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Real Time and Online : What's your prefence and why?

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1 week ago • Thu 14 Mar 2019 04:54:05 PM IST
Sybil • Thu 14 Mar 2019 04:54:05 PM IST
I don’t like long distance type anything... so a online relationship only wouldn’t work for me... would I met someone online with the intention to become RL it’s a possiblity. However “playing online” gives me no gratification so don’t think it wouldn’t work for me! My preference is definitely RL
BreakingYou​(dom female)
6 days ago • Thu 14 Mar 2019 10:43:32 PM IST
BreakingYou​(dom female) • Thu 14 Mar 2019 10:43:32 PM IST
Absolutely, IRL. If it starts online, that's fine with me, but it needs to become, IRL. Online only, with no intention of ever meeting in person, will not work for me, personally.
Poetic​(sub female)
6 days ago • Fri 15 Mar 2019 02:06:00 AM IST
Poetic​(sub female) • Fri 15 Mar 2019 02:06:00 AM IST
My answer is regarding RL vs OL influences.

I am in no place to nor would I ever judge another individuals preference.

Personally, I've done both and at the same time. I started online which is how I learned about this life. It was a safe place for me to learn, explore, and experiment. It was a safe and consensual place for me to have limitations pushed. If it became too much for me then taking a step back to reassess was easily at my disposal.

I do love writing and I love role-playing so the best place for me to learn the basics and even beyond the basics was online. I gained a very large friend base as well as a large platform for me to ask questions and have them addressed by thousands of people at any given time should I chose.

I took years to learn and then once I became comfortable enough to take it offline my online Master became my RL Master.

Because of all of this, I became very knowledgeable of the facts, procedures, and typical practices thoroughly and extremely fast. I became an online trainer for new subs and a role-play trainer for new slaves. Although there are no hard and fast rules for being a sub, slave, dom or master, the online knowledge could only expand upon the real life experience.

 My previous master and I both spent time online role-playing together and apart. After a while it made more sense and was a lot more fun for our online selves find other partners to role play with.

He found another couple where the wife was new to the lifestyle and wanted to learn more however but she struggled learning the concepts, so we swapped partners. This was an amazingly fun experience. During our role play time online I belonged to another and he owned another.