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The Box Turned Cage

By Coltic​(dom male)     01/10/2022 122
I got a front row seat, well cage actually. Right next to the chair that my, mmm can't call tormentor or abuser. What the hell do I call this man? Will have to get to that later. Right now he sits next to me. The top has a little door that flips open. That enabled his hand to come in and stroked my hair. As he did a woman came in to stand before this man seated next to me.

She was in red skin tight pants from her pelvic bone to her knees then continued down by matching red heeled boots. The curves and lines of her groin were pronounced by the hugging pants. Her long legs with in these tight form-fitting pants had not one fold or crease in them. Other the the crack running in the back separating her two round ass cheeks. Peaking out the waist are the two lines from her groin and thighs and in the middle was a jeweled belly button. Not a pierced navel but a gem seated in the navel itself. Her top covered her arms and sides but was opened in the center. What kept it closed and her perfectly sized breast for her in the top are buckle straps at three points. The first was just like any collar, around her neck. The second is mid breasts lifting and squeezing them, making the cleavage gather in the middle. The last one is located at the end of her rib cage showing off her belly and the gem in her navel. Her long and wavy hair on the sides were pulled to join the back of her head, where both join to another braid in the back.

Standing there she and this man sitting next to me seemed to be equals. No words where exchanged for a moment or two. It was as if she was letting us take in the sight of this man. Like a waiter showing a bottle of wine for the label to be approved.

I will now start. She announced.

Turning around I could now see that her ass is just as full as her tits. The pants framed her round and tight ass to be the picture of sexy. An that I know I have stride to get my ass looking like, a perfect ratio of small yet round. Speaking of asses my own ass was being petted and stroked. Following the curve down to my thigh and back up with a full and firm grip. The palm of his hand not leaving my ass where his fingers tapped rhythmically, simular like burping a baby. I rocked my body to the rhythm being played on my ass enough to feel my heart beating almost to the same on my ass. What is happening to me?

Stepping next to him she removed a bar in his mouth simulator to mine only it didn't strap to his head. That isn't fair. I didn't want this in my mouth. Turning my head to this man that really had controll of my movements in here, my handler if you wanted to say. Pointed at the couple not saying a word. Wanting me to go back to facing them, again I did as I am directed to do.

Most people wouldn't want to find themselves in this situation and if you would have asked me. Would I have want to be? The answer, I would have been kicking and screaming, but I am here and I climbed in. So why am I not? Simple. I am excited. Not just physically but mentally. I want to see what happens. Not just to him but to me as well. I am so wet in side my pussy that if as was to squeeze my stomach my fluids will flow out the edges of my new leather panties and I would be kneeling in a puddle. I watch the red dressed woman intently as she began her show. Trying not show my arousal and most likely failing at it.

She walked around him dragging her hand on his body. Touching his abs and tracing his exposed ribs. Touching his nipple and pinching his right one. I am not sure, cause I was losing myself in seeing her doing that to me. As if ghosting the sensations to my body. That I don't know if it was him or me in my thoughts saying, Yes. When she reached around his waist with her other hand and racking her nails just under his navel hard enough to leave four reddish lines across him. The sight of the lines are beautiful.

Do you understand why your here? As she quickly flicked her fingers from his nipple.

Mhmm. Mistress. As her fingers moved off him.

Some kind of cage like item was given to her from someone in the outer darkness. It looked to me like a wire frame of a dick. I thought maybe she was going to use it as a strap on. My eyes widen in fascination when she put it on him over his dick and around the base of his balls. When it was fully attached she looked to be tickling his balls from under them with her finger tips. Moving them in a annoyed tapping pattern, bouncing his balls from finger to finger.

You failed your task and almost caused problems with another's pet. She finished with a slap to his balls with her fingers.

I am so sorry Mistress. I got the days mixed up and delivered it as soon as I could.

You mixed up the days. Well I thing we need to straighten out your memory.

