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Random thoughts on my head, my main blog is connected to my profile.
3 years ago. July 25, 2020 at 9:41 PM

If you haven't noticed I've had a bit of delay getting stories posted.  I'm sorry.
I've had writers block, depression, and computer issues that have kept me from being productive in my written world.
My cabin fever with this virus has not made things better.
I have to say this. For those who read my entire profile and blog . . . Thank you. I hope to post more stories and blogs soon.
However if you are not into reading my profile, than I don't see you truly respecting or understanding who I am.
I am a natural dominant. I am just the type who naturally takes control fixes the problems and overcomes the obstacles. It's who I am, I will NOT change or go back to vanilla. I know I can't. There is something about the control and power dynamic that makes me wet and tingly.
I have health issues and trust issues (especially with this virus), so I am NOT seeking a physical relationship. (There is currently only one man I would let pentatrate me and he knows who he is.)
I am more seeking a dominance of the mind (I will not take tributes for nothing, but I will write stories for sub's as long as they are not my limits.)
I do have fantasies.
My fantasy is NOT to own anyone I'm more into serving subs than slaves.
I like the freedom that they subs have still choose me to dominate them because they know I will be responsible enough to do things in their best interests as they try to please me, to make me content as I work on my true bliss . . .writing.

The reasons for this update and rant is that I've been told I'm NOT a true dominant because I do not want a physical relationship or to meet. Or that I do not want to own a slave.
*I'm turned on by the mind. I like to mentally stimulated.
*Between the virus and being female, meeting others after like two line messages can be very dangerous. (I've been raped once, I will NOT do that again.)
*I seek submissive, not slaves. The term slave has a bad denotation to me. I like knowing that my submissive choose me. Not because they have to be with me.

*I am here to promote my erotica and get readers
*My blog on my idea of dominance
*And to make friends with dirty minds.

Johnny slave sub​(sub male){I'd most w} - Dear Ms.
Regardless of what anyone may think or believe about you, the truths about you are clearly known by you. Like me, I too know that I could never go back into a vanilla relationship. I'm a true slave submissive, who finds joy and a deeper life meaning through serving and belonging to a woman. When I say slave, I mean this as belonging. Moreso than just submitting. As a sub I have freedom. I choose to use that freedom in kneeling before a woman I belong to.
I choose to use my freedom in humble servitude to a woman I belong to. I am a submissive, who has also lived as a slave. I know this as truth....just as you KNOW that you're a true Dominant. matter what some others might say. Indeed...the very fact that you choose to micromanage, clearly elevates the status of your place over a submissive. You are far more a true dominant because of this undertaking.
I admire you. Thanks for the words of your wisdom found within your profile and blogs.
3 years ago

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