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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
6 months ago. Dec 13, 2021, 5:14 PM

Some of you may have read the title and clicked thinking this is something else.  Well, you're right and wrong. 

One of the few PC games I'm currently addicted to is is a survival game called Ark: Survival evolved.  I'm rather late to the game as it was released several years ago and has been expanded multiple times already but all the same it's not the MMORPG that is my usual style of gaming.  This game comes with dinosaurs! You know.. those cute lil raptors that want nothing more than to EAT YOUR FACE OFF! 😱😵😵 😂

The game is packed with explorable areas, rich details, fantastic mechanics so you can build all kinds of structures to help you survive. HOWEVER! You start off naked with nothing and you have to learn basics quickly or be eaten by nearly every damn thing in the game!  Even compy's will wear you down... unless of course you run and you feel like "Fuk you bastards!" Flipping them off as you leave them in your dust, just to be pounced on by a sabertooth who just wants to snuggle you... or your bits... in its belly 😑

In time you get use to the WOW or OMFG! Wth just happened?! But it leaves you jumpy, cautious and consistently looking around.  Thankfully as you progress, you learn to tame all these lil assholes that want to eat you and in doing so, you get a sense of "Ok... I'm not gonna die every time I step away from my shelter..." that took 20 attempts to build.  Even still though, or at least For me, the worst part is getting off your "mount" (tamed dino). You can set it to protect you but sometimes the thing coming out of the Jungle at you is a T-Rex who finds your mount to be a tasty snack and you're well.. mixed in with your mount to be pooped out later.

What makes it even worse... you come up to a rock, look around.  All clear. Check again because you are paranoid as fuk. All clear.  Hop off, brace to get back on & fight or flee... nothing. *sigh of relief.* you pull out your handy dandy tools to start collecting said rock aaaaaand... nothing.  Not one damn thing.  It's part of the scenery instead of a rock.  The feeling of wanting to piss on it or SOMETHING! is rather overwhelming.  I mean, if you're gonna be a rock, be a fukn rock but if your not a rock don't say you're a rock, present your a rock and make me risk a nervous breakdown just to find out, YOUR NOT A ROCK!   It was at this point when I'm standing there watching my game character stareing at a not rock that I realized something.  This game is more like real survival than anything I've ever played. Real life is tough with no do overs.  You come into it unequipped and needing to learn everything. Somedays just leaving your house feels like you most likely won't make it back the same as you left and even if you do... you're going to find that the environment around isn't always what it says.  People especially.  In time, after many injuries (mental, emotional, physical) you either start fearing everything, fighting for everything, or deceive by people who claim to be what you're looking for, show all the signs thereof and just when you feel you can trust them... you find out they're not a rock. Everything it took to get to this point and it was for nothing more than the journey there.

Thankfully there is hope.  Just like in the game, you start to recognize what is a rock and what is scenery.  Oh you still jump off at the wrong spots, you fuk up and pay the price, but... you start finding rocks that are rocks and the shit you build is fukn epic.

So... if you're not a rock, stop saying you're a rock. If you want to be a rock, be a rock but don't say your a rock and not be a rock.  If you're mending from the last time your ass was eaten by a Raptor because of one of those not rocks, it'll heal if you let it. Get back out there... there's real rocks all around.  Don't get discouraged, though I know its easier to give up. Your world... is what you're stuck in. Make it your bitch and find out that you survived all that shit, so you're able to live in this moment.

You got this shit.

😘🤗 *swat on the ass*


Ps... BEHIND YOU!! 😱🤯😵... 😂😂😂 

6 months ago. Dec 12, 2021, 6:32 PM

Over the past 12-14 years I've dated many types of people ranging from ages 18 - 62 and by date I don't mean committed relationship. I mean the act of getting to know each other, spend time together and see what falls out.  Some had bedroom aspects but some didn't so it's not the sex.  Communication has grown and evolved throughout the process so it's not communication.  So maybe someone can explain in a way I can grasp this perplexing issue I've had over the vast majority of every fukn "relationship".

