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Cuckold and forced bi

MyWimpslut​(sub male)
6 years ago • Nov 4, 2017

Cuckold and forced bi

MyWimpslut​(sub male) • Nov 4, 2017
OK, here goes, this is a tricky subject for me as I have no strong passionate desires towards either of these, however from a submissive perspective I do find it's something I'd like to explore.
Firstly I am one of those people that when it comes to a woman I fall in love too easily and have something of a fragile heart that can be easily broken, the cuckolding aspect and the humiliation that would run through it even in very slight degree's I feel could be corrosive to committed relationship I might find myself in, simply because I can be a very emotional person under the surface.
That said I find myself curious about several submissive scenario's with a common theme, such as having a Mistress watch as I submit to a male Dom, showing him the same devotion and obedience I give Mistress, or being used by both as a sexual catalyst, getting them both aroused, then put to the side as they play, until forced to clean both afterwards.
Another is where Mistress pins me face down on the bed as the Dom takes me from behind.
I know myself well enough, I don't feel bi or feel any form of attraction to the same sex, but I'm curious to explore this from a submissive point of view, showing mistress my devotion.
But before I even attempt to get involved in anything like this and waste anyones time, I would like to know if anyone has experienced this in real life.

Did you come from a position of being non bi but overcame any strong feelings and have now discovered a new side to themselves that they can share?

Also I understand that if you have now connection to the other individual involving some form of commitment, then its not really cuckolding however at some point I may be in a relationship where the MIstress might want to try this, so I'd kind of like to get some idea of what I'd be getting into before I embark on a relationship that could be doomed or things end badly?

Is there anything anyone would recommend, I considered that I should try and find a couple first, my reasoning is simply that I believe they would be more considerate of their sexual health than someone who is not in a relationship.


MyWimpslut​(sub male)
6 years ago • Nov 4, 2017
MyWimpslut​(sub male) • Nov 4, 2017
Thanks for pointing that out, I did.

I'm sure if you're a woman who would love for your husband or partner to bring the subject up, the podcast would be very helpful.
However after listening to the whole thing, I didn't find it informative or useful.
It seemed shallow, one sided and very self obsorbed.
I came away thinking that anyone going into it should be very careful if they are in a relationship and that it was dangerous and destructive.
It seemed from the way it was presented that cuckolding is 100% about the woman's needs and nothing more, any emotions of the partner were completely irrelevent and if there was some good in there for the partner to offset the bad and keep them interetsed, good for them, if not... too bad.
It just didn't seem to cover the dynamics of a relationship, how they could grow or make a success of it and manage any negative impact.

I am flesh and blood, I have a heart, love and devotion , physically and mentally to give to a Mistress, if this was worthless and not valued by Mistress simply because her only interest was to have a partner watch as Mistress got the things I have to give from someone else, the relationship would simply be dead. I am still human.

I don't think the podcast covered the kind of adjustments (atleast from my perspective there would be adjustments) a couple would need to make to maintain a strong and healthy relationship and preventing it from turning toxic.

Perhaps the authors experience was completely OK, her partner green lit it without any reservations and maybe as the author suggested there are plenty of guys who whole heartedly want to do it but just don't know how to bring it up with their partner.
Probably everyone who has experience of it went through the exact things the author did or even discussed and I'm probably too emotionally immature to understand it.

Instead I'd like to put this to the forum and explore the idea with the benefit of other peoples experiences from both sides, good and bad, first before I embark on something that results in a bad experience for everyone.

I'll give pretty much most things in this lifestyle a try once, but I wont do it half heartedly, eye's open right from the start with complete honesty on all sides.

Then atleat if it doesn't work out there are no bad feelings, everyone got something positive from it.

Seekingflr​(sub male)
6 years ago • Dec 11, 2017

My experience

Seekingflr​(sub male) • Dec 11, 2017
This thread is a month old now, but I hope the OP sees this reply, because it's from a guy who has been in the same situation.

I'm a sub guy and I have been lucky enough to have been in relationships with dominant women in the past. One of them had a real thing about guy on guy action. I'm ashamed to say my macho side got in the way and I wasn't able to help fulfil her fantasy. That seemed, and still seems, selfish (only my opinion, but I think a sub guy should put his partner first as much as he possibly can).

