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Priest of Sanguine

Tales of what helped create me, out of order, and no animals were hurt in the creating of this blog!
Most Tales are based on my real life with Fantasy and/or Fiction included to protect identities as well as enjoyment for
those reading. Names like "Bunny, Rabbit, Squirrel" or variation thereof, are not referencing actual Cage member names.
Its how I view my Prey from the stand point of a Primal and Hunter.
If Cage member names are use: 1) it's with their consent. 2) will have ^ before & after the name.

All Stories told are unique and your comments are greatly enjoyed so please do comment.

For those who play Skyrim: Priest of Sanguine is not a reference to the game its a reference to my life style choice ^,..,^
Go grab a drink, maybe a snack, sit back and enjoy the Tales that I delight in telling... even the hard ones.
1 year ago. March 16, 2023 at 10:28 PM

The following story and characters have all rights reserved to me and are fictional writing of my own imagination and/or experiences.

Clan Wars ch4, Trolls Landing

From a haze, Max's consciousness began to stir… the feeling of petite hands probing his body and the whisper of "Wake up, Master." A woman's voice seemed to plead from down a dark tunnel, like a ghost echoing in a memory. "Please wake up…" The feel of her hands pressed against him once again, not probing… pushing, as she tried to encourage his recovery.

He moaned and felt her hand clasp across his mouth.  This action brought a clearer consciousness kindled with hunger and anger. He snatched her hand away and was nigh unto growling when her heard her "shhh." He could feel her near panic "trolls.." she eeped out.

Everything came rushing back at once, the fall, the dislocation of his knee, and the pain of resetting it.  Letting her go he did a quick probe of the injured area… it was completely healed, and movement was unhindered and without any trace of pain. "How long was I out?" He whispered back to her, realizing her human eyes most likely couldn't make him out clearly.  They had landed on the edge of the outcrop he had aimed for, luckily not skewering them on the eight-foot-high stalactite or any of the smaller ones that created a sheltering ring about them. He hadn't noticed all of them before making that leap, but now he could see a soft glow across the tip of the largest one.  His keen hearing picked up the lumbering, thumping step that come from somewhere below and the pungent stench of Cave troll assaulted his nose.

"I… I don't know." Kah whispered.  "I woke some time ago but this darkness is disorienting and I have a splitting headache."

[I bet you do.] Max thought as he recalled headbutting her in order to silence her piercing scream… Most likely the sound that brought the Cave trolls to investigate. "And them?" he motioned as though she could see him.

"Not long but they seem to be looking for something." The sound of stone smashing against another punctuated her assessment. 

"Us, most likely." He mumbled as he slowly sat up, looking her over like a wolf does a lamb.

Her long black hair was knotted and caked with blood down one side, most likely from the fall that would probably have killed her without her now-dented helm.  Her overcoat had drifted to one side, covering her like a cloak and the smell of her fear was starting to subside.  This did nothing to quell his hunger.  He needed to feed and soon.  Nothing comes without a cost and most of the gifts he was imbued with, through Beast, come at the cost of blood magic, the energy within all things to sustain life.  He pondered his options knowing he could also filter energy from strong emotions and sexual actions, though the effects were less and lasted half as long as blood feeding. Unfortunately with the predicament, they found themselves in, only one option was viable. 

"Do you have any other wounds, other than your head?" he whispered. 

"No… Not that I'm aware of…" she said while instinctively poking a finger under her helm to touch the dried blood from where the metal edge had sliced her forehead. 

Max didn't mention the dried blood that had gushed from her nose due to his headbutt, instead, he stayed silent while undoing the chin strap. 

"Let me look at it…" he said pitching her head forward to investigate. "Try not to scream."


