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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
3 weeks ago. September 11, 2023 at 12:51 PM

I'm not overly found of cats... people look at them and see an adorable ball of snuggling fluff.  I see a predator that likes to kill anything and everything smaller that it.  A decimater of islands and terror to America wildlife population.

However there are a few who have provoked my own curiosity and gained leniency ...

This lil shit is one of the few... dunno where mum is, probably eaten by coyotes but we found him in the engine compartment of our security vehicle this morning.  Most likely trying to find a warm place but how the hell he got in there was simply genius.  The bottom of the vehicle has a skid plate that only has the small hole area near the back of the engine and they found it, climbed in and had it not started meowing when my officer got in the vehicle... well... serpentine belts don't distinguish between a metal wheel or fluffy tail 😂😂. 

It took a lure of tuna to get his ass out so now it looks like we may have a mascot... it clearly has more brain cells than some of the people on this facility 😂

1 month ago. August 23, 2023 at 5:51 AM

That moment when reality went to far 🤣🤣🤣




1 month ago. August 17, 2023 at 8:45 PM

[Some rumbling rubbish, I wrote but never posted. Are you a Monster or do you wear Mask?]

Have you ever wondered if you was born in a time that wasn't the same as you?

I often find myself alone in room full of people at a masquerade ball.  I find that telling someone what I'm looking for is just asking to be lied to, yet if nobody says nothing, nobody gets anywhere.  At this ball of trying to meet people nearly everyone likes my costume... I'm a Monster.  They see the way I dance and wish to be my partner on the floor.  They see the smoldering in my eyes and they yearn to feel that PASSION!  They heard the growl undertone of my honeyed words and they wish to be put beneath the fangs and claws.  All while the honeyed words touch their ego on how I see them in their costume... I wish the Ball would never end.  I prefer to live in the fantasy everyday of my life because when the ball ends, and the mask come off... I am the only Monster left on the floor.

My costume wasn't fake, my passion wasn't a show, my growl is now feared and all the honeyed words are seen as a lore to make them my victim...

I listen to them yell at me, tell me how I'm hurting them by my mere presence, how I'm the evil that causes their trigger and they pull out their proverbial dagger and descend on me without care

I take it.  I'm a Monster, I've been through worse and if I release in retaliation... How many will survive our anger?  What is the cost of emotionally induced vengeance upon a people who can not tolerant or endure your very presence?  What will it change... In them... In me?  Will I be more apt to give in to my Monstrosity in the future and at what point will enough be enough?

I showed up to the ball as myself, I was not the one in deception.  I said I was a Monster, a seducing king of blood and desire who lives for the passion, the connection and hunt.  I told how I viewed them and what I wished to do and because they are so wrapped up in their delusions of lies... My truth was ignored.  Yet it's my fault... But of course it is... I.. am a monster.  I lack empathy, therefore I must not be conscious of how my choices affect those around me.  I lack sympathy, therefore I must not have emotions.  Yet in situations that would require either, I mimic what I've seen or I sit silently to keep from making the matters worse.  Lacking both of these also means I struggle with compassion, therefore I must not be able to feel things like love, concern, or depth of emotion... but then... Why am I not Monstrous all the time?

I do not feel empathy for me, I am a Monster and was born this way.  I have nothing to be ashamed of.  I don't feel Sympathy for myself because I'm a Monster, and I've nothing to be sorry for just because I am a Monster.  I have no Compassion for myself because as a Monster I would have to say that something is "inherently wrong" with me being a monster and that would justify my own Monstrosity and Monstrous behavior... 

However as a Monster, I'm far kinder than most of those on the ball room floor.  I'm honest.  I'm intimidating.  I'm gruff but I love to laugh.  I'm passionate and full of silliness.  I live in a fantasy where I can be human and humans are nice and some are pretty... And want to be seen as pretty so that a Monster like me can look upon all their beauty and marvel.

But when the veil falls at the end of the day... I am a Monster and Monster aren't pretty.  We aren't cute or adorable.  We are the things that go bump in the night, causing horror and terror.  I am well aware and hyper sensitive of how we look in your human eyes.  So I watch what we say, I learn to control our anger and our nature all so we can be with you.  I don't talk about how many years we had to fight ourselves, by ourselves because nobody gives a fuck about the inner ticking of a monster... Well... Unless it's to study us.  Use us for personal gain.  I mean *snickers* isn't this the very purpose of Psychology?  Study the monster, see why they think this and do that... But I digress.


If left to be me wherein I didn't care to be better or try to be human, I would tell people to fuck the hell, right off.  Get over your childhood trauma from when you was 12... You're 30 to 40+ now and have yet to make a real positive difference in your character.  Put away your victim mentality and start seeing that you are not a child anymore. They can't hurt you unless you let them.  Your Monsters are not hiding under your fucking bed.  You invited them in, you gave them a home in your mind and you demonize yourself while blaming them.

You Humans live in a delusion.

Monsters know we are Monsters.  We either act monstrous because we can't get away from all the negativity that is forced on us or we strive to become better than.

I laugh louder

I find joy in simple things around me

I love deep

I forgive easy (even though my temper burns long and hot... I try not to let others see it)

I place our partners well-being before my own

I consider what I say BEFORE I say it and keep my fuckn mouth closed if I think it will hurt those I care for.

I take the cuts of others care-less ness and refuse to destroy them because of how it may affect those I love.

I bandage my mental and emotional wounds in silence because if we let people know that they hurt us, they'll only use it again the next time.

I acknowledge that I fuck up and I may not beg, but I ask for forgiveness.  And then strive NOT to repeat the offense again...

Because I know I'm a Monster and I chose to be better than Monstrous.

I don't hide who I am and I have days where I struggle but I'm proud to be "this" me because of what I've achieved. 

It just gets a lil fuckn lonely sometimes being one of the few not needing a mask in a room full of people who think they are at a masquerade ball.

6 months ago. March 16, 2023 at 10:28 PM

The following story and characters have all rights reserved to me and are fictional writing of my own imagination and/or experiences.

Clan Wars ch4, Trolls Landing

From a haze, Max's consciousness began to stir… the feeling of petite hands probing his body and the whisper of "Wake up, Master." A woman's voice seemed to plead from down a dark tunnel, like a ghost echoing in a memory. "Please wake up…" The feel of her hands pressed against him once again, not probing… pushing, as she tried to encourage his recovery.

He moaned and felt her hand clasp across his mouth.  This action brought a clearer consciousness kindled with hunger and anger. He snatched her hand away and was nigh unto growling when her heard her "shhh." He could feel her near panic "trolls.." she eeped out.

Everything came rushing back at once, the fall, the dislocation of his knee, and the pain of resetting it.  Letting her go he did a quick probe of the injured area… it was completely healed, and movement was unhindered and without any trace of pain. "How long was I out?" He whispered back to her, realizing her human eyes most likely couldn't make him out clearly.  They had landed on the edge of the outcrop he had aimed for, luckily not skewering them on the eight-foot-high stalactite or any of the smaller ones that created a sheltering ring about them. He hadn't noticed all of them before making that leap, but now he could see a soft glow across the tip of the largest one.  His keen hearing picked up the lumbering, thumping step that come from somewhere below and the pungent stench of Cave troll assaulted his nose.

"I… I don't know." Kah whispered.  "I woke some time ago but this darkness is disorienting and I have a splitting headache."

[I bet you do.] Max thought as he recalled headbutting her in order to silence her piercing scream… Most likely the sound that brought the Cave trolls to investigate. "And them?" he motioned as though she could see him.

"Not long but they seem to be looking for something." The sound of stone smashing against another punctuated her assessment. 

"Us, most likely." He mumbled as he slowly sat up, looking her over like a wolf does a lamb.

