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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
3 years ago. May 1, 2020 at 12:04 AM

Welcome back to conclusion of the Trembling Rabbit.  As with the other 2, this one stands alone but reading the others will give you greater insight to this one.  *edited from the original post wherein we was too raw to proof read.*
((This is a story based on my life, names and places have be altered to protect those involved with fiction added for the reading pleasure of you the readers.))

The day came where I'd bought her a collar that she wore like a badge of honor, tears of joy in her eyes, almost blubbering with emotion. It wasn't nothing elegant, but it was what she want when we picked it out. Thick leather with a lead of chain some six feet in distance so no matter where we went inside the home, we was still tethered together.. I made sure she wanted for nothing within my humble means and she returned the love with giving me every ounce of herself in every way she could.  Weeks rolled by with one adventure after another. Everywhere except work, my trembling rabbit went with me. Hand in hand or riding on my back when her health wouldn't afford her the ability to walk of her own strength.  Whether it was Pokemon Go walking through town, staying home where we played my main PC game together we milked life out of every hour we could in the day and night. Laughter filled most of our time though with her medical condition, her chemical balance would fail to one side or another and I'd have to feed her handfuls of pills to keep her health up.  She didn't want pity, she didn't want to hold me back or not do something due to her illness so bravely she pushed forward and adventured with me or my beast in everything.

Then the day came when she held my face in her hands and asked me to take her into the mountains.  I knew what she meant and it crushed me inside to hear her say it but as we had promised so many months before, "Not Today" was coming to a close.  The next morning we headed to the mountains.

"One more adventure, aye my lil rabbit?" I smiled but she could see it in my eyes that I had no delight in this trip.  It had taken us a good portion of the early morning hours where we had drove along quietly, her little hand in mine, wrist over wrist bound together in the lead chain from her collar.
"YUP!" She responded with as much cheer as she could muster.  I packed her onto my back with a modified human saddle and fixed a backpack with food, pills, and water bottles to my chest for counterbalance. I swear the pack was heavier than she was.  Holstering my .40, a couple blades and the Katana I usually took with me into the mountains, we set off.  I took my time climbing , taking a few breaks along the way, more to stall for time than the fatigue of the journey and even my Beast was strangely silent.  It would be a three day journey to get where we was going at this pace but I knew of a spot where the cliffs overlooked a wild pond, surrounded my woods and marsh reed.  The sunsets there where always spectacular and this has to be the romance novel ending. She'd unwittingly confirmed it once when I had I'd taken her there, how this would be a perfect place to rest and roam in the "Other Realm" as we'd come to call it.  She adored the location, especially when Beast would make camp and share his broken stories with me adding in words when he was unable to form.  She'd feed him when the moons where full and unlike the Beast I was accustom to he fed from her lovingly, even if it did seem harsh to the body and leave deep purple bruising.  Did he truly love her? I was uncertain one way or the other.  He shielded his deep emotions from me now so that I wouldn't know if it was all an act or if it was real but from all that I could see, it seemed he did.

Through the more rigorous trek of the mountains he would come forward and power through where I could not. At times he would nudge me from within and I'd let him out to sniff the air and adjust our path to finding a deer or some other woodland creature for her to see. The darkness of the forest helped to keep the pain of daylight from hindering in giving her the best few days he could afford her.  She had grown so accustom to us that she could tell when I was forward or when he took over but of course some of the signs were obvious. Where I trudged like an Ogre through the underbrush, he moved with the stealth and strength of a panther, weaving between trees and over the new fall foliage till we at last reached our destination.  He set her down gentle and went to setting up camp, getting permission from her to leave the chain by her side with the promise to take it up again once everything was in order.  Pine needles and leaves made up the bedding for the large sleeping bag we would be sharing through the night, a rock ring for the fire and he set traps around the perimeter along with makeshift alarms bound with twin from one tree to the next till it semi-circled us within, giving me and her a sense of relative safety. Though the .40 staying on my hip made me feel better.

Finish with camp we took up the chain helping her rise from the large pine tree he had set her against and we began to explain that as deep as we was in the mountains, there was a number of things to be on alert for so keep our speech down.  Here could be found bears, cougars, wolves, rattlesnakes, copperheads, and according to him, Rogue Lycans, though I think he was just making that part up to rattle me.  (Lycan's... -cringe- The one thing I never want to see face to face as they haunted my night terrors via him, in my youth.)  

