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Dark Mistress
Here for a female or male sub
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Dominant Female in Dom Couple seeks 24/7 sub
I am the dominant, bi-sexual female partner in a dominant couple relationship. We seek a 24/7 live-in sub to become “our girl”. We are a very successful “power couple” and own businesses and maintain households around the world. I am looking for my own, personal sub I can groom and teach to live an incredible life. Please review my profile and respond if you qualify and have interest in joining me and our household.
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Looking for my Girl
Looking for a sub/ Slave girl to train and grow with. She must be able to relocate as I seek a live in slave. I am in a relationship play with him is not required. However my girl should be fearless enough to be open to it over time. Read my profile or message me for more information no application BS just two adults communicating as it should be.

Perfectly Yours,
☠️ Doom ☕
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Let me into your head and capture you..
I am a female switch leaning towards Dominant. I seek a submissive female willing to partake in activities with me and my husband. Mus be serious and from NJ also. No online play. Please be willing to meet if interested.
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Mistress and Cuckoldress from Amsterdam, 31 years old, pansexual looking for slave
Even though I am pan and I have plenty of BDSM experience with men, I'd love to have a relationship with a lesbian that has a tomboy style. It is my dream. I want a loving relationship in which I am in charge and she is my domestic slave but not only that - ideally it would be a TPE dynamic. One of my favorite things about BDSM is humiliation and I have a thing for submission in public. The idea of a woman kissing and worshipping my feet is heavenly. Even though I'd prefer a woman around my age or younger, I expect maturity. Please inform me your limits and show me a clear picture of your face if you decide to contact me. Also include your height, I'm 4ft 11.
Besides BDSM, I like rock and metal, I love horror, I love to read, I'm vegan and you can say I'm a commie. I also love to dance to old music.
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Sub, pet for young Dom Female
Looking for my own slave or pet to serve me and my Man mostly me unless punishment is needed I will use your body as i see fit. I will tie you up and allow my Man to use you as well. Love online play but hoping to find someone close for in person slave
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Mistress seeking slave LTR
Mistress seeking sub LTR
I'm the Lady Sasori. Lifestyle Mistress as was My Great-grandmother, Grandmother and Mother, I've lived this lifestyle all My life. I live this lifestyle 24/7/365, it is not a game but My way of life. I'm seeking a slave(s), live-in positions, to be filled immediately. Seeking 1 household alpha and 1 personal. I do have a head alpha, if you can't handle following orders of a head alpha do not apply. I am married, he does not live the lifestyle, but enjoys Me being Me. Must be able to learn, follow and obey a High Protocol household. Domestic household duties, cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc... Just to name a few things. I will NOT train anyone online, phone or in any other way but in person. I will NOT send you Money or gifts, so don't go there. Things that will get you ignored: One-three liners (your an adult act like one), Pictures of your genitals (not interested), If I'll have sex with you, what I'll do to you if your bad or good (only those who are serving Me in person will ever know). I will accept reasonable hard limits, of course. All those seeking positions, must provide their own way to Me, chastity device, and restraints. If you made it this far and still interested, let Me know
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Seeking single female sub/slave
Have you ever had fantasies of a powerful, yet sensual D/s couple directing you? Controlling you? Are you a woman that needs to be put on her knees and made to please a Master
where there is nothing YOU desire more than to please Him more than anything knowing that your sole purpose is to do what you will be told, and please US in every way; MY Master - MY Daddy desires.

There are very few men out there who are confident as a Dominant to make you want to be a complete submissive woman who surrenders and willing to please. You will be taught and molded to be the submissive who will be used for Our pleasure.

As that couple, we demand and expect total respect, total submission and anything else we desire. Venture our way only if you're willing to surrender your body, mind and soul!

You must entice us so that you keep our interest at all time. I've been under the tutelage of a very experienced Dom who has shared mind-set methodologies that have enhanced my own submissive pleasures and a new level of sensual intimacy for us. When you message us, ALWAYS write with proper grammar, punctuation, and most importantly, RESPECT. Your first message should be in the style of a traditional letter of introduction.

NOTE: This is for over the phone PLAY ONLY to start off. We are NOT looking to add to our dynamic or have a stand-in nor would there be any collaring, taken, owning, or any kind of established relationship. NO BI PLAY OR PLAY with Master will be allowed.

I will be the one to VET all replies. You must be willing to be trained and your voice will be verified - This will begin BY PHONE - Nothing Cyber. Be in the NYC Tri-State area, as we would like to eventually socially meet once trust has been established.

