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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
3 months ago. Feb 11, 2022, 9:29 PM

Thank you for the challenge.


Tid bits of wisdom:

Very few are who they seem because most have an illusionary perception of themselves so first and foremost learn to stfu... I say that with all kindness.  Quite your mind when you talk with someone & hear what they are saying. Pay attention to how they form their sentences and how many times they use filler sounds like ummm... these are signs of those who are struggling to be direct and are intentionally looking for the best way to convey their thoughts without revealing themselves.  To often we are so busy forming a retort that we miss the conversation that could have been had if not for the noise of our own mind.

Txt isn't like reading a book where a backdrop is laid and our imagination is already prepared for the events unfolding.   Txt has no feeling, no tone, and even with Emojis can easily be taken out of content.  How a person feels when they read a txt is a strong indicator of how the txt is recieved.  If you are feeling attacked, its because you're most likely feeling defensive.  Re-read it before you respond, re-read the whole thing because assuming words is what we do with books... with txt, you can't assume as much, this causing a larger issue than was already there.  Notice this aligned with stfu... 😂

Relationships are hard, more so inside of Kink where no doesn't mean no, hence we have safety words. Use this knowledge in other means to deepen your relationship.  ^AngelBunny^ & I have safety word, usable for inside and outside of scenes.  We have safety signs because sometimes words are unavailable.  We have a cord of leather for times when we need to vent, the holders job is just to listen.  Most of what will be said is just for the purpose of releasing energy.  It's hard at times, but say nothing, give no response and when it's over don't move. Let 20 seconds go by and then do aftercare of:

"How is your mind? Did you get it all out?"

"How is your heart/emotions? Do you feel better?"

"How is your body? Did you hurt yourself in any way?"

Be respectful of who they are.... huggers need hugs,  isolationists need only a nod.  Both just need to know that YOU are ok with what was done... which means suck it up.  Choke it down and let it flow out of you.  This provides a safe communication environment for those who struggle to talk about emotions or release in bomb communications (before they blow up).

Do something every month that you would never think to have a desire to do.  Talk to someone outside your comfort zone.  Kiss someone "too old" or (while keeping it legal) "to young".  Dress up for no reason, put on lose clothes with nothing underneath and walk in public.  Whatever it is, just DO something.  Who knows, you may find something you like.

Lastly you are in control of your own happy.  It belongs to you.  Wear that shit like a model down the catwalk!😍🔥😈

3 months ago. Feb 2, 2022, 4:50 PM

I have 4 imps (children) and they have all grown up, gone off to college or the Military or both... I lovem to death and proud as fuk but this past week made me shake my head and ponder... am I gonna have to put my own imps through a fukn wall?

Back in November my youngest daughter graduated college with a bachelor's degree in micro biology, just to find out that the college let her buy the gown, invitation and walk the stage... but she failed a class and needs to retake it... before she actually has the degree.

I could be wrong but since when is it acceptable to lie to your whole damn list of family and friends? They give you money & gifts for all the hard work you put in and the accomplishment you achieved.. but... you didn't.   You failed. 😂😂 Own your shit.  She got hurt that I didn't get her a graduation gift and I'm like um... babygirl, when I see the document in your hand, I'll give ya the gift I already have set aside for you but for right now, you didn't graduate.  You lied to everyone and want me to reward you for it... No.  I raised you to have better character towards those who love you most.