Her long black hair was knotted and caked with blood down one side, most likely from the fall that would probably have killed her without her now-dented helm.  Her overcoat had drifted to one side, covering her like a cloak and the smell of her fear was starting to subside.  This did nothing to quell his hunger.  He needed to feed and soon.  Nothing comes without a cost and most of the gifts he was imbued with, through Beast, come at the cost of blood magic, the energy within all things to sustain life.  He pondered his options knowing he could also filter energy from strong emotions and sexual actions, though the effects were less and lasted half as long as blood feeding. Unfortunately with the predicament, they found themselves in, only one option was viable. 

"Do you have any other wounds, other than your head?" he whispered. 

"No… Not that I'm aware of…" she said while instinctively poking a finger under her helm to touch the dried blood from where the metal edge had sliced her forehead. 

Max didn't mention the dried blood that had gushed from her nose due to his headbutt, instead, he stayed silent while undoing the chin strap. 

"Let me look at it…" he said pitching her head forward to investigate. "Try not to scream."


[Try not to scream?] Kah thought as his tongue slid up her forehead and over her wound. Her body tensed as the hairs on the nape of her neck stood up and goosebumps popped up in rows all the way down her body. The disgust was too much to stay silent and her moan of protest was audible enough for Max to hear but he continued relentlessly. She press her palms flat against his rock-hard chest but trying to push him away was like trying to move a boulder wedged into the ground, all the while his hands held her head solid, [I AM NOT OK WITH THIS!] She screamed in her mind. Then her eyes nearly bulged from their sockets as his hand clasped over her mouth and hers joined in the effort to stifle her audible scream. [HE FUCKING BIT ME!!! No no no no] her mind chased down a rabbit hole as she squirmed in his grip. 

His saliva was causing her wound to heal but the blood he needed had to be fresh and more…  More than this minor gash. Slapping his hand over her mouth, he bit into the closing wound, ripping the flesh back from the skull and re-healing it with long. slow, bloody licks of his tongue, just to repeat the action over and over again. By the time he finished, Kahs nails weakly sought to pierce into his chest, half curled into a pair of small first.  Max was sure if he moved, she would slump where she sat, her mind hiding somewhere within, so in one smooth motion, he spun her about and drew her back to his belly. 

"Shhh…" his melodious voice soothed at the edge of her consciousness. "I'm sorry…" he outright lied, knowing that is what people expected to hear. "It had to be done to get what was in the wound, out." He sat holding her, letting her mind come back and make its own conclusion. He kissed the side of her head while petting her long hair soothingly. Slowly her hands went to the wound, expecting to find her skull exposed and the skin filleted back. He could feel her confusion as the dab became probing in search of the wound that should surely be there. 

"H… How.." she began 

"Magic," he whispered bluntly in her ear while knowing by saying that one simple word, would resolve the barrage of questions she would inevitably have for him. Unexpectedly she spun to bury her face in his chest. The reaction was so inconceivable that Max simply held still, nearly holding his breath in the uncertainty of what the fuck was going on… He could hear her muffled sobs and feel the warmth of her tears as they trailed down his chest. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her, even though what he really wanted was to put distance between them and jump the edge of their perch. He hated the mushy emotions and struggled to deal with…  All that crap, in others.  It was rare for him to be uncertain about what to do next but he was at a loss. Does he push her away? Is her tears a sign of a mental break? What the fuck was going on?! As if she was responding to his unasked questions she turned her head up, sniffling lightly. 

"Thank you, Master." She whispered. "I didn’t believe that you would truly try to keep me safe, but you have, in every way..." 

In another movement, her chain-bound arms flew over his head and around his neck as she kissed him just as fiercely as he had licked her skull. 

Max's eyes shot wide and he backpedaled till his back slammed into the rockface. [I AM NOT OK WITH THIS!] his mind shouted as he sought to escape her kiss, sliding upright till he stood with her adapting to his position and wrapping her legs over his hips. "Fuck ME, woman!" he exclaimed as he tried to dodge her lips but at that moment several things happened at the same time. 

Kah giggled like a child who had just heard the funniest joke while snuggling into his hardened chest. 


The Cave trolls roared and a small boulder ricocheted off the large stalactite, and Beast roared in fury, his rage shooting heat throughout Max's body. 

[MINE!] Beast charged from the darkness of the mind as he sought to overtake Max's consciousness. 

[NOT MY FAULT] Max shouted back within his mind, sending a shockwave of mental energy at Beast in a futile effort to slow his advance.  As Max formed a mental avatar, Beast hurled himself at it, swiping a massive clawed hand at the Avatar's head. Max's avatar barely ducked under the swipe and came up in a spin-turn to face Beast. [SHE KISSED ME, FUCK FACE!] Max's mental words had no effect as Beast rebound off a newly erected wall, racing on all fours along its length as he willed it to shoot up beneath his stride. The wall curved to guide him back toward Max's avatar, wherein he leapt to slash at the avatar's chest.  This may be Beast's domain but it was also Max's mind and he was no longer the child that Beast use to torment and dominate.  The avatar's hand shot out, meeting Beast’s clawed hand as he took the impact in a yielding tuck-roll that landed the Avatar on top. Eye to eye, Beast pushed against the force of Max's Avatar but they were at a stalemate. Equal power, equal strength, neither having a greater advantage over the other when it came to raw power in this realm. However, Beast was far older and schooled many times over in the art of combat. Skill trumps strength. Beast let one of his arms go limp, causing Max to fall in that direction, while at the same time, Beast twisted his body and toppled the avatar to the mental floor. Without hesitation Beast pounced on top of the avatar, roaring in victory as fangs the size of Max's whole hand length slid from their gums sheath. 

[Miiiiine!] Beast growled menacingly and quick as a viper, went to snap his fangs into the avatar's throat. Instead, Beast was jerked off the Avatar, glowing chains bound about Beast's throat and wrist causing him to curse and struggle helplessly against them. The Avatar took his time standing up, sweeping non-existent dust off himself as he walked, perfectly controlled, to face his mentor and torturer,  Beast. 

[It doesn't have to be like this old man.] The avatar of Max flicked the binding chains. [You no longer have dominion over me.] 

Beast roared with fury at the insolence but the Avatar swiped its hand like zipping a zipper, causing Beast to look like he was caught frozen as a roaring statue. [You have no voice!] The avatar boldly stated. [Unless I permit it.]  The avatar's features and eyes softened as he ran his hand through the reddish-colored fur of Beast's head. [My friend, use that wisdom that you have so graciously guided me with. Look at the memory without judgment.] The scene between Max and Kah replayed behind the Avatar. [I did not kiss her, she kissed me… and she is still yours.] With a spin of the avatar's finger, the chains mystically spun Beast around so he could see Kah through Max's left eye. [It's my body she's clinging to, but it's you who made me such and you who gave me the gifts to heal her.  It's you who can protect her in ways I can not.] The avatar stated the praises to soothe Beast's hurting ego, Max physically gazed over the edge to see the Cave trolls and quickly pulled back as another hurled rock ricochet off the cave wall above them. [You want to kill?... Kill them.]  The glowing chains dropped off Beast and Max's consciousness sidestepped, merging into the Avatar as Beast took over the physical body. 

In a span of a blink, Beast leapt from their perch, tossing Kah around to his back on the drop. Beast barely acknowledged the thirty-foot drop, landing in a stance of one that springs from the blocks in a race. 

[You'll dislocate her arms] Max said as he predicted the full transformation before Beast could alter his body. 

Beast roared as the three trolls roared in acceptance of the challenge.  The one with a spiked club, lumbering forward like a batter with a cricket board from between his brothers. To his left, the smallest of the three clapped miniature-sized boulders together and rolled his shoulder in preparation for a throw. The largest of the three held back, spinning a morning start the length of Max's body as he stared down from his trollish twelve-foot height with ugly yellow eyes. 

