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Subs reward

By JeZZiKa​(sub female)     10/30/2021 442
Her ass deep red and on fire from His hand first, then His paddle. Tears stain her cheeks and the blindfold.
She is soaked between her thighs. Her pussy so sensitive, throbbing and a bit painful from arousal. A whisper of a touch would send her over the edge. She slows her breathing.
Regaining the smallest thread of control she can manage. He touched, played, fingered..
Her messy wet folds slick with her arousal. Only He can bring forth such a mess. A patch of wetness is sure to be on his thigh.
Rock hard the entire time and pressing against her side as she was laid over his lap. "You are such a good girl", He tells her. "You took your spankings so well", His deep voice growls out. She automatically blushes and feels the fire burn within her whole body.
As He helps her up off his lap to kneel before Him.
Removing the silk blindfold from her head and another from her wrists which were tied behind her back. She tells him "I have an idea Sir, trust me?" He grabs her neck pulling her close.
Sticks his wet fingers in her mouth so she can suck her juices from them before he kisses her.
Tongue flicking out at her lips to open for Him.
With His large hand around her throat he explores her mouth. Tasting slowly, taking every last bit of her juices from her mouth. As they part, he says, "More than you could ever know. "She smiles, eyes still hooded from His exploring mouth.
"Sir, could you please put each hand on either side of couch. No touching, okay"?
He smirks at her, "Okay, I will play."
She takes the silk cloth and ties it around His eyes. Her pussy automatically throbs from Him granting her permission to please Him. He lays both hands on either side of the back of the couch. Still fully erect, she eyes His cock while licking her lips. She starts at His ankles, softly trailing her hands up His legs.
Reaching His thighs she looks up at Him blowing softly onto His cock. She can see it twitch and His mouth gives a hint of approval. Continuing up his stomach and chest with her hands, she presses her tongue on the length of His cock. He growls but doesn't move. She flicks His nipples with her thumb nails. All the while watching His face.
She can feel His power and dominance. She knows who is the dominant. Definitely not her, this is her reward. He is allowing this as her reward for such a long period of submission. She lowers to take his balls into her mouth. Too big for her small mouth she suckles on them. Tasting with her tongue. Her saliva dripping down his balls.
She moves slowly up with her tongue. Circling her hot wet tongue around the swollen head of his cock. Precum bursting along her taste buds sending pulses to her pussy. She feels His stomach contract as he growls. All the while softly running her nails along his thighs. Her lips stretch around the head of His cock. His cock prisoner of her lips she circles the head with her slick tongue. She can feel His dominance struggling. Wanting to take control. But He remains as He is because of the control He has over Himself. She slowly takes His cock further into her mouth. Inch by inch until it hits the back of her throat. Her lips wrapped firmly around Him she fucks Him with her mouth.
His hands dig into the back of the couch. She opens wider pushing His cock deep within her throat. Fucking His chick with her throat until she needs air. Saliva running down her chin. He is breathing a bit quicker now. She slowly let's His cock slip from her mouth. Hands on His thighs she raises to straddle Him. Dips her fingers into her soaking pussy and puts them beneath His nostrils.
He immediately breaths in her juices. "Please Sir, if you would like a taste?" She asks. His mouth finds her fingers and sucks them clean.
"Who's pussy  is that?" He asks.
"Only yours Sir" she whimpers.
Wiping her mouth dry with the back of her hand she rises a little to let the head of His cock rest right at her entrance. She licks at His mouth and He opens finding her tongue. He gently sucks on her tongue as she lowers down. Her slick pussy stretching around Him. His full length inside her she lets go of His mouth with hers gasping. Hands on His shoulders she rides Him slowly. Then rises so His head is resting just inside her cunt. Knowing not to test His control too much she's lowers her mouth to His neck. Licking and grazing with her teeth. Her mouth finding his ear, bites gently and whispers "I'm all yours Sir, please take what you will."
Immediately he rips the blind fold from His head and finds her hips. He impales her onto Him. Making her take the full length hard.
"Ride slut." He commands. Guiding her with His hand on her hips. His hands reaches for her throat as another hand for her nipple. Pinching her nipple roughly as he guides her by her throat hard down onto His cock. Her pussy gushes as she squirts around His cock. She lets out a whimper. He groans His approval.
She can feel the tenderness from the earlier spankings as they slap against his thighs.
Gripping her neck a little tighter he growls out "Who's cunt is this?" "Yours, only yours Sir" she gasps out.
"Who's body is this?" He asks
"Only yours Sir." She moans out.
"Up." He commands
She stands thighs soaked.
He stands causing her to back up.
Looking down at her His eyes shows His approval.
"Get the paddle and place it between your teeth. You will not drop it or you you will be punished, understood?"
"Yes Sir". She replies.
As she turns and places the paddle between her teeth and bites down securely he seats her sensitive reddened ass and grabs a fistful of her hair. Reaching around he slaps her breast and pinches her nipple. She moans against the paddle in her mouth.
"Bend over and grab the bar",he commands.
She bends at the waist gripping the bar that is waist high.
"Don't let go until I tell you", He tells her.
Reaching down to get His chick he puts it at her entrance.
Leaning over taking a fistful of her hair and he thrusts hard into her cunt.
She almost drops the paddle.
Instead she gross it with her teeth as He takes His pussy slow and hard.
Steady pace of His full length thrusting into her.
Jarring her ass with each pounding of His cock.
She moans against the paddle as saliva drips from her mouth.
"You may cum good girl" he growls as he pounds into her.
His grip releases from her hair as he grips her hips and reaches down to pinch her nipples hard as she screams around the paddle.
His pussy grips His cock as the orgasm pulses through her.
Breathing hard as He fucks her and stopping only to place a small clamp onto her nipple. She groans around the paddle in her mouth. "Again" he commands. Feeling His pussy grip around Him again as she groans. He knows she's is going to lose the paddle any moment. "Drop the paddle", he tells her. Knowing what is within her limits.
The paddle clanks onto the floor.
She is breathing hard. Full of sensations.
Sweat slicks her skin.
He takes His nails slightly hard down her back pumping His cock into her.
Gripping her waist and using His pussy like he should. Watching her grip the bar and let Him use her body he is never more proud or turned on.
Slamming once, twice, another and filling His cunt full. Slowing His pace he let's His cunt milk the last from His cock.
He grips her waist and chest helping her raise. He holds her up. Taking her to the couch and gently kisses her as he removes the nipple clamp.
Wrapping her in a soft blanket.
She feels absolutely used and safe with Him...

GiannaRay​(sub female)
11/13/2021 17:43
well done princess
11/30/2021 19:48