So she works in a lab and was stationed there nearly the entire time of her last semester without pay... which idk how the fuk that is legal but she's happy cuz of the experience she gets with the promise of hire on when she graduates... of which she didn't... so instead they hire her for a different job that she can do until she completes the failed course and I'm thinking damn! You broke contract and they made a way to keep you cuz they see your potential?  Hell yeah.  Of course this pays less but it keeps her there... so my lil cum drop ask if she can move in with ^AngelBunny^ & I till she finishes the one class because she lost all her scholarships due to failing.  She tells me this will give her a chance to save up some money to pay off her college debt & get set for an appartment so she's not having to hurt paycheck to paycheck.  All of which is a great plan and I'm all for it.  I talk to Bunny and she's like, sure! Your imps are awesome and she cleans up after herself.  So we agree... we have had her with us before between semesters and she is never an issue but we really don't have a room for her.  Bunny... omg how I love this woman... ask if it would be ok to move her office from the spare bedroom to the tiny "dining room" that isn't much more than a fat hallway being about 6ft by 8ft and is the only threw way from the kitchen to the rest of the house.  Now there is more to the back story than I've time to tell but suffice it to say, Bunny's office in the spare bedroom was a point of contention in the past and why we slowed down to casually looking for our Other to compete our Polycule... like... major, breakdown in the relationship contention.  We worked through it, came up with a plan and agreed that the spare bedroom would be her office till we move.  Period.  Here she is giving it up for this smaller room which I never used for much more than a hold over room for tools n crap.  I cleaned it out, Bunny washed it down and we moved her office, along with our rabbits that also lived in the spare bedroom cuz she sometimes used them during her work for a calming effect. So this was in no means a small task.   To top it off, Bunny asked if we could let my daughter use her bed and stuff from the old apartment that we'd stored in the basement... Umm.. hell yeah.  Good thinking.  Daughter moves in and is happy af!  We three do our own things, no stress, lifes fine and I don't mention the extra $100+ it cost to house my daughter per month.  I ask her to help with dishes now & then and to me, this is just being part of a family unit.  However dishes are rarely done & I have to ask my 22yr old daughter to pitch in... "I will, I just need to blah blah blah."... frustrating but fine, so long as they get done.  Daughter ask if it's ok for her military boyfriend to stay with us during the holidays... sure! Bunny and I don't mind.  Again, expenses go up and little done ... like... i come to find that Bunny is actually doing the dishes because of the build up.  

That.  Is unacceptable.  

I have a "otw out the door" conversation with the daughter as she rushes off to her ex-boyfriends moms b-day part...🤔 wtf?  Oooook then... not my life, not gonna say anything.  Until I get a txt... 

🤨🙄😔😡 seriously... what... the fuck...

Correct me if I'm wrong here my lovely kinksters...  but.. um... children have a free roof over their head, food accessible with no cost, water, utilities..well in actuality they get everything at the charge of nothing but maybe doing chores to learn responsibility n shit, yeah?  She wants to be treated like an ADULT WHILE LIVING FOR FREE?!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Is she fukn serious?! Jebus fukn cristo...  where the hell did this entitlement come from?!  Currently she makes more than I do and is going to bitch about doing the dishes 1 time a week?!?  🤣🤣🤣🤣 ... ooooo babygirl.... college and boys have made you forget who the fuk your daddy is... I had to let that shit simmer for 24hrs in order to keep from blasting her full boar with my rage and double edged sword of a tongue.  To top all this off, Bunny threw her back out a few days before this and the Friday before that happened, I took them out to the local steakhouse where the girl & I had a disagreement about what "helping out" means... My oldest daughter is pregnant and is pondering coming home when she has the baby so we can "help her"... to which I said... no.  I'll gladly keep that boy, I love babies but it's not my job to raise someone's child for them nor is it Bunny's to be a babysitter.  You was adult enough to get prego, adult enough to keep the child, grow the fuk up n raise it, just like I did.  My youngest went into a tangent about how people just need help sometimes and I shouldn't be so hard ass...  My personal feeling is giving a hand up is not the same as a hand out.  If I offer to do something for X time is me giving a hand up... You coming and expecting me to take care of your shit, is expecting of a hand out... um.. fuk off.  Lifes hard and it doesn't revolve around any of us... figure the shit out & take care of your own shit.  If you need help, ask... if I can't don't get pissy with me, you're an adult, deal with it. 