"Come" he urged.  She took his hand and he helped her up and guided her to the cliffs edge to watch the sunset.  Hues of orange, gold, pink and purples rippling into the night sky and casting over the pond was breath taking.  "Make moon?" he asked in his guttural speech pointing the oncoming night sky.  She was use to the way he talked and answered without hesitation while leaning on him.
"Yes Beasty, I'll make it to the full moon tomorrow night." She kissed him on the cheek and closed her eyes, slumping against him a moment before drawling in a deep breath and pushing herself upright again. "If I don't, you can just bring me back and make me one of you." She giggled at tease, knowing now that Vampyres are born at the birth of a human child instead of the myth of bleeding one out and feeding them vamp blood.
"BAAHAHAHAHAHA" He laughed along with her. "Slave.  Fooor ever. HA! HAHahaha!" Giving her a nudge.
"If only!" She giggled and coughed, catching her breath and sucking in air from the pain she endured. "Even if I was trapped in this body, I'd stay with my Masters and be happy to serve you two." She smiled and he could smell the blood in her mouth.  She'd become more and more romantic in the past few days but
we adjusted our body and leaned our forehead to hers.  Closing our eyes and laying my hand over her's.. 

"Our Trembling lil Rabbit.." Beast and I blending our voice together in a weird up and down whispering talk. "You will always be ours from the rising of the moon, to the setting of the sun. We.. three.. will always be one." Yes it was a stupid rhyme but she ate it up like a kid does cake, and that's all that mattered to us as she melted.
"Really?" She asked not moving from the bonding moment.
"Yes, lil rabbit.. really really."  The snap of a twig had Beast spinning around and coming up between the sound and trembling rabbit. Eyes narrowed, fingers clawed 
"Damit Beast!" I yelled from inside the mind "Use the fucking weapons. I don't have claws, REMEMBER!" My vision edged to red and for a scant second I saw movement.  Beast's reflexes was far superior to mine, though I'd pay for it in the morning and possibly the next few days.  He arched his back and drew in a deep breath and a growl unlike I'd ever heard from him. "What is it Beast?" ... Nothing from him... "BEAST!  What IS IT?!" he shook his hands like shaking off water and snorted.
"Nut'n" he said short and sweat with a bristle of a porcupine as he shut me out from looking at the playback... 
Shit... That's not a nothing Nut'n, That's a something Nut'n and for whatever reason he wasn't wanting to tell.  I wanted to grill him for information but for as much as he looked calm on the outside, he was anything but.... ear's catching every noise, nose quickly picking out smells in the light wind. This was a time to assist, not hinder.  "Access, all prey files" I commanded of him and without a word a film that was more like holograph meets movies, meets smell-o-vision started playing.  This part is hard to explain but the mind works fasts as light, its our desire to understand and make a conscious thought that slows us down.  Our playbacks brought with it all the sense's memories from a time long before me.  Sight, smells, sounds, taste, feels or textures, everything he had encountered and was willing to show, rushed through me like a bolt of lightening making me feel a bit woozy and numb with information overload.
"What was it..." come the light voice of our rabbit.
"Nut'n" he repeated, but this time to her and a bit more convincing as he plopped down behind her, wrapping her up so nothing could harm her without hitting him first. "Jusss.. a`other rabbit." 
"Another rabbit my ass..." I said back, inside the mind.
"Ass to big for rabbit" He poked back at me
"Fuck you Beast.." Mentally flipping him the bird, much to his delight.
"No toys here... HA! Hahahahahahaha" and turned his attention back to our trembling rabbit.