Situation: The one I'm with at any of the times above, are doing things that please me.  Consistently, daily they do small or large things ranging from corsets & makeup to cooking meals or buying me my favorite flowers. (Yes it's an extremely rare thing for a woman to buy a man flowers but this man actually loves it due to the type of flower).  I do my part also but there comes a day where I really just wish to reward them for the vast majority of the 24hr period. I take them out to nice restaurants, go shopping wherein their money is no good, have wonderful conversations on topics I know they like and basically shower them in my appreciation.  Usually at the very end of it all when I check on their mind & heart to be assured they are happy, content, and feel loved, I let them know: This day isn't everyday, nor even weekly. It's a day I choose to go over the top in expressing my appreciation for all they do. I know I'm not easy to be around sometimes. My moods can swing without warning, Beast can come out in need after hes been silent for a week... and so much more. So this day... this is their day to be appreciated.  I use all the knowledge I have about them to help them see I'm paying attention even when it seems I'm not. All to make them have that "warm fuzzy" from head to toe... we go to sleep and wake the next day & POOF! or BOOM! Without fail, every reason I done that for is gone... now they are resistant, fussy, neglectful, unresponsive, petty, as though I woke up and pissed on their tits.

WTF is up with that shit?  Was i.. too nice?  Too caring? Did I put them in a mind that I'm now gonna take that kind of treatment and be fist fukd in the ass (without lube!) with a smile?  The peace and harmony is gone out the window and I literally have to pick the right moment to treat them like total shit just to get us back to where we was.  It feels like disciplining a dog... I hate doing it but I won't tolerate the shit on the carpet.  It feels like I can't ever show them how much they mean to me, I can't say it, I can't express it... I have to keep a firm or hard clasp around their throat, sometimes to the point where they (metaphorically) kick the walls I'm sliding them up till they piss themselves in fear... just to get them back to how we was before the day happened.

I understand Master/Slave dynamic is by all right, the Master is always the Master and the Slave is always held firm in order to be happy... while at the same time they bitch about never being appreciated or given time to themselves or shown mercy, etc.

Is it too hard for partners (sub/slaves) to wrap their minds around the concept of acknowledging and appreciating? Should I just say fuck it, suck that shit down like all the other emotions and just accept that as my part in being Master?

Now full disclosure: Part of me loves it because I can let my Sadist out, be mean, wicked and cruel but it comes at a very high price.  You can't unhear what I say. Bruises heal, cuts mend but I go for the heart, attack the mind and all the training I've done for the past 30+ years to be more "acceptable" and a better Master,  just gets shot all to hell.  With it, the relationship.

Thus I have the rule: Keep the first thing first. Always.  No matter how good or bad life is in the moment keep the first thing first.  We hold each others heart in our hands. Protect it. Respect it. Love it deeply cuz at any moment it can suddenly stop.

Lastly before anyone panics... AngelBunny and I are doing wonderfully.  She and I hit bumps now & then but ooooomg is she worth the time and effort.  Most days I still sit and drool just watching her be herself as she goes about the day.  For her in the above, her resistance/neglect is like forgetting to kneel at the door when I get home... 🙄 resolution: I point it out with an even tone and tell her to be kneeling at the door when I come home. 😂  FIXED!  She's so good with open communication.

I ask the above because as we seek out our other to fulfill our Triad/V, the situation is most likely going to arise and I like to be infront of the situation so I can better deal with it when it happens.

Any input is appreciated but please try not to be overly general.  You may only be able to speak to a fraction of the issue but don't worry, I like puzzles and know how to pick gems out to place in proper arrangements.

Thanks in advance, 


6 months ago. Dec 9, 2021, 7:54 PM

Dear fat bastard living in the artic tundra, 

 Potty train your damn deer, last year it took a week to get those magical turds out of my gutter and the local goth group kept throwing a rave due to their ability to shoot psychedelic colors when mixed in snow.

As per our normal agreement I won't set up the deer stand nor ask for your elf's to be left butt ass naked and tied with tensile as a gift.