Fast forward to the current txt situation.... umm.. what part was I unclear in?  So we have a sit down... no yelling, no physical relocation of her little ass through a wall... (btw, Bunny is fuk awesome for calming my tits.) We talk casually and I explain to her what all was done to make room for her in our home.  I explain that her presence was an interruption in Bunny and my dynamic... I show her the Bill's from before she moved in to current state and informed her that her share of "paying" is $300 a month, OR dishes 1 time a week when there is more than 10 things to wash.  Her eyes went to the floor as she started back pedaling on her stand concerning dishes 😂😂😂.  I told her to have them done without me asking, "it's your rent, due weekly" to which she gladly took me up on... then I catch Bunny doing the dishes on Sunday cuz they wasn't done yet... 🤬  Made Bunny stop.  Daughter wakes up, gets dressed and is otw out the fkn door when I try in the most civil voice I can muster... "You said you'd have the dishes done.  Why was Bunny having to do them?"

"I planned to do the Tue!"  (3 days beyond the week)

"That's not what we agreed..."

"In case you haven't noticed Daaad... I've had to work 36hr in the past three days!  I'll have them done on Tue!"

🤬🤬🤬🤬 I want to do really... really bad things... Bunny is looking at me like... please don't kill her, Master...  so... feed a person enough rope and let them hang themselves.  Gawd I hate this for her but she's about to learn a hard lesson. 

"Tuesday then.  Fine. Havem done."

She doesn't come home till she knows I'm gaming and guess what?!?!?... dishes still in the sink.

I gave Bunny explicit directions to not touch the dishes.  I'll fukn buy out to eat every damn day if need be, but come Feb 15th if shit isn't done as agreed she's gonna find out how adults deal with shit in the real world.  Eviction notice with her shit in boxs on the porch. 

Nobody... I mean NOBODY owes you jack shit unless you have a debt to them.  Entitlement is a losing battle, always. 

Sadly I see this same shit here in the Cage.  Dom... get your head out of your ass, they owe you nothing.   You haven't done shit let alone set a contract.  Subs... you're submission is only as valuable as your service.  Nobody owes you shit either.  Set a contract & hold to it.  Those who can't set contract are not mature enough for you to be hurt over.  Simple fact to me: When people don't meet your expectations, or treat you in a manner of which you are not consenting to or act like you owe them... you don't have to be a fukn drama queen to make your point. 

Cut the damn cord and walk the fuk away, you owe them no justification of your actions.

Tough love is harder on the one cutting the fukn cord than it is the baggage they are cutting away from.

But... I love my babygirl enough to treat her like the adult she wishes to be.

Second moral to the story... careful what you fukn ask for, you may just get it.

4 months ago. Jan 22, 2022, 10:45 PM

We live in an age that alters words to keep one guessing and uncertain.  Personally it's a frustrating issue for a person who is analytical and requires words to have common definitions, that share the same understanding.

I'm going to address two because one is a love of mine while the other is misunderstood to the point of causing deep psychological damage.

Whore:  One who sells sexual exchange.  There is to me, no greater profession than to be a whore. I trained to be a whore.  I wanted nothing more than to be a whore every since I found out that people will PAY me to do what I love and study.  I have a saying that I've used often with broken hearted friends "A friend when in need, is a real friend by deed." Meaning if I'm your friend, male or female, & you're hurting... I'm gonna fuck someone up for hurting you, and willingly fuck you silly.  Nothing starts the healing of a broken heart like sexual release.  Hurt me, beat me, fuck me like you hate me, or cry in a lovers embrace... heal my friend, it's why I'm here.

Why I'm like this: I'm 2 steps shy from nympho, sadomasochistic, and there is no feeling that I know of that is better than the ones you feel after the sex you need.  I struggle with emotions so in my mind that sensation is what I see true love being.  Love is such a mix of emotions that nobody can put it in words for me to understand and that to me is how sex is... all consuming, all giving, pain, pleasure, take your breath and make you scream.

I've had pleasure with 20+ in my past and regret 0. So why didn't I follow my dreams... more than the reason I'm willing to tell but this is part of it.

I'm a light germaphobe... Not knowing who they are, what I may be picking up from a complete stranger 🤢 I couldn't shut off my mind causing issues with the libido when I needed the bastard the most!  My limit is extremely small but... it has to be clean!  Talk about having issues that contradict each other!  I'll eat your ass, swallow cum, take a pegging or cock till my ass seals shut and lick a pussy so deep the cream get wedged up my nose BUT!  You best show me a recent medical analysis or wear protection! I don't want what you got.  Its weird, I know but it's part of who I am.   Now, I'm not the whore I wanted to be, but I'm still a whore all the same.