Red fur sprung up on Max's head as his face and ears elongated to take on a smaller version of Beast's original head. His fingers spurt blood as nails ripped from the flesh and claws formed with gangly long fingers. Beast may not be able to transform into his own massive body, but he was not going to use Max's weaker flesh. With a flex of his claws, Beast shot forward as dull black scales raced up his arms like tiles being rolled out till they covered him, neck to clawed toes, leaving only a serpent's torso of thick hide exposed.
Beast was neither bat nor dragon but a splicing of the two merged with a human soul that would live on long after the stars ceased to shine. He was what the first humans called a vampire. One who was immortal, feasting upon the blood and flesh of humans… Little did they know Beast fed from whatever he wished and today, Troll was on the plate. 

As the Trolls club swung to swat Beast across the broad cavern, Beast sprung into the air, letting the club swing harmlessly beneath his legs. To him, things moved nearly in slow motion so gauging the landing on the forearm of the troll seemed almost effortless. He used the troll's swing to redirect to his next target and as the troll spun around in his miss, Beast’s claws came alive with flames in one arcane word.  Vaulting from his ill-witted host, Beast slashed the largest Trolls throat, searing the flesh from juggler to nearly the vertebra as he sailed past to land in a roll beyond. Troll flesh was thick and hard to penetrate, but cave trolls had a weakness to fire, and as the largest one fell backward clutching his wound, green ooze spurt from between his nasty fingers. It took a second for the other two to register what had just happened but before they could respond Beast zipped between the smallest one's legs, slicing the right leg tendon and rending the top portion of calf muscle with his claws.  To keep his speed in his assault, Beast hooked his nail tips into the solid packed dirt and skid-drifted into a change of direction, barely eluding the fall of the troll.  Full boar on all fours, with Kah flapping like a cape over his back, Beast pounced onto the side of the original troll and spider climbed diagonally up the troll's back.  The searing sting of Beast's claws had the troll dancing in place as he tried to bat at his tormentor or shake the assailant from his flesh but when relief came, it was too late to do much more than stare upwards, dumbfounded, as the sound of Beast's roar grabbed his attention.

Beast had climbed the troll in such haste that his momentum allowed him to spring from the troll's shoulder, into the air and now as he looked down on his victim, he took great pleasure in plunging his claws the full length of his fingers, through the eyes and into the brain of the troll. Kah was squealing, either in delight or uncontrollable hysteria, as they road the lumbering clod to the ground. Slowly, Beast pulled his fingers from the troll's eye sockets, with the goo slicked over his black scales. The delight he took in the thought of what was to come, served to be seen even more terrifying, as he menacingly made his way towards the smallest troll who kept glancing back at this demon they had found, while he tried to crawl away. 

"MIIIIIIIINE" Beast growled loudly as he raise a goo-covered claw that still held a skewered eyeball like a ring on his finger. Beast's long tongue chased from between his extended fangs and slurped the morsel into his mouth where it burst like a cherry tomato between his teeth. 

[Fuck me, BEAST…] Max mumbled in their mind while watching the whole thing through Beast's right eye. If he could have puked in his consciousness, Max would have but all he could do was watch on as Beast pounced onto the back of the smaller troll to sink his fangs into its hapless neck. Beast growled with deep pleasure as the pungent ooze slid down the back of his throat. The sheer raw power he was pulling from this creature was intoxicating. The troll thrashed at Beast’s head while Beast simply deflected the blows until the troll went limp to the ground.  Beast took satisfaction in listening to the last beat of its heart and the gurgling sound of its death rattle. 


Kah shrieked in surprise at what she saw as Max leapt into an unbelievable drop. The sudden stop nearly jarred her teeth from her head and the impact left her feeling a bit loopy but she quickly blinked, refusing to pass out. Her knees folded to her chest as the roars crashed in echoes throughout the vast chamber. She had barely peeked over Max's shoulder when red fur grabbed her attention as it sprung up beneath her chin and chest. With dismay, she nearly held her breath as she could hear the bones snapping and see the muzzle forming from Max's face. His ears grew and became bat-like but she could not tell the rest till the battle was nearly finished. For her part, she could only hold on for dear life and hope to not be squished like a bug or flung across the room due to the speed and sudden changes in directions. At some point, the fear had become so unbelievable that she began to laugh and cheer for him. 

[My Master can kill Cave Trolls!] she thought as she squealed in delight or madness, while gravity let loose its grip on their descent straight for a troll's face. She quickly closed her eyes as the goo splashed across her hair and the timing was the worst when she opened them and beheld those claws being licked clean.  The smell alone was vile and pungent but the vision of that tongue slurping the troll's eyeball made her stomach flop inside. "Oh gods," she murmured into his furry neck while her stomach threatened to spill its contents down Beast’s back. "Is there anything you won't do to keep me safe?" She nearly started to cry again but he pounced on the smallest troll's back and what followed horrified and awed her as she watch for what little she could see of fangs sinking into the troll's neck [Max…  IS the monster] her brain reeled. Her breathing became jagged at the contrast between the monster she'd seen in the village and the monster she now held between chained wrists. Her emotions conflicted over the different versions of him.

Beast hooked the chains in his claws and lifted Kah off his back as though she was a plaything. His nose sniffed at her body while she dangled before him like meat on a hook, causing her toes to curl up and her knees to press together. His growl was deep and primal as it seemed to rumble throughout his chest and penetrate into hers.

"M…Mu mu mu, Max?" she epped out the question, trying not to cower too much in her chains. 

A menacing growl emanated from him as he began to roll his shoulder.  The sound of dried wood popping and snapping didn't register as bones to her until she saw the scales pull away from one another just to reform over the new pale skin. The frame of Max nearly doubled in size and width, causing the features to realign and not appear so mismatched.  As she watched the monster appear before her eyes she drew in a deep breath and mentally reminded herself [He saved me, He saved me, He saved me] but the words that came from her lips were "Please don't eat me…" Her eyes squeezed shut as his muzzle came but inches from her face, his snarl revealing sharp teeth and long fangs. She squeaked in surprise as a claw pushed into her breast, just above the heart. "Kaaaaah." He snarled as he tried to form her name, causing her to peek.  Intimidation washed over her and once again she silently cursed her body and blushed, feeling the rush of fluid that threatened to run down her inner thigh. Beast thumped his chest with such force that it sounded like a base drum revibrating in her ears.
“Noo Max… BEEAst” His voice echoed with a deep base through the sound of gravel being ground together.
“Huh?” Her brows furrowed in confusion. “Where is Max?” One moment they were standing still and the next he had crossed the distance to slam her back against the wall of the chamber with a force that nearly knocked the wind from her. She could not help but cry out in pain but that was met with a harsh backhand, the scales raking her cheek that would swell and bruise.  Lightly dazed, she could feel the blood from the wound, trickle down her jawline and drip onto her garments.
“MIIIIIINE!” His word was so fierce and left no leeway as to their meaning.

“Yes Master, yes yes yes, yours” She quickly stammered out in a scream, tilting her face as she tried to put distance between his hot breath and her stinging flesh.
She felt the claw of his other hand slash across her pelvis and down the outside of her leg.  Cool air rushed against her skin and strings of blood ran from the light cut, down over her mound.  Yet again she blushed deeply as she released even more and when the scent of her juices caught in his nose he lifted her chains and hoisted her further up the wall. Instinctually her knees took purchase on his shoulder and her arms dropped over the back of his head.  The inadvertent pull she gave him, wasn’t necessary as she felt the prick and sandpaper of his rough patch tongue run the length of her inner thigh and straight up into her.  She pivoted and thrust as a deep moan escaped her lips… “Moooore..” she begged just before her eyes shot wide, “OH GODS!” she nearly doubled over on top of his head as he gave her what she had begged for and more… MUCH MORE! This creature's tongue was longer than Max’s di… “aaaaaaah gods!” she exclaimed, releasing in a flood of desire.  It was like a tentacle, driving for her guts and she found herself bouncing as the sensation of his sandpapered tongue did things within her that she had never dreamed of.  With a sudden climax, her knees swiftly clamped against his head as she held on riding out the waves.  She felt his tongue lazily withdraw and he dropped her unceremoniously, licking the blood and juices from his muzzle.  From where she sat stunned by the drop, her eyes trailed up his thick thighs till she froze in place
“Oh fuuuuck.” She whispered, for surely that could not be his… her eyes traveled up to find his alight with a fire's ember dancing in the pupils. He reached down and grabbed her chains before taking strides that would eat up the distance toward the only exit in the chamber, dragging her across the packed dirt of the ground like the slave she was.

