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4 months ago. Wed 15 May 2019 02:27:47 AM IDT

I have always had a very vivid imagination. . . sexually it is not any different. 


Since I was told about my health issues (experiencing pain with orgasms). . . I realized that physical sex was off the table.
(This makes find a real relationship vanilla or dom-sub, difficult as 95% of relationships have some kind of physical element. I kind of have given up on seeking love, seek, or any connection other than just friends. Finding asexual has been very hard for me.)

Anyway. . . I write out my fantasies. . . weather is it's from tying a guy down, deny his orgasm until he gives me what I want. . . or vampire or ghost sex. . . girl on girl etc. (I have learned that i cannot write out my limits.) 

I am just wondering if I should keep posting or get them published?


(Note: I also write paranormal and horror as it is not something I cannot do in real life. So I also write about sex.) 




MasterBrads painpet​(sub female){OWNED} - I have to say write them and publish. People are telling me the same. I want to but scared.
4 months ago
Darkmistress1213​(dom female) - why are you scared?
4 months ago
MasterBrads painpet​(sub female){OWNED} - I don't feel I'm good enough and my story I wrote is very explicit.
4 months ago
MasterBrads painpet​(sub female){OWNED} - Look at this site... Freelance writing... Up.
4 months ago

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