, blending into the drone of busy-ness that this life is consumed with.  I see that which is not of the physical realm, just as clearly as those whom I can reach out and touch.  I see the auras of darkness and light, that our minds wrap us in and our spirits stir to balance.  Over time, that balance has become swayed to the brink of toppling and it is rather disheartening to watch the devastation that creeps in slowly, one generation to the next as it would seem that mankind has lost its greatest tool... the ability to critically think for one's self.  The masses are easily swayed, mentally unstable and thus they are guided blindly by those who seek to walk them into the chopping blocks while they rejoice in their own destruction... like bleating sheep or Mooing cattle.  This world would have you only focus upon the tree... that being yourself, or the forest... that being every distraction around you.  It is only that though, a distraction, like wind rustling the upper branches as it whips through the forest.  It is neither good nor bad yet both good and bad.  The wind simply blows... to some, it spreads seeds of new life, while to others it removes branches or fells the weak and dying. 
Let us stop the wind so they might remain. 

Doing so would remove the vital nutrients and space that the next generation requires to grow for itself.  Yet we will strive to stop the wind.  How will the seeds be spread then?  We will gather the seeds ourselves and plant them further out so they might abound.  True, this will work, while in doing so, increases our labor fourfold, wherein we fret over the preservation of the next generation.  For each successful growth of that which we toil over, we celebrate and look to the next field to plant.  We teach the next generation to repeat what we have done, oblivious of the devastation we inflict to the land beyond the closest portion of forest.  We robbed it of the seeds that the wind would have scattered.  We used up the resources declaring it to be more important than the realm that required it to live.  That which once was, lays barren and desolate, and along with it... all that could only survive in that once lush land of forest and fields.  We push ever onward till the oceans come within view and it is only then that whatever generation still exists, can see the folly of removing the wind.  For in the ocean, there grows no trees.

As a people, we strive to remove the natural balance that once existed.  We yearn for that which once was, yet can not be replaced and is only a memory in stories once lived.  Our relationships are laid barren, our homes are but ruin while we cry out that it is our right to have more and do better but only for our individual self.  We do not contemplate the outcome with a critical mind.  We simply follow along in what sounds "right" for the me or the mystical them, refusing to see the slow creeping devastation, despite all the evidence that we do harm in removing the natural order.  Then we double down and try to correct it by inventing yet another way... a way that was proven wrong by our forefathers yet we have better technology, better thought process... duplicating the mistakes ever quicker, with harsher ramifications yet declaring it will be better.  When do we learn?  When will contentment come in having enough?  When do we look upon our partners and neighbors and say I will find happiness in you, with you and strive for a peaceful end?  When will we lay down our shovels, tear down that which blocks the wind and cast the seeds into the air, trusting that the natural balance will give and take accordingly so that we might look across the horizon and see what beauty each day may yield?

Life is all about you when life is no longer about you.

"Nobody can serve two masters.  In the end, they will cling to the one and abore the other." 


*Stands and nods before returning to the darkness of his woods.*  With that, I bid you a good day and hope it is one worth remembering.



2 months ago. March 29, 2024 at 1:29 PM

Grab a cup of coffee... Sit back... Relax... And learn from experience.  Probably be the best 10min of your day for both Men and women.



I can't argue this woman's logic.  She's accurate about the vast majority of what was said




2 months ago. March 28, 2024 at 8:38 PM

Everysince I can remember, I've wanted to fly.  Not in a plane or with a parachute but fly like Superman or using psychopathic ener... Um... Psychotic.... 🤔... psychokinesis!! Using the power of the mind to suspend myself in the air.