Thank you to my supports and their encouragement and my lovely ^AngelBunny^ for all her advise and editor work.

CH5, Bear Cubs, coming soon


6 months ago. March 7, 2023 at 11:09 AM

The following story and characters have all rights reserved to me and are fictional writing of my own imagination and/or experiences.


The cold almost instantly bit at her exposed flesh as she rushed to catch up, leaving her to wonder how he was able to tolerate such extremes but unwilling to put a voice to it.
“Can you slow down some?” She asked trying to hold the lantern a little higher for a better view down the corridor of the cave.  Thankfully the stone floor was dry but the darkness was unnerving to her and caused her more than a little anxiety with the thought of running into a cave troll or bear.

“Can I, Yes.” He said, “Will I, No.  We have a limited amount of time before HE, comes back.”
At just the mention of that monster, she shivered and cast a look over her shoulder, half expecting to see him following behind to devour her.  That thought alone quickened her pace till she was almost bumping into Max.

“How will he know where we are?,” She asked while trying to focus only on the pale scars that ran vertically to each side of his spine, breaking up the black tattoo of some obscure shield running the full length and breadth of his back.  There seemed to be no beginning or end of the details that chased the pattern within and created the border of the oddly shaped shield.

“There is nowhere I can go that he can not find me.” He stated as he turned into a side cave littered with garments, leather armor, and old weapons.  He paused only momentarily before taking up a few daggers in their sheaths and lacing them onto a leather belt that he strapped diagonally across his chest.  Casting a few swords to the side, he settled on a short straight blade that he weighted the balance and twirled about in a few quick motions that gave the undertone of familiarity.

“What about me?” She hesitantly questioned.

“You ever kill a man?” He asked.

“Well, not really bu…” she started and was cut off.

“But you’ll do more harm to yourself than you will to anything we’d find.” He finished before scooping up a metal helmet and turning to plop it onto her head, quickly fastening the chin strap and giving it a tap. “There.  Feel better?  Can we go now or do you need to monolog till we wither into bone?” He said as he pushed past her and headed back to the corridor to travel deeper into the darkness.

She was coming to despise his dismissive attitude but hurried behind him trying to adjust the new headgear that bobbled a little, on her head.  The bend noseguard slightly blocked her vision in one eye, now and then, and despite her hands being full she kept trying to move the guard out of her vision.  After nearly burning her cheek on the lantern she meeped out “Help… Please?”


Max spun around, visually irritated. “What now?”

She tapped the noseguard that covered her left eye. “I can’t see…” Her voice lowered like a chastised child.

His irritated expression turned to one of mocking as he grabbed hold of the bent metal piece and bent it upwards as though it took no effort, even though the action caused the back of the helmet to bite into her neck and a slight eeping of pain escaped her.  “Better?” He asked with a tone thick with mockery.  She felt herself shrink back a bit from him but he seemed to take no note of it and once again started down the corridor.

“You’re not used to people, are you?” she asked quietly, instantly regretting every word that just slipped through her lips.  A growl came from before them as he once again stopped and slowly, menacingly turned to face her… Her eyes widened.  That growl WAS him.  Panic, anxiety, and that need to run feeling, raced through her but fear stayed her feet as she cringed before him.

“What.. the fuck… is your issue?!” His words hissed like a viper’s hiss before the strike. “This constant yammering drowns out the noises down the corridor.  Are you just looking to die in this cave?  Shut the fuck up, unless something is attacking you.  Do you understand me?”

[No… ] she thought as she shook her head yes. [None of this makes sense…], he huffed and began once again down the corridor.  His footsteps were silent as a mouse while her feet scuffed and kicked random pebbles, all of which made his ears twitch as she watched the back of his bald head. [Your pale as death. Immune to the cold. Silent as a shadow, and your traveling companion is a monster!!!] her mind ran in a near scream. [What about this is normal by any means?!  You seem to see in the dark, you walk like you own the world, and your arrogance!!] She could feel her teeth clench as she fought to not speak or question, bumping into his suddenly stopped form. [Oh shit] she thought as she stammered back a little [Is he hearing me?...]  She could see he was tense, most likely more irritated at her bumping into him but he simply pressed his left hand back and crouched.  He cast a glance her way with a finger to his lips as he seemed to be listening further ahead.

He listened intently, almost positive he heard something mixed with the sound of the running stream ahead, but with this cow clodding behind him and kicking every pebble in the damn cave, he could be mistaken.  He could feel the light updraft of air from where the steam fell into a  crevasse, but it also blocked most of the smells as it waft the earthy-smelling moist air back up the corridor.  Slowly he made his way further, beckoning her to stay low while following.  It felt painfully slow to him and he really wanted to pitch that damn lantern up the corridor but doing so would only make matters worse for her, thus more on him.  As they approached where the stream came through the cave's rock, he motioned for her to drink but once again put a finger to his lips as he crept a short distance ahead out of the lantern’s light to peer over the edge of the crevasse.

[Nothing…] He mused to himself, knowing Beast was always there if he truly needed him.  Max shrugged off his paranoia and began scanning the descent of smoothed stone and stalagmites.  It seemed like a warmth mixed into the chill of the water vapors which would be good for Kah if she survived the descent but also indicated that the depth was much deeper than he’d assumed.  Maybe they should camp here and wait for the night to come.  Beast could fly them down easily but Max was pretty sure Kah would shit herself and try to run… the absolute worst thing she could do was run from Beast.

“Fuck me…” he whispered to himself and walked back into the light, nearly wincing at its single candle illumination.  “There is a major descent ahead and far as I know,” He stated as his eyes quickly adapted. “It’s the only possible back door to this cave.” His voice lowered as though somebody may overhear them. “The issue is, you’re gonna have to go blind and trust me.  You’ll never make that climb down with that lantern and your arms bound.  We’ll have to snuff the light and pack you down on my back.”

“You could just set me free and I’ll climb myself…” She spoke softly, trying not to let her voice be louder than his.

Max caught the chuckle before it escaped him. “You forget… those chains are not your imprisonment, they are your safety.”

“But..” She started

“But nothing, Kah. You’d be better off nose-diving over the edge than for him to find you out of those chains.” He closed the distance between them and gently took the lantern while keeping eye contact.  “Now fight against every fuck’n self-preservation instinct that is running through you right now and trust the facts.  If I wanted you dead, there were a hundred times I could have done so even before you woke up.” Opening the tiny lantern door he blew the light out, leaving them in pitch darkness.  When he took hold of her hand to fish the dagger out, he could feel her trembling, smell her fear, and his hunger made his mouth water.  It was good she could not see his fangs slide from their sheath in his gums, as he pulled her arms over his head, stretching her taunt as her four-foot, eight-inch frame pressed against his five, ten.  His lust called like the wolves howling after their prey… He could easily take her against the hard cold walls of the cave, thrust into her, and fuck her till she passed out.  The sound of her quicking pulse and the scent of her fear, mixed with the smell of her moistness being released that he could tell was most likely slipping down her inner thigh. “Later” He growled, spinning around and lifting her onto his back.

She sucked air and held her breath when the light went out. [Run, run, run] she panicked but stood frozen in place. [OH GODS!] her mind screamed as her body was stretched taunt against his.  She could feel his shaft pressing against her pelvis area, and her nipples hardened as she squeezed her eyes shut. [No no no no…] she protests to her body's reaction to his treatment.  She gave a quick gasp, slightly pressing into him, ready to accept her fate if he was to do what she could feel he wanted to.  She could feel the trickle between her thighs that caused her to blush in the darkness and shakily exhaled while letting her body go slightly limp.  She felt the urge to kiss his chest to let him know that he was welcome to her mound when he suddenly spun around, nearly throwing her over his shoulder and onto his back.  She blinked twice but before she could even consider what the fuck just happened, he dashed forward and a slight gap formed between them as they plummeted into free fall.  All thought left her mind and the scream came from the sheer terror of falling into the unknown, then… nothing.

