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I want it all.
I'm looking for a submissive for online to start, RL at my discretion. Trans girls (mtf) are welcome.

My profile will tell you all you need to know about me to start. Take the time to read it so you don't waste either of our time.
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Wanted : Female slave
Hello, I am looking for a TPE real life relationship. I am easy going, kind and caring kind of nerdy domme . I am located in BC, Canada. You will need to be able to relocate. I believe in fairness and negotiation. Please contact me if you want to chat. Dee
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Seeking a sub female
I am looking for a sub female for online that would submit to me. Let go of all control over to me.
I am looking for someone in the U.S.
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Domme looking for an obedient slave
I am an 18 year-old domme looking for a female sub. 18-20 years old. Me and my daddy want one to be with us. She will be loved immensely. If you are interested, dm me
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Alpha female looking for sub/slsve
Strong dominant female iso submissive females
Must be serious and willing to please
Open to online or irl to begin with
Age/looks are secondary to attitude/commitment
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Hello I'm apart of a dom sub relationship looking for a sub to join we are clean and drug free we are hoping to here frm you soon get back to us if your interested
Let's see if we can have some fun
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Looking for lesbian sub girl for ltr
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Seeking 24/7 slave
We are a married couple seeking a live in 24/7 slave. You being a trained slave is not a priority as we will train you, however if you already have training then that is ok with us too. Please message us with any questions you have. Looking for soon but willing to talk a while an make sure it's going to be a good fit.
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Looking to lean and train
I'm a young woman new to the scene and I wanna learn to be a dominate. I would prefer someone in CO to teach me where I can learn under their wing. But I would also liked to be trained as a submissive because from what I have seen so far in myself I believe I may be a switch
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Looking for female sub of my own
Ideally she will be close by. I do not travel far. I am a kind, yet strict Domme. I prefer littles, I enjoy spoiling my princess. I respect all limits and expect obedience. She will do as I say or be punished. If anyone is interested send me a message. Looking forward to meeting you princess!
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Dominant Woman looking for Submissive.
Hello there.

I’m a young dominant woman looking for a submissive or slave to call my own, to please my needs and be rewarded if they were good, if they displeased me - they will be punished, no exceptions. I’m a firm domme, you follow my rules and orders and I will reward you. You disobey me and you will be punished.

A bit about me as a domme:
- I don’t care what gender or sexuality you are, if we have a connection that doesn’t matter to me.
- I might be firm with my rules and orders, but I am still understanding. If you are my submissive I will care for you, listen to your troubles and be there for you.
- I strive to never be unfair or unjust towards my submissives and my decisions regarding them.
- I will do everything in my power as your Domme to put you at ease and to help you be the best version of yourself.

I love denying my submissives orgasms, tying them up and marking them. (not permanently, mostly hickeys— I love showing everyone what is mine.) I love to overstimulate my submissives sometimes. I love using gags, restraints, blindfolds and toys on my submissives. — of course, i love doing much more than just this, this is only to name a few.

I love impact play and sensual play— and many more.

I’m currently just looking for an online/LDR submissive or slave, as I’m a busy woman. But with the potential of meeting up when we both feel comfortable and feel a connection.

There is more to say, but the rest I’ll leave for those truly interested in getting to know me.
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Looking for a sub
I am a female switch, and am looking for a female relatively close to me to be my submissive. I honest and caring and will respect any limits. Message if interested.
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Be my princess and I’ll be your Queen
I’m fit, 25, and funny.
I like men and women but I would love to finally have a girl sub. I want a real relationship but online only. I’m willing to consider in person one day but for now not. I am super caring and loving, but only as long as I feel happy. I am not going to give you money just so you can come prepared for that. That’s not what I’m here for. I want to own you. Your body, your orgasms, all of it. I’m going to be there for you emotionally, and you can talk to me like a friend. We don’t have to be dom/sub 24/7.
You must be 21-45.
I will treat you right, I will take care of you, you will be my princess, and I will train you to be my perfect sub. I hope to hear from you soon
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Looking for a Sub
I am a Dominant Female seeking a submissive female for play time( also pony play) leading to LTR. I am an Exotic female domme Who is searching for exactly the right sub for play leading to ownership. Only serious replies others DO NOT waste my time!
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Sub, pet for young Dom Female
Looking for my own slave or pet to serve me and my Man mostly me unless punishment is needed I will use your body as i see fit. I will tie you up and allow my Man to use you as well. Love online play but hoping to find someone close for in person slave
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Female dom looking for female sub
I am a bisexual female dom, that is looking for her female sub. I have experience being dom, but not with a woman. I have had my own experiences with women, but not in this type of setting. I am not going to belittle you and degrade you just for laughs. I want to care about my sub, and also be her friend and someone she can go to when she needs someone.
Message me if you're interested
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2 female doms, looking for female sub
Online only
We are 2 dominant females, looking for a submissive female.
We are friends and lovers, but we are both dominant, which is why we are looking for a submissive female.
We would use kik to communicate with you, and both of us would have our own profiles to communicate in group with you.
Again, we are looking for a female submissive, not male.
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Mistress seeking female slave/sub
Lesbian mistress seeking online submissive to train and edplore
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Looking for slave to do what I will with
Collared female looking for a Slave for myself and only myself! She is for me to play with and control while Daddy is away! Once Daddy returns home, he will then tell me what he wants me to have her do to me! Looking for a woman that knows her place because again she'll be mine and only mine. She will be my toy, my sex doll, my slave! Serious inquiries only
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Looking for Submissive sex partner
Looking for a sub woman to be my sex slave and be dominated by me. Have to not mind that I also have a male sub.
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