The rest of the night was a cross between high alert and quiet seduction as we three traded touches, kisses and loving embraces till we simply couldn't take it anymore and gave in to our passions.  It was different to say the least.  For all his ferocity and love for causing fear tonight he gave her the romance novel.  Passion building up, taking his time treating her delicate and making every move as lovers do when they come to that point where the world was just too much and the only thing that mattered was the one they was with.  It was really quite sickening and after finishing she lay there panting and wiped a tear from her eye.
"Did I do something wrong?" She asked him in a genuine hurt, whisper.
"Huh?" We both responded.. shit shit shit!! she knows... I braced for impact, figuring another chemistry induced fight that would wake up half the mountain.
"Why would you do that to me? What did I do?  Is it because I'm sick?" she side batted at us from where she lay, tapping us in the chest and rolling to her side, sobbing.
"Lil Rabbit..." We started but her temper beat us to the punch as she spun back over and feebly punched us, tears streaming down her cheeks. "But.." 
"Shut up.  Just.. Shut up!  I don't want to hear your bullshit, Max" She pointed almost defiantly into my eye. "Not one fucking word from you either Beast! I expected better!" In a huff of hurt and anger she rolled over and resumed her crying, curled in fetal position. Closing my eyes, I gave Beast his chain.  In trying to make her romance novel come true, I'd forgotten the key element... books are heart strings and happily ever afters, She wasn't here for happily ever after.  She was here to be consumed by a vampire.  She was here to be with him.  To her, that was her romance novel ending.
A growl erupted from my throat, he narrowed my eyes and without mercy he clamped his hand around her throat and dragged her towards the dying fire. Her squeak of surprise, followed by the death grip on his wrist wasn't in any romance novel but her scent didn't scream fear despite her shaking so hard she could have re-sparked the fire if he'd put a flint in her ass crack. Quite the opposite even though she put a weak struggle to be free the look of awe and admiration was clear as he stopped by the fire's side, kneeled between it and her and
pinned her there. "WHOOOoo" He growled in anger "Arrrre, YOU?!" His opposite hand shot out to hover over the cherry coals of half burnt logs. She squirmed and dug at his fingers around her throat. "C.. Can't... Breath" She choked out which only earned her a tighter grip around the muscles in the back of her neck, giving the illusion of cutting off more air. "RABBIT" she quickly chirped and sobbed. "I.. I'm Rabbit!" she squeaked out beneath his merciless hand.
"WRONG!" He yelled as his hand plunged into the fire, balling into a fist as it went in to strike the embers and cause a bloom of wood sparks to flare into the air.  "Mo`k! D`K Li`T" (Come! dark light) His voice boomed with power as he brought his hand up in a claw, standing and dragging the trembling rabbit off the ground to pin her back
against his leg where she stared with wonder as the coals yielded up flames to dance before her.  His hand spun over the flames and more words unknown to this time was chanted seemly cause the fire to bellow into life.  Returning his attention to her he looked down at her. "AGAIN!" He begun to drag her up his leg, forcing her to her feet and causing her to stand with her back pressed to his belly and dangling on tip-toes. A light spray of blood splattered over her lips as she clung to his wrist.
"S.s... .. slave" she
finally whispered.  His clawed hand came down, slapping into her slick and causing her to gasp on the uplift as his fingers slid into her.  His hand may not have been coals but her legs kick at his as she squirmed beneath his fiery touch.
"WHoooo...Am.. I" He growled in her ear, giving no leniency.
Her body went still.. almost limp and I gave a tug on his chain from within the mind.
"Massster.." Her voice was full of lust as though the very words caressed her body and stirred her soul.
"MIIIIIINE" He growled, shifting his arms as he leaned her forward slightly and replaced his fingers with the fullness of his manhood.
Throughout the night, I left to two have at each other knowing that when I woke, the bandages were going to be used to their fullest.  Sure Beast is good at what he does but its up to me to clean up the mess... Grinning like the cat who ate the canary I drifted off into slumber to the sounds of hissing, small shrieks of pain and over whelming nagging that I didn't bring enough bandages.

When I woke in the morning I knew my nagging was correct as I stretched and felt like my hand was on fire while my limbs were being torn open all along my biceps, shoulders, neck and chest.  For one so weak she sure could... wait.. is that eggs I smell cooking?  I slowly spun in place, hand searching for the .40 that should be close by and looking towards the .. I gulped! SHIT SHIT SHIT! Quickly I pushed back away from the edge of the cliff feeling my heart pounding in my throat. 
"BEEEEEAST!" I began in my mind, wanting to give him an earful.  In return all I heard was chuckling and a flash of how I'd gotten here, making me shake my head and pinch the bridge of my nose. The perky voice of our trembling rabbit sounded in my ears.
"Good morning sleepy head." She said almost skipping over to me with a plate of eggs, causing me to panic slightly... She shouldn't be able to do that.