Yes I'm well aware that I'm on your naughty list, though in my defense it's been one hell of a pandemic and some people are just shit, that requires people like me to jerk a knot in their tail.. soo... there is that and it should count for something. 

So if you agree:

The only winning lottery ticket for the drawing after Christmas day, here in my state.

One day, wherein I can be the me I suppress on a daily basis. When the day is over, make the world reset to the day before, leaving only me with the knowledge of what happened. 

Yes I know those are outlandish but it softens you up to:

An automated asian sexdoll with accessories. 

10 acres of land, 6 wooded and 3 with a deep pond.

A three bedroom home with two bathrooms and a full basement.  This should be well enough for me to build my ^AngelBunny^ her dream of a rabbit sanctuary while providing privacy enough for me. 

I would ask for that other partner that I've oft dreamed about to be with me & AngelBunny but let's face it, this world struggles to accept themselves and the concept of being loved is restricted to mono... despite all the other things we "love" devotedly.

Now that we got that out of the way, the coal box is still right there by the chimney and thx for the future BBQ briskets. 

Cookies and milk are in the fridge.




7 months ago. Nov 25, 2021, 3:44 AM

I usually am a very privet person but wtf... go ahead.

7 months ago. Nov 19, 2021, 11:43 PM

If y'all ain't use to me by now, there's nothing to be done but say adult & possibly disturbing content beyond this point.

Thank you for this challenge, and I did my best tone it down while being forthright. 

Most of what causes me to shiver has less to do with sexual content and more to do with the sensual connection between me and mine.  

The taste of blood, flowing from my partner in a stream of crimson wine,  is intoxicating to Beast and leaves me buzzing with revitalizing energy. It may not be as gratifying as sex to me but feeling the connection of energy between us is sometimes so overwhelming that I just don't want to move in fear of losing the moment.  The more he takes, the more we feel her emotions connect to his and mingle with mine.  I have yet to understand that which is incomprehensibly the emotion of love, but in that moment of such wonder, peace, and soothing calm it makes me shiver to realize how much she loves us and the extent that we would go to keep her safe, comforted and wrapped in all we are.


What makes me shutter is the other sides of us... letting his sadistic side loose or recieving such to appease my masochistic needs at the time of wanting.  This is where Beast & I war... there is only so much I can stomach when it comes to blood letting, only so much screams of pain I can endure, and only so much sobbing i can take before I become protective... but to him is an aphrodisiac.  My lil ^AngelBunny^ does such a wonderful job in appeasing his senses with her screams and sobs that its usually enough to simply mark her flesh with nails, marks, and bites, rarely ever bringing blood except to feed.  He isn't gentle but nor does he cross her threshold leaving him feeling like a dog straining against the chains.  I however am the other side and my masochist needs requires a very hardy portion of pain in order to get where I need to go. So much in the fact that it triggers Beast protective of me, which I fine hysterical considering what he put me through but it's that whole... what I can do and what others can do to you is two different things! RAWR! 😂😂 Whether it's the flog pummeling my ribs till I'm black n blue, a skilled hand with a cricket bat or a sex toy that is too big (atm) the size of a petite womans hand... when I crave, it won't just go away.  Thus we seek our other... my Bunny does the best she can but physical strength and endurance isn't her strong suit... nor is she accurate, which has left me nearly vomiting when the flail went up between my thighs to...🤢 yeah🤮... so the thought of one who can met one or the other, or both... oomg 😈💦.  Plus the sexual side of it is soooo appealing to my nymp 

And lastly comes the thing that makes me purr...this is the side that I rarely let people see without actually being with me...

When it comes to cuddle time there is very little that can tear me away.  My life has know horror, torment, turmoil and heartache to last a life time.  The images that play in my head has left me never desiring to sleep, especially alone.  Having peace in the house,  wrapped arms around the one I love and feel the safest I've felt in years... This is what turn me on, motivates me to be better with anger management. Keep kicking down the walls when they want to jump up... I know what lonely feels like & this is not it... this is the shit that makes me purr... literally. 



8 months ago. Nov 1, 2021, 2:07 AM

Bunny & I going out on the town 

She was such a Bat!