He tossed her over his shoulder and clamped his hands to her ankles, pulling them around his mid-section before darting forward and leaping into the crevasse.  Her scream drilled through his head like a banshee at point-blank range.  Instinct more than premeditated thought snapped his head back, connecting his skull to hers, instantly silencing her.  He could feel the slight blood trickle from the noseguard that had sliced the back of his skull but before he jarred to a stop by landing on an outcrop, the wound had already begun to heal.  Yet another perk he’d been given by Beast.  Was it worth his humanity… at the moment it was, as he gauged the next jump, aiming for the blur at the very extent of his night vision.  Every leap took a little more from him, she was becoming heavy, and his knees were beginning to feel the pain of the impact until finally, it gave way to the sickening sound of bone leaving its socket, smashing them both against the wall.  The excruciating pain shot through him, waking Beast.

[Fool] he snarled, as Max clenched his teeth together.  A cold sweat slicked his body and the chains choked him, preventing his hands from grabbing his knee properly.

[FUCKING HELP OR BACK THE FUCK OFF!] he lashed back at Beast. Silence comes back as Beast retreated to the blackness of Max’s mind.  [DAMN YOU, BASTARD!] Max shouted at his vampiric passenger. 

[You live.] Beast retorted nonchalantly from the dark place they shared as one controlled the body and the other watched or slept.

Max scrambled at the chains, cutting his head on the shackles edge, as he forced her arms back over his head and grabbed his knee properly.  He panted in deep ragged breaths, bracing his mind for what was to come… In what felt like everything he had left, he smashed his palm into the protruding bone, snapping it back into the socket and nearly making him puke with the world spinning and blood tears trickling down his cheeks. 

[Finish] he heard Beast echo through his flittering consciousness.  With his last effort, Max set his thumbs to the top edge of his kneecap barely acknowledging the bulge in its abnormal angle, and shoved it till he felt it slip back into place.  That was his last memory as the pain overtook him and he slid into the darkness of oblivion.

Thank you to my supports and their encouragement and my lovely ^AngelBunny^ for all her advise and editor work.
Ch 4, Trolls Landing,  in Editing.
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The following story and characters have all rights reserved to me and are fictional writing of my own imagination and/or experiences.
(I have also disabled all my former posts between Ch 1 and Ch 2 for new readers.)

Clan Wars: Ch 2, Frozen Peaks

Beast dashed through the pitch darkness of the forest in an effortless stride, eating up miles in minutes as his eyes scanned through the night like looking through a spring day's rain.  Here and there he'd see the fading heat signature of some creature that ran from the snap of branches but stealth wasn't the goal tonight.  He'd make misleading trails, just in case someone decided to track the killers of the village before doubling back and heading off in yet another direction. After several trails had been laid, he headed towards their real destination.  From the darkness within his mind, Max stirred, feeling the pitch of the forest in its steady incline, and knew they would be heading into the mountains where one of their hidden cave homes would give them safety for a few days.

[If you didn't take every challenge, we wouldn't be in this predicament you know.  There was nothing wrong with escaping into the night and letting all those people live.] Max stated as he used Beast's vision to see their surroundings while staying in the mind's blackness.

"Hph!" Was all he received in response. 

Beast was focused on the task at hand with little mood for conversation but what was new in that department. Beast had never been known to talk much audibly because of his belief in words having power and power was to be used when needed, not for idle conversations.  Such idleness is what the rudimentary sign language or mind speaking was for.  Max was more under the impression that Beast struggled to form proper words due to his face being more representative of a fox bat so his muzzle caused a guttural tone that lacked clear verbiage.

Beast stopped as he looked up the cliffside that brought an abrupt ending to the forest and shifted the weight of the woman into his arms.

[COME ON! Just cli....] the sound of his shirt ripping and the sting of flesh tearing out his back as new bones shifted, broke, and reformed to extend outward into massive bat-like wings. [Damit Beast! You know how hard it is to find clothes that will fit you!?! Fuck me, man...] 

Max felt the smile on Beast's face, as the clawed hand extended just enough to see the middle finger lifted up for the eye that Max was watching through. [Fuck you too, old man.] Max said. [You could have at least looted some of those bastards if you're just going to shred our clothes.] A low chuckle of laughter was the retort as Beast's massive wings flexed and folded before he leaped into the air which took them nearly half the height of the great pines.  With two harsh pumps of his wings, they started the ascension straight up the cliff wall and didn't stop till they reached the snow-covered ledge.  Onward he flew, cutting through the mountains and covering the miles to their cave, where he landed with gentle grace.  He strode inside the blackness as a Master returning back to his castle and followed the cave back to the soft glow of a side chamber.

Their cave wasn't lavish by any means with its pine needles and smelly hide bed covered in furs, that stank more of bears than pine.  One candle-lit lantern to tell time by and a fire pit with a few logs to sit on.  Beast made his way to the bed which pressed into a darker half nook and unceremoniously dropped the woman on top of the furs. 

[What's the point in bringing the woman, if you're gonna kill her before we even need to feed?] 

"Mine. Nah you." Beast snorted as he climbed over her to a large diameter log that l ran the width of the bed. Pushing up the bark on top revealed extra clothes and essentials, along with the shackles and broken chain, Max was once set in.  Grabbing them from the hollowed log Beast set the shackles on the woman then bound the chain in an eternity knot above and below the metal bracelets.  He looped the tail of the chain between her elbows and wrist a couple of times before giving it a tweaking tug as she groaned and spoke incoherently.  As Beast hid the end of the chain in the knot, Max began chuckling.

[You're expecting her to stay of her own free will?]

"Uha, Uha" Beast acknowledged.

[Are you fucking kidding me? You think she won't lite out of here on the first chance she gets?]

Beast just snorted, ending his side of the conversation.  Dropping her not-so-secured wrist, she grunted and twist to the impact on her guts as Beast headed to the fire pit.  Slapping his hands together he kneeled over the kindling within and uttered an arcane word in a language Max couldn't understand.  As the word escaped his muzzle, he thrust his palm towards the wood and flame leapt to life.  Slowly he spun his fingers above them and the flame grew, rising up to touch the tip of his claw.  Max could feel the connection Beast had with the fire elemental and a soothing calm waxed over Beast's body.  The crack of bone and searing pain throughout the body, announced the morning was near as Beast's consciousness and form transformed back to Max's.  The process felt like it was slow due to feeling every break and rip of flesh when in actuality the process took less than a few seconds.

"Fucking hell!" Max panted on his knees before the fire.  "Just once, can you give me a little forewarning?"  The image of a middle finger slipping into darkness and the sound of chuckling was the answer.  "Yeah yeah, fuck you too old man."

From the bed, he could hear the woman moan and he turned to watch but she was only repositioning herself in her forced slumber. Slowly Max found his feet and pulled the slipknot rope belt tight to hold his worn black pants up.  His feet felt the cold of the cavern's stone but not to the stinging intensity that a normal human would.  The fire attunement that Beast had, kept his body temperature stable against most cold environments, one of many perks of being the host to an ancient vampiric spirit. Taking a deep breath of the frosty air he set about getting preparations for breakfast ready, periodically checking up on the woman who had started to shiver.  With more tenderness than Beast but less than tenderly, he pulled the furs out from under her and placed them on top.  "Bitch is gonna be a blood-cicle at this climate." He muttered to himself.