[Try not to scream?] Kah thought as his tongue slid up her forehead and over her wound. Her body tensed as the hairs on the nape of her neck stood up and goosebumps popped up in rows all the way down her body. The disgust was too much to stay silent and her moan of protest was audible enough for Max to hear but he continued relentlessly. She press her palms flat against his rock-hard chest but trying to push him away was like trying to move a boulder wedged into the ground, all the while his hands held her head solid, [I AM NOT OK WITH THIS!] She screamed in her mind. Then her eyes nearly bulged from their sockets as his hand clasped over her mouth and hers joined in the effort to stifle her audible scream. [HE FUCKING BIT ME!!! No no no no] her mind chased down a rabbit hole as she squirmed in his grip. 

His saliva was causing her wound to heal but the blood he needed had to be fresh and more…  More than this minor gash. Slapping his hand over her mouth, he bit into the closing wound, ripping the flesh back from the skull and re-healing it with long. slow, bloody licks of his tongue, just to repeat the action over and over again. By the time he finished, Kahs nails weakly sought to pierce into his chest, half curled into a pair of small first.  Max was sure if he moved, she would slump where she sat, her mind hiding somewhere within, so in one smooth motion, he spun her about and drew her back to his belly. 

"Shhh…" his melodious voice soothed at the edge of her consciousness. "I'm sorry…" he outright lied, knowing that is what people expected to hear. "It had to be done to get what was in the wound, out." He sat holding her, letting her mind come back and make its own conclusion. He kissed the side of her head while petting her long hair soothingly. Slowly her hands went to the wound, expecting to find her skull exposed and the skin filleted back. He could feel her confusion as the dab became probing in search of the wound that should surely be there. 

"H… How.." she began 

"Magic," he whispered bluntly in her ear while knowing by saying that one simple word, would resolve the barrage of questions she would inevitably have for him. Unexpectedly she spun to bury her face in his chest. The reaction was so inconceivable that Max simply held still, nearly holding his breath in the uncertainty of what the fuck was going on… He could hear her muffled sobs and feel the warmth of her tears as they trailed down his chest. Slowly he wrapped his arms around her, even though what he really wanted was to put distance between them and jump the edge of their perch. He hated the mushy emotions and struggled to deal with…  All that crap, in others.  It was rare for him to be uncertain about what to do next but he was at a loss. Does he push her away? Is her tears a sign of a mental break? What the fuck was going on?! As if she was responding to his unasked questions she turned her head up, sniffling lightly. 

"Thank you, Master." She whispered. "I didn’t believe that you would truly try to keep me safe, but you have, in every way..." 

In another movement, her chain-bound arms flew over his head and around his neck as she kissed him just as fiercely as he had licked her skull. 

Max's eyes shot wide and he backpedaled till his back slammed into the rockface. [I AM NOT OK WITH THIS!] his mind shouted as he sought to escape her kiss, sliding upright till he stood with her adapting to his position and wrapping her legs over his hips. "Fuck ME, woman!" he exclaimed as he tried to dodge her lips but at that moment several things happened at the same time. 

Kah giggled like a child who had just heard the funniest joke while snuggling into his hardened chest. 


The Cave trolls roared and a small boulder ricocheted off the large stalactite, and Beast roared in fury, his rage shooting heat throughout Max's body. 

[MINE!] Beast charged from the darkness of the mind as he sought to overtake Max's consciousness. 

[NOT MY FAULT] Max shouted back within his mind, sending a shockwave of mental energy at Beast in a futile effort to slow his advance.  As Max formed a mental avatar, Beast hurled himself at it, swiping a massive clawed hand at the Avatar's head. Max's avatar barely ducked under the swipe and came up in a spin-turn to face Beast. [SHE KISSED ME, FUCK FACE!] Max's mental words had no effect as Beast rebound off a newly erected wall, racing on all fours along its length as he willed it to shoot up beneath his stride. The wall curved to guide him back toward Max's avatar, wherein he leapt to slash at the avatar's chest.  This may be Beast's domain but it was also Max's mind and he was no longer the child that Beast use to torment and dominate.  The avatar's hand shot out, meeting Beast’s clawed hand as he took the impact in a yielding tuck-roll that landed the Avatar on top. Eye to eye, Beast pushed against the force of Max's Avatar but they were at a stalemate. Equal power, equal strength, neither having a greater advantage over the other when it came to raw power in this realm. However, Beast was far older and schooled many times over in the art of combat. Skill trumps strength. Beast let one of his arms go limp, causing Max to fall in that direction, while at the same time, Beast twisted his body and toppled the avatar to the mental floor. Without hesitation Beast pounced on top of the avatar, roaring in victory as fangs the size of Max's whole hand length slid from their gums sheath. 