A metal bench was wheeled over which has a padded top and two padded legs extending down from the edge of it. The naked man was let down and walked over to the table top and told to lay down on his back. After getting on it his hands where unrestrained and fastened to the table on either side of him. Then they were moved on an angle from his body. His ankles are restrained to the padded downward post and then she spread his legs wide apart. It was almost like being crucified only his legs are bend down. Standing between his parted legs she flips over his face a multi strand whipping item with a handle. Dragging it over and down his body and directly over his caged member. Then with a heavy thud from her flipping this whipping device over and down on to his left leg. Another thud from it coming down on the right leg criss-crossing it several times.

I see your straightening out already. Your cock is so easy to toy with. I hope your memory is as easy. As she continued to flip her whip arcoss his caged arousal back and forth from leg to leg. She slid it down like a sheet around his cock and circled it like a whisp on his cock. His legs twitching and groaning from this man forcing me to bite the bar in my mouth and curl my toes. His moans of torment from this woman is feeding my arousal.

Twisting and flipping her hand and fingers around him straining erection filling up with in its confiding cage. I was starting to feel like his cock. That has to be horrible for him straining with in the confines cause I know I wanted out of this cage and don't care who fucks me at this point. His handler continued to fondle him to make him harder and me unbelievably wetter.

With a pleased grin on her face she began once again to lash at his legs and adding to her swats his stomack . Every so often she would even swipe upwards between his legs on his balls. None of them looked very hard to me to be immensely painful. It looked more you should count your lucky stars. Even the little faces he was making seem to make me think he was in the middle of pain and pleasure. I wondered what that would feel like against swelling pussy. How would my nipples and clit respond to them swats and dragging those fringes on my tits and pussy? Trying to imagine the sensation drove me over the edge and a flood rushed over my leather panties. Lines of my arousal are running down my legs.

Please Mistress let the torment of my cock end soon. A moment of a pause. I ask to be released.

My pet needs out. Lets continue this another way. Giving his balls a tap with each word. Bring me his leash.

A moment later she was handed by the woman that placed the bar in my mouth a chain leash and a wide red collar with a tag in the shape of a bone like you would see on a dog, only larger. After letting him off the table she had him kneel in front of her with his knees apart allowing everyone to see his dick where he again asked to have it released only he didn't say he ask, now it was. I beg you. She this time did remove his dick from the cage and as she touched hus freed cock, his body jerked as if ice was touched to his skin.

She told him to stand and bend over the table. When he complied to her demands she positioned herself in front of him. His face was directly infront of her groin and it seems like she did that just to tease him. As she stood there a moment taking a wide spread stance shifting her hips and then slowly lowering down to a squat till she was face to face with him.

Lift your head. Now keep it there.

He arched his head up by getting on his elbows and exposed his neck. Looping the collar around his neck and clamping the leash it on. As she did so she positioned her tits to be on either side of is face. It wasn't long till she pulls back and grabs a fist full of hair and gets face to face with him.

Did I give to you permission to rub you dirty face on my skin yet alone on my tits? Don't bother to answer that cause I know the answer.

She said that with the force of a P.O.W. being interrogated where I thought she would slam his face into the table. She hit him with enough force on the side of his face that you heard the the crack.

Thank you. I deserved that. Please may I get another.

That didn't sound like a question and when she slapped him again he again told her he wanted more each time stating he deserved them. It wasn't until the eighth time that he said he learned his lesson and she stop.

Yes my pet you did. Saying it soft enough to be soothing as she inspecting his face.

The leash a shiny chrome got pulled taunt making him lift his head and forcing him up on his hands. I missed how a jockeys riding crop got in her hand but I now see it. Cause she smacked his ass each time when he lifted his belly off the table. I don't think she gave him much of a choice as she slowly took steps around the table. Pulling and angling her hold to were he would have to move in order for her not to strain her arm. When she did a full circle around him she spoke to him.

Off the furniture doggie and he obeyed her. On the floor like a good dog. Down on all fours in a ridged upright stance. Head up high and facing forward. Shoulders tight and back arched. His back legs together and is ass uplifted. He looked like a show dog being presented to the judges.

To be continued...........

I hope you enjoy this tale. Feel free to let me knew if your enjoying these little tastes. As must as I feel FeeFee is watching from her little. Box.