[She's gonna be hungry also, by the time she wakes up from that concussion... probably freeze her tits off without some decent clothes], he thought as he headed back to one of the many side caves.  They had stored plenty of meat from the former resident whose hide now covered the woman.  Taking a mental inventory he noted that there was enough bread to last about a week and the snow outside fed into the stream that ran clean, deeper inside where the cave became a crevasse that dumped into a huge chamber.  He hoped to explore it someday but that'll have to wait as he played babysitter slash warden to their new blood bag.  As much as he tried to keep a distance from the "cattle", basic humanity clung to him and in some ways, he clung to it.  Past the food storage and into a smaller chamber he knelt to sift through the piles of old items, searching for a worn garment from one of the many unfortunate travelers that found out too late, this cave was already claimed by a dominant male bear.  When he and Beast originally found the cave it had been littered with bones, hides, and broken weapons from the apparent hunters and trappers that took shelter here during the random snow storms that seemed to plague this mountainous area.  After Beast had killed the bear, Max began organizing items and storing things away.  Some he could sell, some he could repurpose or toss in the fire, and some, like now, can come in handy.  Finding a leather overcoat with a few claw slashes and some old blood-covered garments was still a better option than freezing.  He wished his vision was as clear as Beast but through the red tinge that was afforded him, he could see better than any other human in the pitch darkness of the caves.  After gathering up some others to do some minor stitch work with, he headed back to the food storage and then to the main cave they called home.  Upon entering, he notices the woman had moved from her place in the bed but showed no alarm as he moved to the fire and started cooking up breakfast and doing some not-so-graceful stitching with a bone needle and dagger.  His heightened senses could hear her trying to slowly get out of the bed, though it really didn't require a heightened hearing to pick up on the chains being tested. 
Without turning to look, "It would be best if you lay back down till I have you some decent clothes to wear.  That thin tunic isn't going to help you much against the cold of these mountains." He stated plainly.  A faint gasp followed a sigh of resignation and what he assumed was her laying back down under the pelts to stay warm. "Breakfast is almost done too." This time he cast a glance her way.  "Don't worry, I'm not the one you need to be afraid of," he said turning his attention back to the food and clothing. "Well, unless you give me a reason.. which I strongly suggest that you don't."  The clink of the chains made him smile and shake his head.  "Those are for your safety, not your imprisonment.  Whether you leave them on or remove them doesn't matter to me but leaving them on will keep you safe."
She had no reason to believe him, he knew that she'd seen him slaughter the sentry but it wasn't him that hit her or brought her limp body here.  He inhaled her fear, the smell was delicious and her quickening heartbeat was clear to his ears but he ignored both and set to finishing the task at hand.  Once both were done, he took the food off the fire and stood with the attire to present to her.  Walking over to where she lay peeking out from under the bear's thick pelt he held up the bloody garment and overcoat. 
"Sorry for the dried blood but there really isn't anywhere to wash clothes up here and if you put them over your tunic, you won't have to worry about it."  She didn't budge from where she lay so he tossed the garments on top of the pelt.  "Once you're dressed, come eat a bite, you need to regain your strength." He said but again to no response.  Max just shrugged and headed back to the fire, cutting the food into two portions placed on broken wooden planks that he used for plates and motioning in her general direction to come to join him.  After a few moments of shuffling under the hides and light curses at the binders, she slowly emerged into the firelight and sat opposite him.
"I'm not your fucking slave, woman.  Come get it or starve, the option is yours." He said, sliding her makeshift plate to the closest log, leaving a small dagger embedded in the wood for her to use on the meat.  He watched her look at the plate, then the dagger, and back at him.
"I told you, I'm not the one you need to fear." Causing her to quickly glance around, most likely looking for Beast.  "He's not here either." He said nodding towards the cave entrance.
This wasn't the first time he'd kept cattle, and it wasn't hard for the mind to draw its own conclusion without him having to make up an outright lie.  The human mind is a fickle thing that drew logical conclusions, especially when what she'd seen was probably the most illogical thing she'd ever seen... a human eating the neck of the sentry... a monster that appeared from nowhere, they had to be two different entities and she'd just not noticed the monster while being fixated on him.  Max smiled broadly, his fangs had long retreated into his gums.  When she finished her scan of the entryway she looked and he could see the relief wash over her.  She once again stood and made her way to the food, glancing at the dagger and biting at her own lip in thought.
"He's never THAT far away, hun... be a gracious guest and eat." He said with a wink and started doing the same.

[His voice is so melodious, almost like a shaman soothing a child if his language wasn't so vulgar.] She thought as she watched him eat without even a shiver from the cold on his bare feet and moderately hairy chest.  [How was he not cold] she wondered as she turned her attention to the food that called to her empty belly.  [Must be the heat of the fire.] she concluded feeling the fire's heat fighting off the cold of the cave.  She leaned forward to pick up her plate and hesitated. 
"H.. How am I supposed to eat like this?" She pushed her bound wrist out the bottom of the bloody shirt, hooking it at her elbows.
"Not my problem." He said between chews of food.
"Bu.." she didn't even finish the complaint as his eyes caught hers, trapping her in mid-speech that ended in the quick shallow swallow of air.
"Figure it... the fuck... out." His gaze was in strict contrast to his sweet and welcoming tone. "You managed to get the shirt on.  You even managed to keep the coat over your shoulders while getting out of my bed to sit here." He stated in his soothing voice.  "Which means you're not an idiot."
She gazed at her chains in a moment of thought and sighed before sliding off her log and going face-first into her food.  A slave's life is all she'd known while in the village they'd stolen her from, so this wasn't the first time she ate like the dogs.  [From one capture to the next] she thought as she sat back and grabbed the end to tear a piece of meat off.  She looked back at him while she chewed, pondering from whence he was to be so pale, and watched as he nodded and went back to consuming his food.
Even with the chains on, she finished her meal at nearly the same time as him.  He wiped his lips with semi clean cloth and stifled a belch. "Excuse me." He said in modesty while grease and mushed veggies dripped from her chin.  He tossed the cloth the short distance between the two "Clean yourself up and toss your plate on the fire." He said while doing the same with his.
"Bu.." she started before being cut off
"It's all firewood, hun.  Nothing here is permanent and I only plan to be here a couple more days till the snowstorm passes.  Then we'll be off to..." He hesitated. "Somewhere else." 
"Snowstorm?" She asked perplexed. "What mountains are we in, exactly?"
He stood and casually stretched out his athletic frame, crisscrossed with minor scars.  "The snowy ones to the north of your village."
"What?! How?!  That's days away from the village." She exclaimed, her mind racing to try to calculate the distance. "we're in the Frozen Peaks..." She said under her breath, blinking rapidly as her mind sought rationality.
"You've been out for a while." He said, once again letting her mind do the work of misdirection.
Her head snapped back to the entrance of the cave and she shook noticeably.  Her voice dropped to a whisper, "What about the cave trolls and Ice Giants..." Panic began setting in ".. the bears and wolves?" Her fear was truly magnificent to inhale and stirred his hunger slightly.. his true hunger... the lust for blood.  Her heart beat so loud it played a rhythm like a drum to him.
"STOP!" He demanded.  His breathing was heavy and musk filled her senses, causing her to look and be captured by his gaze once again.  His eyes seemed to swirl in a pool of blue and green with streaks of red, and she fell into them as though he was the calm eye, inside a storm.  Her panic shed off as though there was nowhere else that could possibly be safer than where she was right now.. bound on her knees before him.  He was meant for her, she was meant for him, all else no longer mattered.. and just as suddenly she blinked as his fingers touched her chin.
"You are safe here, with me." Pulling her out of his hypnotic gaze.
"yes, master" She heard the words come out unintentionally but naturally.  He wiped a bit of grease and mushed veggies from her chin with the cloth that had been in her hand.
"Now, please... clean up and make yourself useful." His tone was calm and soothing yet his eyes had a struggle beneath them.
[MINE!] came the voice of Beast, within Mas's mind.
[Yes, yours... but until the night comes, I'll do as I wish, old man.]  Max could hear the snarl but pressed the issue. [If I am to be the one to tend to her while you sleep, then I'll take what I will even if she is yours.  We work as one so what is yours, IS mine, and what is MINE, IS yours.  That was the contract, abide.] Calming himself further... [She's just cattle to me, so calm your tits and get some sleep.  Apparently, this cave you brought us to is in the region of the Ice Giants... remember them, Old Man?] Max's frustration peeked back out. [I told you not to kill that kid but oh NOOOooo, you can't pass up a challenge.  Let's just hope this tribe hasn't heard the news yet or discovered our presence.]
The familiar middle finger appeared from the darkness of his mind, followed by a dark chuckle. "Fuck me..." Max whispered audibly as he turned away from the woman to busy himself elsewhere.
"What was... that.." She asked tentatively as she finished cleaning her face.
"Nothing, just thinking out loud," He said, causing her to blush and hurriedly toss her plate into the fire. It wasn't until she started to remove her garments that he realized what she must have heard and quickly returned to stop her. "That's... not what I meant.  I tend to talk to myself as I plan and sometimes the words just... come out." He could see the confusion and perhaps a bit of hurt but refused to explain further.  "I need to get some more firewood for tonight.  Stay here and uh..." He looked around and silently cursed his organizational skills. "Busy yourself.  I won't be long nor will I go far." Letting go of her bound wrist, he turned to head out into the snow, though not for wood... there was plenty enough to hold them for a week, but he needed to clear his head and smell for smoke.  Even Ice Giants cooked food.  He didn't even make it to the entrance when she grabbed his rope belt.
"Please don't leave me...." She asked meekly.  He turned ready to chasten her but when he saw her head bowed, her hair cast to the side and the soft tender flesh of her neck, he found he could not.
Sighing he motioned to the lantern.  "Get the lantern and that dagger I gave you.  We need to find a back door to this place."
She didn't hesitate and scrambled for the dagger which she used to slash a hole through the garments so her hands could hold the lantern, and quickly returned to him.
"What do they call you?" he asked while fastening the top cross chain of her overcoat.
"Kah.  They call me Kah." She stated.
"Well Kah, You can call me Max or you can call me Master. I'll respond to either." A slight smirk of arrogance on his lips.
"Aren't you at least concerned?" Her brows furrowed, unsure if she appreciated that look, and presented the dagger in hand.
"You're not that stupid, Kah.  Even if you managed to kill me, how long would you last without me?" His answer was a mix of statement and cockiness. He didn't wait for the answer as he headed into the darkness of the cave, heading towards the crevasse.
[Ass] She thought, but hurried behind him.

