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Experiences and observations from a Sir.
2 years ago. December 6, 2020 at 11:20 PM

At first, you may not think something so innocent as watching someone sleeping would be so erotic. I sure did not. Even from miles away on zoom, how could it be. Her husband was away. It was summertime, and she contacted me to Zoom. We chatted playfully, but she was tired. She made the offer and I accepted thinking nothing more of it. She adjusted the pillow under her head and laid down on her side. Watching the good girl lay down on her bed caused my feelings to stir. As she laid her head down, she looked up at me one more time, and closed her eyes to fall asleep.

I was supposed be completing my daily work and at the same time I was able to watch and share space virtually. It was supposed to be easy. However, as I watched, I began to desire, to lust after this amazing beauty in front of me. Sexy, fit and intelligent, she was everything I desire all in one. Thoughts in my head of how I wished I was beside her, but that could not happen at this time. How I wanted to bind her to my bed. Take all of her senses captive. Spank her, use her for my pleasing and hear her scream, scream my name; Sir. There she was. Her gorgeous dark, smooth skin before me. I could not do work. I just watched in lust instead. It seems like just a few minutes, but it was longer. Upon her eyes opening, she looked and smiled knowing that I was still there. I could tell by that look she knew my desire for her had grown. Oh how I enjoyed watching the good girl sleep.

Have you ever watched that special one sleep? How did it make you feel? Did you enjoy how vulnerable they were as they slept?  What were you thinking as they laid before you?

makemeplease​(sub female){Prussian} - I've been the watched sleeper. I must admit, there is very little I miss as much as I miss that. Even though we lived together and shared a bed, when he was away working he would watch me sleep via video message. I have a medical issue that makes something as seemingly peaceful as sleep potentially life threatening at times. So while away, he'd watch me sleep. His job was potentially life threatening to boot, so I think hearing his typical work noises helped me to sleep because I knew he was safe. That relationship isn't now how it was then, so nobody watches me sleep anymore. And how could one possibly go about asking another person to do that? I don't see a way. It must manifest organically. It's strange, it's unorthodox, but it's befuddled and I loved it. Neat to see someone appreciates it also!
2 years ago
makemeplease​(sub female){Prussian} - Befuddled? Haha! It was supposed to be 'beautiful. Awesome typo.
2 years ago

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