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Slave or Submissive

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House Talion​(dom male)
1 month ago • 04/21/2020 11:13 pm
House Talion​(dom male) • 04/21/2020 11:13 pm
I once had a sub that only wanted to play and fuck. Presently I have a slave that wants my constant attention and to know everything about me. In short a sub or slave would do well as long as the personality is sound. Of course a sub can deny you sex where as a slave cant so I'd still choose the slave, but I'd want the one with the personality lol.
Onlinedomguy​(dom male)
1 month ago • 04/22/2020 2:47 am
Onlinedomguy​(dom male) • 04/22/2020 2:47 am
To me, there is a difference consistent with what most have said. I have met mostly submissives in my experience although I feel like every sub has some slave tendencies to some extent. Does not mean they are or would want to be a slave. For me, I prefer a strong woman who chooses to surrender part of their self to me. If you asked me when I first started, I think I would have said - yes, please give me a slave over a sub as I do enjoy the idea. But I have found I enjoy when I have to work a bit to keep her mind where I want. I think for me, the other part is I am busy, have lots going on, and do not feel like I could be a good Master to a slave, at least now. That might change in the future and since I am online only now, I think submissive surrender appeals more to me than setting up the dynamic that is required to have a slave.

But who knows - my subbies always seduce me as much as I do them - so if I met someone who really wanted to surrender totally to me, I would likely consider it and discuss with her the realities of doing so.
1 month ago • 04/22/2020 2:21 pm
SexyKittyKat • 04/22/2020 2:21 pm
Thank you all so much for your input.

Asking questions of those with more experience helps me to learn.
JessicaShadow​(sub female){ToDaddy}
1 week ago • 05/21/2020 7:04 am
JessicaShadow​(sub female){ToDaddy} • 05/21/2020 7:04 am
I am submissive to my very core. For pretty much my whole life I have known, very deeply so, that I wanted a relationship to which the man controlled everything and made every decision. Only after I got older did I realize what this lifestyle was and naturally knew I was a slave. I have been married to my Owner for 4 yrs this coming August, slave and property to him for 3. I have only ever known being a slave. And I would have it no other way.
6 days ago • 05/23/2020 4:14 am

Just my 2 cents

thegreatstallion • 05/23/2020 4:14 am
When I lived abroad most men referred to submissives as slaves. I found myself always having to correct someone. I found this strange because once, I explained that I wasn’t a slave but a submissive, they understood. If there are any Europeans in the group, I’m curious about their thoughts about the word slave. I'd like why it would be used so casually for anyone on the other side of the slash.
BreeceTaken​(sub female)
3 days ago • 05/25/2020 9:08 pm
BreeceTaken​(sub female) • 05/25/2020 9:08 pm
The difference for me is a slave is quiet, sits and waits. No words, no thoughts just is. The submission us you have thoughts and express yourself. I am a sub/slave because I enjoy both.