Somebody is gonna chain her ass to the bed... That's all I can say...



 It wasn't much but we had a good time with it.




8 months ago. Oct 20, 2021, 11:53 PM

Most relationships start out as a work in progress, hence the whole dating, communication, blah blah blah... but there are points in a relationship where it could change the very fabric of reality you find yourself in... both good or bad, though usually the latter.

Shit comes up, words get vomited out, pride jumps up and smash BOoOm BAM!  Everything you've worked on for the past "X" days... weeks... months... is just shot all to hell.  You feel like you're back at square one and this is the umpteenth time. The feeling of frustration to the point of wanting to peel yer skin off and let the Beast just have his way is sooo tantalizing... you teeter on the very edge of hope and despair... 

What's the point?  No matter what you do, it's never enough.  Don't matter if all the vomiting that was spewed on you was logically proven to be false... You can't fight that mindset, you can't reason or comfort or even protect them from theirselves.   You fight your own demons of self worth, ethical AND moral, right & wrong, disgrace to your name/position.

You feel yourself cracking and as many times in the past but instead ya suck that shit down, push up off your knees and defiantly stand bleeding from the wounds to your heart that those uncensored, without regard or thought....woords...  ripped through you, adding to the thousands of other scars that had come before.  No more...

As a Master I oft times have not been seen as creatures that can be wounded.  I have a Beast after all, yeah?...I am..  A Man.  Emotionally inept, lacking in feelings, with unyielding strength to endure.  However... lacking doesn't mean without feelings. I hurt... but without the tears.  Just because I don't have an outward show of breaking down with gasping gulps of boo hoo.. doesn't mean I'm not looking into the blackness wondering why I fight so hard to be ... this me.  The kinder one.  The caring for those close to me, person.  Fighting to feel even the most basic of happiness and loved feelings... It is so much easier to just let the Beast out.  Let him leave a wake of destruction and pain, filling his gullet with fluid he craves...

I sit idley gaming (killing shit) while the war rages in my mind.  The restless night had come & gone leaving me that much closer to pitching over the edge...  But then she came... softly, broken hearted and humble.  Ashamed for what she'd done... the mouth that spat venom and arrows now weaves a needle and thread as she ask for forgiveness, confessing why she did it and acknowledging its merit.

Hearing her speak, I feel the soft little paw take hold of my hand and gently pull me back from the edge.  It doesn't take much, granted... I love her deeply... but in my past it's been so rarely done that this little bunny shines like a firefly in the depths of darkness till her glow of humility, honor and respect fill the place where we stand.

The scars will remain, but the healing is quicker with the tending.  The wounds are still tender, but this we can endure.  The blood is still splayed on chest like a drying riverbed, but her little tongue finds a way to clean it all up.

There is no such thing as an effortless Happily Ever After... that is a delusion of fairy tales.  True love is a progressive work.  You are human.  You're gonna fuk up.  What you do is important.  How you approach the apologies matter far more than the actual words but make no mistake... the words matter.  In my life, it has always been up to me to address the issue, find a resolution, seek the apology (most of which where empty words not worth wiping my ass with)... What had pushed me so hard and so quick?  Maybe it was the extent of good times we'd been having that made this feel so blind siding.  Idk.  What I do know is: I'd reached a point of pivot to which i had no intention of "fixing it." Again.  Where we go was in her hands, she either trust me by now or she doesn't.  We move forward or start building walls.

I hate that we argue but I'm proud of you for taking my inner hand, humbling yourself and apologizing without prompting.  I know you have been taken advantage of, hurt and dismissed in your past... but thank you.  Thank you for seeing that I'm not them.  Trusting the backlash would not be turned mercilessly on you. Trusting that I would listen.  Trusting that when I say you're forgiven that I mean immediately without harsh consequences... (funishment is far more rewarding)  and Thank you for doing it relatively quick before the plaster started to harden on the wall so I could rip that shit down without the traditional way of finding my way back. *rubs the knuckles*

I am not much for sharing my inner thoughts with the world, for the most part I'd be just as happy watching it burn while I hold my ^AngelBunny^ safe from harm's path.  Yet, how can I ask for her growth if I am unwilling to do so myself.  This sharing is in honor of her... trying to help me, be a better version of... well... anything better than the monster I am.