A fair while after we split up I screwed up the courage to visit a gay sauna. In fact I've now done that three times. I can now appreciate the fact that kneeling down and sucking on a hard cock is a very submissive thing to do, especially with others watching. My feelings around men haven't changed. They don't appeal to me in the slightest, I would certainly never want a relationship with a guy. I do now know that I can 'perform' with another guy if my next partner wants me to. And that's the most important thing to have come out of that for me.
MyWimpslut​(sub male)
6 years ago • Dec 13, 2017
MyWimpslut​(sub male) • Dec 13, 2017
Thanks, that's a bit more insightful, I don't want to be in the position that come the time I can't perform and just seize up, if it ever happens I would just like everyone involved to be on the same page, and be prepared to train me if necessary rather than just throw me in the position and hope for the best.
itaslave​(masochist male)
6 years ago • Jan 4, 2018

Being cuckold

itaslave​(masochist male) • Jan 4, 2018
I have been a slave to my wife for over 25 years. I'll five years into the marriage decided that she wanted more being a slave. I was used to doing everything she said. I've always been very service oriented, yes it was very humiliating, but based started me out slow. I am not gay but I do love my wife so I was pleased to make her proud of her slave it always gave me a strange feeling to perform at her direction now 20 some years later. I have no problem with the forced bisexual I always clean her bull up get him ready and hard for my wife pleasure. I am usually in bondage and have to watch my wife get her pleasure, but after her bull goes I am rewarded with remarkable sex from my wife. This usually happens every weekend and sometimes during the week
6 years ago • Jan 5, 2018
Miki • Jan 5, 2018
I know this thread is more for dudes than not, but 2 cents for ya. And I'm not a gal to mince words so read with caution.

* * * * *

One thing women and men have in common is 'the back door" and as one who has not yet had anyone go "in through the out door" (with all due respect to Led Zeppelin) -- I am willing to undergo it in a future D/s relationship, and have been told by those "in the know" that, to put it bluntly, getting porked up the ass is not something one takes lightly.

It takes preparation and of course one better know the one doing the big poke is STD-free.

Failure to adequately prepare yourself, including wearing a butt plug for a period of time, will make the experience far from enjoyable and could ruin the "dynamic" for both of you. Equally cheerful is if one gets their shit-stopper muscle damaged, they can look forward to crapping their drawers on a fairly regular basis until it heals-- if it heals.

Told ya, --I am blunt as hell.

Not to mention extremely conscientious hygiene is important, unless your buddy is into fudge-coated pickles.

Smelly fudge..

All that having been said, I intend to be open to the experience whenever the time comes that I am finally Owned, because with proper prep and the right mood, it is said to be enjoyable.
MyWimpslut​(sub male)
4 years ago • Mar 11, 2019
MyWimpslut​(sub male) • Mar 11, 2019
OK, so here's an update.
As with a lot of things in life it wasn't what I expected.
I met a mistress in search of a sub for her own ends, a sub that could be and should be used.
After a couple of sessions and some stretching with her strapon she decided I was ready for the next phase.
I wanted to wait a bit longer but she being more experienced took the lead and decided when it would happen.
I was hugely apprehensive.

Just as in prior sessions, I was hooded, gagged and tied tightly to the bed frame, but this time the bed shifted differently when the other person joined me.
At first I thought it was Mistress as she said she would first stretch me a bit so her alpha could enter me more easily but this time it felt different, it didn't feel as hard as mistress's dildo but just as harsh. He pushed it as deep as he could and as I reared up in anguish, curled his arm around my neck locking me in a choke hold which is how i remained, until he eventually came inside me, I was tense the whole time.

When he went to the bathroom Mistress untied me removed the gag and put me on my knees, hands bound behind my back and head resting on her lap, she asked if i was OK, although I was a little confused at first ( was mistress penetrating me o someone else, was this what was supposed to happen, how was I supposed to feel?) I said I was OK as she stroked my head.

When her alpha returned , she lifted my head back and pulled my chin down, opening my mouth wide for him, as I felt his cock in my mouth, there was no feeling of apprehension or revulsion, I swallowed it, I listened to her instructions on how I should use my tongue, only swallowing what eventually filled it when I was told to, the alpha left after satisfying all of MIstress's needs.

Mistress asked me about what I thought about what happened.

I'm not Bi but would I do it again and would it be forced bi?
I'm not bi and never will be, I love pleasing a strong dominant woman.
Every time she gasped as I cried at the anguish of him filling me inside or when she exclaimed "Good boy!" at the sight of me gagging on his cock deep in my throat.
This was her raw pleasure at my submission and just what I craved.
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3 years ago • Sep 18, 2020
Maxibon • Sep 18, 2020
Wow that was a quite a read - thanks for sharing.