Females Only - all are welcome.
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Domme looking for female sub
Looking for female sub, but am in a committed relationship. For more info read my profile but I’m attentive, creative, a good listener, but also very needy. I am demanding of your time and attention.
Can talk more and get to know each other if we click
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24/7 Poly Family Addition
In search of 24/7 female Slave, Submissive, Pet, and/or Domestic to become part of a long term Poly Relationship. Seeking or open to TPE, has to be willing to relocate down the line. Preferably is willing to be a live- in.
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Master seeking subs
My master and I are looking for submissive ladies in the Dallas area to join of family. He’s very strict but passionate and experienced. We have ALOT of fun together. Message me with any questions or if you’re interested :)
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Looking for that perfect female submissive
I am a Mistress seeking a submissive mature Women with no drama . I want her to be discreet. We shall discuss all likes and dislikes I want this to be long term. I am a kind Mistress with a firm hand. If this might interest you message me we shall talk and go from there.
You may address me as Mistress.
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Dominating Female seeks submissive girl
My profile here says submissive but that is for Males only. I require a female submissive to serve me. Experience is a bonus but not required. I will be giving you extensive training either way. I'm looking for an attractive, intelligent young woman, like me. I would prefer in her 20's, with a naturally submissive nature and a will to learn and serve.
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I can give you what you want.
I'm looking for a strong, sweet, beautiful woman I can be proud to call my princess. I take no shit. Please check out my profile. If you think we'd be a fit, I'd love to hear from you and meet you. I'm in West Yorkshire, UK.
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Looking for A trophy/pet
I'm a mature dom. I am not into violence or brutality. I seek a sub who will allow me to learn her, and if things progress, to eventually be in a monogamous relationship. Must be open/willing to relocating to Hawaii (Maui). I am discreet, and I require a woman who only wants one master. must be feminine in appearance and attitude. must be willing to submit in every way. In return you will get a dom who doesn't treat you like trash. Let's explore together.
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Willing sub required
I am looking for a female sub who wants to be dominated when I am able. I have 1 sub already but need a new one to train to maybe one day all 3 of us getting together. Need to be prepared to be owned by me only.
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D/D couple seeking our sub/slave.
Females only.

We are a very strong, controlling couple and we seek a female sub/slave for a live in, collared life. Terms to be negotiated.
Inbox any questions and I will gladly speak with you.
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I want you
I want to explore everything that makes you tick. Check my profile if you want to know more.
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Training CAN make a difference
I am a medical professional who is in her late 40’s. Medical people tend to be some of the kinkiest kinksters out there. That’s long enough to have mentored many subs into the lifestyle. For the last 15years, I’ve had My own collared slave-she is now My wife.
O/our dynamic is well established and exciting. What I’m looking to do now is “pay it forward”.
Are you a new/newer female submissive in the lifestyle? Is everything totally overwhelming? Do you worry about your safety and sanity (you should), but at the same time......the *urge* to submit.... to float away in the bliss of subspace... is a nearly constant feeling?
I am here to provide a level of protection that you are currently operating without. I am a *safe* place to explore your fantasies, because I’ve “been there, done that”. I don’t get flustered when W/we find a soft or hard limit you didn’t even know was there. I have a a HUGE toy bag and know how to use it. Female bodies are unique and beautiful, I’ll *play* you like the finely crafted instrument you are/can be.
Of course, this is about training, so there will be rules. There will be expectations that I will make clear. I will NOT set you up to fail. I WILL push you to do/give Me the best of your submissive abilities—as W/we work to explore/expand them.
A few things I adhere to that are NOT negotiable:

1) I/you will NEVER *play* impaired-drugs or alcohol. That leads to *damaging* people!

2) I don’t abandon submissives. If I leave, I will make clear My reasons. If you wish to leave My teaching, I expect you to have the courtesy to inform Me that you will/ need to leave.

3) No children, scat or blood. I have only had My wife’s body permanently modified for My pleasure (and hers ??). I don’t foresee doing that any future submissive.

While not comprehensive, I believe if you’ve read this far you *understand* that I am REAL, I expect you to be as well.

Reach out. Ask questions. Be female (no guys-at this point I have no interest there). I will chat on-line for a while, but *true* learning comes at the feet of a Domme/Dom -be prepared that I will eventually require that W/we meet. If distance is insurmountable, then phone and video chat are a MUST.

Come into the *darkness*,

Lady Crest (Ma’am to you).
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Wanted: a good girl who can do as she is told
26, Ca based, experienced Dom looking for a new sub slut to keep me happy.

Online only
Must be willing to fulfill certain daily tasks.
Must be able to do as she is told with no back talk.
Must worship me as I see fit.
Must agree to only cum when and if I allow.

I am a fair but firm dom who doesn’t like to waste my time. I have few rules and punishments that come along with them if they are broken.

Can you be a good girl and do as you are told? If so you have my permission to message and get to know me to see if I am the dom for you.
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