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3 years ago. July 11, 2019 at 6:50 AM

Once my sexy submissive boyfriend came home from work, I was feeling fun and frisky. (I had accomplished all of my daily goals and my word count was three time more than as my daily average of 1500.) I even had dinner in the slow cooker, chili, with a corn bread in the oven.
He came home knelt in front of me and kissed him. I noticed he was sweaty. I do not like sweat. (I know it’s a natural thing, but its slimy and gross.)
“Go shower, dry off and come back to me naked so we can play the clean game.” He knew the clean game. I came up with it when we were in the craft store. He was holding my bags, of course like a good sub would. Anyway, I made two wheels decorated with colorful markers, stickers and glitter. On one wheel was his chores and the other wheel was what he was supposed to wear while doing the chores.
The list of the chores were
1. Dishes
2. Washing, dry and fold laundry
3. Vacuum and dust
4. Sweep and mop
5. Make bed and fluff the pillows
6. Make dinner
7. Make dessert
8. Clean kitchen
9. Clean bathroom
10. Scrubbing the kitchen floor
11. Cleaning his car in the garage (with the door close)
12. Bonus hat game
Note: The hat game is where I write different ideas and pick three for him to do for me after his chores. Extra massage (usually sexual), create a romantic atmosphere like candle light dinner, read me a homemade poem, entertain me, strip show etc.
Chores like taking out the trash or cleaning after the cats are not in the game, because they are not sexy and I do not want the neighborhood to see all of my sexy submissive boy toy (unless they look through the windows.)
The second wheel was what he should wear.
1. G-string (we roll a 6 sided dice for what color: 1. Red, 2. Blue, 3. Sparkle green, 4. Sparkly pink, 5. Purple, and 6 black leather.)
2. Nude and bare foot
3. Cock cage
4. Cock ring (I flip a coin to see if its plain or with a vibrator)
5. Boxers
6. Ripped jeans (ripped in the knees, on the ass and in the grotch, no underwear with it)
7. Very short, ripped jean shorts (when bent over ass is exposed)
8. Assless chaps
9. Only cowboy boots (sometimes cock ring or cock cage)
10. Leopard print silk tight briefs
11. Just a rag (to balance on an erect cock)
12. Strip for Mistress until she says stop (and then clean in what she says)
As I said he was a very good boy, and first day he had clean up glitter while having to keep a rag on his erected cock. I also might be nice and allow an apron if he has to cook. I also personally know bacon grease splatting on an open chest hurts.)
He got out of the shower, just as I looked at the corn bread. It needed another five minutes in the oven. He knelt in front of me as bend to kiss him, he smelled good, clean. I run my fingers through his wet hair keeping his hair out of his face. He noticed the sparkly charts on the table.
“I got all of my daily goals accomplished, so I want my sexy sub to play with me, entertain me.”
“I’m happy you got so much done, may I read your work?” I loved his love of reading. Its one of many things that drew me toward him. I kissed him, he tasted of tooth paste, my good boy even brushed his teeth.
“After dinner, we can read my work together. We are going to play the cleaning game first.” I took his hand as he got up and walked with me to the dinning room table.
“Each wheel, I will spin three times, and I will match up what you wear with you chore.” I explained him the rules again.
“Yes, my sexy Mistress.” He replied in agreement.
I spun the first sparkly wheel. . . the arrow moving against the reflecting colors of silver, red, blues making it look purple. The arrow landed on g-string, and we rolled a 4 so he had wear a sparkly pink g string. I spin the chore wheel: he had vacuum a sparkly g-string.
I spin the sexy outfit again. Then I got cowboy boots, and I flipped a coin and god heads: he had to wear his cock cage. Since he was already wearing the shiny piece we would start with the chore first. I spin the chore chart for him to get make bed and fluff the pillows.
The last time I spun the outfit chart, I got nude with bare feet. We both knew was the last one: it was the simplest outfit. I was being nice so I let him spin the chore wheel. He spun the wheel and the sparkly swirls landed in make dessert. I smiled as I knew this is going to be a very fun night.
“Since you already have the cock cage, we will get your sexy cowboy boots on and you fluff my pillow in your buff.” I giggled slightly.
“Then we will put the pink sparkly g-string on and you will vacuum for me. We will have dinner and you will make me dessert completely nude.” I directed him in what order. He put the charts away as I took the corn bread out of the oven. I placed it on the stove to cool and turn off the oven. He followed me into the bedroom. He didn’t see I had my cell phone.
I laid in the middle of the partially made bed. As he getting on his cowboy boots. I sat up and threw the pillows at him.
