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Dip Your Toe into Foot Fetishism

By CAGE Staff​(staff)     March 3, 2022
Right after butts and chests, "feet" ranks up there as one of the most-eroticized, non-reproductive parts of our body. Like most other kinky fetishes, foot fetishism sexualizes the look and feel of a foot. I'd guess you've probably heard of foot fetishism before; that's probably because it's one of the most commonly fetishized body parts.

Why Do People like Feet?

Why people enjoy feet is very individual.

For some people, the physical look and feel of the feet is really their jam. Similar to how some people like the look of bare breasts, defined abs, or a round booty, these people just really enjoy the look of feet. That's all there is to it. While science has made some attempts into figuring out exactly why feet get placed into this sexual box, we don't have anything perfectly conclusive. (Turns out funding for researching foot fetishism isn't exactly overflowing.)

One of the most common theories is from neuroscientist Vilanayar Ramachandran who found that the neuro-wiring for the genitals and feet were right next to each other inside the brain - and postulates that some foot fetishism could possibly be a result from the brain mixing wires between the two areas.

Some people might be into foot fetishism due to formative experiences, too. I don't want to go into too much detail about this, but it turns out that some of our earliest experiences can have deep, lasting impacts on us all the way into adulthood. Foot fetishism is no exception.

While some people are attracted to the physical foot itself, other people are attracted to the symbolism of feet. They're the lowest point on the body - and many of us depend on them to carry us from place to place. They're really one of the bigger workhorses on our bodies - so when someone else is forced to be beneath your feet, it can be a very humbling - and submitting - experience. The "symbolism" of the feet can make for some pretty humiliating and submissive sensations. For some kinksters, that's what their foot fetishism is about.

On the receiving end, some kinky people like foot fetishism because it feels fantastic. The feet are covered in nerve endings (which is what makes them so sensitive to tickling!). All of those nerve endings can also be used for good. Most non-kinksters will agree that a well-done foot massage is amazing - or dipping the feet into a perfectly-warmed body of water. All of those pleasurable nerve endings can be used for sexual pleasure - just like the back of the neck or any other "non-reproductive erogenous zone".

For others, it's a mixture of them all - and probably some other aspects too! It's amazing how human sexuality works!

Tops: How to Make your Feet Appear "Better" for Foot Fetishism?

Like any sexual preference, everyone has their own desires for feet. Some foot fetishists are going to go crazy for your smelly feet after a 12-hour work shift in the extreme heat. Other foot fetishists are going to fall in love with immaculately cared-for feet. For some other foot kinksters, it's entirely about the foot's bone structure - and there's really no way to "change" your feet to work best for those kinksters.

With that in mind, the biggest suggestion I have is to communicate with your foot fetishist partner. What do they like about feet? What would make their foot fetish scenes better? While you're there, have a conversation about how you can share that labor; if your partner would find it much-hotter if you were to have constantly pedicured feet or super-soft feet without callouses, talk about how they can be involved in your foot care - or can help pay for the services required.

Otherwise, some general props and foot care that can help improve your feet to be in their prime for your foot fetish scenes:

  • Any hosiery or fishnets. A partner's personal preference can vary on which (and even what color!), but they add visual interest to your feeties - and can feel erotic on your skin too.
  • Speaking of, don't forget about heels if you like to wear them. You don't even need to actively walk around in them. Sitting around while wearing heels - and dangling them with your toes - can be a very erotic visual - even for people who aren't into foot fetishism. Not a heels person? Some people really fall for feet in combat boots too. Or even just some really smelly socks.
  • Heels aren't the only option though. In fact, some people prefer bare feet - or feet in sandals or flip-flops. If you're hanging around the home, you can also look into some foot chains that sensually drape off of the curves of the feet. It's really up to you as to how you want to adorn your feet - and what feels good for you!
  • Try to keep the toenails looking okay. Stuff happens. Sometimes our toenails and feet are just not our first priority in our busy lives. If you have a foot worship scene coming up, though, it's worth the extra time to cut, smooth, and shape your nails. This can be a hard reach to do on your own, so teach and enlist help of your partner (if that's in your dynamic) or head to a nail professional.
  • While you're there, if you're into it, toenail polish can make the feet look more visually interesting. Select colors that make you happy.
  • Don't forget about foot maintenance as well. Regular lotion and some exfoliation can make a huge difference in how your feet feel to someone else. It always astounds me how much care can go into making your feet look and feel good.