Which brings me to the next word:

Worthless:  to have no value or use.

I hear this being used out of proper understanding... I feel like I'm worthless, he/she makes me feel like I'm worthless.  

Dirt, still has value and is still useful.

Trash, degrades into dirt thus once again has value because we grow crops from dirt to feed ourselves and others.

The person who calls you worthless is not saying you are without value, they are saying they can not afford you.  Why? Because they tried you and found that your value is most likely higher than theirs.  If you've done your part, they understood without knowing why; that they can not live up to their words so they deflect the blame of their own inability and tear at your self-esteem to hide your very value from yourself.  In doing so, you become without purpose fulfilling the role in yourself to designate a sensation of "worthlessness."

If you are ghosted, it's not that you are worthless but their character is beneath yours, thus making you of more value than they can afford.

If you struggle with issues, yes you need to get your shit together because you have a value and you are SooOooOo underselling yourself.  If you can not get your shit together, find another way to fulfill your purpose.  I couldn't be the whore I wanted to be so instead I was groomed to be a Master that can please any Slave without fearing for my own ego stroke.  General put: I do whatever it takes to get that cream out of you, hence I'm a bi-sexual, sadomasochist, switch.  I'll listen so I can help point you in a direction of self discovery, healing and growth.  I'll teach that you might fulfill your purpose all of which requires you to kneel at my feet.  I came to you for a reason, you came to me for a reason also.  If I'm not teaching I'm learning. If I'm not learning, I'm teaching and if you're too fukn stubborn I'll let you think you are teaching me so I can guide you to what you need to learn, all the while, thanking you for teaching me.


To me there are those who sell themselves to high, those who sell too low but your worth is up to you to determine.  Who accepts your worth and provides the cost of your worth is fukn hard to find cuz you are 1 in billions of other distractions but do not ever mistake... you have not ever been, you are not now, nor will you ever be "Worthless." 

Know your value, know your use and be used for it willingly.  A whore sells themselves, not just sexually, thus a whore is of immense value to me. A Master is the realm wherein I get to be that whore within the restraints set upon me due to my own mind. Be who and what you are, realign your reality, you've lived in an altered one for to long.

You'll find it's rather gratifying as well as illuminating.



4 months ago. Jan 20, 2022, 6:59 PM

I love the cold far more than I love the heat.  I produce heat like a freakn nuclear silo at times and my theory is: You can always put more on when it's cold outside, but you take too much off when it's hot or you end up on the 6 o'clock news being taken down town to meet Bubba... I'm too damn cute for that!

However there are different levels of cold... °F

60-70 ... that ain't fukn cold, running round naked.

50-60 ... psh, get a blanket grandma.

38-50... Yetis summer! Don't need no jacket yet. Plzzz.

30-38 ... 5min days! YES! Snow!  Running out side bare foot to tromp through the powder.  I can be out in this for 5 min before I even start feeling the chill.

25-30 ... it's now cold.  Put a jacket on.

20-25 ... Yetis winter.  You're balls turn blue in that shit!

15-20 ... wTF! Your pecker sucks up inside like a trurtle and you officially cant find your balls.

10-15 ... Man-gina season... you pecker hides so far up inside you now have a vag...

Below 10... MEDIC!! Yup... its gonna take a team to find your bits and parts.  Your cock went to the closest warm spot and you just done what so many people have told you in the past... Go fuck yourself... 

^AngelBunny^ is gonna have to fist my ass to pop that son'a bitch out! 🥶🥶😂😂😂😂




4 months ago. Jan 19, 2022, 4:27 PM

He had been pacing a long circle path around the clearing of their massive oak tree that they'd called home for some time now.  She could hear him mumble something from time to time but never quite loud enough to be heard clearly.   Did she do something wrong? She pondered while going about her usual routines afraid to interrupt him when he was obviously in a "mood"... or maybe Beast was acting up again.  Her head popped up from what she was doing and she rush to the entrance of her burrow beneath the Oak.  Peeking her head out, bunny ears laid back so as not to be seen, she watched his figure travel the wood line of the clearing around their home. "No!" she heard him say just before punching a nearby tree... 