“My sexy Mistress, its hard to make the bed with your sexy, curvy body in it.” I could hear him drooling in his truthful complaint. I laughed.
“You need to dance to get me out of the bed.” I smiled and turned on the song “That Don’t Impress Me Much” by Shania Twain.
“Now my sexy boy toy, dance.” I demanded as I blasted the music. He swayed his hips hesitant at first. Then he began to thrust his caged groin getting into the song. I was very amused by his moves, but I could see that he was nervous. I smiled and blew him a kiss flirty. He eased up and really shook his hip and even swung his cowboy boots up. By the third versus I was off the stripped bed and dancing with him. I squeezed his ass as I ground my body into his caged cock. He moaned in our dancing.
I kissed him deeply pinning him into the wall. Once the music stopped, I pulled back.
“Now make the bed.” He stripped the blue sheets and put on light purple sheets as I watched him bent over his tight ass fully exposed. It gave me an idea as I put on the song “Shake Your Bon Bon,” by Ricky Martin. Then I smacked his ass playfully. He groaned and swayed his ass to the rhythm of the song. I smacked it again on the other cheek. I grabbed his hips and ground into his ass. . .
“Maybe we should play with this soon. “ He swayed his ass pushing against my groin in a playful way. We were in a frisky agreement: we both knew I got a new vibrating strap-on I needed to break in. I slid my hands just to his cock cage as his entire pelvis area was sensitive. He tried to focus on the hospital corners in folding the unfitted sheet. He moaned once I slipped my finger under the cage and just lightly brushed against his over sensitive cock. He collapsed into the folded side of the bed and just allowed me to dance to the music and grind to his slightly swaying ass. I could tell he was intense torture. I knew he wanted to rip off his cage and roll me onto the bed and take me on, but I could tell he was trying his best to hold back his sexual, desperate urges.
I kissed him on the back of the neck and slowly let him go. I sat back and let him finish making the bed as enjoyed watching his naked body work. He was my sexy submissive boy toy in the buff.
“Now you have to dance as you fluff the pillows.” I demanded as I played “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift. He shook each pillow as he shook his body. I smiled and danced with him until all eight pillows were fluffed.
I sat on the side of the freshly made bed. I had him sit with me. I don’t speak or tell him how hot he looked in the cowboy boots. I just kissed him and fell back on the bed and had him lay on top of me and our tongues were dancing just was our bodies were just a few minutes ago. I loved the pressure of his body weight on top of me. I grabbed his ass cheeks pushing his groin into mind. He moaned and groan as he was flustered because of the metal cage between us.
“Grind me harder,” I gasped as he did pushing the cage into my legging pants. I soaked through both my underwear and my pants. We could smell the sweetness.
“Harder.” I was breathless. His groin rode and drove deep with my soaked crevasse. After few moments within a steady rhythm, he find that perfect spot and arched seeped into caged crotch. I gasped and squealed as I gush making the front of my underwear and pant sweet and soaked.
I kissed him and pushed him up. I slipped off my pants and demanded.
“Be a good boy, and lick me clean.” He kissed and sucked on my inner thighs covered with my sweet juices. I moaned and bit my lips arching into his tongue and lips. His flat tongue slide between my pussy lips and licked me like a melting ice cream cone. He lapped up my sweet juice moaning as he did it, the moans made my pussy vibrate. I squeal once his tongue hit my special, sensitive spot. He could feel him smile, an evil smile as he pushed on the spot with tip of his tongue, then he flicked his tongue rapidly making it tap, tap, tap. It made my body get tense again. He continue to tap, tap, tap and then stroke his entire tongue over the spot. Within seconds, I squealed and gushed all over his face. He licked it clean with one more lap, before I pulled him back over me.
I kissed him hard sucking my juices off his tongue. I have always like the taste of myself when I’m horny. He moaned as I sucked his tongue harder and deeper puling it deep past my lips almost down my throat.
I had him get up as I walked to the closet stripping my clothes tossing them to floor as he knew to pick them up and put them in the hamper. He smelled them and moaned.
“Are you smelling my clothes, again?” I sighed, shook my head and laughed it off.
“I love your sweet smell, Mistress.” He replied between proud and ashamed.
I get into sheer, dark pink lacy camisole with no panties. I grabbed my purple vibrator as I grabbed the key for the cage as well as his hot pink sparkly g-string.
“Come here and put it on.” I demanded as he saw my curvy kegs coming from my camisole. He liked that I was not wearing the matching undies. He rushed over with drool on his chin. He eagerly allowed me to unlock his cock cage and once it opened, his cock was semi-hard once it hit the air. He groaned in delight. I knew he wanted to kiss me, he wanted to pin me, and show him how appreciative he was for his manly freedom.