Clan Wars: Ch 3, The Crevasse... Coming soon.
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The following story has all rights reserved to myself and is a writing of fiction.  Triggers in abusive treatment and aggression.  Whether the story is finished in the Cage blogs of mine or not will be left up to the reader comments, and is meant for enjoyment of you the reader as well as getting this shit out of my head lol.  Only proof read once, so apologies for any bad grammar or punctuations.


Clan Wars:  The stage is set.

He could smell them clearly from the forest wherein he hid some twenty yards away as his nostrils flared in the cool night air.  Only the sentries stirred amongst the Vulg Tribe, who were to him, just another bunch of meat sacks for harvest.  He'd been hunting for years, prowling the night when his hunger began to burn and living in plain sight as a blacksmith for hire as he moved from village to village.  This particular one was of no renowned located between a forest and the swamps which should be by all rights, well defensible but that security has made the sentry's lacks.

"Ready, old man" he asked at barley a whisper as he spoke to himself.... The growl from within his mind was all the answer he needed.

He focused on the heartbeat across the field that separated the forest from the village...Thump thump, thump thump, thum.. the sound of heartbeat was replaced by the sound of the owners neck breaking and the slice of teeth piercing the artery.  The growl that escaped rolled through his chest in sheer ecstasy... his eyes rolled back for a moment as he drank deeply.  Dropping the lifeless husk to the ground, his breath came in heavy, heated gulps of air.  The hushed sound of a gasp caught his attention and his eyes snapped to the dark silhouette that happened to be in the wrong place as the wrong time.

[Shit...] Max mumbled within his mind as his form began to shift, bones snapping and elongating with small black scales ripping out to cover his pale skin. Within a second his loose fitting clothes stretched taunt, threatening to rip the seams.  Her scream left her lips just has his clawed fist smashed into mouth, casting her sprawling on ground.  Horns blared and torches lit up along the perimeter where they sentries jumped to their duty, alerting the village.

[Run!]  Max commanded just to be pushed down with a guttural "No." that came from the leathery lips, as his beast took up the challenge.  He flexed his claws, shifted in his stance and rolled one shoulders one before the other. "Mine!"

As the first sentry rounded the hut where he hid, Beast rushed from the darkness, claws slashing the mans the throat before he even had the chance to block with his spear.  The whistle of an arrow caused him to drop under it's flight to roll forward and spring into a zig-zag pattern to cross the gap between him and the archer.  

[BEAST!] He shouted from the confines of his own mind.  [We don't have to kill them all.  We got what we came for, now leave!]  The roar that escaped him was one of defiance and blood lust and Max knew that there was nothing he could do but retreat back into the darkness of his own mind and try to ignore the onslaught that was about to unfold.  The sound of steel glancing off scales, the sting of cuts and arrows lodging between the scales felt like fire to his hidden flesh but his body would heal nearly as quick as it was opened.  Every other kill became a new feeding; the blood rushing through him to regenerate the damage he took; Beast was nigh unstoppable as he reveled in the fight.  What should have never happened, finally came to a end as the last villager hung suspended from his claws.  He drew her in and feasted from her throat before discarding her like a rage doll.  Methodically Beast began to back track, using whatever weapons he found along the way to disguise the scene as an attack from another tribe.  Confidently he strolled back between the same huts that he'd started from, just to find the woman he'd laid out in the beginning.  She moaned and slowly rolled to her side, spitting blood from her lips.  Beast perked an eyebrow and crouched in the shadows as he watched her slowly rise to her feet, unaware of his attention. 
"Mine" he growled, causing her to whip her head up and notice his blazing red eyes staring at her.  She stumbled back, her legs trembling under her as her mind raced in fear.
"Go away" she mumbled as she tried to turn to run.. "leave me alone." she continued.  Her legs began to find strength as she stumble ran into the field, hoping to make it to the woods.  Frantically, she looked back as she ran just to see the monsters black frame lit up by the fire of her village burning behind him as he stalked her on all fours.  "GO AWAY!" she cried, giving all she had in her weaken state to reach the trees as she cast a glance back over her shoulder and coming to a confused stop.  Where did he go?.... she thought, casting glances around the field until she bumped her back into the first tree of the woods.  Where is he... quickly she turns to run into the forest only to smash her nose into a hard scaly chest of which she staggers back from, slowly raising her gaze until she meets those red eyes.  Her heart quickens, fear peaks and just as she's about to scream, his claws rake over her chest in a searing swipe as his other hand claps her soundly in the head, casting her to the ground in a daze.
"Mine!" He proclaims as he picks her feebly struggling frame up and cast her over his shoulder.  She tried to weakly protest but it's meet with another dazing slap to the back of her head, bounding her face off his hard pec as he dashes into the forest to be engulfed in the darkness....



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We live in an age that alters words to keep one guessing and uncertain.  Personally it's a frustrating issue for a person who is analytical and requires words to have common definitions, that share the same understanding.

I'm going to address two because one is a love of mine while the other is misunderstood to the point of causing deep psychological damage.

Whore:  One who sells sexual exchange.  There is to me, no greater profession than to be a whore. I trained to be a whore.  I wanted nothing more than to be a whore every since I found out that people will PAY me to do what I love and study.  I have a saying that I've used often with broken hearted friends "A friend when in need, is a real friend by deed." Meaning if I'm your friend, male or female, & you're hurting... I'm gonna fuck someone up for hurting you, and willingly fuck you silly.  Nothing starts the healing of a broken heart like sexual release.  Hurt me, beat me, fuck me like you hate me, or cry in a lovers embrace... heal my friend, it's why I'm here.

