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Dominant Female in Dom Couple seeks 24/7 sub
I am the dominant, bi-sexual female partner in a dominant couple relationship. We seek a 24/7 live-in sub to become “our girl”. We are a very successful “power couple” and own businesses and maintain households around the world. I am looking for my own, personal sub I can groom and teach to live an incredible life. Please review my profile and respond if you qualify and have interest in joining me and our household.
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Looking for my Slave and a sub to love with me.
I’m looking Am looking for a slave and a sub to live in my new home with me. I’m currently renovating my home adding my dungeon and a few more rooms. I want to train my slave and sub to belong to me and no one else. I want to say a command and you go and do it. Both of you will wear my collars and live with me. My main focus would be my slave because that takes trust and commitment to commit yourself to me. I will take care of you financially, emotionally and physically. I will protect you from whatever you need protection from. You would belong me and only me. I’m looking for a woman who I can test her limits, I do allow my women to have safe words as I don’t want to harm them just give them pained pleasure. I’m a 21 year old bar owner, who’s bar is in renovation and opening up next year. I want my slave and sub to go with me everywhere I go seeding as my bar will be half bdsm and half not bdsm. If you feel you could trust me and I could give you exhilarating pleasure , just message me. I know I don’t look very dominating but in my suits and attire, I assure you, I’m a very dominate. I won’t degrade my women because they will be precious to me. I’m looking for both a slave and sub who wouldn’t mind living in me. I’ll provide food, clothes, and any other expenses.
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Dom Female looking for submissive female in Florida.
This is my page on this site but we are a dominant couple and my girlfriend asked me to post this for her. I prefer we go through one account rather than have multiple. She is a dominant , guide for any female submissive looking to have all your fantasies fulfilled but NO SCAT OR EXTREME TORTURE!! Let us know what you like and since I have a dedicated large room with all the equipment you can desire, she will be you DOM and make it more pleasure able than you can imagine. She is stunningly beautiful but don’t let that fool you. She will put you in your place. It’s been an activity we have studied and taken place in for a long time and have had so many people compliment our professionalism with the process. Message me for pictures of her and I or with your fantasy. Please do NOT message us with solicitations for online garbage or chat sessions that we have to pay for. Thanks and come by for some dinner and dominance. Lol.
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I want to be in your life.
I'm a 29 year old bi woman in the UK. I've always subbed for men but find that I want to dominate women. I have no experience but would love to explore this side of me with an obedient sub who is also looking to be explored.

I'm looking for more than just sex, I want to be in every aspect of your life. I want to know what you eat, what you wear and who you are with. I want to be on your mind all the time, I want you to crave me. I want to learn all of your pleasures and kinks so I can reward and discipline effectively.

I'm into pain, orgasm control, anal, lingerie but willing to explore further. Limits will be respected but boundaries will be pushed.

I'm looking for a long term commitment. Online only at first, preferably UK based so that the option to meet is there. Feel free to ask any questions, I am open to chat.
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Dominant women looking for submissive
Im a newly found young dominant women looking for a female submissive to call my own, to reward when rewards are due and punish when I'm displeased. I'm firm with my rules but there is room for negotiation.

About me as a Domme:
- I identify as bisexual but tend to have more of a connection with women.
- I'm fairly new to the BDSM community but always like to explore my sexual fantasies as well as grow/learn with my partner.
- I'll do everything i can as your Domme to make you feel as comfortable and at ease with  me, despite my strict persona.

Im currently just looking for a online realationship as my life at the moment is very buzy. If we both form a connection and we both feel comfortable then we can make a plan a meet up.
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Seeking a submissive lady
Im in search of a female sub who is interested in starting online. Im welcome to females who maybe inexperienced, im paitent and will be willing to spent all the time needed to develop you. If the connection is there we can make arrangements to meet. Hit me up if you are willing to take this journey with me. Dont be afraid i dont bite atleast not if you are a good girl i wont haha
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I am a bisexual looking for my female sub/slave and friend I want my sub to be honest about her self and for further knowledge visit my profile and if u have any questions just ask and if interested text me I am a caring and loving mistress strict and forceful if needed
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Most be very submissive
I'm into naive submissive women I want you ready to pleasure me with just a look no second guessing .no bi curious women you should how it feels,and taste to eat a flower .a lot of mouth play will be expected so come ready to serve no games only pleasure that will be return do to how well directions are followed.
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Looking for mommas girl!
Mommy Dom/mistress seeks submissive little or slave for video online or inrl sexual relationship.
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Lets play?
Hey i am 34 in a sud bratty dom marriage and my daddy has giving me permission to go out and play with a girl ONLY GIRLS. I live in chicago so if your from around here i would love to chat. ???
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Seeking sister wife
I am a dominant woman seeking a submissive sister wife willing to serve . Safe and caring environment provided.
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Looking for the rarity
Hey there. I am a switch female. I currently am married to my dom. I am seriously looking for a submissive lady I can call my own. Its been FAR too long since Ive had a meaningful connection with a woman. I miss it and I crave it. I am willing to cultivate a VERY LONG term domme/sub relationship with the female of interest. Id like to get back into my loving domme side of myself.
The woman Im searching for :
1.) Has ZERO issues that I am married to my dom.
2.) Understands that this is for me, not him
3.) Is willing to be in it for the long haul with me
4.) Know that when I choose...i choose for long term
5.) My feelings run deep for my partner of choice.
6.) She can be submissive or slave either one. I will take care of her either way. Bisexual or fully lesbian is fine with me.
7.) Please be genuine and serious because I am beyond genuine and serious. This is something I am missing in my life and I feel I need.