“Put it on, and I’ll kiss you.” I knew better as I knew he was simply turned on by just my kiss.
I giggled to myself as I watched him shove his cock into the sparkly pink g-string. I could tell the string rode right up his ass. I kissed him with a teasing peck. I grabbed a towel and had him follow me.
“Now my sexy boy, you can vacuum and entertain your sexy goddess.” I giggled and smiled. I put the towel on the couch, expecting him to make me gush in the show. (He'll have a little help with my purple friend.)
He got the vacuum, plugged it in, this time I turned on smart TV with our surround sound and put on the song “I'm Too Sexy” by Right Said Fred. I paused but he saw the song.
“Now my sexy boy toy, are you seeing a pattern here. I want you dance for me while vacuuming. And go.” I had hit play as he started to thrust his bulging pink pouch making even the sparkles dance while vacuumed the living room rug. I slide my purple friend into my soaked pussy. I gasped as he almost stopped.
“Keep going, the more you dance, the more i will cum,” I pulled it out and push it in, with my leg spread along the couch. He danced and he watched me play with my wet pussy.
After the song ended, I played “I wanna dance with somebody,” by Whitney Houston.
“Oh. Dance boy, dance!” I gasped with each word. I orgasmed twice with that song. He was practically done. I allowed him to finish the rug.
“Now my good boy, just dance for me.” I put on the song “Rump Shaker” by Wreck-N-Effect. He danced shaking his ass to the song as I put my legs over my head and orgasmed until squirted all over the towel. I could see that he pitching a tent in his pink pouch. I could see wet marks. I pulled my toy out.
“Now play with me, but just your tongue and fingers.” I demanded as I slid my own fingers in and sucked them clean teasing him with my sweetness. He knelt in front of me and slid his first two fingers in deep as he rubbed my clit with his thumb. The double stimulation made me release so hard I felt like I passed out for second when I actually gushed all over his fingers.
“Oh my good sexy boy, now lick me clean while suck my juice off of your hand.” He went face first into my open pussy licking the sweet wetness. I licked and sucked on his fingers and palm as he moaned. The moaning made his tongue vibrate. I almost came again.
We rested for a few moments when I noticed the huge wet spot on his pink pouch.
“Be honest with me, did you cum?” I was disappointed in the thought, I wanted him to show me control. True control would impress me, we both knew that.
“Mistress, its precum. I need to cum, but I know not to cum until you say.” I pulled his cock hard out of the pouch, it glisten, but it was clear.
“Good boy, but you must wear your wet g-string to dinner.” He understood.
“Now I’m going to go get dressed, you get us dinner.” I directed him.
We ate dinner. I went on about my story of a dancing slave. I take off his g-string. I kiss the tip of his cock, its not as salty as it would have been with cum. I sat back into my chair.
“Now I give you a minute to look into the fridge and freezer for things to make dessert.” I set the timer on my phone.
“And now go.” I started the timer as he grabbed the tray found whipped cream, ice cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, and cherries. He had spoons but no bowls, which means its going to be naughty. We both smiled at the thought.
“My lovely Mistress, follow me.” We went into the bedroom, he put the tray on the end table as he put several towels down. He layer on the towels. I had the idea in which he wanted. I thought he was being clever since he can’t where a cock ring that !y mouth might making him cum. (However we both knew if he came before he earned it that his chastity would be prolonged.)
I ate a cherry and then fed him one with my mouth. I kissed him hard as the sweetness of cherry drive us both crazy. I took the whipped cream and covered his cock and added sprinkles. I licked and succked him clean, making his cock throbbing and be perfectly erect. He moaned as I moaned still sucking. Then I took a spoonful of ice cream. The coldness made him flinch and gasp.
“Oh mistress,” his teeth chattered. I sucked moving the melting scoop of ice cream along his shrinking cock. Then once it melted I suck all of the cream off making it swell again. He gasped. I drizzled chocolate all over as sucked so hard, could taste the precum like chocolate covered pretzels.
“sit up.” I demanded as he did as I said. I fed him ice cream as he did the same with me as he told me about his work day and how he thought of me and missed me.
“I love that you miss me, but you do not have enough points to cum yet.” I kissed him.
“I know, I just enjoyed this moment.” I kissed him again. I cleaned off his cock with a soapy rag and put on a new metal cage and locked it.
“Run me a bath, and I’ll get my writings.” We finished the night with him reading me my work as I soaked in the tub.

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