8 months ago. Oct 18, 2021, 12:46 AM

I woke up giddy as dream realm slipped into reality, holding my ^AngelBunny^ in my arms as we spooned in the bed.  I couldn't help but chuckle some as I replayed the last things I remembered from the dream.  Lifting myself up some and leaning over her to kiss her lips gently, I stopped and stared at her slowly waking form. "G'morning my beautiful Slave." 

"Good morning, Master." She replied sleepily as she pushed up her sleep mask to one eye squint at me.  Seeing my grin she asked her usual "what?" I looked at the doorway half expecting to see the fox eared, nearly child size woman come running through the doorway in her fox onesie that had been selectively modified to hug her form and show flesh as her brest played peekaboo while she ran.

"Coffee is on, Daddy." She declared happily as she leaped into the four post bed, squirreling up Bunny's body and scattering the pet's from off the bed. "Yip yip." Came the high pitched sound of her mock fox bark as she come to a stop nose to nose with Bunny. Gentle they nuzzled noses broken by lil foxes over exaggerated lick of the tip of Bunny's nose, chased to each cheek.  Bunny mock fought her off, ending it with pulling her little fox fur body to herself. "Good morning to you two, Kit!" Bunny chuckled as she held the girl the best she could while tussling her sandy brown hair. 

"Let your sis up," I stated, giving Kit a swat on her partly bare ass, quickly pulling back on her tail and snatching her off Bunny to claim for myself.  After a quick kiss, I let her set up, straddling across my pelvis to which she went wide eyed, covering her "OH" with one hand as her head dropped shyly while the other reached behind herself.

"Looks like someone woke up happy." Her shy voice rang in my mind, blending with Bunny's real voice as my obviously happy mood pressed against her ass crack.

"It was a very good dream" I growled pulling her onto her back to bite at her lovely exposed nipples... "Remind me to tell you about it later."


Now, whether this was a dream of a horny man who absolutely loves spooning his Bunny, or a vision of future events... idk.  The happiness and raw joy that surrounded my body from the emotions that seemed so real in the dream, echoed for days later.  It wouldn't be the first time I'd seen into the future though I do wish I could remember more details because if you're out there reading this... we are waiting for you to come home, Kit.  Message me when you find this.  Don't hesitate or wonder if it's you the dream was about.  Take the chance & reach out.

With that said... anyone else have these type of dreams?  I'm analytical so I'm use to looking for meaning in a dream but this was so real I could smell her scent.  Everything in me says be patient and still... "Kit" is being just like ^AngelBunny^ when she was watching from the darkness of our woods and if I make too quick of a move, she'll spook and run for her hole.  However I'm a realistic dreamer of hope, I tend to look for the optimistic side with hope but only wait so long before i move on.  Lifes too short to stand still and I have a wonderful life I'm living with Bunny while we look for our "otherkin".

You won't offend me with your comments so what do you think & if possible, why?

Wishful lust?

Future event?

Or ??

8 months ago. Oct 16, 2021, 2:49 PM

G'morning you lovely bunch of kinksters!  It's been forever & a day since I last blogged and that's mainly due to my amount of busyness, life changes & lack of desire to continue to share.  Ever feel like you're only talking in a lecture hall where nobody ever ask questions or makes statements? It's so uninspiring... I have plenty of audience in my own head that will gladly speak up and I don't even have to proofread the damn statement's a hundred times! 😂😂 

Today however I feel like giving y'all an update to help promote the hope in what you're looking for.