I have, and still do, harbor this belief, though over the years I've developed better understandings and umm.... Well... We're working on the possibility with the use of blood magic. 😁


When I was in my preteens I believed that if I could see it in my mind and believed hard enough, I could do this shit! And damn straight I put action to my faith.  Opening the second story window of my parents house, I climbed out on the porch roof.  Lined myself up with the pine tree that had grown nearly five feet above the porch roof top and I ran!  I mean no holds barred, flat out, do or die ran!  I could see it in my mind... That invisible hand of energy gathering about me as I hauled ass down the full length of that roof... I could see it in my mind as the air rushed around and I cast myself, full force towards that tree.  Grit and determination, eyes wide open I sailed through the air like a fuck'n falcon!  Well... In my mind I did... What actual happened is I smashed the six to eight foot distances in a downward arch to the pine tree that was eight to ten foot away from the roof.  Spiralled out of control, ping ponging off every fuck'n branch on the way down!  Now... Running across that roof as I did, meant running past the kitchen, where my mom was cooking and as I rushed by started screaming her head off and yelling at my dad, who sound like a bull charging down the steps and bursting out the door, nearly ripping the bloody thing off it's hinges.  While I'm moaning half dazed on the ground with the weird taste of copper in my mouth, dad yanks me off the ground like a sack of taters and spins me around for the quick once over... You know, checking for bones or sticks that may have suddenly appeared to be growing out my dazed and disoriented body... Failing to find any was apparently the wrong way of landing on the prickly pine needles that covered the ground.  Thus, he proceeded to bend me over his knee and whoop my lil ass till the breath came back into my lungs and I could scream! 😆... Or cry, but I only remember the screaming part.  Picking all the needles out of my flesh for the next hour was a lesson well learned.  One that took me nearly four years to understand.

1) psychokinesis doesn't care if all you're wearing is Superman underoos and a pillowcase cape... Weight isn't an issue when it comes to the power of the mind.

2) If you're going to believe you can fly, you can't use a safety net... like a tree, to catch you.  That only means you don't really believe.

3) Don't test your superpowers when dad is home or where mom can see!



Yes... I did try again... Around age thirteen, off a ten foot, collapsing, concrete wall.  Results: the tree was a softer landing....



2 months ago. March 27, 2024 at 12:34 AM

I was told all the things that you can't do as a first time Bunny owner... As I sat and listened to all the rules of do's and don't's It kinda stole some of my joy... for all of about three minutes.

I received a Giant Flemish Rabbit about 4mo ago from a friend who has a rather large family.  They didn't have time for him and he was constantly under foot.  With two of six children under the age of five, he was accidentally toppling them just trying to have social interaction so they called me knowing I've been talking about getting one when Tybolt passes, even though that's several years down the road.

Since then, I've learned a lot about rabbit care and taking what I learned with a grain of salt.  Just to name a few:

1) Rabbits don't like being held. 

Shadow: "Fuk that daddy, hold me!" And I do, nearly every day

2)  Rabbits are not like dogs... You can't travel with them.

Shadow: "But... But... I wanna goooo..." So he goes with me on trips to pay the bills or go shopping.  No crate, free to roam the truck and he tries to drive now and then, standing against the steering wheel like a toddler.

3) Rabbits are escape artists, you can't put a harness on them.

Shadow: "Oooooo that's pretty 🤩" and though he did nibble on it some, he has zero issues wearing his harness.

4) Again, they aren't dogs... You can't take them for a walk.

Shadow: "I wanna go to the park!" 

To those who think you can't... I give the wisdom passed on to me by my papaw, many many moons ago.

"Ya can't never do nuth'n...till ya try."

Just like people, every animal has its own attitude.  My little Shadow is very social, loving and craving to be with me everywhere I go.


And yes... I do sing the song! "Me. And myyyy shaaaadow, going with me everywhere I gooo"





2 months ago. March 20, 2024 at 5:01 PM

If I could change one thing about this planet it would get me banned from Cage, my blog would blow up into a troll fest and it's better to keep that shit to myself. 😂😂 

So I'll go with male pattern baldness, as there is nothing I would change about the planet itself.  Every piece of the earth's ecosystem and weather patterns relies on itself to sustain itself.

However, I once had a lovely lock of hair that flowed to the middle of my back, and while I do look damn good bald as a baby's ass... You should have seen me when I had hair!