Shit... they are arguing again, she thought as she slunk back down into her burrow slowly making her way to the medical supplies. She knew his hands would be healed by the time he come in but something about going through the motions made her feel like she was able to do... Something.  She hated when they argued.  The instability and uncertainty wracked her anxiety up.  She wasn't afraid of him hurting her anymore, those days had past.  He'd rather harm himself than lay an angry finger on one hair of her fur... The thought made her smile a moment.  So ferocious yet... She sighed audibly, hugging the bandages idly to the memories of his treatments.  After a few moments had passed she realized she was rubbing the scar over her chest. "How times have changed..." she whispered as she turned back to the burrows entrance.  Again she peeked out... the weather had finally broken into winter.  Huge flakes fell softly from the heavens, glistening in the fading sunlight causing her to turn back and fetch a heavy blanket.  He may not feel the cold like she does but she needed a reason to interrupt the argument and this seemed to be the perfect alibi.  With the confidence of her skeme she walked out of the burrow, her fur lengthening to a protective coat against the cold.  The snow had picked up, falling in sheets so thick she could barely make him out against the tree line where he'd finally come to a stop.  He felt her... she smiled at the thought.  His intuition was incredibly... not infallible but all the same, he seemed to know where she was every moment of the day. 

"You're gonna catch a cold." She spoke up as she approached him, holding out the open blanket. 

He eyed her but said nothing as he stood with clinched fist, beaten to exposed bone of the knuckles.

Oh... he was in a mood... she lowered the blanket that he didn't move to take and eyed the blood droplets in their stark contrast against the thin layer of snow...

"May I?" She motioned with her eyes to his hands.  He stared at her, the turmoil rolling in his eyes made them swirl with darkness.  Beast was watching too... shit.  Slowly, her confidence shaken about her interruption she moved to take his hand. "Please Master..." she looked from his knuckles to his eyes once again and heard the growl begin.  Low... menacing... predatoral... her hand touched his and in the next blink he'd snatched her wrist in a firm grip. 

"Run..." Max said, his voice breaking his own fluid word. 

"Huh?" Her eyes dart about the woods looking for the intruder.

"RUN!" He demanded, his voice altered into the guttural speech of Beast as his flesh began to expand and turn leathery black.  Fangs pushed through and claws extended and she didn't need to be told again.  He tossed her arm and spun her around, leaving her the only option of darting into the woods away from him.  She heard the sound of bones popping as Beast was coming forth but she didn't look back as she leaned forward in a rush of adrenaline laying on the speed.  These woods belonged to them, they knew every tree, every creature that lived within and she weaved through like an experienced animal running from a wolf pack.  Never run straight, he'd taught her, shifting her legs to make a sudden bound off in another direction.  Use your instincts to feel your surroundings and don't doubt yourself. Use your speed to the advantage... she could hear his direction in her mind just as clear as all the days they trained together.  The sudden rush of wind hit her from above and she dove to the side, his claws just missing her.  Her heart raced as she sprang off in another direction, snow whirling in a flurry behind her.

"NO LOO BA!" She heard, too late as she slammed into his chest, his massive arms and wings wrapping around her like a boa constrictor, taking them both to a skidding stop on the ground.  She looked up into his green eyes, nearly glowing in the thrill of the hunt. "MINE!" He declared in a snarl.

"Your..." her statement cut off by a sudden cold as he released her, leaving her enveloped by the snow beneath them. "BEAST!" She protested, slamming her fist against his thick leathery chest.

