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1 year ago. May 19, 2019, 5:54 AM

First of all, I'm trying not to rant so much, but lately so much has stomped my nerves . . . ranting is best (less violent) way I can get it out. 

I'm glad many agree on my rants, so I really don't feel alone. So thank you for the likes and comments, and even the messages. 


Anyway, back to the current rant. . . 

I am not looking for sex at the moment. This does NOT mean I will let off some random guy. I am demi-sexual, which means I need a submissive guy who is genuinely into me as I am into him. There has to be a connection and trust (even yes, love and affection) before I can physically touch him. However I cannot enjoy sex as orgasm for me are painful (and pain is a dealbreaker and turn off) 

Many guys just do NOT understand. . . I have not had sex in over 4 years and I have not fooled around in over a year. . . I am not looking for it as it is NOT worth the pain. (I have not found many guys worth a conversation, there is no way they are even worth the pain.) 

If I did find a decent guy, and we got in a committed relationship, I still expect something in return to even think of getting them, off. (because it's not fair that they get to enjoy a release and I get nothing. . . )

This is the biggest reason I haven't even tried to look. 

I am sick of random men who instant think I am young and horny. They get so surprised when I say I am not interested in sex. . . (as if they have a cock of gold, whatever.) 

I even have some say they are not interested in it, and yet when I try to talk about something else. . . . they block me, or stop talking. (Not interested my big ass. . .  LOL) 


I've had a hard time just making friends because even guys who claim to just be friends. . . get in that horny zone, sooner or later. 


I am thinking I need to get asexual friends. 


I've been through so much this week. . . and yet I just keep getting people into sex. 

Best thing this week is that I got a compliment that my erotic writing is better than the author from 50 Shades of Gray. (I appreciate the comment, but she is published and I am not.)

Fate - I’m so sorry you’re having a tough go of it. I once put myself in a strict 6-months No Play diet and I experienced a smidgen of what you described. I imagine what I experienced was microscopic compared to what you’ve been through. My heart goes out to you. Also most people in publishing and in this community would probably say that E.L. James should have never been published. Lol. You probably write circles around her. :)
1 year ago
MasterBrads painpet​(sub female){OWNED} - I'm sorry dear your week has been so bad. You are special there are some thick heads who need to see the beauty of who you are. Ovate it when we spoke. Remember I'm here if you ever need to talk.
1 year ago

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