Why I'm like this: I'm 2 steps shy from nympho, sadomasochistic, and there is no feeling that I know of that is better than the ones you feel after the sex you need.  I struggle with emotions so in my mind that sensation is what I see true love being.  Love is such a mix of emotions that nobody can put it in words for me to understand and that to me is how sex is... all consuming, all giving, pain, pleasure, take your breath and make you scream.

I've had pleasure with 20+ in my past and regret 0. So why didn't I follow my dreams... more than the reason I'm willing to tell but this is part of it.

I'm a light germaphobe... Not knowing who they are, what I may be picking up from a complete stranger 🤢 I couldn't shut off my mind causing issues with the libido when I needed the bastard the most!  My limit is extremely small but... it has to be clean!  Talk about having issues that contradict each other!  I'll eat your ass, swallow cum, take a pegging or cock till my ass seals shut and lick a pussy so deep the cream get wedged up my nose BUT!  You best show me a recent medical analysis or wear protection! I don't want what you got.  Its weird, I know but it's part of who I am.   Now, I'm not the whore I wanted to be, but I'm still a whore all the same.

Which brings me to the next word:

Worthless:  to have no value or use.

I hear this being used out of proper understanding... I feel like I'm worthless, he/she makes me feel like I'm worthless.  

Dirt, still has value and is still useful.

Trash, degrades into dirt thus once again has value because we grow crops from dirt to feed ourselves and others.

The person who calls you worthless is not saying you are without value, they are saying they can not afford you.  Why? Because they tried you and found that your value is most likely higher than theirs.  If you've done your part, they understood without knowing why; that they can not live up to their words so they deflect the blame of their own inability and tear at your self-esteem to hide your very value from yourself.  In doing so, you become without purpose fulfilling the role in yourself to designate a sensation of "worthlessness."

If you are ghosted, it's not that you are worthless but their character is beneath yours, thus making you of more value than they can afford.

If you struggle with issues, yes you need to get your shit together because you have a value and you are SooOooOo underselling yourself.  If you can not get your shit together, find another way to fulfill your purpose.  I couldn't be the whore I wanted to be so instead I was groomed to be a Master that can please any Slave without fearing for my own ego stroke.  General put: I do whatever it takes to get that cream out of you, hence I'm a bi-sexual, sadomasochist, switch.  I'll listen so I can help point you in a direction of self discovery, healing and growth.  I'll teach that you might fulfill your purpose all of which requires you to kneel at my feet.  I came to you for a reason, you came to me for a reason also.  If I'm not teaching I'm learning. If I'm not learning, I'm teaching and if you're too fukn stubborn I'll let you think you are teaching me so I can guide you to what you need to learn, all the while, thanking you for teaching me.


To me there are those who sell themselves to high, those who sell too low but your worth is up to you to determine.  Who accepts your worth and provides the cost of your worth is fukn hard to find cuz you are 1 in billions of other distractions but do not ever mistake... you have not ever been, you are not now, nor will you ever be "Worthless." 

Know your value, know your use and be used for it willingly.  A whore sells themselves, not just sexually, thus a whore is of immense value to me. A Master is the realm wherein I get to be that whore within the restraints set upon me due to my own mind. Be who and what you are, realign your reality, you've lived in an altered one for to long.

You'll find it's rather gratifying as well as illuminating.



1 year ago. January 20, 2022 at 4:59 PM

I love the cold far more than I love the heat.  I produce heat like a freakn nuclear silo at times and my theory is: You can always put more on when it's cold outside, but you take too much off when it's hot or you end up on the 6 o'clock news being taken down town to meet Bubba... I'm too damn cute for that!

However there are different levels of cold... °F

60-70 ... that ain't fukn cold, running round naked.

50-60 ... psh, get a blanket grandma.

38-50... Yetis summer! Don't need no jacket yet. Plzzz.

30-38 ... 5min days! YES! Snow!  Running out side bare foot to tromp through the powder.  I can be out in this for 5 min before I even start feeling the chill.

25-30 ... it's now cold.  Put a jacket on.

20-25 ... Yetis winter.  You're balls turn blue in that shit!

15-20 ... wTF! Your pecker sucks up inside like a trurtle and you officially cant find your balls.

10-15 ... Man-gina season... you pecker hides so far up inside you now have a vag...

Below 10... MEDIC!! Yup... its gonna take a team to find your bits and parts.  Your cock went to the closest warm spot and you just done what so many people have told you in the past... Go fuck yourself... 

^AngelBunny^ is gonna have to fist my ass to pop that son'a bitch out! 🥶🥶😂😂😂😂




1 year ago. January 18, 2022 at 5:04 PM

An annoyance to be sure... Seems that it's a thing to be right or wrong, like it's some kind of fukn badge of honor whereby you will be noted in the logs of History.   I don't get it.  It's an endless Avenue of stress, bickering, hurt feelings and implantation of self doubt.  

I'm not the world's smartest man & I'll admit that upfront.  I don't have any degrees added to my name but I'm not stupid either.  I've watch a shit ton of documentaries, set my own bones, stitched my own wounds, been shot at, stabbed and assaulted several times throughout my life. I've walked a rough path and I got this asshole who resides within me that tells me shit that I don't know how I know, I just know.  I'm not a know-it-all, hell I'd rather just stay silent most the time but when drawn into a conversation, I'll just say what I know and not think anything of it... until, inevitably, I need to be proven wrong. 😒 

I know I'm there with a person soon as I see them whip out their phone to google it.  I don't mind the first dozen times, it's just establish that I know what the fuk I'm saying which means you can be more confident in me.  Less stress on you, less worrying, less guess work.  Fuk me... I didn't say it to be "right".  So why the need to prove me wrong?  I'm not saying that healthy investigation of your own shit and situations is a bad thing.  What you do outside my visual range, I'm completely unaware of.  If you are just checking to have more validation on the topic, that's fine... have at it.  But when ya whip out the phone and go googling... your only trying to prove me wrong. For the sake of me being wrong.

Think about it for a moment... You don't care about "right"... you're not going to ego boost me but you'll brood when you find out the information was correct.  You'll come back to "Ha! You was wrong!" ... mmmmkay.  So?  1 in how many times?  Glad it provoked you so deeply that you did your own research instead of coming... oh... wait... you came to me first, instead of doing your research...

For a people riddled with self doubt, wishing for a partner they can trust, rely on and bring anything to, y'all are pretty shitty to that person once you find them.  You create a monster in yourself instead of finding release and confidence.  You cause a wall of mistrust due to the nature of causing second guessing on the true intention of the whole fukn conversation.  Said mistrust equals out into guarded conversations or simply NOT communicating at all due to being attacked with your need for me to be wrong.  Why should I say shit if you don't believe me & feel the need to second guess my every comment?  I'm not you.  I don't doubt my words.  I say what I mean and most the time I'm more concerned with hurting you than you give me credit for.

Why do you NEED me to be wrong?

The really sad thing to all this is... it's been part of my life for so long that I intentionally say something that I know is wrong, just so you can find something.  To see how you react when ya do.

To me, to be right just means you have knowledge and or experience.  To be wrong means you're growing and you now have said knowledge.  In an argument there is no such thing as right or wrong. Nobody wins, no matter the outcome.  Why do people insist on fighting over such petty shit when life is a one time experience and love is hard to find... I don't need mine full of other people's shit, doubt and disrespect.  You don't want that, right? 

Till you stop asking me questions, I'm going to have or seek answers so I might be a better Master for better Slaves.  If my information is unwanted, I don't have to say anything but then... no whining about the silence between us either.

Is proving a person wrong, worth the cost when they are supposed to be the focus of your desire, care and love?

If the situation was reversed, how would you feel about your partners constant googling of your information?


Just something to think about.