My ^AngelBunny^ & I have had many ups & downs over the past year... some REALLY bad, however when two people.. hmm... two people & a beast?  Fine!  One good woman, and a multitude of umm... whatever the fuk I am, AND a beast (everybody happy now? Yes? Can we continue? Esh...) put the first thing first and gage everything off that... well... the results are quite amazing.  We've meet both sides of our RL family's without bumping heads with them.  My youngest daughter (21yr) unwittingly discovered our lifestyle while living with us... someone said Master... another said slave... damn amazon Alexa!!  We'll just blame that 😂😂. Ok so the sex toys accidentally left on the sink... couch... bed... due to exhaustion!!  may have been the gove away too...  Damn Tybalt (dog) & Monti (cat) need to learn how to clean up after scenes! Anyways, she's a flubber di gidditt so I'm pretty sure the rest of my imps now know also. 😅 o'well.  We've got an inkling that Bunny's mom may know also but she seems fine with the decision and didn't make it a big deal. Like... it would have mattered but all the same, keeping peace in the family is wonderful when its possible. 

I've gotten out from under some debts, consolidated the rest to save a significant amount of out going finances, replaced the central heat & air so Bunny could have a happier life (yes I know it needed done but having someone to do it for is far more inspiring to me).  Went on a week long vacation to Florida wherein we had a great time. (I'll post pics at the bottom) & all of this is because I learned a valuable lesson... Choose to do the opposite. 

What do I mean by this?

Trembling Rabbit taught my to stop judging people by what they appear to be on the inside, off one or two discussion & take a chance, even if I feel its doomed or a waste of time.  If you find that person you are willing to give your heart to... check the depth of the waters to make sure it's safe to dive into, but don't wait months on end... you've messaged, talked, vid chat, meet up a few times, spent a week together... you was open, they was open, no major flags... wtf are you waiting on? DIVE DIVE DIVE!! Not from the waters edge, but from the top of that wall you've built.  Yes. You may get hurt. But... maybe not. Maybe what you find is everything you thought you required to have a wonderful relationship, was the real things caging you up in the head, holding back the feeling of being alive and experiencing this weird ass emotion called love.

If you dive... don't half ass it.  Go all the way in. Embrace it. Swim in the lake that you dove into and remember that this lake... requires maintenance.  Keep the first thing, first.  Do the big things, do the little things, swat her ass, pull her hair, use toys, DO those things that she likes... while doing things you like.  When storms come, big or small, keep you eye on the lake, remember first thing comes first!  Suck up your pride & swallow that comment of pain induced retaliation.  Hurting people hurt people... why are you here?  Do you wish to have a lake or stomp in shoe sucking mire?  First things first... not just when its convenient or during good times, but every minute of every day. Learn them. Communicate always but do so in a fashion that reflects First thing will always come first... so long as they choose it also, there's very little that the two of you can't do!  Before long you'll find that the beachfront home at the lake you dove into has been hidden beneath the wall you dove from.  You just couldn't see it for the walls.

Life isn't your job, though your job is very important.

Life isn't your kids or spouse/partner, though they are more important than your job.

Life is living.  When you have the first thing first, all the above benefits from it... finds stability in it... even if your first thing first starts with you being in love with who you are... what's this mysterious first thing?  True love.  (Thank you Princess Bride for that cheesey line!) 

In every build up of an argument, I've had to remind myself to keep the first thing first.  I've had to remind my Bunny also... when we both focus on it, it seems the argument just doesn't matter and we talk easier about the issues.  Find a resolution or remind each other of what/when/where because for fuks sake... we are all human... (sigh) ok Beast isn't, but the rest of us are!  We are all faluable, make mistakes, & forget... first thing says, I love her.. maybe she needs a reminder. Maybe she needs her ass swatted.  I'll not know if I give into rage, placing myself first. If I don't communicate in words she understands it's not going to be recieved and she'll just fire back.  The wall will add a block or ten, to start building again... what was the reason you tore that down?  Oh... that's right... the lake.  Its vast, deep, wonderful and this is just a storm troubling the waters.  Did you know that the raging waves are only surface deep?  Dive in... look up... all is quiet here in the depths and the waves take on a different beauty while the lightening flashes above.  I hold it my hand and feel her take it... I look and she's right there.  I don't know when we grew gills but gawd does she look so beautiful with them... 

If you're like me & things seem to fuk up every relationship you get in... Choose the opposite. 

Then make first thing... really first.