You can either send me a message or bond message and I will respond as soon as I can. Tha k you.
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Dark Mistress
Here for a female or male sub
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Let me into your head and capture you..
I am a female switch leaning towards Dominant. I seek a submissive female willing to partake in activities with me and my husband. Mus be serious and from NJ also. No online play. Please be willing to meet if interested.
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Mistress and Cuckoldress from Amsterdam, 31 years old, pansexual looking for slave
Even though I am pan and I have plenty of BDSM experience with men, I'd love to have a relationship with a lesbian that has a tomboy style. It is my dream. I want a loving relationship in which I am in charge and she is my domestic slave but not only that - ideally it would be a TPE dynamic. One of my favorite things about BDSM is humiliation and I have a thing for submission in public. The idea of a woman kissing and worshipping my feet is heavenly. Even though I'd prefer a woman around my age or younger, I expect maturity. Please inform me your limits and show me a clear picture of your face if you decide to contact me. Also include your height, I'm 4ft 11.
Besides BDSM, I like rock and metal, I love horror, I love to read, I'm vegan and you can say I'm a commie. I also love to dance to old music.
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Sub, pet for young Dom Female
Looking for my own slave or pet to serve me and my Man mostly me unless punishment is needed I will use your body as i see fit. I will tie you up and allow my Man to use you as well. Love online play but hoping to find someone close for in person slave
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Seeking single female sub/slave
Have you ever had fantasies of a powerful, yet sensual D/s couple directing you? Controlling you? Are you a woman that needs to be put on her knees and made to please a Master
where there is nothing YOU desire more than to please Him more than anything knowing that your sole purpose is to do what you will be told, and please US in every way; MY Master - MY Daddy desires.

There are very few men out there who are confident as a Dominant to make you want to be a complete submissive woman who surrenders and willing to please. You will be taught and molded to be the submissive who will be used for Our pleasure.

As that couple, we demand and expect total respect, total submission and anything else we desire. Venture our way only if you're willing to surrender your body, mind and soul!

You must entice us so that you keep our interest at all time. I've been under the tutelage of a very experienced Dom who has shared mind-set methodologies that have enhanced my own submissive pleasures and a new level of sensual intimacy for us. When you message us, ALWAYS write with proper grammar, punctuation, and most importantly, RESPECT. Your first message should be in the style of a traditional letter of introduction.

NOTE: This is for over the phone PLAY ONLY to start off. We are NOT looking to add to our dynamic or have a stand-in nor would there be any collaring, taken, owning, or any kind of established relationship. NO BI PLAY OR PLAY with Master will be allowed.

I will be the one to VET all replies. You must be willing to be trained and your voice will be verified - This will begin BY PHONE - Nothing Cyber. Be in the NYC Tri-State area, as we would like to eventually socially meet once trust has been established.

Females Only - all are welcome.
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Domme looking for female sub
Looking for female sub, but am in a committed relationship. For more info read my profile but I’m attentive, creative, a good listener, but also very needy. I am demanding of your time and attention.
Can talk more and get to know each other if we click
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24/7 Poly Family Addition
In search of 24/7 female Slave, Submissive, Pet, and/or Domestic to become part of a long term Poly Relationship. Seeking or open to TPE, has to be willing to relocate down the line. Preferably is willing to be a live- in.
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Master seeking subs
My master and I are looking for submissive ladies in the Dallas area to join of family. He’s very strict but passionate and experienced. We have ALOT of fun together. Message me with any questions or if you’re interested :)
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