"What did you do Beast?!" I yelled into the recesses of my mind only to be answered with an image of him flipping me off and the sound of laughter going into the distance. "Fine! sleep it off you bastard but when you wake, we are having this talk!" Again another image but this time of the double bird... Well somebody's feeling frisky.
"G'morning rabbit." I replied in a half laugh as everything began to catch up with my addled mind.
"Isn't it a wonderful morning, Maxi pad?" Her twisted little nickname for me.  She stood butt ass naked, covered in slashes, cuts and bruises, silhouetted in the dew and rising fog as the sun kissed the sky in light blues crisscrossed in fluffy clouds.
"If you say so, bunny." Taking the offered plate and grinning at her over sized breast. "New meds?" I asked knowing I wasn't going to like the answer.
"Nope!" She giggled much like the girl I'd meet back in the Pizzeria as she smacked my head playfully and pointed at my chest.  Her grin told me everything I didn't want to hear. Begrudgingly I lifted my fingers to my very tender chest and tried to look.
"Gawd damnit Beast..." I said in a whisper. A flash of the contract danced through my mind and all I could do was sigh... He'd found a loophole and exploited it, leaving me to sit there and deal with the consequences. Well fuck me running sideways, I thought before slowly running my fingers over the cuts in my chest, one.. two... three... "Fuuuck".  Bonded... I could feel the welts in the shape of teeth pocked along the skin near the cuts. "You know what this means, yes?" I ask rabbit as she knelt at my feet and tossed her hair to one side, baring her neck in submission to seek knowledge without fear of denial or anger to any questions asked.
"Would you please tell me, Master Max?" she asked, eyes all a sparkle. As was our custom I reached out and stroked her hair before starting in.
"First off, it means if you no longer wish to do that, you're free not to." She raise her head slightly a bit confused. "No, we didn't release you from being our slave." I took her hand and pulled her gently to have her sit into her familiar style of knees tucked to chest with arms wrapped around as she stared at me waiting for more. I took up one of the eggs, folding it with my fingers and stuffing it in my mouth. Once I swallowed the nicely cooked aborted baby chicken fetus I sucked my fingers and looked her in the eyes with the best smile I could give considering the situation. "congratulations Mrs. Beasty Maxi Pad." I said dryly.  Recognition set in quickly as she was use to the way we speak. 
"No. Way." She said, head popping up off her knees.
"Nooo Way" 
"Yup, Yup and triple yup." I maneuvered onto my knees and took her face in my hands. "By Vampiric law we are married, for lack of better wording." I kissed her lovingly feeling her emotions swell up through me like a tide coming in. When I broke the kiss I placed my forehead against her's and continued.  "What's ours is your's.  Tomorrow we'll go back out of these mountains and get the tat's done." Her head pulled away from mine with a small tear leaking the edges.
"But... Is that what you want?" She asked searching my eyes.
"Little Rabbit, for as much as I tried not to give in to my emotions, I do love you and now I can truly say it.  With all I am, I am yours." I did mean it, the jealousy I'd harbored was from that very thing. More than once I had almost declared my love for this sassy little trembling rabbit that could take a beast and tame him with her body.
"Wh.. why now?" She asked a little skeptical.
"I haven't said those words to any woman and meant it in more years than I can remember. With him and his issues, how could I ever say I love you when I didn't think he was even able to?" I looked at her and she touched her heart.
"What IS that?" She looked at me with a bit of shock and confusion as my emotions broke through the ever so strong barriers I'd formed over the years.
"That's us." I explained. "When we bonded.  Its more than a ring of metal and piece of paper that the mundane make in mockery. We feel you and you feel us. Nothing will be hidden from you any longer unless you decide to ignore what we are feeling." I squeezed her hand and got up feeling far more naked than just being without clothing. "If you like, we can have the ceremony in the grave yard just like you always wanted and have your name legally changed to Mrs Heathen." I dusted my ass and headed for the back pack, where I had at least one pare of clean clothing. "Would that please you?" I asked looking over my shoulder as I dug out the clothing.
"mHmm" She responded wiping tears from her eyes. "I would like that very much." She stood and run over wrapping her arms around me and holding on to my core. "But.. what about.."
"Don't worry about it." I stated "So long as you keep feeding from us your body will begin to mend though I can't say you'll ever be fully healed. So you'll need to keep up with the pills, or at least the main ones." She squealed with delight, squeezing us with all she hand and I could feel her strength was returning.
"You're not lying to me, right Master Maxi pad?" She asked with more hope than she'd had in months.  Quickly I spun around on her, grabbed her by the throat and growled low.  No, not Beast... he wasn't the only one with that talent.
"Slave! Don't you ever question me like that again! This shit ain't no joke. If ANYBODY finds out, its a death sentence for us. Do you understand that?" I demanded.  She quickly nodded her head, undaunted, as her skin began to pop with heat and her trembling kicked into overdrive. I went to let go but she grabbed my hand in both of her's to hold me around her throat.
"I love Master. Please don't let me go.. I'll surely fall on my ass or fly off into the sun." She began to giggle and cry once again.
"No my lil rabbit... I'll never let you go" I said before kissing her.
"Rabbit Heathen." She chuckled in her correction of my wording, causing me to chuckle along with her.
"Yes, Rabbit Heathen, I'll never let you go." Nodding over my shoulder towards the woods. "Though its going to be hard to get dressed and gather up some fire wood if I don't." She shook her head and I lowered her to the ground. "We'll stay here till the sun is close to setting and head back home. He needs some time to rest."
"K." she said and started getting dressed in the cloths I tossed her.
I was half way through gathering fire wood when I come across a set of foot prints that didn't match ours when I notice one of his traps had be set off and popped my head up, looking around suspiciously.  That twig wasn't any rabbit in the forest from yesterday...Somebody was out here. Somebody smart enough to know how to not get snared or set off the alarm system he'd set. Shit!
"Hey bunny," I started off talking normally while I tried not to look like I was shaken and looking around the woods. "Gather up the weapons if you would and set to breaking camp.  I've changed my mind.  It's time to go before the sun sets.  She was already looking at me funny with her hand over her heart and I knew she knew, she'd felt my startle and had already picked up the .40 in route for the Katana.
"Don't worry Master, I'm already on it" She said cheerfully looking around and shaking .. she was afraid this time, and to be quite honest, so was I.