He roared with laughter, taking her by the throat to pin her in the snow.  Her fur would protect her, but that wasn't the point! She grabbed his wrist and was about to try to break free when he leaned in, his growl vibrating through his chest as his other hand found a path up between her legs, covered in the cold powder that he now used to taunt her clit.  The shiver was instinctual to his growl and her moisture melted the snow almost instantly.  He forced her legs further apart and drove a frozen finger inside to tease her with.  She couldn't help but squirm... where was his heat?  The thought was driven from her mind as she felt him shift, his tongue slowly drawing over her clit as his fangs pushed the edges of her flesh.  Again the snow was used as a melting toy, being packed inside her, just as quickly to turn to water beneath her lust and his. From one position to the next, he'd use the snow to bring a biting numb that simmered under his rough touch.  His body thawing her frozen parts bringing a heightened sensation till her shivers become that of release... She looked back at him, their last position of a low spread doggy over a melted mound of snow... was he purring?... his growl rolled through him, deep and content. Without a word he rose and scooped her into his arms, wrapping his wings around them as he headed back to the Oak.  She was worn out, her body a mix of claw marks, fang punctures and nearly frozen popsicle but his heat was back, warming her up as she heard him once again.. "Mine." 

This is what they was fighting over, Max unwilling to freeze her, worrying over her flesh. Beast knowing what he wanted and unrelenting in his lust.  Boys, she thought. "Yours." She said.


(Sorry it wasn't more graphic but I am at work)


4 months ago. Jan 18, 2022, 7:04 PM

An annoyance to be sure... Seems that it's a thing to be right or wrong, like it's some kind of fukn badge of honor whereby you will be noted in the logs of History.   I don't get it.  It's an endless Avenue of stress, bickering, hurt feelings and implantation of self doubt.  

I'm not the world's smartest man & I'll admit that upfront.  I don't have any degrees added to my name but I'm not stupid either.  I've watch a shit ton of documentaries, set my own bones, stitched my own wounds, been shot at, stabbed and assaulted several times throughout my life. I've walked a rough path and I got this asshole who resides within me that tells me shit that I don't know how I know, I just know.  I'm not a know-it-all, hell I'd rather just stay silent most the time but when drawn into a conversation, I'll just say what I know and not think anything of it... until, inevitably, I need to be proven wrong. 😒 

I know I'm there with a person soon as I see them whip out their phone to google it.  I don't mind the first dozen times, it's just establish that I know what the fuk I'm saying which means you can be more confident in me.  Less stress on you, less worrying, less guess work.  Fuk me... I didn't say it to be "right".  So why the need to prove me wrong?  I'm not saying that healthy investigation of your own shit and situations is a bad thing.  What you do outside my visual range, I'm completely unaware of.  If you are just checking to have more validation on the topic, that's fine... have at it.  But when ya whip out the phone and go googling... your only trying to prove me wrong. For the sake of me being wrong.

Think about it for a moment... You don't care about "right"... you're not going to ego boost me but you'll brood when you find out the information was correct.  You'll come back to "Ha! You was wrong!" ... mmmmkay.  So?  1 in how many times?  Glad it provoked you so deeply that you did your own research instead of coming... oh... wait... you came to me first, instead of doing your research...

For a people riddled with self doubt, wishing for a partner they can trust, rely on and bring anything to, y'all are pretty shitty to that person once you find them.  You create a monster in yourself instead of finding release and confidence.  You cause a wall of mistrust due to the nature of causing second guessing on the true intention of the whole fukn conversation.  Said mistrust equals out into guarded conversations or simply NOT communicating at all due to being attacked with your need for me to be wrong.  Why should I say shit if you don't believe me & feel the need to second guess my every comment?  I'm not you.  I don't doubt my words.  I say what I mean and most the time I'm more concerned with hurting you than you give me credit for.

Why do you NEED me to be wrong?

The really sad thing to all this is... it's been part of my life for so long that I intentionally say something that I know is wrong, just so you can find something.  To see how you react when ya do.

To me, to be right just means you have knowledge and or experience.  To be wrong means you're growing and you now have said knowledge.  In an argument there is no such thing as right or wrong. Nobody wins, no matter the outcome.  Why do people insist on fighting over such petty shit when life is a one time experience and love is hard to find... I don't need mine full of other people's shit, doubt and disrespect.  You don't want that, right? 

