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Firecracker Diaries - A combination of stories, random thoughts and an appreciation log of life with Daddy

I'm a owned and collared. The journey I have been on with Daddy is amazing...and only gets better! This is my daily entries of what is going on in my head and stories of all the things I’m learning with Daddy!
2 months ago. Jul 13, 2021, 5:34 AM

A role taken on by some dominants or tops that mimics that of a parent: the style is likely to be 'kind but firm', perhaps with little deliberate pain-giving or cruelty except in punishment scenes. A gay male daddy's bottom is likely to be called a boy, and though such scenes can be played on a part-time basis the role is as likely to be part of a long-term relationship as with master/mistress-slave. Other sexualities may play this way too, and although the terms mummy (mommy) and girl are used, there are a number of instances of women taking on the male terms in these sorts of relationships.


Daddy is now my favorite term to use with my Love. Being real honest it took me a minute in the beginning to get used to using it. I felt very strange using that term... mostly because of my own father issues. But once I worked it out in my head... its my favorite.



Starwarsnerd​(dom male) - I enjoy being called it. Gives them something to moan or act a cute and little and say it in a cute voice.
2 months ago

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