As I've stated before, I knew the way but I wasn't Beast. I didn't move as fast nor as stealthy. Sure I could sneak with the best of them but that required moving slowly and it was a long way back.  We broke camp, snuffing out the embers and began our journey back. Rabbit didn't require me to carry her any longer but she had worse stealth than I did, snapping twig, slipping on rocks and squeaking at every sound in the forest which seemed way too quiet for this time of day but we didn't have a choice.  There wasn't a cave for miles to hide in and that would take us further from the truck so we pressed on.  As night came I could feel him stirring from his slumber, finally behind my left eye he looked out.  I didn't need to update him, he was fully aware of the situation and I was more then happy to take a back seat. "You're going to need to drive, Beast." I spoke in the mind. "Get us out of here to the truck and I'll take over from there." He nodded my head and swooped Rabbit up into his arms dropping the supply bag and taking off in a steady run.  I could feel his instincts kick into high as we ran through the wood, silent as the predators that I now realized were in pursuit. We couldn't see them but we sure as fuck smelled their scent all over the path we was taking.  They must be other kin, what else could follow our scent trail like this?! Friendly and curious or foe and waiting for the right moment, neither of us knew but we wasn't sticking around to find out.  Sun down to sun up, sun up to sun down we saw nothing but more than once we heard movement shadowing us.  How many, we was unsure as they never seemed to make more than one noise at a time and always off to our right, somewhere behind.  Beast pushed himself to his limits and as much as we hated to admit it, we needed to stop. It was midday so the chances of being snuck up on wasn't a concern but the fact that we wasn't going to make it to the truck until around sun up the next day was all too serious to be ignored. We sat Rabbit down at the base of a large pine and cocked the .40 for her.
"Listen bunny... we don't have a choice in this.  We're out of food and we only have enough water for your pills." She started to protest but we stopped her. "No! You will listen to us. This is our only choice. We didn't plan for this so we are going to have to hunt them and find out if they are friendly or not, understand?" Her lips trembled and she shook so violently that even if she did get a shot off the chance was slim she'd hit anything.
"P..p.. please d..don't leave me here." Her eyes smashed us. For all the bravery she had to stand up humbly, against Beast, this was her breaking point. Growling at the fates we snorted and nodded our consent. Slowly taking the .40 back we gave her the Katana and showed her where to strike if the need was to arise. "This is the best defensive position between here and the truck and if they are going to make a move it'll be when the moon comes up. Try to get some sleep, beloved. We're gonna need to stay awake all night and make a break for it in the morning. Beast will be strengthened by then and if he can feed tonight, that will get us there." She just nodded, unable to stop quaking.  She slumped down against the tree and curled up but nobody was fooled.. there would be no sleep till we got to the truck.  We took out the hand hatchet and set about taking out saplings to clear the area around us. Beast set his traps and we used the saplings to form a small pike wall to each side of us, leaving only one way in.  The time and energy it took to dig them in was more than what we wanted to spend but knowing her blood would work it's magic in us, we decided this was the best option.  Thankfully with Beast to the forward position, I didn't get hungry but I could feel his and we could smell them much more clearly.  There was at least two of them, one female by the smell of it and they apparently didn't care that we knew they was there. We didn't have long to rest as the sun was now sinking into the horizon and had not Beast been to the fore, this would have been a very short battle. He heard it more than saw as he dropped, rolled and come up with a dagger, turning the next arrow that swooshed by our ear so close I swear you could hear the feathers bristle in the wind. My vision went red and I grasped his chains pulling him back.