(Ga'damn I'm living the happy!)



1 year ago. May 24, 2021, 2:36 PM

Since walking away for the wife I've rented house after house, this way I could have a place my imps (children) to call home when they came to stay with me.  Simple fact though, it was just a house to me.  Without my imps there, it was four walls, a bed, and a safe place for my PC.  I can't cook for 1, I don't use lights due to my eyes being sensitive to the bulbs and I see just fine in the dark.  However I don't see details like: dirt, dust, the pictures in a frame so I don't have any, rarely cleaned or needed to clean seeing as I basically lived in 1 or 2 rooms while the rest of the house was just about convenience.

Then ^AngelBunny^ happened... it's hard to believe our 1yr anniversary from the time we met here in Cage, was yesterday.  When she started to come visit me she had this nasty habit of... turning on the lights. 😪  Not just turning them on but leaving them on for more than five minutes.  I hadn't realized the 1/2 thick dust cover on 90% of everything in my livingroom (slightly exaggerated but still).  She asked the obvious questions because while dust covered it was organized as it should be... I live like a blind man, memorizing everything's location so I can come and go with confidence... "don't you ever clean?"

"Never see it, therefore it didn't exist."

*Sigh, chuckle, shakes her head.*

Next time she visits its clean. lol

Slowly but surely she would ask about this or that, why, why, why, like a 2yr old discovering the world.  My answers were logical, practical, and in time as we developed she'd ask about possibly changing this or that.  My answer my always the same:

"This is just a house, but if you wish to make it a home then you are welcome to it."






My electric bill doubled in her first month of staying with me and things started getting mysterious around the house.  My remotes were moved, clothes that I wash when the basket was full... never seemed to reach the top.  Soap, shampoo toiletries all seemd to multiply or dissapear till I had to stop her and be like... 

"Slow the fuck down, slave."😂 "I cant memorize shit that fast" 

It was like scolding my eldest daughter... you'd think the sun shine was just blown over with a thunder storm..

"But you said..."

"I did and I don't mind but please... slow down.  I don't handle a lot of change, well.  Give me time to adjust."

The first time I had an eye flare that basically leaves me in a very painful blindness, she understood as I walked through the house, using mental guides and physical touch.  

Now changes have come slower, but steady and one day not long back I looked around and realized why I felt that warm fuzzy when sitting in the livingroom now... my house... it'd become a home.  Everywhere I look, I see my Slaves touch... how she integrated her likes with mine.  Adjusting fey or dragon what-nots that my imps had bought me over the years, introducing her own touches.  Moving her in slowly, my stuff reduced as hers was usually better quality and blended better to home.

This weekend was a mix of events... all of which, she does great with, if ya give her time to prepare for it.  My youngest son graduated high school, my parents came into town, and my youngest daughter who is one year from graduating from the university came to spend time with us.  During this visit we find out that she's been couch hopping due to losing her room at her mom's, the university doesn't permit summer time dorm life and when she leaves, Bunny looks at me:

"She can have my room.  I'll figure out something else for an office space."

"Wait... what?" I respond a little confused 

"Your daughter.  She can have my room."

"She doesn't need the room, love.  She can sleep on the lounge or couch if she likes.  You need your office and she'll rarely actually be here."  She likes to go go go, so to me it was a silly notion but.. wow.. she was willing to give up her room for my daughter... wtf..🥰😍🥰

"No master.  She needs a place to call home.  I want her to have that, even if it cost me my room."

Most doms will probably understand this reaction... insta-hard.  Craving, desires, the need to claim and mark her... I had gotten so use to living in a house, I forgot how much I loved living in a home and my Slave has done just that.  She's made my house into our home.  She's nearly adopted all my imps in her heart and they love her right back.  My girls have taught her how to do makeup styles, pick back at me, and it's like watching my family live... at home. 

Things I thought I lost forever, have slowly found their way back.  So for all you sensi, mushy, oshi goshi woman out there... especially my ^AngelBunny^, thank you for being you.  I may not understand all that shit, but it definitely brings a different kind of happy to a monster like me.