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Expression of my thoughts, feelings, and me growing to love my side I kept hidden.
3 weeks ago. Thu 19 Sep 2019 12:26:46 AM IDT

There are times in life you have to walk away from a person. No matter how close you may be, or even if they truly need you. It could be to avoid drama, or could be you need to figure yourself out. It could be they slowly stopped talking to you, and you're the one who finally cuts the string. Sometimes it is emotional and hard, other times as easy as just throwing away a piece of paper. Just be true to yourself and know the decision you are making is the right one. Move on and never look back with regret. Be grateful for the happy moments they gave you and the support given when you needed it. Your lives are no longer entwined and you now will become two separate people and sometimes even strangers. Look out for your happiness first and walk forward in life with a smile.



proudbbw{Happily} - Absolutely 100% feel this in my soul
3 weeks ago
animekitty{Owner Joey} - I am so very happy for both you and your husband girl it sounds like you too have started to figure things out about yourselves
3 weeks ago

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