[Miiiiine!] Beast growled menacingly and quick as a viper, went to snap his fangs into the avatar's throat. Instead, Beast was jerked off the Avatar, glowing chains bound about Beast's throat and wrist causing him to curse and struggle helplessly against them. The Avatar took his time standing up, sweeping non-existent dust off himself as he walked, perfectly controlled, to face his mentor and torturer,  Beast. 

[It doesn't have to be like this old man.] The avatar of Max flicked the binding chains. [You no longer have dominion over me.] 

Beast roared with fury at the insolence but the Avatar swiped its hand like zipping a zipper, causing Beast to look like he was caught frozen as a roaring statue. [You have no voice!] The avatar boldly stated. [Unless I permit it.]  The avatar's features and eyes softened as he ran his hand through the reddish-colored fur of Beast's head. [My friend, use that wisdom that you have so graciously guided me with. Look at the memory without judgment.] The scene between Max and Kah replayed behind the Avatar. [I did not kiss her, she kissed me… and she is still yours.] With a spin of the avatar's finger, the chains mystically spun Beast around so he could see Kah through Max's left eye. [It's my body she's clinging to, but it's you who made me such and you who gave me the gifts to heal her.  It's you who can protect her in ways I can not.] The avatar stated the praises to soothe Beast's hurting ego, Max physically gazed over the edge to see the Cave trolls and quickly pulled back as another hurled rock ricochet off the cave wall above them. [You want to kill?... Kill them.]  The glowing chains dropped off Beast and Max's consciousness sidestepped, merging into the Avatar as Beast took over the physical body. 

In a span of a blink, Beast leapt from their perch, tossing Kah around to his back on the drop. Beast barely acknowledged the thirty-foot drop, landing in a stance of one that springs from the blocks in a race. 

[You'll dislocate her arms] Max said as he predicted the full transformation before Beast could alter his body. 

Beast roared as the three trolls roared in acceptance of the challenge.  The one with a spiked club, lumbering forward like a batter with a cricket board from between his brothers. To his left, the smallest of the three clapped miniature-sized boulders together and rolled his shoulder in preparation for a throw. The largest of the three held back, spinning a morning start the length of Max's body as he stared down from his trollish twelve-foot height with ugly yellow eyes. 

Red fur sprung up on Max's head as his face and ears elongated to take on a smaller version of Beast's original head. His fingers spurt blood as nails ripped from the flesh and claws formed with gangly long fingers. Beast may not be able to transform into his own massive body, but he was not going to use Max's weaker flesh. With a flex of his claws, Beast shot forward as dull black scales raced up his arms like tiles being rolled out till they covered him, neck to clawed toes, leaving only a serpent's torso of thick hide exposed.
Beast was neither bat nor dragon but a splicing of the two merged with a human soul that would live on long after the stars ceased to shine. He was what the first humans called a vampire. One who was immortal, feasting upon the blood and flesh of humans… Little did they know Beast fed from whatever he wished and today, Troll was on the plate. 

