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Short reply, and thinking it's okay.

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Mistress Ann​(dom female)
4 years ago • 06/03/2017 5:07 pm
Mistress Ann​(dom female) • 06/03/2017 5:07 pm
To faerietattoo, I am hoping this part of your post was not meant towards me. (Those that show bitter to others who don't sent the reply that you want to receive - you need to look at yourself and ask yourselves why you feel that way. What real right do you have to command? None what so ever. )

Because if it is, I want to say this.

If some one goes out of their way to send some one an email. To talk to them. To show interest in them. The polite thing to do is at least reply. Even if it is a "No ty i am not interested"

No one is commanding anyone to do anything. No one said that the other person needed to reply a certain way.

But it would be polite if they at least replied with something other than blowing the email off totally.

Its called respect and common courtesy. Its not that much to ask for
Faerietattoo​(switch female){None}
4 years ago • 06/03/2017 5:39 pm
Faerietattoo​(switch female){None} • 06/03/2017 5:39 pm
Hi Ann, my words were not aimed anywhere in particular but if the cap fits then feel free to wear it. Why don't you message me off forum and we can discuss the issue at length and like adults? I received a message this morning asking if I had ever wanted to castrate a sissy.....Like please?!
I was going to write in my blog about the importance of the written word, but it all just seems a bit pointless. Hypocrisy is rife, even in here.
Rod​(dom male)
4 years ago • 06/04/2017 6:33 am
Rod​(dom male) • 06/04/2017 6:33 am
Well I guess no reply is the worst form of short reply really.
There is never an excuse for just stopping communication however it happens all the time in online relationships. It is another symptom of the same kind of flippant attitude towards others that occurs behind the mask of online persona's, it seems there are those who as soon as things get difficult, boring or who knows what they just quit and move on.
It is sad this happens at all but more so that it strikes new comers so often and in many cases sours their first experiences so much they leave before they ever discover what this is all about.