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Does anyone care about feelings as well as the sexual aspect of this relationship?

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Redmage​(dom male)
2 days ago • 09/16/2020 6:43 am

Romance within BDSM

Redmage​(dom male) • 09/16/2020 6:43 am
Having read all of the responses here I cannot help but feel that certain aspects have been neglected by the discussion. In my view the emotional/romantic aspects of a relationship is the driving factor. BDSM is not the definition of a relationship it is a framework or system within which relationships may be built. One of the proverbs of BDSM which springs to mind is, Trust, Love and Devotion. This is known as the three pillars. All of these are directly associated with emotional aspects. BDSM in my view isn't about the kinks and physical interactions, it simply considers them to be within the context of a relationship. Some of the most powerful and moving emotions which are experienced within the framework that is BDSM are often not associated with the physical aspects of the interactions. A girl being accepted for a permanent collar is one example. In this case emotional experiences can be very intense, are these experiences intense because of the collar being physically place on her neck? No the intensity is bourn from the symbology of acceptance into the life of her Dom as a permanent figure. The physical should only be a reflection of the emotional/romantic aspects.
I may have missed something but this is my personal opinion and experience. As such it has little actual value. Do not consider the things I say as the objective truth.

Blessed be and love always.
skullshovel​(dom male){WHOWHOWHAT}
6 hours ago • 09/19/2020 12:04 am
skullshovel​(dom male){WHOWHOWHAT} • 09/19/2020 12:04 am
Ok well if it's been a while and I ain't stroked and I've kept me whole then I have to feel first, before the poke. Got to be something there, that link. Now if it has been a while and I've just got into fantasy hammer down stroke two or three times a day, well it's just a poking. And if I've got bread while I'm like that then it's just a motion. However I just got over the DINGALING. stroking. But that's not to say that I want but I actually would prefer a connection. Nowadays you put sex away and not very many people have much more than that to bring to the table. I'm 49 so I'll reach down my drawers to straighten my stuff out, I mean you know that it's got to be comfortable. But as far as just to fuck. Well it dont impress me much. I would much rather it mean something and the n adjust from there. Work around it and make it work. I mean fucking ain't much of an issue anymore. They make pills that will burn al kind of calories. So yeah I'd much rather have some care in it.