Bottoms: How to Please Your Foot Dominant?

Just like with my previous suggestions, suggestion #1 is just "ask your partner". If your Top is indulging your foot fetishism kink, you want to ensure that you're making the experience as pleasurable as possible for them. To do that, ask them what would make the experience as amazing as possible for them. If they have a similar foot fetish, they might enjoy licking and sucking of the feet. If they don't, their enjoyment of your administrations might be better spent with foot massages or pampering. It's really a personal preference - and one that you should ask your Top before any foot-focused scenes.

Some general tips that can help you be prepared to pamper any Top you serve:

  • Research foot massage techniques. Now that you have the strength to go a long time, make sure that your foot massage is hitting the right spots. If you can, pick up your own bottle of massage oil at this point (but always be open to using your Top's choice of massage oil; some people have skin sensitivities.)
  • Try some foot massage gadgets. If your arms and hands are not able to give long massages - for whatever reason - look into massage gadgets. Ceramic stones and other gadgets will help hit those pressure points without relying on muscular pressure.
  • Know what your preference for foot cleanliness is. Especially for femdoms, the idea of putting a slightly-dirty foot into someone's mouth is relatively squicky. Be sure to know what level of cleanliness you want or require - and make sure to communicate that clearly with your partner. Knowing that you specifically desire a foot that isn't entirely clean will help them relax and enjoy what you're doing.
  • Attending a class on foot pampering and foot worship might not be a bad idea either. This can teach you how to give an amazing pedicure, remove rough skin, soften the skin of the foot, and generally give a great foot and calf massage to pamper your pedicure recipient.
  • Learning how to paint toenails can be a large help to many femdoms - and can get you invited back to their feet on a weekly basis. Nail polish (to practice) is cheap, and you can pick up fake nails to practice getting the paint applied to the nail. (As a humbling experience, I always recommend a foot fetishist attempt to put on their own toenail polish, too - even if it's just a clear coat. It really gives you a good idea of how difficult it can be!)

Ready to Play with Foot Fetishism?

Now that you have a general idea of what foot fetishism is and some best practices to make it a good experience, you're ready to explore some foot fetish scenes. Have a conversation with your partner, figure out what mutual interests you share regarding foot fetishism, talk about what you'll both get out of the scene, and start planning a scene for the two of you.

Mistress Kay lives in the world of sexuality and kink. With a house that's quickly running out of space for things that aren't sex books and sex toys, she spends what free time she has writing femdom help articles (, trying the latest and greatest in sex toys, and exploring the sexual universe with her partners. She can be reached at Kinky World (

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i can only speak for me about a foot fetish. It was one of the first acts i was told to do with this one women and i fell in love with it because of the humiliation of the act. It put me in the correct mental state that i was with a women that was my superior. Humiliation=love if you can relate to that.
Jul 31, 2021, 4:20 PM
Antoniii​(switch male)
I didn't even realize I had a foot fetish but I couldn't deny it any longer...I love licking the heels and soles Of A Queens Feet and sucking each toe at command and when she just forces them in my mouth. I can't get enough of this one lol
Aug 1, 2021, 11:12 AM
Anyone interested in exploring this more? I’ve always wanted to do more in this aspect.
Aug 10, 2021, 10:54 PM
FlipFlop The Clown​(sub male)
Thank you again so much for including me in your foot fetish online magazine article!
Aug 12, 2021, 3:08 AM
This was quite an interesting read, much appreciated.
Aug 14, 2021, 5:01 AM