"Eaaasy Beast. If they are using bows, you may get to them but our rabbit will be a target long before we do.  Bait them in." I spoke in the mind.  "We can't leave her." He nodded with a snort, grabbed her by the arm and drug her behind a pike wall to keep the arrows from finding a home.  A few more arrows whizzed by or got deflected while coming through our shoddy pike wall. "Make it count, Beast. We only get one shot at this." He narrowed his eyes and grabbed up one of the three saplings we had laid out for spears.  In one fluid move he shot forward, standing in the entrance of the pike wall and heaved his spear towards where the last arrow had come from.  The sting of the arrow grazing our thigh, followed by his howl of pain as the second arrow sent us spinning back towards the pine.  Bunny shrieked but stopped from coming to us as he winked at her and clutched his now bleeding shoulder.  That's all it took as the sounds of foot falls came rushing in proceeded by a couple more arrows that Beast rolled out of the way of and dodge as he come to his feet, slumped a bit and protecting his chest with the dagger, left arm seemingly useless as it dangled by our side. It really would have been less of a performance had he been able to feed but isn't that the way of real life versus movies? You don't always get what you want.  As the two come into view, Beast bolted forward in a darting pattern to make their bows useless on the run. Arrows flashed by but Beast kept pressing ever forward in his zig-zag pattern broken up to keep them from determining his path.  As the first come within range, Beast spun, kicking up dirt and leaves as the left arm came to life, shooting forth the bullets from the .40 and I don't care who you are, if you don't wear protective armor those hollow points do a fantastic job!  The male dropped like a ton of brick with three in the chest. Beast didn't stop but kept pressing forward as the female stopped and started to back petal. Watching her mate drop had taken the fire out of her and we wasn't about to let that rekindle. She turned and bolted for the nearest tree, barely making it as another three bullets splintered wood from is big pine trunk.  She didn't stick around for us to catch up but took off in full run, our bullets whizzing by her as we tried to get a bead. "HOLD!" I pulled back on his chains making him stop his pursuit. "We're getting to far out, Beast.  The goal is to make it to dawn, not kill them all." His growl of disapproval was noted but ignored. "Get back to bunny, she's terrified and YOU bonded us with her! NOW BACK!" He snorted and spat as he watched his quarry vanish into the trees and growing shadows.  The moon would be up soon, we can feed and... The pain was searing as it raked across our back, too late we realized there wasn't two, there was three and this one must have been running on the other side of us, waiting for his moment.  We fell to the ground barely able to roll out of the way as the sword blade stabbed into the earth where we had been.  Beast continued to roll as the man's blade stabbed again and again until Beast was able to predict the stab and instead of rolling away he rolled into the man, the blade slicing a shallow cut along our arm but our dagger didn't miss its mark, slamming into the back meat of the calf and viciously slashing out the back.  The man's leg buckled as the tendons severed to our blade causing him to fall over tops us as we rolled into the leg.  Beast was faster than the attacker and come around on all fours, launching onto the mans back. Our .40 met the back of his head and "Click, Click, Click" SHIT! Full beast mode Beast bashed the back of his skull with the pistol, roaring with battle lust he hadn't felt in a decade.  I could feel the blood lust start to set in as we slid off him and got to our feet.  We rolled the corpse over with thoughts of feeding but in the last of the day's light we saw our fear's wasn't misplaced.  Hunters.. no not the kind that go out looking for deer or bears in the mountains, these were zealots, hunters of all Other Kin.  The ones who knew for one reason or another that Vampires, Lycans, Faye and witches did exist among mankind but not as the movies projected... They live in host, spirits that span the gulf of time, coming back from the other realm to run free in this one. We discarded the spent clip and pocket it, patting where the next should have been but must have been lost in all the running and battle.  Our heart sunk as fear weld up in us and a scream pierced us through. "NO!" With all we was we ran back towards our bunny, we could feel her fear, the pain that wracked her body and we had foolishly went too far out. In the heat of battle we had momentarily forgotten about the female and our fear was realized as we came out of trees full bore to see the woman standing over our lil rabbit, her bow pointing down for a point blank shot.  We couldn't see our bunny but nor did we have to to know the outcome of what had happened.  While we was fighting, this huntress had double backed and was about to kill our little rabbit.  