Till you stop asking me questions, I'm going to have or seek answers so I might be a better Master for better Slaves.  If my information is unwanted, I don't have to say anything but then... no whining about the silence between us either.

Is proving a person wrong, worth the cost when they are supposed to be the focus of your desire, care and love?

If the situation was reversed, how would you feel about your partners constant googling of your information?


Just something to think about.



4 months ago. Jan 18, 2022, 1:57 PM

Most of my Blogs never see the light of day, (according to ^AngelBunny^, nor should they😂) so usually I go into my Drafts and review before cleaning out the closet of my blogs.  Things addressed that never made it to the board?

Stupidity, a self imposed restriction

Vipers and Teddy Bears

Growing up... try it.

Sadist, two steps from infamous


Safety of the interwebs

Shit happens

Pups, Kittens & Bunnies 

The world spins on one finger

Mastering the mind


Either they didn't flow well, was to vulgar, possibly a rant, neigh unto abusive or way to dark for the light of day... 

I'm glad to have an outlet in drafts!

Anybody else do this?



4 months ago. Jan 17, 2022, 2:01 PM

Good morning Kinksters

I've been pondering a series of questions presented to me and I'm still at a cross roads for the answer.  I am Bi, Triad/V Poly and while seeking our other I get all kinds of weird, lewd, and sometimes mentally unstable approaches.  I enjoy them all!  Different strokes for different folks but every blue moon I get to talk with someone who is wonderful to talk with and stimulating with their conversation.  This brings me to my current predicament... 

In my quest I've stated Female, MtF who is already out and at minimum on Hormones.  To me, if they haven't done the least in getting on the hormones then chances are they are looking for a sugar daddy to pay for everything and ummm no.  This does not sway males from hitting up the inbox with questions and submissions for service as a Slave to me.  I've told many of a straight person that to me, a hole is a hole, is a hole... so long ad they have a good shape to them & take care of themselves, what do I care if the hole belongs to men or women?  I've been saying that for years and have had a guy friend that we'd just get together for some fun because one, he is married and two, his quite masculine and that's never been a turn on for me.  Only thing I find attractive about most men is what's between the belly button and the kneecaps...  Saying this to the gentleman of whom I speak, he ask a series of questions "If you know that, then why is it different when it comes to being your Slave?

Does a face or chest matter when it comes to greeting you at the door? There's mask and costumes for that.

Bringing your drink or food... matters that much on looks?  Do you go to a restaurant and pick out your waitress?

Do you insist that only what makes you hard by sight, is the only ones able to do your laundry or clean your house?

You say that your language of love is Touch and Service, that someday you could go blind... Then what does it matter if I'm a male and not a very masculine one at that?

What is it that truly makes you happy and most likely turns you on?



He has some valid points.  Sometimes I can be blinded by what I want to the point of not seeing what I need and that desire isn't always based on the appearance (though let's face it, to some extent it helps!).

So now I'm in a quandary of what it is that I'm truly able to find attractive.  Feminine features goes a fuck ton of a long way but my guy friend, who is still very much a good friend even without the sex, is as stated... masculine.  Like beard & mustache, decent dad bod... He's there when in the rare times I need some assistance or just to chat with a dude.  So what is my true hold back?  Am I being so vain that everything else is tossed away as not?

Anyways, I'm hoping that typing this up will kick the brain into drive and maybe something y'all say may help with the process.  



4 months ago. Jan 1, 2022, 7:11 AM

happy new years Kinksters!

5 months ago. Dec 25, 2021, 8:13 PM

I was going to go though all the post, wishing each individual a Happy holidays and then I remembered... 😂😂😂 I'll get distracted and forget people... possibley piss someone off cuz I'm me and tend to do so, thus I'll just come here and y'all can hit the ❤ button.  I am thankful to have met those whom I've spoken with on the Cage, good or bad, it's been a time.  May your year end in merriment, happiness and sexual bliss.🎁🎄🎁😘


Happy holidays y'all!