As the Trolls club swung to swat Beast across the broad cavern, Beast sprung into the air, letting the club swing harmlessly beneath his legs. To him, things moved nearly in slow motion so gauging the landing on the forearm of the troll seemed almost effortless. He used the troll's swing to redirect to his next target and as the troll spun around in his miss, Beast’s claws came alive with flames in one arcane word.  Vaulting from his ill-witted host, Beast slashed the largest Trolls throat, searing the flesh from juggler to nearly the vertebra as he sailed past to land in a roll beyond. Troll flesh was thick and hard to penetrate, but cave trolls had a weakness to fire, and as the largest one fell backward clutching his wound, green ooze spurt from between his nasty fingers. It took a second for the other two to register what had just happened but before they could respond Beast zipped between the smallest one's legs, slicing the right leg tendon and rending the top portion of calf muscle with his claws.  To keep his speed in his assault, Beast hooked his nail tips into the solid packed dirt and skid-drifted into a change of direction, barely eluding the fall of the troll.  Full boar on all fours, with Kah flapping like a cape over his back, Beast pounced onto the side of the original troll and spider climbed diagonally up the troll's back.  The searing sting of Beast's claws had the troll dancing in place as he tried to bat at his tormentor or shake the assailant from his flesh but when relief came, it was too late to do much more than stare upwards, dumbfounded, as the sound of Beast's roar grabbed his attention.

Beast had climbed the troll in such haste that his momentum allowed him to spring from the troll's shoulder, into the air and now as he looked down on his victim, he took great pleasure in plunging his claws the full length of his fingers, through the eyes and into the brain of the troll. Kah was squealing, either in delight or uncontrollable hysteria, as they road the lumbering clod to the ground. Slowly, Beast pulled his fingers from the troll's eye sockets, with the goo slicked over his black scales. The delight he took in the thought of what was to come, served to be seen even more terrifying, as he menacingly made his way towards the smallest troll who kept glancing back at this demon they had found, while he tried to crawl away. 

"MIIIIIIIINE" Beast growled loudly as he raise a goo-covered claw that still held a skewered eyeball like a ring on his finger. Beast's long tongue chased from between his extended fangs and slurped the morsel into his mouth where it burst like a cherry tomato between his teeth. 

[Fuck me, BEAST…] Max mumbled in their mind while watching the whole thing through Beast's right eye. If he could have puked in his consciousness, Max would have but all he could do was watch on as Beast pounced onto the back of the smaller troll to sink his fangs into its hapless neck. Beast growled with deep pleasure as the pungent ooze slid down the back of his throat. The sheer raw power he was pulling from this creature was intoxicating. The troll thrashed at Beast’s head while Beast simply deflected the blows until the troll went limp to the ground.  Beast took satisfaction in listening to the last beat of its heart and the gurgling sound of its death rattle. 


Kah shrieked in surprise at what she saw as Max leapt into an unbelievable drop. The sudden stop nearly jarred her teeth from her head and the impact left her feeling a bit loopy but she quickly blinked, refusing to pass out. Her knees folded to her chest as the roars crashed in echoes throughout the vast chamber. She had barely peeked over Max's shoulder when red fur grabbed her attention as it sprung up beneath her chin and chest. With dismay, she nearly held her breath as she could hear the bones snapping and see the muzzle forming from Max's face. His ears grew and became bat-like but she could not tell the rest till the battle was nearly finished. For her part, she could only hold on for dear life and hope to not be squished like a bug or flung across the room due to the speed and sudden changes in directions. At some point, the fear had become so unbelievable that she began to laugh and cheer for him. 

[My Master can kill Cave Trolls!] she thought as she squealed in delight or madness, while gravity let loose its grip on their descent straight for a troll's face. She quickly closed her eyes as the goo splashed across her hair and the timing was the worst when she opened them and beheld those claws being licked clean.  The smell alone was vile and pungent but the vision of that tongue slurping the troll's eyeball made her stomach flop inside. "Oh gods," she murmured into his furry neck while her stomach threatened to spill its contents down Beast’s back. "Is there anything you won't do to keep me safe?" She nearly started to cry again but he pounced on the smallest troll's back and what followed horrified and awed her as she watch for what little she could see of fangs sinking into the troll's neck [Max…  IS the monster] her brain reeled. Her breathing became jagged at the contrast between the monster she'd seen in the village and the monster she now held between chained wrists. Her emotions conflicted over the different versions of him.

