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The Cage Continues

By Coltic​(dom male)     01/18/2022 523
I got myself into this without being forced from anyone. I walked out of my place not knowing where I was going. Got out of the car not knowing where I was. Blindfolded and gaged by whom i have no clue. Being teased for what for, well that i figure to get me going sexually. Seeing how I can't touch myself is driving me insane. Never had I been so deprived or so needing of anything to be done. My body wants to be touched, well more then just my ass and head. My pussy aches to be filled. I don't care how prim and proper you are or straight arrow you calm to be. There is some primal force within people and mine was screaming to let me give myself to it. I could feel what it wanted, it knows I hunger for what it knew within it. Not yet I told it I want to see more I dont just want one part, I want it all. If my lust was going to go into over drive. Then put on the auto pilot cause I was going to watch everything.


She commanded him. How the hell could he just stay. I can't keep my own body from wiggling as my ass is caress and drummed. The Red Lady walked beside my Drummer as I have come to know these two for obvious reasons. Walking some ten feet away from him and turning to face him. Giving her pet, as she called him, a come command. He crawled on all fours still in proper form as she stood with her riding crop in hand tapping her leg almost like counting to see how swift he came to her. He was about a foot from in front of her when she told him to heel and he came to an immediate halt.

That's a good boy. Normally I would have have my pet, as she walked slowly to him circling him and tracing the crop on his fresh, spin for his punishment. But. She sits on the back of is ass directly above his thighs and crossed her legs. I will give you that right seeing how it was your task he was assigned and failed to do properly. She address to Mr Drummer.

The Drummer nodded and another light came on over a Wheel of Fortune. Altho I don't think there was going to be a money prize value on there. He stood up and walked over to the wheel. Standing there in front of it I guess reading what the pie wedges had written on them. Placed his hand on the wheel and than that rapid clanking sound played its tune as he pulled and made it spin. As it did he turned and came back to his chair not waiting to see what it landed on. Giving a chuckle as he sat down.

Do you not want to wait for the results. She smiled at Mr. Drummer.

No, the outcome will be fine. No matter what it lands on.

The clanking began to slow down. As the turning slowed down the Red Lady thumped his ass with every clank. Clank, wack. Clank, wack. Till it came to a stop and she gave a final wack which actually made his back jump as she yelled.

It's enema time.

The lights came on and a few people dress in various black outfits starting to move around. One walked by us with the wheel and I could see that there was not one thing written on it. Now I understand why he chuckled, it had been dealers choice. A long plastic sheet was laid out on the floor by the crew that was in the shadows. A bucket was placed on the sheet and a small metal table with a couple of large syringes just next to it. Once that was laid out this man turned pet was taken by his leash and again walked on to the plastic.

Both his ankles are cuffed with large leather red band still being on all fours. Now she connected his ankles with a ridged bar spreading his feet apart. Above his knees a simulator smaller bar was strapped the same way. Those two bars she attached together bringing his ankles closer to his ass. His leash is ran though a ring that pivots up from the floor and ran underneath him. Pulling the leash though bringing his face down and his ass up and connecting the leash to the smaller bar. Only allowing him inches of movement with his head.

I watched in fascination as the lady chained and positioned the courier. I glanced up at Mr. Drummer to see his eyes looking down at me and smile and directed me with a jerk of his head to continue watching. Without a hesitation I put my attention back to what was happening. Swinging out my knees out to the side to rest on my hip get off my knees and gave them a break from kneeling in this cage. My body's reactions and my own lusting thoughts are caged with me in here feeding more on each other. I want to touch myself to give my out of reach breast what they want, satisfaction. I can't do that being bound and out of reach. Not being able to do anything, is frustrating myself even more. My legs are starting to beg were my mouth couldn't. Slowly they speard apart showing my very wet pussy or atleast it would have been if not covered by my now very wet lined leather panties.

My bad doggie need to be flushed, familiarized with what it means again to listen. How to properly do shit when it's told to do so.

Placing the syringes into the bucket and drawing the handle and filling them. The fluid inside was clear so it had to be water. Once the two syringes were filled she placed a latex doctor's gloves on. Applied something to her finger and went over to his ass. His body shifted forward a little as her pointer finger wiggled and then moved, disappearing into him. After a few twist and a couple of pumps she removed it from him. Taking a syringe in her hand aligned it to his ass. Placing the nozzle in and pushed the plunder lower and lower till it was fully depressed.

Turn your face. Let them see your face my little pet, she said to him. Exchanging the first for the second applicator. Mere seconds later the second dose was injected into him. I could see his eyes squinting and his legs shaking as the Lady refilled to inject more. It took some time but he had stopped shaking and he looked at me and gave me a smile. As if to say it's all good he got this.

I now felt Mr Drummers hand grab me just before my knee and cause I needed that so bad it felt as tho I was never touched before. My hips began to gyrate and my head moved slowly around, circling and bobing. His hand moved down the inside of my thigh gripping me enough that I felt the presence of his hand. The pressure was enough to be a breeze across it. Stop teasing and take me. Yank these panties down and sink your fingers in me! Is what I would say but can't, dam gag. Never have I been this denied. My attention got awoken out of it moment of temporary excitement as my heated loins were back handed. It's not that it hurt. It is the fact that my clit's sensitivity is dialed way up to three hundred. When he thumped it that caused every muscle to contract from my ass to my belly. Snapping my eyes open and twisting my head to focusing onto his face.

Again he points to the other two. Dammit I really don't care about them any more. If he screwed up why am I being denied. Shit I want to be ravaged. Enough watching more doing onto and into me. I began shaking my head, showing my frustrations. Trusting my needy cunt forward and then point to it with my face. Grunting tush re, like I have a speech impediment instead of touch me.

To be continued............

shelleysara​(sub female)
More please 🥺
02/18/2022 12:44