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3 years ago. July 9, 2019 at 4:05 AM

I’m working on a writing challenge. . .

I have so many erotic ideas that I feel I should post a few.
My challenge is simple post three to five erotic stories a week.

Please feel free to like or comment.

I want to know if my writing is good enough to get published.

Note: If I write about a sub, it based on how I want my submissive boyfriend to be. (Hint to the submissive men out there.)

I will not write about my hard limits.

Madd Hatter​(dom male) - I look forward to reading your work. I have my first novel written and currently awaiting an artist to finish my cover before publishing. I do have another book I'll be writing about bdsm.
3 years ago
Darkmistress1213​(dom female) - Are you self-publishing or do you have s traditional publisher?
3 years ago
Madd Hatter​(dom male) - Self publishing, first time author. I've had no luck finding a publisher to submit to.
3 years ago
Darkmistress1213​(dom female) - I'm trying to get my work together an find an agent and/or publisher. I'm not good with the business of it.
3 years ago

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