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Firecracker Diaries - A combination of stories, random thoughts and an appreciation log of life with Daddy

I'm a owned and collared. The journey I have been on with Daddy is amazing...and only gets better! This is my daily entries of what is going on in my head and stories of all the things I’m learning with Daddy!
1 month ago. Jul 27, 2021, 5:01 AM

Fantasy Rape
A rape scene played out but with consent and arrangement by both parties.


I think this screen could be a turn on for me... especially with lots of after care. In my head it could be highly traumatic if not done with care... and lots of communication before hand.



Starwarsnerd​(dom male) - It is something I want to try for sure, unfortunately the scary part of doing it is even with documentation and agreements, what if the person I am with actually does say I raped her
Which is why I am careful with anything around or close to CNC
1 month ago
MistaJ​(dom male) - I believe it's more safe to use terms as "free use" or "24/7 free use". Meaning that your dominant is allowed to use you sexually whenever and how ever they feel like. This way its more mentally safe for both people. As you both know each other, you communicated before hand, you know each other's hard limits and know what each other are comfortable with.
Some fantasies sound nice but thats how some of them should stay, as just a fantasies.
1 month ago
Master13​(dom male){Not Lookin} - As long as there are two consenting adults and safe words and all other precautions are in place - it can be a very erotic scene.

I do love role plays especially if both can really play it out.

I do promote communication and understanding by both on a level to make sure there is trust and understanding and consent and all other protocols.

I have tried one but my sub at the time gave in after a few seconds so really didnt turn into a CNC scene 😁😁😁
1 month ago
Georgina​(sub female) - For me this is off limits.
CNC therefore and as it should always be that both Dom and sub are ok and safe and comfortable and know all the right things/safe words…
I can try and grasp the concept but to have this as a fantasy into reality and try and be somewhat comfortable and enjoy doesn’t seem possible.
1 month ago

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