Beast hooked the chains in his claws and lifted Kah off his back as though she was a plaything. His nose sniffed at her body while she dangled before him like meat on a hook, causing her toes to curl up and her knees to press together. His growl was deep and primal as it seemed to rumble throughout his chest and penetrate into hers.

"M…Mu mu mu, Max?" she epped out the question, trying not to cower too much in her chains. 

A menacing growl emanated from him as he began to roll his shoulder.  The sound of dried wood popping and snapping didn't register as bones to her until she saw the scales pull away from one another just to reform over the new pale skin. The frame of Max nearly doubled in size and width, causing the features to realign and not appear so mismatched.  As she watched the monster appear before her eyes she drew in a deep breath and mentally reminded herself [He saved me, He saved me, He saved me] but the words that came from her lips were "Please don't eat me…" Her eyes squeezed shut as his muzzle came but inches from her face, his snarl revealing sharp teeth and long fangs. She squeaked in surprise as a claw pushed into her breast, just above the heart. "Kaaaaah." He snarled as he tried to form her name, causing her to peek.  Intimidation washed over her and once again she silently cursed her body and blushed, feeling the rush of fluid that threatened to run down her inner thigh. Beast thumped his chest with such force that it sounded like a base drum revibrating in her ears.
“Noo Max… BEEAst” His voice echoed with a deep base through the sound of gravel being ground together.
“Huh?” Her brows furrowed in confusion. “Where is Max?” One moment they were standing still and the next he had crossed the distance to slam her back against the wall of the chamber with a force that nearly knocked the wind from her. She could not help but cry out in pain but that was met with a harsh backhand, the scales raking her cheek that would swell and bruise.  Lightly dazed, she could feel the blood from the wound, trickle down her jawline and drip onto her garments.
“MIIIIIINE!” His word was so fierce and left no leeway as to their meaning.

“Yes Master, yes yes yes, yours” She quickly stammered out in a scream, tilting her face as she tried to put distance between his hot breath and her stinging flesh.
She felt the claw of his other hand slash across her pelvis and down the outside of her leg.  Cool air rushed against her skin and strings of blood ran from the light cut, down over her mound.  Yet again she blushed deeply as she released even more and when the scent of her juices caught in his nose he lifted her chains and hoisted her further up the wall. Instinctually her knees took purchase on his shoulder and her arms dropped over the back of his head.  The inadvertent pull she gave him, wasn’t necessary as she felt the prick and sandpaper of his rough patch tongue run the length of her inner thigh and straight up into her.  She pivoted and thrust as a deep moan escaped her lips… “Moooore..” she begged just before her eyes shot wide, “OH GODS!” she nearly doubled over on top of his head as he gave her what she had begged for and more… MUCH MORE! This creature's tongue was longer than Max’s di… “aaaaaaah gods!” she exclaimed, releasing in a flood of desire.  It was like a tentacle, driving for her guts and she found herself bouncing as the sensation of his sandpapered tongue did things within her that she had never dreamed of.  With a sudden climax, her knees swiftly clamped against his head as she held on riding out the waves.  She felt his tongue lazily withdraw and he dropped her unceremoniously, licking the blood and juices from his muzzle.  From where she sat stunned by the drop, her eyes trailed up his thick thighs till she froze in place
“Oh fuuuuck.” She whispered, for surely that could not be his… her eyes traveled up to find his alight with a fire's ember dancing in the pupils. He reached down and grabbed her chains before taking strides that would eat up the distance toward the only exit in the chamber, dragging her across the packed dirt of the ground like the slave she was.

Thank you to my supports and their encouragement and my lovely ^AngelBunny^ for all her advise and editor work.

CH5, Bear Cubs, coming soon


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