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The Box Part 3

By Coltic​(other male)     January 4, 2022
I wanted to jump up out of the chair, rip off the blindfold and find out just where I was. I tensed my leg and stiffened my back to do something to move away. But the stength in his grip held my shoulders still.

If you try to do that again you will find yourself cuffed to that chair.

I opened my mouth taking a deep breath in order to demand to know where I was. What the fucking hell. The corners of my mouth was pushed back and my lips folded over my teeth as something was pushed into my mouth. My hands came up to try and grab at whomever or whatever I could in shock. My hands were grabbed and forced to the top of my thighs. As the hands on my shoulders grabbed at the thing in my mouth. Pulling my head back and it was wrapped around my head strapping the bar in my mouth.

My body betrays me. Even with at this I find myself more excited them scared. True I have no idea where I am, I can't see. Dressed in this leather. OK yeah I am in an unknown situation but I am not going to be killed. Not after being dressed up and picked up. So let see where this goes. I mean fuck I am drenched, let it flow.

The more you fight the more you lose. Are you going to behave? He demanded the question in my ear.

I whimpered in response. That I would

The blindfold was yanked off my eyes and the brace kept me from jerking away. The woman before me holding my hands to my legs. Looked up over me and nodded her head. Raising up I could see she was topless with both her nipples pierced with silver rings. They were connected with a chain that attacked to a black band around her neck. When she turned to walk away I could see the flesh of her ass peering out of an ass less skirt that was tight and short. In this dim light it looked as tho her ass had dirt on it.

The only one I knew remaining was the man behind me and he began to step slowly around me. Heel, toe then a scrap. That repeated twice as I looked out the corner of my eye to the side he was walking on. Dam this brace really did the job of not being able to use my neck.

Look straight ahead. If you want that blindfold back on, please didn't listen to me. I will be more then happy to cover them shamefully, lust filled eyes.

Lusting eyes, dam. I gave away my thoughts.

Oh come now don't you feel it? I know the smell of pussy and I smelled you the moment you walked in the door.

Closing my eyes cause I knew he was right.

Stand up. He told me. Bringing me out of my daze. Looking towards him and then jetting my eyes away. I slowly got to my feet where he opened the trench. Grabbed the two halves and lift it up off my shoulders. Standing there knowing full well he was right there l looked up at the ceiling. Which in this low lighting I couldn't see.

I was grabbed by the ring on the brace and was pull down to be inches away from him forcing me to look directly at him. He had a black mask on that covered almost his entire face. The only part that I could see was his mouth. Which curled in one corner as he slowly blinked at me. I heard a metallic clank just under me. The side of my exposed ass cheek was wacked by a strap. Then placed it against my chin.

I thought I told you to look straight ahead. He glared at me.

I aim. Was the best I was able to sound out. I can't help it if your directly in front of me. Would have been my defiant remark could I speak properly.

The strap that he held on my chin tapped me on the nose. I jerked back from the unexpected tap blinking my eyes. I couldn't move very far cause the brace is now being used as a collar which now had a metal chain connect to the ring. He held it tight as I tried to pull back on it.

Bad dog. He growled though his smile.

Oh no I wasn't going to stand for that. Grabbing the chain between me and his hand I wrestled with it to get it out of his hand. When that didn't work I tried to pound my fist at his own hands.

OK you want to act like this. Here I thought you were going to be good.

He pulls me, toppling me off balance. Drawing me to bend over and walk as he walks me to a. Oh fuck no. Is that a cage? Oh fuck. I try to stop walking but I only get tugged. I rebalance myself and catch up beside him and try to plead but they only sound like a muffled whimpers. With tears starting to fall down my cheeks wetting my mouth. I try to say.

No I'll be good. But sounded like. Ow. Al lee goo.

I say it once. I will not say it again. This is your only warning. Get in the cage. As normal as saying, I'll have the fish tonight.

There was no irritation to his voice but I felt his no bullshit demeanor. I turned to look at it and then back up to him with my head slightly lowered. My eyes rolled up at him. Ah fuck. I bet I looked like a scolded dog right now. Dam it. I dropped down and crawled in to the cage slowly to protest doing this. He said he didn't want to repeat himself, not that I had to achieve speed records. Once I was fully in the cage the door was shut and was locked with a padlock.

Sit girl. Still talking to me like a dog. While walking around to the opposite side of the cage.

He knelt by the cage flexed his finger for me to come over. Put your hands though the cage. Was the next command for me to do. When I got close to that side of the cage he told me I was a good girl and cuffed my wrist on the outside of the cage around one of the rungs. Limiting my movement in the cage even more. The cage apparently had wheels on it cause I was rolled into yet another room that had a man completely naked. Strung upright on the balls of toes.

When the cage was positioned and stopped moving I recognized the man. It was the guy that delivered the box to me. What had happened to him? The woman that picked me up said he would be dealt with. Had he been tortured for a late package?

Your about to see what happen to disobedient pets. You had better keep this in mind.

And yet still with all this happening I couldn't help notice how absolutely turned on I was. Shackled in a cage before some naked dangling man. In some tight kinky leather attire. Who knows where I am. Being made to feel like this man's pet dog. Waiting with a real interest to see what will happen to him and what will become of me.

To be continued......