The roar that ripped out of our throat was a blend of both ours and I gave him his chain. "KILL!" I raged from in the mind, as though Beast wasn't already fully intending to that very thing.  Blood lust, hate, and blind rage burned through our body as we launched toward the woman soon as we was within range. She spun, let loose her arrow and the pain didn't even matter our dagger slammed home in the hollow of her collarbone and our weight bore down on top of her.  How many times we stabbed her was unknown as Beast didn't stop till he had ripped her head from her body and thrown it to wind. Blood covered we slumped over the body fully exhausted from the effort and it was then we noticed the arrow that had run us through, sticking out our back.  It had found its home through our vitals and was lodge soundly. It didn't matter... we'd saved out bunny, that's all that mattered in the moment as we huffed trying to fight for consciousness.
"beast.." came a very faint and weak voice of our rabbit. "M.. Max." a cough and the smell of her blood filled our senses. 
"Rabbit..." We crawled off the body and turned to see our rabbit with an arrow sticking out of her... we had failed.  The arrow had pierced her lung and in the weaken state of both of us, there was no hope in making it to the truck, nor to a hospital even if by some glimmer of a miracle we did manage the trek to the vehicle. She reached out to us and we crawled our way to her. "Feed from her, Beast..." a cough racked her body as blood covered her lips and run down the side.
"Can't.." I said.."They lace their bodies with death dust and their blood is poison to him." Finally reaching her we lay with our hand pressing the area around the shaft protruding from her. She run her hand over our bald head, petting us before grabbing us by the beard and pulling our head up to look her in the eyes.
"Feed from me.." she pleaded. "I'm dead already.."
"No.." I stated bluntly. "We'd.. rather die with you." Pain wracked my body making us bow up a moment. "..Than life without you." She pulled on our beard and we followed her lead as we made our way to her lips.
"You promised..." she didn't flinch or stammer in her words. "You must live, so I can live in you.." her nervous smile did nothing to settle our mind but the contract flashed through our mind.  We had promised.  We'd made a contract.  Sighing with grief, I nodded to Beast... A contract must be upheld unless broken on the other side.  Taking a moment to gather ourselves we sat back on our knees and pulled the arrow till we could feel the arrow tip at the flesh in our back.  The pain was excruciating but with what strength we could muster Beast broke the wooden shaft.  I'd like to say we was like Rambo, that we toughed it out like manly men but I'm not that kind of manly. The pain that shot through me almost caused us to black out and fighting for air was like drowning in a lake. There we sat a bit longer gasping and collecting ourselves once again.  We looking down on Bunny as she turned her head and bare her neck for us. I had no expectations of surviving this.  Beast blood was strong, sure.  We'd survived a lot that should have killed us many times over but this wasn't like leaping off a roof and crashing through tree limbs, this wan't like the slashes we'd self inflicted so many years ago.  Internal organs wasn't just going to mend by drinking from her but she didn't need to know that. Obediently, with our heart crushing beneath the task we slashed her porcelains skin and snatched her flow between our teeth drinking all she was giving as we held her head against our shoulder. If the wound didn't kill us, the amount of blood being taken would do the job. I can not put into words the sorrow that unleashed through us as we felt her life force slip from her body into ours and her hand fall from where she'd clasp hold of us. I can not speak to how Beast pulled the arrow from my flesh, nor to how we survived that night, wrapped around her corpse.  What I can say is in the following week, we burned the bodies and scattered her ashes to the winds. Afterwords we took our grief out on the wildlife found in those mountain wherein we shall never return.


I hope you enjoyed the read and feel free to post your commits below.  Concerning Trembling Rabbit, don't ask what is real or made up.  The pain of losing her still settles hard on us and writing this blog was meant as a means to cleanse our heart and keep her memory alive as a valiant Trembling Rabbit that gave her life to save more then ours.
I'll love you always my loving Bunny, my perfect Slave.


AngelBunny - *tears streaming down face* Your little bunny was exceptional and I know you will carry her in you always.
3 years ago

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